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SA Chapter 90 (Part 3) – The Embroiderer

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     Being embraced by this man, Rong Xu could only smell the scent of fake blood through his nose, but he couldn’t help lifting the corner of his lips. Thousands of unsaid words could only be summarized into one sentence in the end: “Long time no see.”

     It was the same as the most ordinary meeting between good friends. Although a hug might be a bit strange, the staff didn’t think too much about it.

     Old Liu quickly noticed the situation. When he saw Rong Xu, his two eyes suddenly lit up, and he strode over: “Rong Xu? Old Xu praised you before. I heard that you just finished (a film) yesterday. Do you still have the energy to audition right now? It just so happens that the makeup team has time and can directly help you with styling.”


     As soon as Old Liu opened his mouth, he had already blocked off the other’s path of retreat, and Rong Xu couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry.

     After all, since Old Liu already walked over, Rong Xu naturally couldn’t keep hugging Qin Cheng anymore. Thus, he let go and laughed: “Director Xu Sheng?”

     Old Liu chuckled: “Not bad, I heard you’ll be working with Old Xu for your next work. I called him this afternoon.”

     Although this sentence was said lightly, it also implied that Old Liu had long since gathered detailed information on Rong Xu. He had never watched Rong Xu’s works – he hadn’t watched either Vie for Supremacy or Ambush. He originally wanted to watch Black Clouds, but ended up having something going on. Later on, he was further preoccupied with the preliminary preparations for The Embroiderer and had even less time.

     During the past two days, Old Liu had auditioned seven or eight film newcomers. However, for all of them, either their image wasn’t suitable, or their acting skills didn’t pass (his standards).

     Although Qin Cheng recommended Rong Xu, Old Liu also didn’t agree rashly. He was only relieved when he learned that Rong Xu’s acting skills were good and had even been acknowledged by Xu Sheng. These referrals saved them time by getting Rong Xu to audition. If his acting skills were poor, it would be a waste of everyone’s time.

     Rong Xu was about to agree, but Qin Cheng snorted softly and said: “What did Director Xu say?”

     Old Liu replied: “Old Xu said that Rong Xu is a decent talent. He decided to work with you after watching Black Clouds.” After a pause, Old Liu smiled and said: “When Qin Cheng recommended you, I already thought it was (a pretty good option). How about it, Rong Xu, can you do the styling now?”

     Qin Cheng nodded: “Director Xu spoke well and has a good eye. Last year’s Depths of the Courtyard was also very good.

     Hearing this, Old Liu turned his head back and began chatting with Qin Cheng about Xu Sheng’s Depths of the Courtyard which had been nominated for the Golden Phoenix Award, and temporarily forgot to urge Rong Xu to go do his makeup. He continued talking to Qin Cheng, and Qin Cheng (responded by) nodding from time to time, and then the old man started to talk about his movie from last year.

     Taking this opportunity, Rong Xu was finally allowed to take a breather.

     As soon as he got up at noon today, he received a call from Qin Cheng, packed his luggage, and arrived at Hengdian World Studios. Not to mention the exhaustion he built up along the way, if he really went to do his makeup without stopping to take a break, he’s afraid he wouldn’t be able to do the audition in his best condition.

     Once Old Liu finished speaking, he picked up his cup and took a sip of water. Qin Cheng turned to his assistant and said: “Take him to my place to rest up.”

     The little assistant quickly nodded, and Old Liu finally remembered: “Hey, wait a minute, weren’t you going to go do styling?”

     Qin Cheng lightly smiled and curled his lips and said, “When I met Lilov in Berlin last year, he mentioned that this year he was planning to film……”

     Old Liu’s attention was once again diverted. After the two chatted for another half hour, Old Liu suddenly realized his error and hurried Rong Xu to finish his makeup and prepare for the audition. Qin Cheng furrowed his brows and was about to speak up, but he saw Rong Xu smile and shake his head, so (Qin Cheng) could only agree.

     While doing his makeup, Rong Xu received a text message from a certain man.

     [Qin Cheng: If knew earlier that there would be such a long traffic jam today, I would’ve picked you up tomorrow.】

     Traffic jams were an extremely tiring matter. If Rong Xu arrived in Hengdian at four or five o’clock in the evening, he wouldn’t necessarily have been this tired and naturally wouldn’t have an issue with styling and auditions. But right now, he had only arrived after eight o’clock and was already exhausted. Meanwhile, in order to finish faster, Old Liu was constantly urging him.

     [Rong Xu: Earlier is better. If it can be finalized by today, if it doesn’t work out, I can still take the plane back tomorrow.】

     After a brief moment, Qin Cheng replied with a text message:【……You won’t stay here for a few more days? 】

     Stay a few more days? Meaning staying beside someone for a few more days?

     Directly seeing through the other party’s intentions, Rong Xu asked grimly:【You really think I will fail the audition just like this? 】

     Qin Cheng, who saw the text message: “……”

     En, I fell into the trap.

     Following that, Qin Cheng went back to filming, and Rong Xu put down his phone to do his makeup with peace of mind. Zhu Molang’s costume was a very cumbersome but gorgeously intricate dragon gown, and three makeup artists had to join hands to arrange the gold and jade inlaid gown. Then, the makeup artists carefully helped Rong Xu put on a wig cap before delicately pulling the long black hair to the back of his head.

     Perhaps because the artists had plenty of experience from helping the recent auditioning celebs with their makeup for the past few days, these makeup artists were clearly very skilled in (Zhu Molang’s styling), and they took care of Rong Xu’s styling in a matter of seconds. When the makeup was complete, one of the older artists suddenly thought: “Oh yes, where is the red mole? Yesterday the director said that the middle of the eyebrows wasn’t (a good location), where should we change it to?”

     Another makeup artist thought for a while: “Director Wang said that the ends of his eyes are suitable, or is it right there?”

     “Okay, let me try…… hmm? There’s a smudge at the edge of Rong Rong’s eyes!” As if realizing his mistake[1], the makeup artist suddenly blushed before regaining a serious expression and said: “I….…I’ll dot it here.”

     While talking, the makeup artist took the cinnabar color pen and lightly dabbed a dark red mole at the edge of Rong Xu’s eyes.

     When everything was finally complete, the makeup artist who had exposed his own fangirl attribute was so shy that he stepped aside and didn’t dare look at Rong Xu again. However, Rong Xu stood up and handed his phone to Luo Qian, and instead of immediately leaving the dressing room, he looked at the makeup artists with a smile and said: “Hello, I am Rong Xu. Please kindly advise.”

     All the makeup artists were taken aback.

     The next moment, four makeup artists leaned in and said in unison: “Rong Rong! Can I get a signature! I reallyreallyreallyreally like you!!!”

     Rong Xu: “……”

     Suddenly…… so many people.

     Only after signing for every makeup artist did Rong Xu walk out of the dressing room. Outside, Qin Cheng had already finished (filming) today’s scene and was still wearing his makeup while talking to Old Liu. When they heard someone accidentally yell “Rong Rong”, they simultaneously turned their heads around. Instantly, Qin Cheng was stunned, and Old Liu’s eyes also widened as he stared dumbfoundedly.

     For Zhu Molang’s good looks, the screenwriter had used a whole list of complicated and magnificent words to describe it and even added the phrase “words could not express (his beauty)” at the end.

     However, when he walked out of the dressing room, Rong Xu’s appearance was akin to the brightest existence in the world, attracting the eyes of all existences in the world.

     Those phoenix eyes were long and thin, devastatingly charming, as pure as jade, and unmatched in beauty[2].

     The small dark red mole at the edges of his eye was akin to a smoldering flame. Rong Xu lifted his eyes and looked at Qin Cheng with a light smile. The latter couldn’t help but purse his lips, and his throat gradually became dry. Their eyes crossed five or six meters and met in the air.

     Qin Cheng opened his mouth slightly and was just about to speak, but he hadn’t spoken yet before he heard Old  Liu laugh and say: “Good! Today’s filming is over, so let’s quickly do the audition now. This is truly wonderful!”


{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

[1]Makeup artist’s mistake: calling Rong Xu “Rong Rong”. Calling someone by a cuter nickname is generally associated with femininity in Chinese.

[2]I think the author was going for 凤表龙姿 instead of 凤章龙表

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