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SA Chapter 92 (Part 1) – Can’t Bear to Hurt Him, Will Wait a Few More Years

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     Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing’s fans had long become accustomed to her PDA Weibo posts.

     In addition to checking in daily to confess to Rong Xu and endlessly forwarding Rong Xu-related Weibo posts, the only thing this Divine wealthy fair maiden did was flaunt a mysterious male god. However, the flaunting this time was fairly simple, and the fans merely teased and poked a bit of fun, not really saying too much. In the past, Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing’s posts had no limits to showing off.

     【Hmm hmmm hmmm. We know that you like him, and he likes you too.】

     【Now, if I don’t see the PO (post) owner show affection for a day, I will feel sick all over. 】

     [Speak honestly, Tyrant Orange, when will you let us see a picture of this male god? So curious. Cute, handsome, suave, and gentle……. such a male god, what does he look like_(:з」∠)_】


     However, the fans’ comments were destined to never be answered by Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing because the car already entered the hotel parking lot. Qin Cheng put both of his cell phones back into his pockets, and the four of them alighted from the car and rode the elevator back to the rooms.

     Luo Qian and the assistant’s rooms were on the same floor. When they arrived (on their floor), Rong Xu and Luo Qian determined the wake-up time for the next day before they said goodbye.

     The atmosphere suddenly quieted down when the elevator doors closed. At this moment, the sound of the steel cables pulling (the elevator) was particularly harsh on the ears while the numbers on the elevator constantly climbed. Qin Cheng raised his gaze and looked at the camera in the corner of the elevator. He examined it calmly for a while before turning his gaze away and moving to stand side by side with Rong Xu, not making any other random moves.

     After getting out of the elevator, there were also cameras everywhere in the corridors.

     Qin Cheng led the way in front while Rong Xu walked behind. The two initially set a smooth and consistent pace, but, gradually, Qin Cheng’s footsteps started accelerating. Seeing this, Rong Xu looked at the man’s back with a hint of surprise. But, he didn’t say much, only similarly speeding up.

    Take out the room card, swipe the card, enter the room, and close the door.

    When the main door closed with a “Ka-da–“, Rong Xu had just planted his feet in a firm stance and before he could even raise his head, he was suddenly wrapped in a hug and pressed against the door panel with a “Bang“. The loud sound didn’t come from Rong Xu’s body (hitting the door), but rather Qin Cheng’s arms. He held the young man firmly in his arms, burying his face in Rong Xu’s shoulders. His arms tightened slowly, as if he wanted to ingrain Rong Xu into his very being.

    Everything happened so quickly. Qin Cheng had yet to insert the room card into the electric  card slot, so the room was completely dark. Only the faint moonlight shone through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

    Rong Xu temporarily couldn’t adapt to the deep darkness for a while, so his sight was still dim, and he subconsciously reached out and grabbed the man in front of him. At first, he just held on gently, but gradually he, too, hugged (the other) tighter and closer. He breathed in the cold air and couldn’t help but curl his lips.

     Neither of them knew how much time had passed. A hundred years seemed to have elapsed before Rong Xu’s eyes adjusted to the darkness, and he laughed softly while saying in low voice: “(You) clearly wore sunglasses during the audition and refused to look at me. Qin Cheng……you being like this so randomly is quite strange.”

     They had been living together for almost a year now, but only three months had passed since they affirmed their feelings.

     Rong Xu knew that Qin Cheng had always had a very restrained personality. He was unsure when this man had fallen in love with him, but even after he confirmed the other party’s intentions, this man could actually still hold himself back and use Auntie Qin as his excuse for everything.

     This kind of Qin Cheng was inexplicably cute, so Rong Xu never exposed him.

     Time flew quickly. 

     A year ago, Rong Xu would never have thought that one day he would embrace this man and fall in love with this man. However, the world worked in mysterious ways. 

     Rong Xu embraced the other man for a while and then wanted to let go, but Qin Cheng didn’t allow him to leave.

     Thinking, the young man raised his lips and joked: “I didn’t get thinner. I even gained a pound while working with the crew, so you can let go now. Could it be…… that this time Auntie Qin asked you to come see if I’ve gotten thinner? ?” His clear voice was mixed with an undeniable smile. It was as if they’d returned to the time before they’d confessed their feelings to each other.

     Qin Cheng lowered his gaze and looked at the young man in his arms.


     The dim lighting made him unable to see Rong Xu’s face clearly. He frowned, deliberated briefly, and reluctantly released his left hand to take out the room card and insert it into the electric card slot. All the lights turned on abruptly, and Rong Xu squinted, the brightness stinging his eyes with discomfort. 

     Qin Cheng’s sonorous voice sounded softly in the next moment: “En……”

     Unexpectedly, the other would answer like this. Rong Xu was stunned and looked up at Qin Cheng.

     The two’s gaze met in midair. Looking into the man’s deep and solemn eyes, Rong Xu was dazed for a while before he smiled.

     “Then, Mr. Qin, you can tell Auntie Qin that I really haven’t lost any weight. Now……can you let go of me?”

     Qin Cheng pursed his thin lips and looked at Rong Xu: “Then, did you grow taller?”

     Rong Xu was baffled: “I can still grow taller?”

     Qin Cheng nodded: “En, you can.”

     Rong Xu reflexively said: “At this age, how can I still grow……” His voice stopped midway when he suddenly realized he was only nineteen years old right now. The young man shook his head helplessly: “……It seems I really can grow taller.”

     Rong Xu was currently 185 cm, but Qin Cheng was 190cm. No matter how tall he grew, it would be difficult to become taller than this man. Thus, the thought of “not knowing whether or not he could grow taller” only briefly flashed through his mind before he dropped it and returned to the original topic: “Can you let go now?”

     Qin Cheng kept his eyes closed and said nothing, expressing his attitude with his actions.

     Rong Xu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “……but my phone is vibrating.”

     Qin Cheng: “……”

     Letting go of the younger man regretfully, Qin Cheng watched as Rong Xu took out his cell phone and pressed the answer button, saying: “Brother Luo”.

     The man’s eyes darkened as he silently noted down “Luo Zhentao” in his heart. (RIP Luo Zhentao, you will be missed)

     It was already June, so today Rong Xu was only wearing a simple white undershirt with a thin gray jacket. The knitted jacket was tightly form fitting to the young man’s body, (drawing out the beautiful curves of his body), and his long legs were wrapped in tight black jeans. As Rong Xu moved forward slowly, the jacket would sway and occasionally reveal a sliver of his waistline hidden behind the white shirt.

     After Qin Cheng let go of the young man, he still stood by the door, watching Rong Xu walk into the room step by step.

     Over the phone, Luo Zhentao seemed to be talking about the contract signing for The Embroiderer. He, himself, was still in B city dealing with Rong Xu’s next endorsement; it was impossible for him to come to Hengdian in person. Thus, he worked overtime that night to read through the contract given by the crew, and decided to modify one or two details before talking it over with Rong Xu on the phone. 

     This responsibility (of contract details) was generally given to Luo Qian, but Luo Zhentao still had to tell Rong Xu.

     Like so, the two talked for more than ten minutes. Meanwhile, Qin Cheng stepped into the room, removed his coat, and put on simple pajamas. After he washed up briefly, he walked out and saw Rong Xu sitting on the hanging chair beside the floor-to-ceiling windows, swinging on the chair while talking to Luo Zhentao.

     His silhouette was thin and lanky. The hanging chair continued to swing back and forth, making creaking sounds. It was like he’d returned to his childhood years, youthful and innocent.

     As if hearing Qin Cheng exiting the bathroom, Rong Xu suddenly swiveled his head around and waved to Qin Cheng with a grin.

     Qin Cheng walked to the sofa and sat down beside Rong Xu.

     Rong Xu turned his head to look at Qin Cheng with a smile while still talking to Luo Zhentao. It was merely an innocent smile and glance, but he didn’t know how alluring this image was in the eyes of a certain man at that moment.

     After removing his coat, the thin shirt could no longer hide the young man’s beautiful body. He sat on the hanging chair, occasionally swinging to and fro. When he turned his head to the side, fine scattered hair dropped from the other side, slightly covering his crystal clear eyes, (making him appear) serene and ethereal.

     This Rong Xu was truly nineteen years old.

     He hadn’t even really passed his nineteenth birthday. Strictly speaking, he was truly an eighteen-year-old youth.

     There was none of the warmth and elegance that was associated with Wan Siyao; none of the coldness and ruthlessness that radiated off Huo Xi; none of the mature gentleness that exuded from Ling Xiao; and none of the indifferent seriousness that belonged to Xue Jiazhe. 

He was Rong Xu, not the (High EQ) and calm rising star of the public eye, but just simply Rong Xu.

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 46 (Part 2) – Bedtime Story

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     Once upon a time there was a cub. He was a little white tiger.

     He was taken to the Starry Sea Orphanage, where he was placed under training, beaten and scolded, and bullied by everyone else.

     Little White Tiger lived painfully because there was no one there to show him care, no one to show him love.

     Then, on the brainwashing day, he awakened the monster inside of his heart, and the little white tiger who became a real monster, killed everyone who had bullied him.

     The little monster never listened to the little white tiger’s commands and committed numerous errors. Thus, when he grew up, the little white tiger broke off the little monster’s wings. When the little monster was injured, the big white tiger was also badly injured. Then, someone worked secretly to hurt the big white tiger.

     The big white tiger and the little monster were both very weak (at the time).

     Because the (main) issue (of war) has yet to be resolved, the people needed the big white tiger, and they tried hard to treat the big white tiger’s (injuries). However, the big white tiger was injured too severely……and couldn’t be cured anymore.

     The little monster was plunged into memories of the past, memories of the lingering and throbbing pain, like layers upon layers of vines entrapping him in airtight darkness, like a year immersed solely in midnight.

     He returned to the day he was awakened. 

     A weak cub was crying helplessly inside the brainwashing chamber before he finally broke down crying. When the crying sounds from all four corners of the room gradually dissipated, and everything returned to a deathly silence, dark red pupils faintly surfaced from within those azure eyes.

     The red light in his eyes flashed through the darkness.

     The pounding of heartbeats sounded from the left side of his chest. DON, DON, DON…… mixing in indistinctly with the sound of the original heartbeats.

     Within the pair of cold eyes was a smile filled with malicious intent.

     “I want to slaughter them~”

     His reason degraded slowly, bit by bit, and just as the malicious intent was about to break through the final barrier, a warm touch fell gently onto his head with a familiar strength and cautiousness, as if caressing a precious treasure.

     The little monster resisted the other’s touch, but didn’t outright reject it. Eventually, (he even came to) like this person’s physical contact.

     It was a nostalgic tenderness.

     The young man lowered his gaze. His black pupils were like lakes covered in a layer of fine mist. His movements were gentle and his tone of voice was soft, making the little monster feel that this person’s words were always particularly sweet.

     Truly, they were sweet words.

     There was constantly a hint of a smile on the other’s face. In fact, he would still be beautiful if he wasn’t smiling, but once he did, it could practically mesmerize people.

     “The ugly duckling watched as the swans spread their wings and flew to the icy waters of the not-yet frozen lake. Swans were so beautiful. The ugly duckling was dumbfounded.”

     “When spring came, (the ugly duckling) flew to the lake and saw its own reflection. However, what it saw was no longer the clumsy, ugly and disdainful duckling, but rather — a swan!”

     “The youngest and most beautiful swan!”

     The little monster felt that he had inevitably fallen into a hypnotized trance. The pains that had tormented his spiritual sea of consciousness now felt calmed because of his happiness.

     The person in front of his eyes seemed to have a kind of magical ability to be able to control his emotions so easily.

     He Ruge. He Ruge.

     He chanted this name in his heart, and an unexplainable feeling of joy spread through his heart. It flowed through him bit by bit, leaving hidden ravines within his heart.

     Do you wish for me to become a swan?

     But I am not the ugly duckling in your story. I have never been a swan’s egg, but rather a little monster, so I will never change from a monster into a swan.

     His eyelids were getting heavier and heavier, but the little monster longed for the touches on his head and insisted on not falling asleep. However, every time he was by He Ruge’s side, he would easily become sleepy.

     The frequency of his blinks slowed, and those droopy blue eyes gazed at the person in front of them.

     Although I am not a swan, you are the swan that flew over the wasteland of my soul and became the most beautiful image I have seen in my life.

     It makes me very, very much, long to fly towards you with my entire being.



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     After coaxing the little monster to sleep, He Ruge left the game running on the computer before laying down to sleep. In the past, he never felt that sleeping alone was bad, but this night he felt that the bed was extremely empty and no matter how he bundled up, the bed remained cold.

     ……How great would it be if he could fall asleep with a large cat.

     It would be even better if the large cat was bigger than the bed so that he could slip his feet against its soft underbelly and bury his face in its warm fur while sleeping.

     He Ruge pulled his blanket over his head, pretending that it was the underbelly of a large cat, and fell into a beautiful sleep.

     After logging back into the game the next morning and feeding the little monster the nutrient solution, He Ruge went to room B6. Yellow Ferret was mixing the milk formulas, and He Ruge hurried over to help.

     Mixing the milk formula was a very simple matter. Thinking about the fact that the cubs would be drinking the milk formula he personally made, He Ruge busied himself left and right. Although this batch of cubs wasn’t the same as the first batch of cubs, and maybe all No. 1’s were puppies, even if the previous No.1 had golden fur, and the current No. 1 had black fur, both had the same black, grape-like eyes and made He Ruge sprout a feeling that……

     He was being given a chance to right his wrongs. 

     After mixing the milk formulas, Yellow Ferret didn’t stand guard outside the door this time. Instead, he leaned against the wall inside the room with his arms folded in front, avoiding He Ruge’s eyes and staring at the ground, “I want to know how you will save experimental subjects.”

     Because Yellow Ferret knew that He Ruge could block the room’s monitoring systems, he didn’t need to worry that his words would violate the Ice Project’s regulations.

     He Ruge didn’t have a hobby of bursting into song in public, nor did he want to expose his golden finger, “You don’t need to know.”

     Yellow ferret tilted his head and looked at the ground as he muttered to himself: “I thought it would take a while before you would use the three opportunities to participate in the Ice Project. I didn’t expect that you would have already used it twice by now.”

     “When are you planning to come for the third time?” Yellow Ferret’s yellow-brown eyes finally met He Ruge’s when he asked this softly.

     But, suddenly, the bloodline pattern on (He Ruge’s) leg started burning, just like when it warned him of an approaching natural enemy.

     Why was there a warning?

     Was there danger here?

     A sudden burst of anxiety enveloped his heart. It was a difficult to describe feeling, a kind of fear similar to the feeling of facing the grown little monster the night before, but was also very different.

     The fear from last night had a known source. He Ruge knew that the bloodline pattern was warning against the white tiger, who was his natural enemy. But, at this moment, this fear was due to being alerted to an unknown danger.

     It was like an invisible hand was gripping He Ruge’s heart, making He Ruge unable to breath.

     The holographic VR game had both its advantages and disadvantages. When the original version of the game reached a critical point, an A, B option select would definitely appear and remind He Ruge to potentially archive a save point and list actions for He Ruge to choose.

     However, the holographic VR version of the game had none of that, and the high degree of freedom in exchange meant a high risk of the situation going out of control.

     He Ruge didn’t believe in something as intangible as intuition in the past, but due to his new belief in the metaphysical (capabilities) of the koi monster’s bloodline pattern, He Ruge used his last ‘save’ at this moment.

     [Yes/No Save]



     [Save successful]

     With the save, there was a greater sense of confidence. He Ruge said to Yellow Ferret: “Not clear, but our previous agreement didn’t seem to have detailed the participation times? When I come is not important.”

     Yellow Ferret lifted the corners of his mouth stiffly, “That’s true.” He walked out of the room directly after speaking and closed the door without further questioning how “He Ruge would save the experimental subjects”.

     He Ruge stood on the spot and watched the door for a long time. Perhaps he had over thought it and there was no danger. But, when he saved (the game), the heat from the burning hot bloodline pattern suddenly dropped.

     Exactly what happened? Forget it, he already saved; it didn’t matter if he was in imminent danger.

     He Ruge sang to the cubs with a heavy heart, and after walking out of room B6, he turned and glanced at Yellow Ferret who was standing at the end of the corridor.

     Yellow Ferret stood in the darkness, not a trace of light hit his body. Before he recovered his memories, Yellow Ferret would occasionally show a mocking smile or a grin during the Ice Project (chapters). It was a smile that made it quite clear he wasn’t a good person.

     However, it seemed that since recovering his memories, (He Ruge) hadn’t seen Yellow Ferret smile even once.

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 91 (Part 2) –Auditioning

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      (As soon as the audition ended,) Rong Xu immediately stood up, walked to the center of the room, and bowed towards Old Liu. The originally tense and heavy atmosphere instantly vanished.

     The producer was the most immersed in the scene. When the audition ended so suddenly,  he was momentarily taken aback before he recovered and applauded. Under his lead, several other audition viewers also began to applaud. Only Old Liu and Qin Cheng didn’t move.

     Old Liu looked at Rong Xu with a complicated expression. There was no longer the same enthusiasm from the first meeting.

      Meanwhile, Qin Cheng still wore his sunglasses and sat silently among the crew, seemingly as if he didn’t exist at all.


     After a long time, the screenwriter said: “I think it was pretty good. Rong Xu, you didn’t sit at the beginning. Was it to reflect Zhu Molang’s character? He is someone who’s deferential to sages and courteous to scholars, and has high prestige in court. Presenting it this way was superb.”

     This particular screenwriter was a well-known first-tier screenwriter in Huaxia. He was in his sixties and had a positive, widespread reputation.

     Even after listening to his senior’s flattery, Rong Xu was not overly self-effacing and said with a smile: “Yes, when I was studying the script this afternoon, I felt that in regards to Zhu Molang’s character, even if he was waiting in Kong Chao’s house, he wouldn’t casually sit and make himself at home. The Elite Guards is the most difficult force he needs to win over. He desires to win over Kong Chao, so of course he has to give Kong Chao a good impression.”

      Hearing this, the screenwriter satisfactorily gave a few more words of exaggerated flattery.

     However, seeing that Old Liu still hadn’t said a word, the others also stopped talking. No matter how satisfied they were (with Rong Xu), the final decision was still in Old Liu’s hands. This film was practically Old Liu’s domain. With Old Liu’s prestige within the circle, even the producer wouldn’t dare interfere with his decision.

     There was a period of long silence that fell through the room, but then a deep, magnetic male voice sounded out: “Old Liu, what do you think?”

     Everyone simultaneously glanced towards Qin Cheng and then swept their eyes towards Old Liu.

     At this time, the only one who could speak with Old Liu was the one who had the best relationship with Old Liu, Qin Cheng.

     Rong Xu turned his head to look at Qin Cheng only to see that the latter had also turned his head to look at him. Through the sunglasses, Rong Xu couldn’t see Qin Cheng’s expression, but Qin Cheng could see his very clearly. Seeing this situation, Rong Xu raised his eyebrows and gave a certain man a side glance.

     Qin Cheng: “……”

     A moment later, Qin Cheng silently removed his sunglasses.

      The miniscule exchanges between the two were not noticed by others. After all, everyone else’s attention was focused on Old Liu. They watched as Old Liu opened his mouth, and then closed his mouth repeatedly for a while. After going back and forth and hesitating several times, the old man finally laughed helplessly: “I now feel like we shouldn’t have used this scene for the auditions.”

     As soon as these words landed, the screenwriter asked in surprise: “Old Liu?”

     Old Liu sighed with regret: “Should’ve directly asked him to act out the final scene. This scene wasn’t enough at all.”

     Hearing this, the producer suddenly realized: “Old Liu, you mean……”

      Old Liu smiled kindly, but his eyes glowed with an impish light. He stared at Rong Xu with a smile, and said: “Let’s sign the contract tomorrow. In the following two weeks, we’ll film all of your scenes first. Is that okay, Rong Xu? I heard from Old Xu that his movie won’t start until two weeks later. If it really won’t work. I’ll call him and ask him to postpone it a bit! There’s absolutely no issue!”

     The faint feeling of anxiety in his heart completely dissipated at this moment, and Rong Xu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Old Liu, Director Xu specially chose an auspicious day (to start filming)……”

     Old Liu waved his hand: “Don’t mind him, Old Xu doesn’t believe in that at all. He’s just playing it up for the outsiders.”

     Like so, things were finally settled.

      Old Liu truly was the epitome of someone with great leaps in their train of thought. Before, when Qin Cheng was able to talk the old man into forgetting to urge Rong Xu to go do styling. Now, Old Liu switched to talking with the screenwriter and producer about Director Xu’s new work. Perhaps it was due to age, but Old Liu didn’t even notice that Rong Xu was still standing in the middle of the room wearing the weighty costume.

     Qin Cheng calmly pushed his chair back and walked to the center of the room, dragging Rong Xu away.

     When Old Liu finally reacted, the two of them had already long disappeared. Old Liu said in amazement: “They left just like this? Qin Cheng brought him away? This is simply overprotecting the cub.”

     The producer by the side said questioningly: “I heard that this Rong Xu was recommended by Qin Cheng. They have such a good relationship? Qin Cheng also co-stared with Rong Xu in Black Clouds and then presented awards to him. This relationship is really too good, ba……”

      In this world, same-sex marriage had long been legalized. Although there were also many heterosexuals in this society, there were also countless who identified as homosexual. This was especially the case in the entertainment industry where homosexuality was a dime a dozen in prevalence.

     The producer had already begun to think in that direction, but Old Liu shook his head: “Don’t overthink it. I have known Qin Cheng for many years now. You guys aren’t clear about it, but I am. His older generation and Rong Xu’s older generation are familiar with each other. They should’ve asked them to look out for each other.”

     Only then did the producer remember a certain rumor in the circle: Rong Xu was the young master of B City Rong family.

     The people nearby stopped thinking about it further. 

      After talking a bit more, the screenwriter laughed and said: “This kid is so sharp. The Zhu Molang he presented was even better than the one I created. I kind of want to change a few scenes now……”

      Several crew members continued to chat until one o’clock in the morning.

     On the other side, Qin Cheng led Rong Xu to remove his makeup before taking him to the hotel.

     Just as he was about to leave the set, the assistant director in charge of logistics ran over to report: “I already helped Rong Xu book……”

     “He can sleep in my room for now.” The man calmly interrupted. He looked towards the surprised assistant director and said lightly: “I remember there’s only one room left in the hotel. Did you want his assistant to squeeze into a room with others and arrange a single room for him?”

     That assistant director’s face was painted with a “how did you know” expression. He gave a quick nod: “En, one room will be vacated tomorrow. I wanted assistant Luo and Xiao Xia to temporarily share a room for a day before arranging another room for her the next day.”

      Rong Xu watched Qin Cheng negotiate with the assistant director. His delicate, tender face was full of smiles as he stayed silent, simply standing behind Qin Cheng and watching on.

     Qin Cheng lowered his gaze and said firmly: “You can arrange a room for him tomorrow. He can sleep at my place for today.”

     The hotel booked by the crew of The Embroiderer was some distance away from the Film and Television City (HengDian World Studios). Qin Cheng’s assistant drove Rong Xu and Luo Qian together. Rong Xu and Qin Cheng sat in the back while Luo Qian sat in the passenger seat.

     Along the way, Luo Qian kept cautiously glancing at the two through the rearview mirror. On the other hand, it was unknown if it was from experience or if he had simply been with Qin Cheng for too long, but Qin Cheng’s assistant looked straight ahead and continued driving honestly, never once looking back.

     In the back seat, Qin Cheng was looking at the back of the driver’s seat while Rong Xu was looking down at his phone.

      After watching for a while, Luo Qian’s excited gaze moved away, and the man expressionlessly looked up and glanced at the passenger seat before gently sliding his hand towards the right. He moved inch by inch, got closer little by little, before he finally slid over and touched another slightly cold hand.

     When he touched the little finger, Qin Cheng curled his lips and slightly slowed his movements. But he hadn’t had any time to move further when suddenly!! Rong Xu flipped his hand over and directly clasped onto his hand, intertwining their fingers!

     Qin Cheng: “!!!”

     Five seconds later, Qin Cheng’s phone vibrated. He took out his cell phone and realized that he must have grabbed the wrong one, so he took the other one out of his pocket and turned it on.

     [Rong Xu: Are you wearing sunglasses deliberately to not let me see your expression? 】

     Qin Cheng: “……”

     This sentence seemed to be a very casual question, but it was clearly ‘settling an account after autumn’! 

     Feeling his right hand being held in a death grip, Qin Cheng pursed his lips and replied: 【Avoiding suspicion. 】

     The more you say, the more you might lose. Less was better.

      Seeing these two words, the young man’s lips curved subconsciously. He stopped sending messages, and instead turned his head directly to look at the man (beside him). Through the tan tinted windows, the faint yellow of the street lamps wasn’t too bright and could only faintly illuminate the younger man’s clear and bright eyes.

     Qin Cheng didn’t expect Rong Xu to suddenly turn his head to look at him and was a little startled. He looked at the young man’s uptilted chin, and something seemed to have been let loose in his heart. The corners of the man’s lips curved upwards and he desperately wanted to embrace this person into his arms. However, at this moment, he could only tighten his hold on the (other’s) fingers.

     As long as he continued to hold on like this, as long as he continued to look at this person, he could willingly see ‘forever’.

     During the ten-minute drive, the two people in the front didn’t notice the movements of the two in the back.

     When the car was parked in the hotel’s parking lot, Qin Cheng retrieved the phone he previously misgrabbed and sent out a Weibo post.

     [Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: I like him so much, like him so much, like him so much…… I like him so, so much. 】

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 91 (Part 1) – Auditioning

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     Old Liu took this audition very seriously, and it was obvious from the way he directly asked Rong Xu to do his makeup and change into costume (for the audition).

     Many cast auditions simply asked for the actors to act out a snippet without having them change costumes or do makeup, only to get a general feel (of their capabilities). Of course, when Rong Xu went to audition for Vie for Supremacy and Black Clouds back then, he also had to change into costume and put on makeup. However, Wan Siyao’s and Ling Xiao’s styles weren’t as cumbersome as Zhu Molang’s.

     The prince’s python robes, triple layer brocade robes, and jeweled embellishments were all gorgeous and luxurious. Compared with Qin Cheng’s flying fish robes, Rong Xu’s costume was a few degrees more extravagant. 

     Old Liu grew more satisfied the longer he looked. The elderly man didn’t say anything out loud, but the wrinkles that appeared at the edge of his eyes couldn’t hide his happiness.


     With the assistant director leading the way, Rong Xu entered a room not far away. Originally, this was the director’s private resting lounge, but once Old Liu started filming, he refused to take any time to rest. Thus, after having to change actors, the crew directly converted (the room) into an audition room.

     Old Liu, the screenwriter, the producer, several associate directors…… and Qin Cheng, all sat in the audition room. Inside the spacious room, Rong Xu walked in wearing a golden silk python robe. He first introduced himself politely and greeted everyone before preparing to start the audition.

     Everyone here was an experienced individual. There was no need to say more; they could just start the audition directly.

     Perhaps it was to avoid suspicion, but it was true that auditionees did not need to purposely avoid relatives (on set)[1]. However, as Rong Xu’s recommender, it was already quite inappropriate for Qin Cheng to appear (at the audition). Thus, (Qin Cheng) had changed into his costume and even wore a pair of obscure sunglasses to blend in as he sat next to Old Liu.

     Rong Xu couldn’t see (Qin Cheng’s) expression, but he could faintly feel that the man’s gaze was fixed upon himself.

     Inside this small room, there was only one table and one chair placed in the center of the room – all made of exquisitely carved and hollowed wood. On the table was an empty, plain white, porcelain tea cup, quietly placed near the chair. This was the audition prop for The Embroiderer.

     Zhu Molang’s first appearance was set in the emperor’s palace. As a filial prince, he personally served his father medicine and was respectful and humble. At that time, Kong Chao would just be returning to the capital after having completed his mission. Originally, he entered the palace because he wanted to give the emperor (a briefing of the mission). But, unexpectedly, the emperor was seriously ill and fell into a long slumber. The prince was considerate of Kong Chao’s long wait and asked him to return first.

     After the emperor woke up and learned of his son’s filial piety, he took his hand and said earnestly: “The Elite Guards will belong to Lang’er sooner or later[2]. Just this time. You don’t need to try to avoid suspicion next time.” [3]

     Therefore, Zhu Molang’s second appearance would be a year into the movie’s plot line, where he would directly meet with Kong Chao at (Kong Chao’s) residence.

     And today, Rong Xu’s audition segment was the scene of Zhu Molang’s second appearance.

     Previously, when the other auditioning actors tried this scene, Qin Cheng did not act with them. Thus, for the sake of fairness, Qin Cheng naturally didn’t (enter the scene) with Rong Xu either. This scene would be performed by Rong Xu alone, but it was, in fact, a two-person scene.

     Rong Xu slowly walked to the chair and to Old Liu with a smile: “I’m ready.”

     Old Liu nodded: “Then, let’s start.”

     Rong Xu lowered his head, lifted his hands and picked up the teacup. Everyone watched his movements very calmly, and saw him hold the cup saucer with his left hand. He used three fingers on his right hand to gently lift the tea cup lid, his movements gently revolving around this white porcelain teacup. His actions were extremely passive, doing every motion slowly. But, from beginning to end, he stayed standing and never once sat down.

     Seeing this scene, Old Liu gradually sat up straight, and Qin Cheng’s lips curved upwards.

     The following scenario should be Kong Chao returning home. He had heard someone relay that a distinguished guest had come, so he quickly entered the house. However, he never expected that the person he would see would be the crown prince.

     As if hearing the sound of a door opening, Rong Xu’s actions of examining the tea set stalled, and he lifted his head to look forward. There was a hint of a faint smile in his clear and gentle eyes. He put the tea cup down, lowered his gaze to the ground, and smiled lightly: “Commander Kong need not be polite. Coming here without forewarning today is this prince’s lack of propriety.”

     Saying this, Rong Xu paused briefly, as if listening to someone else speaking. His line of sight also slowly tilted upwards, as if the person he was looking at had stood up.

     After listening to the other party’s reply for a while, Rong Xu smiled: “Since there were some difficulties…… why don’t you give This Prince a briefing (of the situation)?”

     Rong Xu’s voice was mellow and soft, like a spring breeze blowing across the lake, rippling the waters, and making others unable to resist rekindling their favorable impressions.

     The producer and screenwriter both looked at the youth in the center of the audition room and couldn’t help but glance at each other and nod. Just based on appearances and the brief performance, the benevolent prince character, Zhu Molang, was portrayed very realistically by Rong Xu, and he definitely passed the audition. But they didn’t know…… if he could act out Zhu Molang’s real face hidden deep underneath his public facade.

     In this segment of the plot, Kong Chao would hesitate for a while. It wouldn’t be until Zhu Molang took out the Elite Guards medallion given by the Emperor would he finally express his concerns.

     The Elite Guards were only loyal to the Emperor, and the crown prince will be the next Emperor. Since the current Emperor already thought of the crown prince in such high regards, then as the commander of the Elite Guards, (Kong Chao) could naturally report his findings (to Zhu Molang).

     Kong Chao’s lines for this segment would be very long, and Rong Xu listened on with a faint smile. Even Old Liu didn’t notice when he slowly sat down on the Eight Immortals chair. Rong Xu raised his left hand and stroked the smooth,white edge of the porcelain tea cup. His movements were slow and deliberate, and the smile in his eyes grew deeper and deeper. He kept his gaze lifted as he watched the Elite Guards commander who had stood up to speak. The speed of which he was stroking the porcelain cup gradually slowed down.

     When his movements fully came to a stop, Old Liu was suddenly taken aback, as if he had only then noticed that Rong Xu had sat down.

     Under the bright lights, this handsome young prince chuckled and the corner of his lips curved upwards. A dark light flashed across his eyes. He lifted the white porcelain cup and took a sip, and then he raised his head and smiled softly: “Since this is the case, then, Commander Kong, I must burden you…… to go find the truth about the bizarre deaths of the Elite Guards.”

     As soon as his words fell, he gently placed the cup back onto the table, making a noise that was neither loud nor quiet.

     His voice gradually became colder as Rong Xu narrowed his eyes and said, still smiling: “My Ming Country’s Elite Guards are people of the Imperial family. No matter who, if they touch the Elite Guards, they are touching the foundation of My Imperial land. If you catch the true perpetrator who is hiding behind the scenes, you must place him in front of This Prince, This Prince……”

     The pair of phoenix eyes glanced over, and Rong Xu’s thin lips opened: “Will kill without mercy.”

     Like this, the audition came to an end.

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[1]“Avoid suspicion, but it was true that auditionees did not need to avoid relatives”: Avoid suspicions of nepotism

[2]Lang’er: (Name)’er is a term of endearment for one’s child. ‘Er’ means ‘child’

[3]Avoid suspicion: Zhu Molang turning Kong Chao away instead of hearing the report in the emperor’s stead was taken as a act of avoiding suspicions of trying to usurp power

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 46 (Part 1) – Bedtime Story

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     After leaning on the tiger’s back for a while, He Ruge felt like all the fur on the little monster’s back had already been warmed up by his own body heat. 

     The little monster was growing at a speed visible to the naked eye. Even separated by thick fur and strong muscles, He Ruge could feel his bones growing and expanding.

     It sounded extremely painful, the pain that came from tearing muscles.

     Even though he knew that the little monster wouldn’t feel the pain after using the Pain Nullifier, He Ruge still couldn’t help but feel heartache at this moment. “Does Miao Miao feel any pain?”


     The little monster turned his head around, and his big round face appeared in front of He Ruge, “He Ruge, please give me pats.” Even when he acted spoiled, his tone was still stiff as rock. Even while calling He Ruge’s name, he included all three characters with first and last name.

     Only He Ruge’s figure was reflected in those blue eyes. The little monster said such heartbreaking words with an unchanging, expressionless stink face: “If you touch me, I won’t feel pain in the left side of my chest.”

     The little monster lowered his head towards the young man on his back. He didn’t even regard He Ruge’s hand, which was placed on the “king” symbol on his forehead, with dissatisfaction. He docilely put away his fangs and said in an almost pleading voice: “Can you not leave tonight.”

     He Ruge paused his head-patting motion (as the little monster) said: “Whenever I think about you leaving, the left side of my chest would feel really painful.”

     It turned out…… his discomfort stemmed from (He Ruge) leaving?

     He Ruge hugged the little monster’s head and was about to agree when suddenly the VR game’s “Addiction Prevention Mechanism” popped up in his mind.

     Calculating the time, he already seemed to be running out of available game time for today?!

     This spicy chicken game was preventing him from raising lil’ cubs! The little monster was in such a fragile and helpless state and needed someone to accompany him, what did he need “Addiction Prevention” for? It was only right that players should be encouraged to smother the little monster with love!

     He Ruge felt uneasy since he didn’t know when he would be ejected from the game. He really wanted to agree to the little monster, but the situation didn’t allow it. The witty He Ruge turned on his brainstorming mode, and a small light bulb suddenly lit up. Although the holographic VR game had an Addiction Prevention Mechanism, the normal version of the game did not.

     Though it wouldn’t allow any late-night whispering interactions, it was also very fulfilling to continue touching the little monster’s head, touching the little monster’s back, and coaxing the little monster to sleep!

     He had to seize the time he could still verbally communicate with the little monster and say everything he wanted to say in one breath before hopping and staying on the game with the computer, and spending the night watching over the little monster as he slept.

     He couldn’t continue sitting on the little monster’s back while he slept. But, as He Ruge was getting off the little monster’s back, the little monster thought He Ruge was going to leave again, and his eyes instantly dimmed.

     However, when he discovered that the person in front of him was just changing positions and sat back down beside him still holding his paws, saying yes with a smile, those blue eyes trembled and shone brightly again, as if the on off switch that darkened and brightened his life was completely in the palm of He Ruge’s hands.

     He Ruge rubbed the little monster’s big head: “When does Miao Miao usually feel sleepy?”

     “I’m not sure.” Occasionally, he would feel drowsy, but would very quickly be awakened by pain.

     It seemed the little monster was in a very energetic (state right now). He Ruge once again ran his fingers through the (comfortably soft fur on the little monster’s) head, resisting the urge to ravage those tiger ears, while contemplating how parents put their children to sleep.

     Because he was an orphan and had no practical experience, the only methods he could think of for coaxing children were very simple, including singing and telling bedtime stories.

     He sang a song last time, so he should tell a bedtime story this time around. It should be a children’s fairy tale. He Ruge recalled that the little monster was previously lacking in confidence when (He Ruge asked him to name himself), so he was determined to cultivate the little monster’s self-confidence, starting with bedtime stories——

     “Miao Miao, close your eyes. I’ll tell you a fairy tale.” Those blue eyes closed, and his white eyelashes seemed to have been coated with a thin layer of fresh snow.

     He Ruge gently touched the little monster’s head, “Once upon a time, there was a swan egg that was hatched by a duck. Because of its unique appearance, it was laughed at and called an ugly duckling.”

     “It was beaten and scolded, ostracized, ridiculed, and bullied by everyone……” He Ruge whispered while patting the little monster.

     However, he didn’t notice that the pair of azure eyes under his palm was slightly startled. The little monster listened as he fell into a daze.

     Legend has it that a merfolk’s voice could confuse another’s heart. If a (merfolk’s) heart was filled with sincere emotions, their true feelings could penetrate into their voice and make the listeners entranced.


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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 90 (Part 3) – The Embroiderer

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     Being embraced by this man, Rong Xu could only smell the scent of fake blood through his nose, but he couldn’t help lifting the corner of his lips. Thousands of unsaid words could only be summarized into one sentence in the end: “Long time no see.”

     It was the same as the most ordinary meeting between good friends. Although a hug might be a bit strange, the staff didn’t think too much about it.

     Old Liu quickly noticed the situation. When he saw Rong Xu, his two eyes suddenly lit up, and he strode over: “Rong Xu? Old Xu praised you before. I heard that you just finished (a film) yesterday. Do you still have the energy to audition right now? It just so happens that the makeup team has time and can directly help you with styling.”


     As soon as Old Liu opened his mouth, he had already blocked off the other’s path of retreat, and Rong Xu couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry.

     After all, since Old Liu already walked over, Rong Xu naturally couldn’t keep hugging Qin Cheng anymore. Thus, he let go and laughed: “Director Xu Sheng?”

     Old Liu chuckled: “Not bad, I heard you’ll be working with Old Xu for your next work. I called him this afternoon.”

     Although this sentence was said lightly, it also implied that Old Liu had long since gathered detailed information on Rong Xu. He had never watched Rong Xu’s works – he hadn’t watched either Vie for Supremacy or Ambush. He originally wanted to watch Black Clouds, but ended up having something going on. Later on, he was further preoccupied with the preliminary preparations for The Embroiderer and had even less time.

     During the past two days, Old Liu had auditioned seven or eight film newcomers. However, for all of them, either their image wasn’t suitable, or their acting skills didn’t pass (his standards).

     Although Qin Cheng recommended Rong Xu, Old Liu also didn’t agree rashly. He was only relieved when he learned that Rong Xu’s acting skills were good and had even been acknowledged by Xu Sheng. These referrals saved them time by getting Rong Xu to audition. If his acting skills were poor, it would be a waste of everyone’s time.

     Rong Xu was about to agree, but Qin Cheng snorted softly and said: “What did Director Xu say?”

     Old Liu replied: “Old Xu said that Rong Xu is a decent talent. He decided to work with you after watching Black Clouds.” After a pause, Old Liu smiled and said: “When Qin Cheng recommended you, I already thought it was (a pretty good option). How about it, Rong Xu, can you do the styling now?”

     Qin Cheng nodded: “Director Xu spoke well and has a good eye. Last year’s Depths of the Courtyard was also very good.

     Hearing this, Old Liu turned his head back and began chatting with Qin Cheng about Xu Sheng’s Depths of the Courtyard which had been nominated for the Golden Phoenix Award, and temporarily forgot to urge Rong Xu to go do his makeup. He continued talking to Qin Cheng, and Qin Cheng (responded by) nodding from time to time, and then the old man started to talk about his movie from last year.

     Taking this opportunity, Rong Xu was finally allowed to take a breather.

     As soon as he got up at noon today, he received a call from Qin Cheng, packed his luggage, and arrived at Hengdian World Studios. Not to mention the exhaustion he built up along the way, if he really went to do his makeup without stopping to take a break, he’s afraid he wouldn’t be able to do the audition in his best condition.

     Once Old Liu finished speaking, he picked up his cup and took a sip of water. Qin Cheng turned to his assistant and said: “Take him to my place to rest up.”

     The little assistant quickly nodded, and Old Liu finally remembered: “Hey, wait a minute, weren’t you going to go do styling?”

     Qin Cheng lightly smiled and curled his lips and said, “When I met Lilov in Berlin last year, he mentioned that this year he was planning to film……”

     Old Liu’s attention was once again diverted. After the two chatted for another half hour, Old Liu suddenly realized his error and hurried Rong Xu to finish his makeup and prepare for the audition. Qin Cheng furrowed his brows and was about to speak up, but he saw Rong Xu smile and shake his head, so (Qin Cheng) could only agree.

     While doing his makeup, Rong Xu received a text message from a certain man.

     [Qin Cheng: If knew earlier that there would be such a long traffic jam today, I would’ve picked you up tomorrow.】

     Traffic jams were an extremely tiring matter. If Rong Xu arrived in Hengdian at four or five o’clock in the evening, he wouldn’t necessarily have been this tired and naturally wouldn’t have an issue with styling and auditions. But right now, he had only arrived after eight o’clock and was already exhausted. Meanwhile, in order to finish faster, Old Liu was constantly urging him.

     [Rong Xu: Earlier is better. If it can be finalized by today, if it doesn’t work out, I can still take the plane back tomorrow.】

     After a brief moment, Qin Cheng replied with a text message:【……You won’t stay here for a few more days? 】

     Stay a few more days? Meaning staying beside someone for a few more days?

     Directly seeing through the other party’s intentions, Rong Xu asked grimly:【You really think I will fail the audition just like this? 】

     Qin Cheng, who saw the text message: “……”

     En, I fell into the trap.

     Following that, Qin Cheng went back to filming, and Rong Xu put down his phone to do his makeup with peace of mind. Zhu Molang’s costume was a very cumbersome but gorgeously intricate dragon gown, and three makeup artists had to join hands to arrange the gold and jade inlaid gown. Then, the makeup artists carefully helped Rong Xu put on a wig cap before delicately pulling the long black hair to the back of his head.

     Perhaps because the artists had plenty of experience from helping the recent auditioning celebs with their makeup for the past few days, these makeup artists were clearly very skilled in (Zhu Molang’s styling), and they took care of Rong Xu’s styling in a matter of seconds. When the makeup was complete, one of the older artists suddenly thought: “Oh yes, where is the red mole? Yesterday the director said that the middle of the eyebrows wasn’t (a good location), where should we change it to?”

     Another makeup artist thought for a while: “Director Wang said that the ends of his eyes are suitable, or is it right there?”

     “Okay, let me try…… hmm? There’s a smudge at the edge of Rong Rong’s eyes!” As if realizing his mistake[1], the makeup artist suddenly blushed before regaining a serious expression and said: “I….…I’ll dot it here.”

     While talking, the makeup artist took the cinnabar color pen and lightly dabbed a dark red mole at the edge of Rong Xu’s eyes.

     When everything was finally complete, the makeup artist who had exposed his own fangirl attribute was so shy that he stepped aside and didn’t dare look at Rong Xu again. However, Rong Xu stood up and handed his phone to Luo Qian, and instead of immediately leaving the dressing room, he looked at the makeup artists with a smile and said: “Hello, I am Rong Xu. Please kindly advise.”

     All the makeup artists were taken aback.

     The next moment, four makeup artists leaned in and said in unison: “Rong Rong! Can I get a signature! I reallyreallyreallyreally like you!!!”

     Rong Xu: “……”

     Suddenly…… so many people.

     Only after signing for every makeup artist did Rong Xu walk out of the dressing room. Outside, Qin Cheng had already finished (filming) today’s scene and was still wearing his makeup while talking to Old Liu. When they heard someone accidentally yell “Rong Rong”, they simultaneously turned their heads around. Instantly, Qin Cheng was stunned, and Old Liu’s eyes also widened as he stared dumbfoundedly.

     For Zhu Molang’s good looks, the screenwriter had used a whole list of complicated and magnificent words to describe it and even added the phrase “words could not express (his beauty)” at the end.

     However, when he walked out of the dressing room, Rong Xu’s appearance was akin to the brightest existence in the world, attracting the eyes of all existences in the world.

     Those phoenix eyes were long and thin, devastatingly charming, as pure as jade, and unmatched in beauty[2].

     The small dark red mole at the edges of his eye was akin to a smoldering flame. Rong Xu lifted his eyes and looked at Qin Cheng with a light smile. The latter couldn’t help but purse his lips, and his throat gradually became dry. Their eyes crossed five or six meters and met in the air.

     Qin Cheng opened his mouth slightly and was just about to speak, but he hadn’t spoken yet before he heard Old  Liu laugh and say: “Good! Today’s filming is over, so let’s quickly do the audition now. This is truly wonderful!”


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[1]Makeup artist’s mistake: calling Rong Xu “Rong Rong”. Calling someone by a cuter nickname is generally associated with femininity in Chinese.

[2]I think the author was going for 凤表龙姿 instead of 凤章龙表

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 90 (Part 2) – The Embroiderer

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Chapter Potential Trigger Warning: Blood

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     The film, The Embroiderer, was based upon reality, yet was also divergent from reality [1]. For example, the prototype of Rong Xu’s role, the Prince, was a highly evaluated (individual) in history. Not only were his abilities strong, but the main point was that he was exceedingly beautiful.


    Just that point alone gave Old Liu a headache: Both good acting skills and good looks. Where would he go to find such a good seedling in the short amount of time?

     On the way to Hengdian, Rong Xu worked on studying the script. This was the first time he’s read the script. Originally, he just wanted to analyze the script rationally as an outside party would, but while reading through it, he became immersed in the plot. At the end, when all the foreshadowed events were revealed one by one, a plot twist turned the tides, and the truths all came to light. Rong Xu couldn’t help but feel his heart stir.

     Seeing Rong Xu’s scrunched up eyebrows, Luo Qian asked in a soft voice: “Xiao Xu, is the script good?”

     Rong Xu rarely showed any expressions when he read through scripts, and this was the first time Luo Qian had ever seen his current appearance.

   Hearing this, Rong Xu locked his phone screen. He smiled as he looked up and asked: “Sister Xiao Qian, what do you think of Qin Cheng’s movies?”

     Hearing his Boss’s name, the little assistant sitting in the driver’s seat immediately pricked his ears and listened as Luo Qian said without an ounce of hesitation: “God Qin’s movies are all great! Extremely great! I enjoy watching every single one of them; I watch them all at least three times!”

     The praise obviously wasn’t for him, but Rong Xu couldn’t help but beam: “En, so, do you think this script is any good?”

     Luo Qian nodded fiercely.

     Rong Xu never once doubted Qin Cheng’s ability to select scripts. In fact, he, himself, was also highly picky about scripts. However, the scripts he received now were far fewer than Qin Cheng, and there weren’t that many options for him to choose from. It was the same for The Embroiderer. Rong Xu was also very interested in Qin Cheng’s role, but it was absolutely impossible for Old Liu to let him take on that role.

     Nevertheless…… the character, Zhu Molang, was actually no less than Kong Chao.

     The Elite Guards wore flying fish patterns and used the finest cloud brocades crafted by Jiangnan’s skilled Sewing Women and Embroiderers. They wore finely embroidered silk and fabric, paired with an Embroidered Spring Sword[2]. Kong Chao was the veritable protagonist, but Zhu Molang was a key figure throughout the entire plotline.

     Rong Xu closed his eyes and carefully contemplated the plot of the entire movie. Ten minutes later, he turned his phone back on and re-read the script. When reading the script this time, he didn’t immerse his own emotions, but rather analyzed it from an objective perspective.

     Good script writers made sure that every line had carried a purpose.

     Rong Xu first read through all the scenes with Zhu Molang’s appearance before specially selecting to study Zhu Molang’s lines thoroughly. The car ride was bumpy, and he could only hold onto his cell phone and study silently in his head.

     Because of the traffic jam, it was already eight o’clock in the evening by the time they arrived in Hengdian Studios.

    Rong Xu followed Qin Cheng’s assistant through the crew and didn’t see a single idle person along the way. Every staff member was rushing to and fro in a hurry. There were some staff members who saw Rong Xu and excitedly asked for a signature, but they only hastily asked for a signature before immediately heading back to their work.

     Luo Qian said warily: “They are all so busy.”

     Rong Xu didn’t respond. He heard the piercing and dense sound of colliding metal, (a noise that made) even the air tremble. It sounded like the noise of colliding heavy iron. The entire crew was silent and only the clanging echoed on continuously.

     Luo Qian also closed her mouth and stopped talking as she approached the set. 

    That was when Rong Xu lifted his gaze and saw him—

    He wore a woven azure flying fish suit, a wide black belt tightly drawn across his waist, and a pair of jade-embellished official boots were worn on his feet. As he swiftly flew through the building, he pierced a knife through the heart of a black clothed man.

     Qin Cheng’s icy and deep expression on his face was similar to that of a sculpture’s, and his black eyes were soaked with cold light. He quickly dashed among a dozen masked assassins, and with each slash, a life was taken. With each slash, another streak of blood landed on his cheek. However, he never stayed still, slaughtering lives coldly and indifferently before finally landing on one knee. The Embroidered Spring Sword was drenched with blood. By the time he braced himself against the ground, there were already more than ten corpses strewn behind him.

     On the desolate road, the shops on both sides of the street had long since closed, and only the bleak moonlight shone upon the earth, similarly lighting up this gory and blood-scented world. The glistening river of blood flowed down from beneath the corpses, slowly spreading along the cracks of the bluestone slabs, making the scene appear horrifying and gruesome.

    Seeing this scene, Luo Qian couldn’t resist covering her mouth, while Rong Xu narrowed his eyes and gazed at Qin Cheng calmly.

     Qin Cheng borrowed the strength of the narrow Embroidered Spring Sword to slowly stand up. A trace of blood gradually seeped through his lips. 

When he lifted his head, his gaze met Rong Xu’s, but his expression didn’t change. It was as if he hadn’t seen Rong Xu at all. He stood up calmly and decisively left the alley step by step.

     A powerful and icy aura instantly diffused through the air, making everyone unable to move.


    The moment Old Liu’s voice sounded, the crew finally started to move again.

     The extras who were playing corpses on the ground gradually stood up one by one, and the props crew walked over to help them out of their suspension wires. The leader of the props crew also hurriedly stepped forward to help Qin Cheng untie his wires. At the same time, the makeup artist walked over with quick steps and picked up the brush to help Qin Cheng touch up his makeup.

     Unexpectedly, Qin Cheng gently shook his head and said: “My friend is here.”

     The makeup artist was taken aback, and subconsciously stepped away, letting Qin Cheng walk off the set with long strides.

    Under the gaze of countless crew members, Qin Cheng walked off the set step by step and passed by seven or eight cameras before standing in front of Rong Xu. He bowed his head slightly. There were still splotches of fake blood on the corner of his lips, and he was also wearing the icy, deep blue flying fish brocade costume. His long-haired wig was tied up high behind his head, and when he lowered his head, strands of hair slid down his cheeks, which made him appear even more beautiful and extraordinary.

     Qin Cheng stared at the young man in front of him seriously, and Rong Xu looked up at him.

     The man’s deep phoenix eyes were filled with an impenetrable coloration, his thin lips were slightly pursed, and his lips opened and closed as if he had something to say. But, after a pause, in front of the eyes of dozens of staff members, he could only open his arms and gently embrace Rong Xu, saying calmly: “You are here.”

     He couldn’t say any more, only those three words.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


[1]Based upon reality, yet was also divorced from reality: “Based on true historical events”

[2]Embroidered Spring Sword: A ming dynasty symbol of power, granted by the emperor

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 45 – A Scheduled Promise

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     There was one question and one answer, and they fell back into silence. 

     He Ruge held a guilty conscience while coaxing the little monster. He was afraid that the little monster would ask him why it doesn’t hurt when they have physical contact, and why didn’t he allow physical contact before to mitigate the pain……

     He Ruge introspected for a while, thinking that his past self simply had a heart dipped in lard [1], even coming up with such a flimsy excuse to deceive his cat.

     But dying while holding onto a cat would also be a fine way to go.[2]

     If he didn’t go to this extent, when would he ever have a chance[3] to hold this big cat?

     It’s just that this posture was a bit strenuous. He Ruge didn’t dare to put his entire weight onto the little monster, so he could only bend over to hug the little monster, pressing his torso into the soft fur gently while his waist was supporting himself tiringly.

     The tip of his nose was pressed close to the base of (the little monster’s) wings, and the heat from He Ruge’s exhalations ended up blowing onto the base of those wings. The little monster itched so badly that he wanted to shake out his wings. However, he was afraid of frightening the young man lying on his back.

     He was feather light, and the little monster could barely feel the weight of the other party. This gave the little monster a surreal sense (that everything was an) illusion. Along with the lack of pain, he could no longer distinguish between reality and fantasy. Tonight, he wasn’t left alone to endure the pain while curled up in the corner, the pain that was so strong it made him roll on the ground in pain.


     All this was like a dream, and maybe if he so much as twitched, the other would suddenly turn into a butterfly and flutter away.

     It turned out that it wasn’t that difficult to endure at night when someone else was there (to accompany him).

     Just as the little monster was in a good mood, he realized that the person on his back was moving to get up. The original feather-light weight became completely no weight, and the warmth on his back dissipated.

     Was he preparing to leave?

     This thought sprouted from the little monster’s heart like a pebble hitting the surface of still water, disturbing his state of mind which had just calmed down.

     His tiger tail hooked onto He Ruge’s calf subconsciously. Under the other’s surprised gaze, the little monster pretended to be calm and said: “If there is no physical contact, it will hurt.”

     He Ruge was stunned, he just bent over for too long and wanted to change his posture, but the little monster had……misunderstood?

     Was he so afraid of him leaving? Was it purely from fear of pain, or was there a smidgen of reluctance to part? He Ruge looked down at the entangled tiger’s tail, and the corners of his lips curled up unconsciously. Maybe he should have given the little monster the nickname Little Sticky Rice Cake.

     No, it should be Big Sticky Rice Cake.

     He Ruge crouched down and wanted to grab the tiger tail. The thick tiger tail was very powerful, staggered with black and white stripes. He Ruge couldn’t fully grasp it with one hand, so he made do with grabbing the tip of the tail which was pure black, and contrasted with He Ruge’s fingers, making them seem exceptionally white.

     The texture of the fur on the tail was also luxurious. Each strand of fur felt like it was dipped in deep-sea fish oil. There was not a single trace of split ends from the base to the tip. The white fur was as crystalline clear as fine snow, while the black fur was like ink-dipped fine brush.

     He Ruge couldn’t help but grasp the tip of the tail with one hand and press the palm of his other hand onto the black “brush” tip. Under the little monster’s innocent gaze, He Ruge voiced: “Previously, I helped write out the name Miao Miao. Miao Miao, do you remember how to write the word ‘Miao’?” 

     He looked like a teacher who was spot-checking (a student’s) homework.

     The little monster tilted his head, “I do.”

He Ruge was a little surprised. Perhaps he had always placed the labels of ‘dim’ and ‘fierce’ on his impression of the little monster, so he was unused to the little monster’s sudden show of intellect.

     Blue eyes stared diligently at He Ruge’s palm as he used the tip of his tail to slowly and confidently write (the characters of the planet) Earth on He Ruge’s palm.

     Miao (淼).

     The little monster had never seen this type of writing before, as it did not belong to any of the languages he knew of; even the pronunciation was strange- “Meow Meow Meow”.

     For the little monster who had a brain full of killing and gloom, memorizing words was an arduous task. But he wanted to put full effort into remembering everything related to He Ruge, as if the more he remembered the more important He Ruge was in his heart. Like this, even if he truly loses control and his ability to reason in the future, he would still never hurt this person again.

He didn’t want to hurt He Ruge.

     It wasn’t because He Ruge was someone Xi Guican liked, nor because He Ruge’s blood was delicious, nor because He Ruge’s singing voice was amazing.

     It was simply because He Ruge was He Ru Ge, that’s all.

     When he moved his tail stroke by stroke and wrote out the word “Miao”, he witnessed He Ruge’s dark eyes light up slowly from surprise, glowing brighter and brighter like stars shining in the sky.

     “Miao Miao is so smart.” He heard He Ruge’s warm and sincere praise.

     No one had ever praised him before.

     Maybe it was because he didn’t have any positive characteristics, and even he himself didn’t think he had any good characteristics. From the beginning, he was just an existence that Xi Guican awakened in his time of despair.

     He was the product of an abnormal shift in this body, a separated piece of “Xi Guican’s” soul. He was, through and through, a monster.

     In the endless darkness, he was the weapon Xi Guican grasped to pierce into the light. But he, he who was born in darkness, how could he help Xi Guican find the light. A black hole will devour all light, and he would destroy all the brilliance in Xi Guican’s life.

     The best result for Xi Guican was for (the little monster) to transfer over all his memories and power. The accidentally separated soul fragments would then gradually attach themselves to the gaping hole and sew it whole again stitch by stitch, which could potentially create a complete “Xi Guican”.

……But, he didn’t want to.

     He was a selfish, cold-blooded, emotionless villain who never considered the well-being of others, even if, technically, that person was also himself in a sense.

     Therefore, he had always been hiding in a corner where Xi Guican couldn’t see him, accumulating strength in hopes that one day he could override Xi Guican’s memory and fully occupy this body.

     He Ruge had his entire concentration focused on playing with the tail, and didn’t notice the little monster’s silence. His dream of playing with (the little tiger’s) tail unexpectedly came true tonight. They say happiness came in threes[4] and He Ruge felt like he was floating (from joy). He stroked the tail back and forth; the originally soft tail fur was about to be petted by He Ruge until it became a mini explosion.

     It’s just… He Ruge felt something was a little off. At the start, he could hold around two-thirds of the tail with one hand, but as he looked, the tail suddenly grew longer.

     Under his gaze, the pair of tiger claws also seemed to have grown a circle larger. He Ruge slowly raised his head and saw that the little monster in front of him was slowly expanding like a balloon. Previously, while standing, (the little monster was around his) waist and abdomen height. But, now, it seemed the little monster would grow up to his chest height, and based on this rate (or growth), it didn’t seem to be ending soon. His body length might even grow to the three-meter mark.

     Oh, right, the gene altering solution would accelerate growth.

     However, watching the little monster grow bigger had a huge impact on He Ruge. Because (the tiger was a fish’s) natural enemy, He Ruge worked hard everyday to overcome his physiological fear response to big cats. After finally adapting to the little monster’s appearance, without even having time to brace himself, he was now going to face an even bigger white tiger!

     Too, too big.

     His legs were a bit soft.

     He Ruge subconsciously grasped onto the tiger tail with both hands just like a person with a fear of heights swaying on a high cable bridge and hanging onto the ropes (for dear life). His legs trembled faintly. Perhaps it’s because he sang for the cubs in the Ice Project and used up all his strength, He Ruge didn’t even have the strength to stand.

     Incidentally, right at this moment, the little monster leaned his head closer while his blue eyes looked at He Ruge’s trembling legs strangely, “Are you tired from standing?”

     His brain was blank, and He Ruge seemed to be able to see his own pallid face through those azure blue eyes. That face gradually transformed into an image of a fish on the chopping board, “Yes, a little bit.”

     The thick-as-an-iron-chain tiger tail wrapped around He Ruge’s waist. In one smooth motion, the tiger’s tail exploded with astonishing power and easily lifted He Ruge up like plucking a radish, suspending him half a meter off the ground. He Ruge’s heart was so nervous that it was about to explode.

     When He Ruge panicked to the point that his feet were swinging wildly, the little monster placed He Ruge on his back, “Grab onto my wings and don’t slide off.”

     He Ruge sat feebly on the tiger’s back. His two hands were so tense that he didn’t know how to control his strength at all, and he could only tightly grasp the thin zerg wings with two fingers.

     The zerg wings, which were originally thin and fragile like a piece of paper, had inexplicably become the thickness of a steel plate at some unknown point in time. Maybe it would even make a crisp clang if he knocked on it.

     “He Ruge,” the hoarse, youthful voice sounded beside He Ruge’s ear, “Do you like the starry skies?”

     Perhaps it was due to the song “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars”, the little monster came up with the speculation that He Ruge liked the starry sked.

     Under the state of high mental stress, He Ruge himself wasn’t really aware of what he was saying: “It’s, it’s okay.”

     “Then, in the future, you can sit on my back and I will take you flying to the stars.” 

     The little monster said: “If I do this, will you be happy?”

     He Ruge finally recovered from his state of disorientation, and he spent three seconds recalling what the little monster had said. The scene described by the little monster appeared in his mind, and He Ruge suddenly felt that it was explosively cool.

     Ride the biggest cat and gaze at the most beautiful stars.

     He smiled sincerely like a parent who heard their child say they will be filial when they grew up: “Yes! Of course, I will!”

     Those blue eyes, which had always been surging with the flames of violence, closed slightly, unskillfully attempting to cover the eager yearning swimming under his pupils, as the little monster whispered: “Then, that’s great.”

     I can make you happy, that’s wonderful.


[1]Idiom: heart dipped in lard: had no conscience, a “blind heart”, apathetic

[2]Direct TL: but dying on the cat’s body, becoming a ghost was also joyous

[3]Direct TL: “Which Monkey year, horse month: generally referring to 12 year cycles. HRG is asking how many 12yr cycles it would take before he could hold the little monster

[4]“…Happiness came in threes”: direct translation: Happiness will follow two to make three

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 90 (Part 1) – The Embroiderer

Hi all! Thanks for your patience. Because of my self-destructive clumsiness, I managed to hurt my hand by crushing it against a wall……….. I worked through the translations with one hand so it took quite a bit longer than I expected Orz. It’s all better now though. I should be able to cram out the entire chapter in a week.

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Chapter 90 is 2x longer than the average chapter length and will be posted in 3 parts. Enjoy!

    Xiangshan and Hengdian World Studios are both located in Zhe Province (Zhejiang Province), with a distance of only approximately 100 kilometers[1]. At noon that day, Rong Xu directly told Luo Qian about the situation and asked her to cancel his flight back to B City for that evening.

     At three o’clock in the afternoon, Qin Cheng’s assistant arrived at Xiangshan Film and Television City, and the group headed back together towards Hengdian.

     Rong Xu also called to update Luo Zhentao, but he hadn’t finished speaking before Luo Zhentao laughed and interrupted: “I already knew by this morning. Xu Jin specifically called me first to ask about your itinerary. Xiao Xu, I heard Xu Jin say that there aren’t many scenes for that particular role. If the shoot goes smoothly, you should be able to finish in a week. Director Xu’s movie won’t start filming until two weeks later. Although I also want you to get some more rest beforehand, this movie…… is truly spectacular.”

     Rushing to another cast audition without a pause just after finishing one movie was considered a bit of an overload for any actor.

    Of course, there were also some actors who preferred to blaze through multiple dramas at the same time and rush from cast to cast in order to secure more works, make more money, and receive more exposure. However, this type of behavior was typically deemed shameless by others within the circle.

     Due to an actor cramming in multiple shoots (at the same time), crews would often have to adjust the filming schedules according to an actor’s availability, which was highly inconvenient (for everyone else). Moreover, cramming shoots could also easily cause problems for the actor’s state, making it so they couldn’t switch between the different roles.

     Normally, Rong Xu wouldn’t go around cramming shoots, and if he filmed The Embroiderer, he wouldn’t have any days to rest. However, as Luo Zhentao said, this film was a great opportunity. Having a chance to cooperate with international big-name directors, Film Emperors, and Film Empresses was truly a rare chance.

    Luo Zhentao said: “It was Mr. Qin who recommended you for this film.”

     Male No. 3 in The Embroiderer was originally a Chinese-American individual who had quite a bit of fame in the United States. In addition to his image and acting skills, He was chosen (for the role) because Old Liu wanted to borrow his popularity to gain access to the United States’ market.

     No one would complain about having too much money. Since this little fresh meat was quite famous in the United States, then they could let him act a bit, ba.

    Of course, Old Liu never expected that this little fresh meat would actually make anti-Chinese remarks on an American TV show two days prior. He was clearly born in Huaxia, and the blood in his body was of Huaxia origin, but after being nurtured to adulthood by the motherland, this ungrateful villain went and (switched his) nationality to another country’s without hesitation, and even dared to slander his motherland.

     “His parents are still in Huaxia. That little bastard brat isn’t afraid of being struck by lightning for his words!” Old Liu directly swore up a storm with the crew.

     Xu Jin told Luo Zhentao that, at that time, Old Liu was so angry he directly called up several of his industry friends, and many of them worked together to completely ban this little fresh meat from Huaxia’s Entertainment Industry. However, the other party’s anti-Chinese remarks had already long spread across Huaxia. Hundreds of millions of netizens scolded him, but he didn’t care, sporting a “I don’t even want your money” temperament.

    This was a prime example of “know one’s face but don’t know one’s heart”. The crew for The Embroiderer had given the other party a nice lump of signing bonus in the beginning. But now, the other party had broken the contract, flung the glass bottle into irreparable pieces, and it wasn’t known if the (other’s actions were) stimulated (by something).

     However, whatever stimulation (the previous Male No.3) received, Rong Xu naturally had no clue. Rong Xu only knew that Old Liu must have been stimulated into exploding.

     Originally, that little fresh meat should have arrived at the crew the day before, but now, his role was suspended and they had to recast for a new actor. For a large-scale production crew like this with thousands of people in the crew, every single day of delay costs another lump sum of money. But, how could Old Liu nitpick the costs? He continued to urge the producer to reach out to actors. He already auditioned three times yesterday. But, he wasn’t satisfied, so he continued to audition today.

    Though, how could it be easy to find an actor who fit his heart’s ideals and be able to start filming immediately. Many first-tier newcomers who met (the role’s) requirements responded to the recruitment one after another; everyone desired to be in Old Liu’s film, but Old Liu was strict in not allowing actors to cram multiple films together.

     Therefore, when Qin Cheng mentioned Rong Xu’s name today, Old Liu’s eyes lit up: “He has time?!”

     Qin Cheng nodded lighty, seemingly just mentioning it casually: “En, they just finished yesterday.”

     Old Liu hesitated when he heard this: “……just finished, isn’t that a bit too rushed?”

     The handsome and innocent appearing man smiled and asked in reply: “Old Liu, can you still find someone better than him?”

     Old Liu: “……”

    After thinking for a while, Old Liu suddenly felt like he’d been caught in the other party’s trap. The old man furrowed his eyebrows and glanced at Qin Cheng, saying: “You didn’t deliberately set me up just now, did you? Qin Cheng, I heard about the situation where you went to present an award to Rong Xu. You must have specially gone to present him that award. Your relationship is so good, you’re obviously recommending him on purpose, right?”

     Old Liu and Qin Cheng had known each other for many years and their relationship could be considered long-time friends.

     It stood to reason that after being exposed, a normal individual would not only panic, but also feel guilty. However, Qin Cheng just raised his eyebrows and quietly curled up the corners of his lips. He gave a smirk and asked: “So… did you not want me to go invite him over?”

    Old Liu: “……”

     Xu Jin, who was watching silently from the side: “……”

     Finally, there was someone else in this world to share in his pain!

     After making the phone call at noon, Qin Cheng sent over the script of The Embroiderer to Rong Xu. In fact, since a long time ago, Qin Cheng had already revealed some of the script’s overarching plotline to Rong Xu. Simply put, this was a chaos-filled wuxia story taking place in the last few years of the Ming Dynasty.

     In the last years of the Ming Dynasty, wars infested the four seas, and the reigning dynasty of more than two hundred years was exhausted.

    Qin Cheng’s role was the commander of the Jinyiwei troops (Elite Guards)[2], Kong Chao,  who, after returning to the imperial court from an intel collecting mission, discovered that the brethren comrades around him began mysteriously dying off one by one. Everyone died from otherwise normal means. Some died from accidents and some died from mission failures. However, within a year, eleven of them died one after another, making Kong Chao feel a sense of abnormality.

     Then, one day, when Kong Chao returned home, a seriously injured comrade fled to him and died in his arms. Before dying, this man pointed at Kong Chao’s heart, but his tongue had already been cut off, so he could only stare at Kong Chao, dying with his eyes wide open.

    Following that, in order to discover the truth, Kong Chao began an in-depth series of investigations, but eventually became another piece in this intricate game of chess.

    Rong Xu’s role would be Zhu Molang, a prince of the current dynasty. Kong Chao’s Elite Guards’ loyalties lay with the Emperor, but the Emperor was getting on in age and the responsibility of Empire’s supervision and control was passed down to the prince. Before Kong Chao could find the source of the truth, Zhu Molang summoned him and asked about his recent bizarre behavior. After learning that the members of the Elite guard had been repeatedly dying one after another, he formally assigned Kong Chao to inquire about the truth of the situation.

     And so, from that moment on, Kong Chao dove deep into the waters, searching for the truth in an expanse of mist, and was unexpectedly directed towards an inconceivable direction.

[1]?_? So…… I grabbed a map and used a ruler, and I’m assuming the author used a straight-line measurement for the distance between the 2 locations instead of actual travel distance. Google Maps tells me it’s around at least 230km apart by car unless they meet up at nearby cities. But, even Ninghai to Dongyang (nearby cities) is around 190km apart. A straight-line measurement is approximately 120km

[2]Jin yi wei: Ming dynasty intelligence official and military officer. The term “Elite Guards” will be used for a smoother reader experience

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 44 – Hugging You All Tightly

Hi all! Sorry about the unexplained absence. It was a sequence of inexplicable coincidences that rendered me both ill and temporarily one-handed for more than a week. LOL. Typing with one hand slowed me down to ¼ speed. Here’s chapter 44! Enjoy!

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

     It appeared that singing really did have effects He Ruge couldn’t explain. Regardless of all else, it was already considered highly uncanny to be able to sing the otherwise energetic little monster to sleep.

     He Ruge looked at the fruit candy that was in his hand yet to be given and felt a little helpless. He carefully placed the fruit candy next to the little monster’s paws before quietly leaving Room 104.

     After exiting the game, He Ruge wrote for two hours. The songs (he) played in the background while he typed were all nursery rhymes, from “Under the Bridge in Front of the Door” to “Grandmother’s Bridge”. Not only did He Ruge learn to sing these nursery rhymes, but under the influence of the children’s songs, everything he wrote ended up especially lively and energetic.

     He Ruge, who just finished doing his research (on nursery rhymes), logged back into the game. He couldn’t wait to find Yellow Ferret in Room B6, but realizing it was lunch time, he couldn’t let the little monster go hungry. Thus, He Ruge took the nutrient solution and opened the door of Room 104.


     The little monster inside the room was instantly awakened when he heard the sound of the door opening. When he saw that the person who entered was He Ruge, the little monster’s body relaxed. He rubbed his eyes with his paws, and the little monster asked in confusion: “How did I fall asleep?”

     “Did you sleep well?” He Ruge squatted down in front of the little monster and asked in a soothing voice.

     The little monster nodded: “Head doesn’t hurt anymore, and……” He hesitated for a moment, but didn’t complete the rest of his words.

     He Ruge didn’t stress about the little monster’s unspoken words. Instead, he handed the nutrient solution to the little monster, “This is your lunch, you can eat a fruit candy afterwards.” He used a finger and pointed to the candy next to the little monster’s paw, “Which flavors do you prefer to eat? This one is strawberry flavored. Next time, I can bring you candy with other flavors.”

     The little monster sniffed. After memorizing the scent of strawberry, he asked: “Any flavor is okay?”

     “As long as I have the flavor, I’ll give it to you.” The fruit candy selection in the Love Mall was rich in options, including apple, durian, cherry, orange, etc.

     “Then, I want you.” The little monster blurted out.

     He Ruge momentarily couldn’t react, “Want, want me?”

     The little monster nodded vigorously.

     He Ruge, who was shocked by the little monster’s wild demand, pointed to himself and asked: “What flavor am I?”

     “……Very sweet, sweeter than strawberry flavor.” When he bit into He Ruge’s fingertips the first time, an overpowering sweetness that transcended mountains and seas exploded out, blowing past all the defenses in his heart. He originally felt that for someone whose blood tasted so sweet, their entire person must also be sweet.

     “Just one lick, and the sweetness would linger in your mouth for a long time.” 

     The nights after He Ruge left, the sweetness would often still linger in his mouth. Whenever he was suffering from the gene altering injections, the sweetness on the tip of his tongue seemed to be a gentle compensation from the other party.

     “It’s very fragrant and doesn’t sting the nose at all. But, after smelling it once, nothing else smells fragrant anymore.” There was no longer any other smell that could stimulate him into a crazed hunger.

     The little monster stared at the person in front of him and came to a conclusion: “You are the best tasting flavor in the world.”

     Facing this large and intense white tiger, He Ruge weakly defended himself: “No, I don’t taste good.”

     The little monster hurriedly replied: “You taste the best.”

     Realizing that he couldn’t change the little monster’s perspective, He Ruge was afraid that the little monster would (take the opportunity to steal a) bite in order to prove his deliciousness on the spot, so he could only accept the little monster’s praise.

     ……Although he really didn’t want such a praise.

     “Okay then, although I’m very delicious, there is one thing I regret to tell little child Miao Miao. There is no such flavor choice among the fruit candies. Fruit candy only tastes like fruit; I am not a type of fruit, do you understand?” He Ruge coldly and ruthlessly broke the little monster’s fantastical desires.

     The little monster nodded regrettably. As his gaze fell on He Ruge’s bandaged hand, he obediently said: “I won’t eat you.” He was a good baby who knew his father was poor, so he took the initiative to give up buying snacks.

     He Ruge: “……”

     Miao Miao, father really wants to give you something delicious, but there is only one father. After eating, you will have no more ‘fathers’……

     Though, if the little monster really showed good behaviour, it wasn’t impossible to allow him one lick. He Ruge, who seemingly had no (moral) bottom line, looked at the little monster lovingly, “I have something to do and must leave first. I’ll come visit Miao Miao again in the afternoon.”

     The little monster watched He Ruge leave with a mouthful of fruit candy.

     When the door was completely shut, the little monster stared at the tightly closed door blankly, and his sharp tiger teeth suddenly clamped down, crushing the fruit candy into sand.

     Why must he leave?

     Why didn’t he stay with me?

     I already promised not to eat you, so why can’t you stay with me forever?

     Dark red vertical pupils faintly appeared, but before his emotions were about to go out of control, the sweetness on the tip of his tongue barely awakened the little monster’s last trace of reason. He buried his face in his paws and whimpered.

     Xi Guican, wake up, quickly.

     I’m so scared. I’m scared that I’ll end up doing something irreparable again.


     He Ruge walked to Room B6. Yellow Ferret stood by the door and (used his body) to shield for He Ruge as he used one little heart to block the monitoring system. He cleared his throat a few times and then opened the door to Cell Number 1.

     Then, he froze in shock.

     It was because the occupant of cell number 1 was a little black puppy. He didn’t have yellow fur, but he had a pair of large grape-like eyes.

     When those big watery eyes looked over sparklingly, there was a familiar sense of curiosity and innocence within them.

     This was …… No.1.

     He Ruge covered his mouth in disbelief and stood stock still. The little black puppy enthusiastically approached and circled around He Ruge. His little nose twitched, and finally, No.1 latched onto He Ruge’s legs, blinking his eyes happily, and letting out a soft milky bark.

     His heart seemed to be filled with both sweet and sour grape-like emotions. He Ruge knelt down and embraced No.1 who was wagging his tail wildly, and he pressed his chin gently against No.1’s head, “I’m so sorry.”

     He looked into these black grape-like eyes and repeated “I’m sorry” over and over.

     Sorry, No.1, I owe you this hug.

     The little black puppy licked at He Ruge’s chin in a clingy manner, his little tongue lolling out with joy.

     After He Ruge sang for all the cubs, he was so tired that he could hardly walk. In fact, by the end, He Ruge barely had the strength to speak. It was a weakness stemming from the feeling of having his body hollowed out. His voice wasn’t even hoarse. He was just thoroughly exhausted.

     A bold theory flashed across his mind. He Ruge lifted up the legs of his trousers and found that the red streaks on his ankles were already so faint he could only barely see them.

     It appeared that singing consumed the energy accumulated by the bloodline pattern. However, like this, it meant that the singing was definitely effective and had high potential in increasing the survival rate of the experimental subjects.

     After He Ruge wearily went offline, he fell asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow, as if he hadn’t slept in three days and three nights.

     The next time he awoke was seven in the evening. Machiney was condemning He Ruge’s extremely low word count efficiency on Penguin, so He Ruge turned off Penguin with a guilty conscience. After rapidly eating some takeout, he immediately logged back into the game to find the little monster.

     When he logged in this time, in addition to the nutrient supplement, He Ruge also brought along the medical kit. Every night, he had to give the little monster the injection. 

     Injecting the gene altering solution would speed up the little monster’s growth, and He Ruge couldn’t imagine how big the little monster would become by the end of this experiment.

     Would a towering and gigantic big white tiger still be meng?

     Age was truly the pig-killing knife [1], and he who carried the medical box was Age’s dog [2]. He Ruge, realizing his own identity (as Age’s borrowed hand), opened the door sadly and made eye contact with the little monster crouching by the door.

     The blankets originally piled up in the corner were all dragged to the door, and the little monster himself also moved from the innermost part of the room to the area beside the door.

     He Ruge suddenly recalled a video. When the owner left their house, the pets inside the house continued to guard the door, waiting from daylight to nightfall, from alert to lethargic. But, the moment the door opened, they would rush towards their delayed owner enthusiastically and give the owner their unreserved love.

     “Sorry, I kept you waiting for a long time.” He Ruge bent down and whispered to the little monster.

     A pair of blue eyes glittered embarrassedly as they avoided He Ruge’s line of sight. The little monster dragged the bedding back into the corner. He stood back against the wall and faced He Ruge as he said: “I didn’t wait long.”

     His tiger tail swept across his bottom, and the little monster suddenly turned his head and said nervously: “Don’t stick the needle on my butt this time.” He lifted his paws and recommended: “You can stick it here.”

     He Ruge suppressed a smile and nodded in agreement.

     “Finish dinner first, then we’ll do the injection.” He Ruge unwittingly smiled after saying that. It sounded like he was trying to persuade the little monster to eat his last meal.

     The little monster didn’t understand why He Ruge was smiling, but this didn’t prevent him from admiring He Ruge’s smiling face. He took a sip of the nutrient solution and then sneaked a glance at He Ruge. This way, the nutrient solution he drank would taste sweet.

     After the little monster finished drinking the nutrient solution, He Ruge lowered his voice and said, “Miao Miao’s performance was very good today, so I want to give Miao Miao a reward.”

     The little monster looked at He Ruge expectantly.

     Under the gaze of those azure blue eyes, He Ruge suddenly felt like his next words were a little shady.

     Well, maybe more than a little.

     “After the injection, as long as Miao Miao and I stay in physical contact for a while, it won’t hurt.” He Ruge trampled his conscience so that he could lie in a serious manner to the little monster without guilt.

     The “Pain Nullifier” didn’t actually require the little monster to be in physical contact with him in order to be effective, but the little monster didn’t know that! This was a good opportunity to use nonsense to acquire benefits. If he simply let it go like this, he’d be missing a hundred million (opportunities).

     “Really?” The little monster couldn’t believe it.

     He Ruge seemed to hear the sound of his own conscience running away from home.


     He Ruge held up the little monster’s paws, and after injecting the gene altering solution, he quickly used the “Pain Nullifier” on the little monster.

[Use “Pain Nullifier” on No. 20]



[Please adjust the pain reduction value]

[Reduce the pain level to 0%]



     The moment he selected [Yes], He Ruge took a deep breath and mustered up the courage of “one who does not enter the tiger’s den shall not acquire a tiger cub”[3] and the fearless mentality that “the strong cannot look back” and firmly enveloped the little monster in a bear hug——

     The little monster has a cylindrical waist that couldn’t be fully embraced by two arms, snow-white fur that felt smoother than silk, and a warmth that pillows didn’t carry. He Ruge buried his face in the soft, thick tiger fur. With open arms, he hugged the little monster from behind.

     He could feel the little monster’s body suddenly stiffen, and the muscles beneath the layer of fur had tensed up from apprehension. He was also holding his breath.

     He Ruge, too, held his breath at the same time. 

He felt that he must have gone insane. The whole world had gone insane. He was hugging an absurdly enormous kitten, and the said kitten actually didn’t show any signs of struggle, obediently allowing him to hug it.

     With his cheeks sunken in the long, soft fur, He Ruge could hear his own heartbeat pounding in the environment that was so quiet, even the sounds of breathing had ceased.

     “……does it hurt?” The sound of the voice was so soft that it was almost inaudible. It was almost like he was asking about something questionable.

     After a long period of silence, the little monster also replied to him in a super quiet voice: “……it doesn’t hurt.”

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The author has something to say:

Little Theater: 

Little Monster: I’m not itchy, I didn’t wait a long time, I’m not shy

He Ruge: But I still love you very much

Little Monster: (Face fully flushed but thankfully it’s covered by fur) I’m not blushing


[1]“pig-killing knife” internet slang referring to the effects and process of aging – mainly to do with wrinkles

[2] “he who carried the medical box was Age’s dog” – Author is saying that HRG is doing the dirty work for “Age” by injecting the growth speed-up into the Little White Tiger/Little Monster

[3]“one who does not enter the tiger’s den shall not acquire a tiger cub” If you do not take a huge risk, you cannot achieve a great victory

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