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SA Chapter 91 (Part 2) –Auditioning

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      (As soon as the audition ended,) Rong Xu immediately stood up, walked to the center of the room, and bowed towards Old Liu. The originally tense and heavy atmosphere instantly vanished.

     The producer was the most immersed in the scene. When the audition ended so suddenly,  he was momentarily taken aback before he recovered and applauded. Under his lead, several other audition viewers also began to applaud. Only Old Liu and Qin Cheng didn’t move.

     Old Liu looked at Rong Xu with a complicated expression. There was no longer the same enthusiasm from the first meeting.

      Meanwhile, Qin Cheng still wore his sunglasses and sat silently among the crew, seemingly as if he didn’t exist at all.


     After a long time, the screenwriter said: “I think it was pretty good. Rong Xu, you didn’t sit at the beginning. Was it to reflect Zhu Molang’s character? He is someone who’s deferential to sages and courteous to scholars, and has high prestige in court. Presenting it this way was superb.”

     This particular screenwriter was a well-known first-tier screenwriter in Huaxia. He was in his sixties and had a positive, widespread reputation.

     Even after listening to his senior’s flattery, Rong Xu was not overly self-effacing and said with a smile: “Yes, when I was studying the script this afternoon, I felt that in regards to Zhu Molang’s character, even if he was waiting in Kong Chao’s house, he wouldn’t casually sit and make himself at home. The Elite Guards is the most difficult force he needs to win over. He desires to win over Kong Chao, so of course he has to give Kong Chao a good impression.”

      Hearing this, the screenwriter satisfactorily gave a few more words of exaggerated flattery.

     However, seeing that Old Liu still hadn’t said a word, the others also stopped talking. No matter how satisfied they were (with Rong Xu), the final decision was still in Old Liu’s hands. This film was practically Old Liu’s domain. With Old Liu’s prestige within the circle, even the producer wouldn’t dare interfere with his decision.

     There was a period of long silence that fell through the room, but then a deep, magnetic male voice sounded out: “Old Liu, what do you think?”

     Everyone simultaneously glanced towards Qin Cheng and then swept their eyes towards Old Liu.

     At this time, the only one who could speak with Old Liu was the one who had the best relationship with Old Liu, Qin Cheng.

     Rong Xu turned his head to look at Qin Cheng only to see that the latter had also turned his head to look at him. Through the sunglasses, Rong Xu couldn’t see Qin Cheng’s expression, but Qin Cheng could see his very clearly. Seeing this situation, Rong Xu raised his eyebrows and gave a certain man a side glance.

     Qin Cheng: “……”

     A moment later, Qin Cheng silently removed his sunglasses.

      The miniscule exchanges between the two were not noticed by others. After all, everyone else’s attention was focused on Old Liu. They watched as Old Liu opened his mouth, and then closed his mouth repeatedly for a while. After going back and forth and hesitating several times, the old man finally laughed helplessly: “I now feel like we shouldn’t have used this scene for the auditions.”

     As soon as these words landed, the screenwriter asked in surprise: “Old Liu?”

     Old Liu sighed with regret: “Should’ve directly asked him to act out the final scene. This scene wasn’t enough at all.”

     Hearing this, the producer suddenly realized: “Old Liu, you mean……”

      Old Liu smiled kindly, but his eyes glowed with an impish light. He stared at Rong Xu with a smile, and said: “Let’s sign the contract tomorrow. In the following two weeks, we’ll film all of your scenes first. Is that okay, Rong Xu? I heard from Old Xu that his movie won’t start until two weeks later. If it really won’t work. I’ll call him and ask him to postpone it a bit! There’s absolutely no issue!”

     The faint feeling of anxiety in his heart completely dissipated at this moment, and Rong Xu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Old Liu, Director Xu specially chose an auspicious day (to start filming)……”

     Old Liu waved his hand: “Don’t mind him, Old Xu doesn’t believe in that at all. He’s just playing it up for the outsiders.”

     Like so, things were finally settled.

      Old Liu truly was the epitome of someone with great leaps in their train of thought. Before, when Qin Cheng was able to talk the old man into forgetting to urge Rong Xu to go do styling. Now, Old Liu switched to talking with the screenwriter and producer about Director Xu’s new work. Perhaps it was due to age, but Old Liu didn’t even notice that Rong Xu was still standing in the middle of the room wearing the weighty costume.

     Qin Cheng calmly pushed his chair back and walked to the center of the room, dragging Rong Xu away.

     When Old Liu finally reacted, the two of them had already long disappeared. Old Liu said in amazement: “They left just like this? Qin Cheng brought him away? This is simply overprotecting the cub.”

     The producer by the side said questioningly: “I heard that this Rong Xu was recommended by Qin Cheng. They have such a good relationship? Qin Cheng also co-stared with Rong Xu in Black Clouds and then presented awards to him. This relationship is really too good, ba……”

      In this world, same-sex marriage had long been legalized. Although there were also many heterosexuals in this society, there were also countless who identified as homosexual. This was especially the case in the entertainment industry where homosexuality was a dime a dozen in prevalence.

     The producer had already begun to think in that direction, but Old Liu shook his head: “Don’t overthink it. I have known Qin Cheng for many years now. You guys aren’t clear about it, but I am. His older generation and Rong Xu’s older generation are familiar with each other. They should’ve asked them to look out for each other.”

     Only then did the producer remember a certain rumor in the circle: Rong Xu was the young master of B City Rong family.

     The people nearby stopped thinking about it further. 

      After talking a bit more, the screenwriter laughed and said: “This kid is so sharp. The Zhu Molang he presented was even better than the one I created. I kind of want to change a few scenes now……”

      Several crew members continued to chat until one o’clock in the morning.

     On the other side, Qin Cheng led Rong Xu to remove his makeup before taking him to the hotel.

     Just as he was about to leave the set, the assistant director in charge of logistics ran over to report: “I already helped Rong Xu book……”

     “He can sleep in my room for now.” The man calmly interrupted. He looked towards the surprised assistant director and said lightly: “I remember there’s only one room left in the hotel. Did you want his assistant to squeeze into a room with others and arrange a single room for him?”

     That assistant director’s face was painted with a “how did you know” expression. He gave a quick nod: “En, one room will be vacated tomorrow. I wanted assistant Luo and Xiao Xia to temporarily share a room for a day before arranging another room for her the next day.”

      Rong Xu watched Qin Cheng negotiate with the assistant director. His delicate, tender face was full of smiles as he stayed silent, simply standing behind Qin Cheng and watching on.

     Qin Cheng lowered his gaze and said firmly: “You can arrange a room for him tomorrow. He can sleep at my place for today.”

     The hotel booked by the crew of The Embroiderer was some distance away from the Film and Television City (HengDian World Studios). Qin Cheng’s assistant drove Rong Xu and Luo Qian together. Rong Xu and Qin Cheng sat in the back while Luo Qian sat in the passenger seat.

     Along the way, Luo Qian kept cautiously glancing at the two through the rearview mirror. On the other hand, it was unknown if it was from experience or if he had simply been with Qin Cheng for too long, but Qin Cheng’s assistant looked straight ahead and continued driving honestly, never once looking back.

     In the back seat, Qin Cheng was looking at the back of the driver’s seat while Rong Xu was looking down at his phone.

      After watching for a while, Luo Qian’s excited gaze moved away, and the man expressionlessly looked up and glanced at the passenger seat before gently sliding his hand towards the right. He moved inch by inch, got closer little by little, before he finally slid over and touched another slightly cold hand.

     When he touched the little finger, Qin Cheng curled his lips and slightly slowed his movements. But he hadn’t had any time to move further when suddenly!! Rong Xu flipped his hand over and directly clasped onto his hand, intertwining their fingers!

     Qin Cheng: “!!!”

     Five seconds later, Qin Cheng’s phone vibrated. He took out his cell phone and realized that he must have grabbed the wrong one, so he took the other one out of his pocket and turned it on.

     [Rong Xu: Are you wearing sunglasses deliberately to not let me see your expression? 】

     Qin Cheng: “……”

     This sentence seemed to be a very casual question, but it was clearly ‘settling an account after autumn’! 

     Feeling his right hand being held in a death grip, Qin Cheng pursed his lips and replied: 【Avoiding suspicion. 】

     The more you say, the more you might lose. Less was better.

      Seeing these two words, the young man’s lips curved subconsciously. He stopped sending messages, and instead turned his head directly to look at the man (beside him). Through the tan tinted windows, the faint yellow of the street lamps wasn’t too bright and could only faintly illuminate the younger man’s clear and bright eyes.

     Qin Cheng didn’t expect Rong Xu to suddenly turn his head to look at him and was a little startled. He looked at the young man’s uptilted chin, and something seemed to have been let loose in his heart. The corners of the man’s lips curved upwards and he desperately wanted to embrace this person into his arms. However, at this moment, he could only tighten his hold on the (other’s) fingers.

     As long as he continued to hold on like this, as long as he continued to look at this person, he could willingly see ‘forever’.

     During the ten-minute drive, the two people in the front didn’t notice the movements of the two in the back.

     When the car was parked in the hotel’s parking lot, Qin Cheng retrieved the phone he previously misgrabbed and sent out a Weibo post.

     [Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: I like him so much, like him so much, like him so much…… I like him so, so much. 】

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