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SA Chapter 85 (Part 1) – I Won’t Even Support the Wall, Just Support You!

Note: The title can be interpreted in many ways. There’s numerous words for “fú” in Chinese. In this case, the title can also mean “If the walls collapse, I won’t hold it up, just support you” OR “I won’t even help the walls, I’ll just serve you” OR “I won’t go help strengthen the walls, I’ll only submit to you” ^^

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Unlike the Peony Awards, the Feitian Awards didn’t specifically separate weekly and daily broadcasts. All TV dramas were counted as a single category and nominations were given together. At the same time, the Feitian Award for Best Newcomer was based upon TV series’s premiere date, so this time, Rong Xu was nominated for this award through Ambush

The first few awards were the various technical awards. Amongst the weekly drama series’ Ambush was considered the leader of that year’s weekly TV dramas. However, when compared with Vie for Supremacy, there still existed a certain gap. 

In the event that both works were nominated, Vie for Supremacy naturally became the final big winner and received numerous awards. 

At the scene of the Feitian Awards, the theme song of Vie for Supremacy sounded almost continuously, and the crew joyously walked up the stage to receive the awards. The majestic music sounded even more magnificent added on by the applause of the audience. By the end of the technical awards, Ambush had won only one award for Best Props, while Vie for Supremacy won four awards. 

The entire crew of Vie for Supremacy was full of excitement. Although Director Guo was generally very prideful, even he couldn’t hide his happiness at that moment. 

Looking at the dazzling and boisterous scene on that side, Director Zheng smiled softly and whispered to Rong Xu: “I had once been Director Guo’s assistant before. Not long, only for one month.”

Rong Xu was slightly surprised: “Director Zheng, I’ve never heard of this before.” 


Director Zheng smiled and said: “The time was very short. I was young then, and it was just one month, so many people in the industry don’t know. I heard, Rong Xu, that Director Guo sent you an invitation in hopes that you will play the lead role for his next film, but you refused?” 

Rong Xu never thought that even Director Zheng would come to know about this, but these kinds of things were originally open secrets within the circle. Director Guo’s films had always been the focus of everyone’s attention within the TV drama circle. There were so many celebrities who squeezed their brains trying to get in. People paying attention to this matter was a matter of course. 

“Since I saw another good movie script first, I didn’t take on Director Guo’s film. I’m also very regretful.” The youth’s voice was low and gentle, his tone neither humble nor overbearing. His tender face showed a smile and his eyes were calm, serene. 

Rong Xu’s words were said without a drop of water leaking1, and he also expressed his regret and stance. The reason why he didn’t accept Director Guo’s film was not because Director Guo’s film wasn’t good, but rather because before he received it, he had already announced a decision, and the schedules collided. 

These words were seventy percent true and thirty percent false. But, paired with Rong Xu’s sullen gaze, they appeared to be absolutely true. 

Director Zheng laughed and said: “That’s certainly a pity.” 

The two chatted for a while and time passed quickly. The singing program on stage also slowly came to a close. 

When the female singer slowly walked off the stage, the phone in Rong Xu’s pocket suddenly vibrated once. He took out his cell phone, looked at the text, and was slightly startled. Then he smiled and replied: [Actually not that nervous.】 

Ye Qiao’s message relied quickly: [This time, I’m not the one giving you the award. Really not nervous? Haha, if you get another award, you must treat us to a meal! This time, I didn’t even get a nomination. I’ve become a professional escort. You, Sister Menglan and Brother Dong all have to treat! 】 

At today’s Feitian Awards, the crew of Vie for Supremacy once again wrapped up the awards for Best TV Series, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress. However, there was no Best Supporting Actor. Ye Qiao was not nominated. As he said, this time, he truly was just an escort 

It had already been almost a full year since he arrived in this world, but Rong Xu didn’t yet have many close friends. The crew members of Ambush, because of Han Yanghao’s affairs, were more kept to themselves and didn’t develop any deep friendships. However, in Vie for Supremacy, Rong Xu was still a newcomer at the time and all the actors and staff members took good care of him. Even up to now, everyone maintained a good relationship and had frequent contact in private. 

As for Black Clouds and Maze City…… 

Amongst the cast of Maze City, Rong Xu and Bo Xiwen had a pretty good relationship, but they didn’t have no much contact with Ren Shuzhi and Ma Qi. Also, although there were many big celebrities in the Black Clouds crew, they were mostly all guest appearances. Rong Xu and them were at best passing acquaintances. He hadn’t even met many of the big name celebrities. 

It’s just, he and male number two of Black Clouds…… had a pretty good relationship.

The corners of his lips curled up involuntarily. Rong Xu’s eyes drooped down, and the figure of a certain man appeared in his mind. 

The relationship between him and that person was really quite good…… 

Very good. 

On stage, the host once again stood in front of the microphone, smiling and recounting to the audience the various TV series of the past year. This host was well-known in the circle for his skills in rhetoric. His words were witty, humorous and outgoing, and often amused the audience into laughter. 

However, in front of the TV, Zhuang Xiaoliu couldn’t laugh at all. 

As a loyal fan of Rong Xu’s, Zhuang Xiaoliu had been a follower of this shining star since Vie for Supremacy and had watched Rong Xu’s journey as he walked all the way to his current position.

When the Peony Awards were presented, Zhuang Xiaoliu was also very nervous, but still relatively relaxed. After all, there was no question about Rong Xu’s popularity. He had attended the awards ceremony in person, and the Peony Awards prioritized popularity. Thus, as long as there were no unforeseen incidents, Rong Xu was sure to win some awards. 

However, the Feitian Awards also focused on the reviews of professional judges, not just popularity…… 

“Ahhhhh! Rong Rong!!!” 

On the TV screen, Rong Xu smiled slightly and waved towards the camera. His beautiful eyebrows were like two crescent moons, handsome and elegant. 

Zhuang Xiaoliu quickly entered the fan base forum. As expected! All the fans were heatedly discussing the scene from just now. 

[RongRong! My Rong Rong! So gud lookin’ so gud lookin’! Today’s little dark red suit is even better lookin’ ain’t it! Skin be so, so white! So, so white!! ! ! 】 

[Just then, Rong Rong smiled at me XD] 

[Smiled at me, alright? The way Rong Rong waved his little hand is so cute~ So meng! 】 

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  1. Without a drop of water leaking: “perfectly”

Just one more chapter and we’ll get to the spicy scenes! If the author has more content on their social media, please let me know so I can add those, too!

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 37 – You Are Quite Tasty

Hi, all! So, I spent the last weeks going through all the previous chapters (of WDBKFMGB) and fixing the issue with the Easter eggs popping up in Reader view and Safari browser. They shooouuuuld no longer show up, but I may not have caught all of them! If you see one, let me know! Thanks!

Also, as a reminder, I am using the term Merfolk as the umbrella term. Sirens fall under this umbrella term. He Ruge is part of the Merfolk, and more specifically, a Siren.

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Before, looking at the little monster through the screen, I didn’t think the little monster was scary, but it was cute. He Ruge tried hard to associate the terrifying and impactful eyes with the word cute. 

However, no matter how heavy his tinted filter was, his heart would start to beat faster whenever he thought of the little monster. 


The daily tasks had yet to be completed, so no matter how afraid he was, he couldn’t let children go hungry. 

He Ruge built up his courage and pushed open the door. But, the door was just barely ajar when he saw a pair of icy cold blue eyes through the small gap! 

A ferocious, round face was hidden under the door frame, and shocked He Ruge to death upon opening.. 

The sudden emergence of Little Monster frightened He Ruge so much that his heart leapt and sped up like a roller coaster, almost jumping into his throat and through his eyes and ears. The monster patterns on his legs started to burn and the patterns on his ankles were especially active, moving around as if they had attained a life of their own. He Ruge’s feet softened and he sat directly onto the ground feebly, supporting himself against the wall. 

The little white tiger was obviously so beautiful, with luxurious, shiny fur and long silver wings on its back, which added a dreamy fairytale-like flavor, just like a cute animal out of a cartoon. 

But, why did he, as soon as he saw the eyes of the little monster, become unable to control his hands and feet and even wanted to flee? 

8 Legs’s previous warnings suddenly appeared in his mind. Rat monsters will naturally be suppressed miserably by Cat monsters. So as a fish, he would exhibit physiological symptoms of fear when he encountered a large cat. 

……No, this was simply too cruel for a koi whose ultimate goal was to raise a cat. 

He Ruge’s two hands were so weak that he didn’t have any strength, and his arms fell weakly by his sides. The nutrient solution that was being held by his right hand ended up hitting the ground hard due to inertia. 


Just like the sound of the little monster’s heart breaking.  

Under the little monster’s incredibly distressed gaze, the nutrient solution bottle shattered from the middle and was completely drained out in one brief second. 

The young man’s tender, white hands were drenched in the nutrient solution. His fingers were thin and long, with a man’s distinct joints, but his skin was as flawless as a merfolk’s. 

Merfolk were water-born creatures who could only display the full extent of their ultimate beauty in water. With the viscous, clear nutrient solution laying on his skin like a light film, the hand could be called a work of art container. This was the so-called crystalline wine glass, “Wine in crystalline wine glasses would become beautiful without compare.” 

The originally colorless and tasteless nutrient solution, on this hand, suddenly added a seductive and enticing fragrance. 

The little monster who was previously burning with anger gazed at it dumbfoundedly. He even forgot to be angry and suddenly remembered the sweet nutrient solution Xi Guican drank when he (little monster) was still asleep. 

It was quite sweet. 

The nutrient solution in front of his eyes…… looked delicious; very sweet. 

The little monster who had a sudden increase in appetite walked up in a bewitched manner. He didn’t care about He Ruge’s scared stiff reaction, but rather slowly lowered his head, and placed his little pink nose close to He Ruge’s wrist, taking a deep breath. 

The fragrance that seeped through the skin pierced into his nose, enticingly misty and humid, sticking to the tip of his heart damply. 

His Adam’s apple rolled slightly, and the little monster tried hard to swallow his saliva. He stretched out his tongue carefully and used the tip of his tongue to lick across that wrist like a dragonfly gently gliding across water. 

So slippery. 

The hand drenched in the nutrient solution trembled, and the viscous, transparent liquid flowed through between the fingers. The originally meager nutrient solution was visibly reduced by another half. 

The little monster who was heartbroken over his food became enraged. He raised his head viciously and glared at the black-haired, dark-eyed man. However, the first thing he was met with was the skin that was as white as cow’s milk. 

The little monster hadn’t seen this person at such a close distance before. 

The skin is very moist and pale and held a hint of pink within the white; it looked like a sweet strawberry-flavored pink, seemingly delicious at first glance.

Perhaps because of fear, his mouth was subconsciously opened and those lips were beyond beautiful, like a piece of candy; maybe with a bit of sucking and licking, you could taste a sweet flavor. 

Those white teeth were also very cute. Unlike his own teeth, which were sharp and pointy, those had no edges and corners and were completely harmless. How would it feel to lick? 

The nose was also adorable, a bit uptilted, and the texture should feel like bouncy. 

He moved his gaze up again and fell upon those watery, black eyes. They were bright and gentle, like black pearls soaked in clear water, giving off a dazzling soft shine. 

There was so much water in these dark eyes. This water, would it taste sweet? I really want to…… lick it. 

This person truly looked so delicious. 


The little monster almost watched till he became silly, and it was his growling stomach that made him regain his sanity. The little monster lowered his head and saw a shallow red mark appear on the snow-white wrist. 

It was a trace made by his licking. 

Such a light lick could leave a tempting mark. 

He felt even hungrier, so hungry he was about to go insane. However, he was not irritable at all at this moment because the person in front of him was so, so delectable. One should always treat good food with extra patience. 

The little monster licked the nutrient solution off He Ruge’s palm, and the barbs on his tongue would scrape against the sensitive palm. Every time it was licked, the hand would tremble uncontrollably, and the nutrient solution would flow better. 

The little monster held down He Ruge’s trembling wrist with his paws and happily began to lick the left hand here and there. By the time the little monster no longer wanted to slowly enjoy the delicious appetizer, but wanted to quickly devour a good meal, the little bit of nutrient solution on He Ruge’s hand was simply not enough to lick. 

The rough tongue scratched against the surface of the palm while the little monster ate with relish, licking along the lines of the palm several times and not leaving a single drop of nutrient solution. After licking the palm, he began to lick the fingers. 

The tip of his tongue rolled across the soft fingertips and slid down the joints, not leaving anywhere unattended to. 

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He Ruge’s fingers couldn’t help curling up completely. The wet and warm tongue felt like a snake, and every inch of skin that was licked had a tingling itch. 

The bloodline patterns on his legs became hotter and hotter, making his whole body burn. His body’s response mechanism was desperately urging him to flee, but it was unknown why He Ruge felt enveloped by a strange pressure. The physical fear he felt from encountering his natural predator made him unable to escape. 

He collapsed on the ground, crying without tears and watching as the little monster licked the sticky nutrient solution off his hand. 

This was licking it way too clean, okay? This darn child could wash dishes for a restaurant when he grows up. Wasn’t it just a bottle of nutrient solution? Was it worth putting his (He Ruge’s) fingers in his (Little Monster’s) mouth? 

His fingers could touch the little monster’s canines, so He Ruge didn’t dare to move at all for fear that his fingers would be bitten off by the little monster in the next second. 

The little monster licked more and more thoroughly. When there was no more nutrient solution left to lick, the little monster, who was still not full, was very unhappy. He had only tasted a little bit of sweetness. It wasn’t even enough for an appetizer, let alone the ‘feast’ he had been yearning for in his heart. 

As a result, even this tiny hint of sweetness was now gone. Did they fully intend to starve him to death? 

The fingers in his mouth were soft and slippery, and as delicate as a lollipop. A few licks might make it disappear. Small tiger teeth pressed down on the fingertips, and the little monster whispered in his heart: “Sorry, Xi Guican, I want to hold back. But, but, this person just looks so delicious.” 

“I’ll just take one soft bite.” 

Sharp tiger teeth pierced the fingertips, and blood flowed out of the tiny puncture wound, enticing the little monster’s taste buds in an instant. 

Fragrant and sweet, sweet enough to be devilish. The pervasive sweetness suffused through his five main and six sub internal organs [1] and four limbs, and the feeling of ultimate pleasure groaned through every cell in his body. 

This really is…… too delicious! ! ! 

[Like]: The little monster thinks you are very delicious, favorability 60 

He Ruge: “…” 

This wave of favorability was gifted too cruelly, but, well, being given so much with just one bit was still worth it. 

He Ruge surrendered himself and allowed the little monster lick at the wound. The little monster bite very cleanly, and he could just take it as going to the hospital for a blood draw. 

Yi, being bitten in the game, he wouldn’t have to go to the hospital to get a rabies shot, right? 

Also, he didn’t seem to have washed his hands. Would there be bacteria on his hands? The little monster wouldn’t get a stomach ache after eating, right? 

He Ruge wanted to take his fingers out. But, when he did so, the little monster who was sucking on his fingers immediately raised his head and warned fiercely: “Can’t move!” 

Suddenly being glared at in this manner, He Ruge was so frightened that his legs and arms became soft. This feeling of softness was an automatic physiological response by his body and could’t be controlled at He Ruge’s will. 

These days are now truly impossible to pass. From now on, it won’t be me who breathes on cats, but cats sucking on me[2].

The little person in He Ruge’s heart was already in tears. He looked at the little monster who was working hard at sucking and could see the little monster’s round head, bud-like tiger ears, and shaking tiger whiskers. 

So round, so cute. The desire to cuddle cats can bring about infinite amounts of courage in people. Thus, He Ruge acted like he had consumed a bear’s heart and leopard’s gall, and quietly stretched out his hand towards the little monster. 

Just as (He Ruge’s) fingertips were about to touch the soft fur on his (Little Monster’s) head, the little monster suddenly lifted his eyes and gave He Ruge a fierce glare. This gaze seemed to have a freezing ability, making the hand that He Ruge had stretched out towards (Little Monster’s) head stiffen in the air. 

“Humph.” The little monster snorted, domineeringly blowing his tiger whiskers upwards. He lowered his head in disdain and continued to lick the fingers. 

His previously startled heart slowly dropped back down, and He Ruge slyly continued to attempt to touch his head. The moment he was about to make contact, the little monster fiercely stared at him again. 

After going back and forth three to four times, He Ruge felt like he was playing “One, Two, Three Wooden Man” [3] with the little monster, competing on patience and heart rate. 

The Heavens do not wrong those with a good heart. Maybe it was because the little monster was currently immersed in eating, or perhaps with the comfort of food, he didn’t want to care about He Ruge’s actions, but He Ruge was finally able to touch the little monster’s head! 

It was fluffy and soft. The silky fur was patted back and forth with the palm of his hand. The “king” [4] on his forehead was covered by He Ruge’s palm, as if he had covered the emperor’s crown with his own hands.

Wuu wuu wuu. This inner sense of accomplishment wouldn’t be replicated with just any other cat. 

Was he petting a cat? He was petting the emperor amongst cats. Not only did he touch the other party’s forehead, but he also touched the beautiful “king” pattern on their fur. 

Even though his body was desperately issuing an escape response due to encountering a natural predator, He Ruge still bilt up all his courage to touch the cute little crown. 

The little monster held the finger in his mouth as he glanced at He Ruge, and then continued to ignore He Ruge. 

The experience of the virtual reality game was too awesome. He Ruge was completely won over by the detailed and excellent quality. At this moment, his mind was already outside the scope of life and death. He wasn’t satisfied with simply touching the head. He…… 

Very quietly squeezed a few strands of fur on the “king” pattern on his forehead. Taking advantage of the fact that the little monster was not paying attention, he quickly rubbed his fingers against the fur. The dense, elastic feeling made He Ruge feel as if his soul had been enriched. 

“Roar——!!!” The little monster’s patience finally reached its limit. He fiercely spat out the finger in his mouth and then pounced towards He Ruge like a tiger rushing down the mountain, chaotically throwing himself He Ruge’s hand that was on the ground. 

With a slight devilish uptilt of his mouth, the pointed tiger canines bit down on He Ruge’s hand in one bite—— 


[No. 20 is very angry] 

[He bites you] 

[No. 20 is no longer angry] 

[So fragrant] !


The author has something to say: 

Little White Tiger: The one I love is his soul 

Little monster: What Fart, you obviously like his body as much as I do! 

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[1]“5 main”: liver, heart, spleen, lung, and kidney. “6 sub”: gallbladder, small intestine, stomach, large intestine, bladder, skin

[2]Sucking and breathing in can both be the same word in chinese. Due to the context, I figured it would be weird to have both as “Suck”. “Sucking/breathing on cats” is a popular description of people stuffing their face into a cat’s fur, including actions such as: hugging, kissing, cuddling pets. The closest English equivalent would be “cuddle”

[3] One two three wooden man : equivalent to the games: Red light, Green light/ Statues/ The Stoplight

[4]In chinese mythology, tigers usually have a symbolic fur pattern “王” or “king” on their foreheads.

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 84 (Part 2) – Feitian Awards

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Before the child left the crew, he specially ran over with his little legs and gave Rong Xu a piece of chocolate and also gave everyone else in the crew some candy. Rong Xu didn’t know if this was the child’s own thoughts or the thoughts of his manager mother, but looking at such a cute and delicate child, he couldn’t help but smile and pat his soft hair. 

After Lele departed from the crew, Rong Xu had already finished his makeup and was prepared to shoot the final indoor scene. 

Looking at the child’s back figure, Luo Qian said emotionally: “Generally speaking, roles with complex characters like this are the easiest to win awards. Xiao Xu, you’ve acted in two movies already. But, it seems that you haven’t filmed any emotional roles. Have you thought about acting them?” 

Most emotional films were predominantly literary and artistic films. The focus of such movies was generally on character development rather than the plot; thus, they highlighted a actor’s skills better and made it easier to win related awards. 


Rong Xu had made many such films in his previous life. Qin Cheng’s Song of the Night was also primarily cast to portray the character Lu Musheng, and gave him the opportunity to win many acting awards. 

Hearing this, the young man considered for a moment and smiled: “Is there news from Brother Luo?” 

Luo Qian was stunned: “Xiao Xu, how did you know?” 

Rong Xu raised an eyebrow slightly: “Otherwise, why would Sis’ Xiao Qian suddenly say this?” 

Luo Qian hehe’d with laughter: “Brother Luo told me yesterday that he has a pretty good script and was considering whether to accept it.” 

After listening to Luo Qian’s words, Rong Xu was slightly taken aback and finally understood the whole story.

After Rong Xu won the double trophies at the Peony Awards the day before, three TV series and two film crews all sent him participation invitations. The roles for the three TV series were all male protagonists, and one TV series was even directed by the director of Vie for Supremacy, Director Guo, himself. The old man didn’t hint anything to Rong Xu at the awards ceremony yesterday, but instead reached out directly in private. 

These three TV series were all large-scale productions this year that could help Rong Xu raise his national popularity. However, Luo Zhentao had his eyes set on the two films. One of the films was a war film which told of a spy’s story during a civil war in the nineteenth century and was based on a true story. 

Ambush’s success had been noticed by many producers. Though this TV series didn’t have much investment and the plot was full of dog blood, it is very successful in developing characters. The director of the spy movie who invited Rong Xu wanted him to play a role similar to Huo Xi: presenting himself as a senior official of the National Party, but a member of an underground party in the shadows.

Having known Rong Xu for more than a year by now, Luo Zhentao could be considered to understand him well and knew that his own artist would probably not want to pick up repetitive roles within short time frames. So, he didn’t mention this script at all. 

The script that Luo Zhentao was more concerned about was another one. The director was Xu Sheng, an internationally renowned literary film director who had been nominated for the Golden Phoenix Awards and Oscar awards several times, and had also won the Berlin Awards for Best Director twice. 

Old Xu’s position in the industry was much higher than that of Director Yuan’s. Although Director Yuan has a nickname of “Director Yuan Award” because he could win Best Director every time, he would only get second-tier and third-tier awards. Moreover, he had only been nominated once for Best Director in the Golden Phoenix Awards. However, Xu Lao was an acclaimed academy awards representative. 

With Old Xu, this movie basically already won an admission ticket to the world’s top three awards. Whether it will win was one thing, but it could definitely get at least one or two nominations. 

Rong Xu thought for a moment, and said: “Sis’ Xiao Qian, have Brother Luo send me the script. I’ll take a look.” 

Luo Qian stunned for a moment: “But Xiao Xu, that movie will start filming at the end of next month. If we pick it up, you won’t have any time to rest.” 

Rong Xu smiled and lifted his eyes: “A good script never waits for anyone.” 

Just one sentence left Luo Qian speechless. It wasn’t until Rong Xu got up to film that she patted her hot cheeks and murmured in a trance-like manner: “I am Rong Rong’s assistant, his assistant, assistant, assistant. I must be calm, I can’t be fantasizing about others. I can’t……AAAHHHHH so beautiful, so cute, how can i not fantasize QAQ !”

With that, Luo Qian held a water bottle and hurried towards the direction of the set, waiting to pass water to Rong Xu. 

Time passed in a flurry, and the crew of Maze City left Xiangshan Film and Television City and went to Hengdian to continue filming some of the outdoor scenes. The following week, they moved to S city again and borrowed an area of the CBD (central business district) to shoot the final location scene. 

 At the same time, the Feitian Awards finally approached. Rong Xu left S city one day in advance to fly to B city and prepare for his second awards ceremony. When he returned to the apartment that night, he opened the door and was surprised to see a span of darkness– 

Qin Cheng wasn’t home. 

His heart momentarily fell. His clear brows slowly furrowed, and Rong Xu sighed softly. 

“It seems that The Embroiderer 1 had begun filming these last two days?”

Old Liu’s new film was called The Embroiderer, which was Qin Cheng’s next film. There were many outdoor scenes for this movie, and the waterfall Qin Cheng went to check out before was also a scene needed in the movie. Although he wasn’t satisfied with the newly developed waterfall set in Xiangshan Film and Television City, according to Qin Cheng, Old Liu had already selected Nine Dragons Waterfall a few days ago and decided to film there. 

The Embroiderer’s launching ceremony was not announced publicly, so no major media knew that this large-scale production movie with an investment of over 400 million yuan had commenced silently.

Uncertain if his heart was filled with regret or loss, Rong Xu made some dinner on his own, and after washing up, he arrived in the theater room. Opening the cabinets, Rong Xu looked at the neatly organized trophies inside. He stared for a long time and couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to stroke the brilliant yet delicate trophies, laughing softly. 

Early the next day, Luo Zhentao picked up Rong Xu  and brought him to Huaxia Entertainment for his styling. At six o’clock in the evening, a black car drove out of the Huaxia Entertainment Building and arrived at the venue steadily after twenty minutes. 

Rong Xu quickly merged with the crew of Ambush. It was no different from last week’s Peony Awards; there were still Director Zheng, Zhang Tongtong, and Yi Lan. But this time, Rong Xu didn’t need to enter the venue with Vie for Supremacy because tonight he was only nominated for the Best Newcomer Award, and the nominated role was for Huo Xi. 

However, at this moment, no one knew that a plane that was delayed for six hours finally arrived at Capital Airport. A tall and handsome man walked hastily into the parking lot from the VIP walkway and got into the car. Along the way, the little assistant who was sitting in the front row and driving while holding back his breathing didn’t dare say a single word, and the agent sitting in the right back also bowed his head honestly, pretending not to exist.

After five minutes, Xu Jin said very softly: “……Actually, this is also something uncontrollable. I think the Heavens itself may not want you to participate in the Feitian Awards……”

Speaking to here, the gold-tier agent suddenly realized that he may have said the wrong thing, and his face changed as he quickly altered his words: “No, no, no, you see, Qin Cheng, we just don’t have time to participate in the red carpet event. If you arrive now, it will just be in time for the awards ceremony! Arriving early is not necessarily better than arriving at the perfect time. We will be just……” 

Dudu—” (/horn sfx)

The car stopped abruptly and became a member of the stuck in heavy traffic club. 

Xu Jin: “……” 

Qin Cheng lowered his eyes, and said lightly: “What if we can’t make it.” 

Xu Jin only thought that the other party was concerned about the awards ceremony, so he explained: “When the plane was delayed this morning, I confirmed with the organizing committee that if you can’t make it, there will be another actor there to present the award for you.” 

Qin Cheng: “……” 

Xu Jin: “……?” Why does the air seem a bit cold? 

At the same time, Rong Xu was sitting in his seat, smiling and looking at the stage. 

The Feitian Awards, officially kicks off. 

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The author has something to say: 

Orange Qin: Baby is going to present awards! Present awards. Present awards, Present awards! ! ! 

Rong Rong: AttendING the awards ceremony. 



  1. For now, the title of QC’s new film will be translated as “The Embroiderer” (Zhuang Hua Luo), but is subject to change if it doesn’t match the plot well enough.

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 84 (Part 1) – Feitian Awards

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Maze City had been in filming for a month now, and all the indoor scenes have already been completed. 

When Rong Xu returned from the Peony Awards this time, the staff members in the crew had already begun to dismantle parts of the props and set decor used for the indoor shoots. The next day, they will be leaving Xiangshan Film and Television City and heading to Hengdian to continue shooting parts of the outdoor scenes. 

By the time Rong Xu returned to the crew, it was already in the afternoon. The new, young actor entered the crew yesterday and will play the role of Xue Jiazhe in his childhood. This kid was a very popular child star in recent years. He looked like pure and bright jade, 10 points cute. He was only five years old this year and didn’t act rough and obtuse like other little boys at all, but was as quiet as a young girl. 

Seeing Rong Xu’s return, Director Yuan laughed and introduced the child to him: “Later, when Lele is filming, can you give him some guidance, Rong Xu? (You) just returned with a trophy and should give the kid a role model. This is what you (Xue Jiazhe) looked like as a kid, so you should guide Lele in understanding the script.” 

Rong Xu smiled and nodded: “Okay.” 


Then, Rong Xu lowered his head again and saw a tender little dumpling shrunken beside Director Yuan, blinking a pair of big eyes as he tilted his small head and looked at him seriously. 

Child stars who could mix into the entertainment circle long term usually all had parents who were good at management. Most of them were insiders in the industry, and Lele was no exception. Last year, this kid played a little prince. Debuting with that role, he had been acting in the industry for a year now, and although he was very young, he was by no means a completely innocent newbie. 

The child gently called out “Big Brother Rong Rong”, and looking at the soft, white dough-like smiling face, Rong Xu smiled gently as he squatted down and softly said: “We will start filming very soon, let’s take a look at the script, okay?” 

Not far away, the child’s mother was looking at her son and nodding in satisfaction. 

In the evening, when the sky turned dark, Lele’s scenes officially began. 

Rong Xu stood next to the set, watching the prop crew move a big boulder over and place onto Lele and another actress. This actress joined the crew on the same day as Lele. The two of them only had today’s single scene that portrayed Xue Jiazhe’s childhood events. 

Tan Yangxuan knew that his college classmate had experienced an earthquake when he was a child and had almost died then. He also knew that his parents divorced when he was a child, but he didn’t know that Xue Jiazhe’s parents had divorced because of the earthquake. His father had abandoned them, mother and son, and escaped alone. 

That night, an earthquake had struck very suddenly. The ground trembled and the mountains shook, causing the small town to fall into chaos. 

That morning, Xue Jiazhe had even played and laughed with his parents, talking like a little adult and saying that he would become a policeman in the future and become an indomitable man. But in just a short ten hours later, they were awakened by a violent shaking. His mother rushed into his room frantically and embraced him in her arms while his father ran next to them. 

Just as they were about to leave the house, the ceiling suddenly collapsed. His mother was crushed by a few large rocks and could just barely provide enough space for her son to hide in. At that time, his father was standing at the door, hurriedly reaching out to try to rescue them. 

He shouted in disorientation: “Dad!” 

His mother also yelled loudly: “Take JiaJia!” 

His mother tried her best to support him upwards, and his father also quickly stretched out his right hand to pull. However, exactly at the moment when success was imminent[1], another large boulder fell and hit the side of his father’s feet. Xue Jiazhe was about to touch his father’s hand, but the next moment, his father immediately retracted his hand as he turned and ran. 

The little child was too young and didn’t understand what that meant, but his mother’s eyes widened. She looked desperately at the image of her husband’s back, appearing as if she had only come to truly understand this man today. 

Then, they were trapped for three days and three nights under the pile of rocks.

Xue Jiazhe was hidden in his mother’s arms. There was no water or food. When his mother was so thirsty that she couldn’t even secrete saliva, the woman took broken rock shards and cut her arm to let her son drink her blood. 

They were rescued three days later. It wasn’t a big problem if an adult didn’t eat or drink for three days, but a child couldn’t endure it. 

His mother’s left leg had been pressed under a boulder, and it finally had to be sawn off before they could come out. Since then, she’s had one missing leg. Meanwhile, the man called father had stood beside the rescue crew member, watching anxiously as both of them were rescued. Finally, his parents divorced peacefully, and the man left the house, quietly sending money to the mother and son every month. 

Xue Jiazhe’s mother never touched this sum of money. It was all stored in the bank. She gave the money to her son before she died and told her son: “You had never owed him, and I have never owed him. If you want, you can use it. If you don’t want to use this money, you can also return it to him.” 

Xue Jiazhe’s mother died of illness a year ago, and it was then that the serial killings in Haicheng appeared. 

This scene was filmed six times before Director Yuan was finally satisfied. After all, he was still a child, and no matter how good his acting was, there will always be difficult to prevent situations that could appear. The actress who played Xue Jiazhe’s mother was also NG’d by Director Yuan twice in the crying scenes. 

In the script, Mother Xue personally didn’t care that she was abandoned by her husband, and she didn’t care that her husband had abandoned her, but she cared very much that the man she once loved could even abandon their child. It didn’t matter whether she lived or died, but her child couldn’t die. 

Thus, this strong-willed mother had cried helplessly for a few minutes before she stopped her tears and faced the reality of being crushed under the rubble. 

In movies, this type of family relationship drama was usually a time bomb[2], and was also one of the rare emotional moments in Maze City. Director Yuan strived for a sensational effect. By the time the scene was filmed for the sixth time, even the members of the crew looked on with heartache, and he finally smiled with satisfaction and passed the scene. 

Soon, the prop group began to clean up, and the child’s and actress’s scenes came to a close.

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[1] Success was imminent: original: ‘when sparks will fly’

[2] Time bomb: it could be hit or miss

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 36 – Immersive Virtual Reality Game

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! Year of the Ox.

Lengthy chapter! I wanted to finish the entire chapter before posting since this one has multiple perspective shifts. Enjoy!

Chinese Refreshers: Spicy Chicken = ‘trash’/’trashy’/’bad’. “Scram” = the direct translation would be “Roll”

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

Writing took a full day and a half. Excluding the time spent eating and sleeping, all other time was spent on writing. After posting twelve new updates, He Ruge fell into a stupor. 

After using the profits he earned from all his manuscripts he wrote during this time to purchase the “Holographic Gaming Helmet”, He Ruge had already made psychological preparations. If this item had no use other than acting as a fancy display item, he would delete this swindling, spicy chicken (trash) game! 


[Yes/No Spend 8888.88 to purchase the “Holographic Game Helmet”? 】 

【Payment successful】

 [The item will be delivered by today, please wait patiently~

Now what? 

He Ruge was slightly at a loss when he saw the successful payment interface. Would there be any changes to the game? Don’t tell me that 8888.88 only bought a game side plot…… 

He closed the game and reopened it. Upon discovering that there were indeed no changes to the game, He Ruge seemed to hear a sharp crackling sound as his own strings of rationality snapped. 

This deceitful game deserving a thousand cuts with the sword! 

Deleted, deleted! 

The hand that moved the mouse pointer trembled slightly, and He Ruge didn’t delete the game in the end. He was practically in tears as he opened the door to Room 104, wanting to feed the little monster. 

Then, He Ruge suddenly discovered that the little monster was no longer a little monster and had grown about one size bigger. The cotton nest that could previously fit him perfectly could now only barely support his butt. 

He Ruge finally remembered that he didn’t log in to the game at all yesterday and missed the timing to inject the genetic solution for the little monster. It was previously mentioned in the experiment’s instructions that the genetic solution could accelerate the growth of the little monster, but this growth was too fast.

In the blink of an eye, the milk bun little white tiger turned into a big, round snowball. He (Little White Tiger) was already up to the knees of his (He Ruge) game character. 

No longer as cute as the smaller version. 

He Ruge, who originally wanted to look at the little monster’s cute appearance, let out a huge sigh. 

He clicked on [Feed] with the mouse, and the nutrient solution was placed one meter away from the little monster. 

The little monster didn’t move. 

He Ruge clicked on [Talk] without much hope. 

Little Monster 

Roar! “Scram”】

He Ruge smoothly scrammed, and then used Secret Observation like before. 

The little monster slowly walked towards the nutrient solution and started to eat. 


[No.20 is eating

[Due to physical pain, he has suddenly stopped] 

[No.20 is slightly anorexic] 

The little monster smashed the other half of the nutrient solution. 


[No. 20 criticizes that the nutrient solution has no taste] 

[He angrily throws away the nutrient solution] 

The little monster turned his body around and stared at the corner of the wall in a daze. After a while, he turned back in surrender and licked the nutrient solution off the ground several times. 


[No. 20 is hungry, in pain, and unhappy] 

[He avoids the broken glass on the ground and starts drinking the nutrient solution

[The more No.20 licks, the more angry he gets, he wants to kill someone] 

He Ruge: “……” 

This broken bear child[1] is strangely pitiful.

Thinking of the [pain nullifier] [2] he had drawn before, He Ruge opened the room (door) and prepared to use it on the little monster. However, as soon as he opened the door, the little monster, who was licking the ground like a little beggar, stiffened and became vicious, roaring at He Ruge in an untrusting manner ——

[Roar “Scram! ! !”】 

He Ruge: “……” 

Fine, I’ll scram. 

He Ruge exited the game with a blank expression, and after three seconds of silence, he suddenly laughed. 


After the little monster killed the staff member, he absorbed some nutrients from the other party’s Zerg wings so that he could make his own Zerg wings slightly more beautiful. 

The little monster treated his previously lost but now regained Zerg wings as a treasure. Although he didn’t understand what happened, such that he even returned to the place where he had been locked up, since his Zerg wings had returned, the little monster was satisfied. 

There was so much food here. Except for not being allowed to eat the person Xi Guican liked, he could eat the rest, finishing each in one bite. When he finished eating, he will become smarter and stronger. He was currently still in the period of malnourished growth and development, starved by Xi Guican. Xi Guican didn’t let him eat anything and even pulled out his Zerg wings. 

As soon as he thought of Xi Guican, the little monster’s teeth would itch with hatred. But, recalling the miserable experience of being taught a lesson in the past, he quietly calmed his anger. 

After the gene altering solution was injected, the little monster was in pain for a day and a half. Originally, he was already overloaded trying to forcefully support his taxed body. The pain from the gene altering solution was simply the final straw that broke the camel’s back. 

Why did he come out at this time? Why was it that every time he came out, he would suffer pain and hardship, but when Xi Guican came out, he could experience happiness. The extreme disparity almost made the little monster want to cry. He actually had to suffer this kind of pain twice. It was the same last time. Xi Guican fell into a deep sleep while he was awakened. He experienced endless days of bone-crushing pain, while Xi Guican didn’t need to do anything and would attain success laying down. 

He hated it.


The hungry and hurting little monster finally waited until lunch. Originally, he had planned to eat the person who delivered the lunch with his meal, but after discovering that the other party was the one with black hair and black eyes, the little monster could only give up his anticipated feast. For large meals, conceding to drink the nutrient solution. 

The nutrient solution still tasted like plain water. Ridiculous. Why did they treat him this way? Don’t think he didn’t know anything when he was asleep. Xi Guican clearly had sweet nutrient solution before. 

With a completely broken mental state, the little monster angrily smashed the nutrient solution 

However, impulse was a devil, and he regretted it as soon as it dropped. The little monster, who’s tummy was rumbling with hunger, turned around and stared at the pool of nutrient solution with an indescribable gaze. 

Unclean and unsanitary, but wouldn’t get sick after eating. 

The little monster lowered his noble head and quickly lapped up several mouthfuls. The more he licked, the more angry he became. Unexpectedly, even he would be reduced to such a point. Later, he would again chop up this bunch of spicy chicken. 


Just as the little monster, who was bloated with anger, was focused on licking, he suddenly heard the sound of the door being pushed open. He raised his head stiffly and locked gazes with a pair of black eyes. 

This person actually…… enters without knocking. 


The other scrammed immediately. 

This person actually…… scrammed without leaving the nutrient solution. 

The little monster almost cried from anger.


He Ruge didn’t write in the afternoon and lay in bed to watch a movie. After eating, he received a package from “Your Exclusive Lover”. 

This delivery speed was quite shocking. 

Such an expensive price was probably all used on this incredible express delivery. He Ruge opened the package calmly and revealed an unremarkable helmet with an instructions manual.

From an observer’s perspective, it didn’t look attractive and was even sold at such an expensive price. 

Spicy chicken game, return my blood and sweat earned money.

He Ruge coldly flipped open the official-looking instructions manual and followed the instructions for operation while carrying a “let’s see what sort of tricks you can scrounge up now” mentality before putting on the helmet. 

Suddenly, the sky turned and ground spun, and his scalp felt like it had been lightly electrified, causing an uncomfortable feeling of dizziness. However, this feeling only lasted briefly. 

A cold mechanical sound then rang through his ears: 

“Welcome to the Virtual Reality (VR) version of “Your Exclusive Lover”. Given that the player does into have prior virtual reality gaming experience, the first day of gaming should not exceed one hour and be kept within two hours on the second day. To reiterate, a normal day of gameplay should best not exceed ten hours in order to prevent confusion between VR and reality.” 

“For the players’ health, this game has a built-in, anti-addiction timing setting. Wishing you happy gaming!”

When He Ruge regained control of his consciousness, the first thing he saw was not the room he was familiar with, but rather a gloomy corridor that was cold and dark and void of human presence. 

He turned around in a daze and saw a number on the room with the closed door, “104”. 

He then lowered his head and saw the nutrient solution he was holding in his hand. It was a test tube-like bottle  The transparent nutrient solution was thick in texture, and the bottle felt icy cold to the touch. 

Even if it was summer, drinking cold three meals a day was definitely not good for the stomach. 

He Ruge thought foolishly. 

He looked down at the nutrient solution and then looked up at room number “104”. 

What happened? Was he dreaming? He Ruge pinched his own thigh and the pain calmed him down. 

The world was already so fantastical, you could even become a monster. A romance game sending you a holographic game helmet was very normal…… Like hell! ! ! 

Had he been under too much pressure recently and was now hallucinating? 

Or did Global Technology suddenly leap forward a huge step while he was unaware and squeezed out a quality virtual reality game? Was he too self-unaware and haven’t seen enough of the world? 

While his head was full of messy thoughts, a floating frame emerged in front of his eyes: 

Daily Task: 0/1 (Dinner)】 

He Ruge subconsciously walked to the door. A blue light on the door shone upon him, and a very light “Di” sounded. The door then opened automatically. 

His heart followed with a jump. 

He Ruge put his hand on the doorknob. He didn’t know when sweat appeared on the palm of his hand, but he held his breath and opened the door. When he entered the room, he smelled a very stuffy scent which was the unique unpleasant odor of a closed, airtight room. 

The room was void of decor except for an iron cage that could potentially fit a pet cat. The metal bars of the iron cage were bright, black and glistening. It looked very expensive. 

A little white tiger, four times the size of a regular pet cat, was sprawled out on the ground. He used the cotton nest as a pillow to support his two front paws. His forlorn and violent blue eyes were like sharp knives staring right at He Ruge. 

He Ruge had never come into contact with a real beast before and the most ferocious animal he’d ever seen was a large dog that looked ferocious but didn’t bite. 

He had never seen such a pair of cold and hostile eyes, which appeared to suck in all the world’s malice. It was the bloodthirsty eyes of a beast who ate people. Without the barrier of a screen, those eyes seemed to have enough presence to shoot out sharp thorns. His heart felt like it was gripped hard by a hand. The feeling of suffocation made his lower abdomen contract and sore, and the skin on the back of his neck tightened subconsciously. 

The stare air in the room seemed to have turned into a rag at this moment, covering He Ruge’s mouth and nose. After three seconds of blankness in his mind, He Ruge used all of his strength to maneuver his noodle-soft legs and walked out of the room strenuously, quickly closing the door behind him. 

When the door snapped shut with a Ka-da, He Ruge pressed his back against the door panel, panting rapidly like a dying fish. He practically slid to the ground feebly as his heart pounded and ached. 

……Too stimulating. 

He Ruge fell into a daze for a long time before he looked at the nutrient solution in his hand again. He thought that this daily task’s difficulty was a bit high. 

Too difficult, it was simply death’s level of difficulty. 

Could he just open the door and slide the nutrient solution through the crack of the door? 


The little monster had been hungry for a long, long time. He waited for dinner to appear. Even if it was the tasteless, disgusting nutrient solution, he still wanted to drink it now. 

While yearning long and hard in his heart, the door was finally pushed open, and the man with black hair and dark eyes walked into the room holding the nutrient solution. 

The little monster glared at the man with some resentment. 

Why didn’t you come earlier, I’m almost flattened from hunger. 

The next second, the other party suddenly closed the door and scrammed. 

Little Monster:”……?!” 

Leave the nutrient solution before scramming, Aaaahhhhhhh you bastard!

The author has something to say: I thought of a small theater: 

A fierce, bad, poisonous, naive and poor little monster: I just came back from committing murder, and I picked up a strand of hair off the corpse for you

He Ruge: ……Thanks

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[1]Bear child: wild temperament

[2]Refer to Chapter 30 link provided below

Chapter 30 Part 2 Pain Nullifier

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 83 (Part 2) – Qin Cheng: I Also Like You

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This sudden loud sound woke Rong Xu abruptly. It wasn’t until (he woke up that) he realized that he was so tired he didn’t even know when he fell asleep. Rong Xu had just opened his eyes to look around and hadn’t even had time to open his mouth when he suddenly saw……

Qin Cheng sitting on the coffee table. A white porcelain vase had slowly rolled off the coffee table and landed on the soft carpet. The loud noise had come from the vase colliding with the top of the glass coffee table (when it fell over). 

Rong Xu: “……” 

Qin Cheng: “……” 

After a second, the young man smiled helplessly and asked: “Qin Cheng, why are you sitting here?” 

Qin Cheng: “……playing on my phone.” 

Rong Xu was taken aback: “You’re sitting on the coffee table……playing with your phone?!” 

Qin Cheng nodded calmly, “En.” 

Rong Xu: “……” 


Although Rong Xu felt something was wrong in his heart, there was no way he could have known that only half a second later and a certain man would have succeeded! But, just a small murmur from (Rong Xu) caused someone to have a guilty conscience, making them suddenly fall backwards directly on the coffee table and cause the white porcelain vase to be knocked onto the ground. 

Not falling onto the ground was already considered very good. If he really sat on the floor, he’s afraid that a certain man would answer like this without a single change in his expression and heart rate ——

“I’m trying to see if, without heated flooring, whether or not the carpet……would be warm.” 

However, Rong Xu didn’t think too much. He just got up and began to organize things with the help of Qin Cheng. 

This time, Rong Xu only came back for one day. He would take the plane back to Xiangshan the next morning, so he didn’t bring much luggage. The only things he had to organize right now were the two trophies from the Peony Awards. 

Looking at the two crystal Peony Awards trophies, Qin Cheng thought for a while and said: “Putting it there would be good.” 

Rong Xu followed behind Qin Cheng and entered the theater room, standing in front of the cabinet with the DVDs. Qin Cheng had opened this cabinet many times before, and Rong Xu had also opened it in the past. There were numerous classic movie DVDs inside. However, this time, Qin Cheng took another step to the side and opened the cabinet next to it. 

When he saw the contents of the cabinet clearly, Rong Xu was taken aback and turned his head to look at Qin Cheng in surprise. 

Qin Cheng only directly received the two crystal trophies from Rong Xu’s hands and placed them on the top shelf of the cabinet. On the two sides of the two crystal trophies, an exquisitely carved and lifelike golden phoenix was on the left; on the right was a little golden figure with one hand above the other and one on its heart, its body lines smooth and sleek, and appearing to be in the midst of singing.

The one on the left was Huaxia’s Golden Phoenix Award trophy, and the one on the right was the Oscar Awards trophy. 

Rong Xu, who was watching this scenario: “……”

The two Peony Award trophies that were sandwiched between two of the world’s top three golden trophies: “……” 

The man’s deep magnetic voice sounded out: “This cabinet is very large, and the two cabinets next to it are empty. You can put things in here directly.” 

The youth asked, not knowing whether to laugh or cry: “You really don’t feel like something’s a little weird?” 

Qin Cheng lowered his gaze and looked calmly at Rong Xu, asking: “Is something wrong? These cabinets are specially for placing trophies. One of the cabinets is already full. You’ll put them here in the future, too, Xiao Xu.” 

Your trophy and mine are next to each other, next to each other~ 

Hearing this, the smile on Rong Xu’s lips couldn’t help but deepen. He knew that Qin Cheng had misunderstood what he meant. Placing the Peony Award trophies for Best Newcomer and Best Supporting Actor together with the Golden Phoenix Awards Film Emperor and Oscar Film Emperor trophies, isn’t that too inappropriate? 

Rong Xu didn’t say anything more, but instead just smiled: “Okay.” 

In this man’s heart, every trophy was equal. The Golden Phoenix Award trophies and the Oscar trophies were not any more noble than the Peony Award trophies, and there was no distinction of high and low. Perhaps some would have a higher gold content, but for the winners, each trophy was an affirmation of themselves. 

This was probably Qin Cheng’s gentleness. 

That night, after settling the trophies, the two went to the living room to watch the latest entertainment shows for a while. Because he had to rest early in the evening to catch an early plane the next day, Rong Xu finished washing up first. 

Standing in front of Rong Xu’s room, Qin Cheng stared blankly as the youth made his bed, preparing to go to bed. Rong Xu turned around and saw Qin Cheng standing in front of his door. He smiled lightly, stepped forward, and said: “You also need to rest early. Didn’t you mention that you will accompany Old Liu to select set locations the day after tomorrow?” 

Qin Cheng nodded lightly, and his gaze slowly fell to the young man’s pale lips. 

Rong Xu smiled and said: “After I am done with everything next month, can I go observe your work?” 

Qin Cheng’s gaze remained silently glued on those thin, full lips, as he said in a quiet voice: “We will have started filming by next month. Okay.” 

Rong Xu smiled gently: “Qin Cheng.” 

Suddenly hearing his name, the man raised his head. But, before he could make a sound, the youth suddenly opened his arms and gently embraced him. Qin Cheng’s eyes slowly widened, and a hint of surprise and joy flashed across his dark eyes.

Time seemed to stretch infinitely at this moment. Rong Xu exhaled warmly by his ears, and he (Qin Cheng) could hear a clear voice softly ringing through his ears: “Your words……I never replied. But, I believe you already know the answer.” 

“Qin Cheng, I like you, too.” 

The next day, Rong Xu left the apartment and rushed to Xiangshan by plane before the sky was even lit. When he left at four in the morning, he had hesitated a bit, but finally decided to not knock on Qin Cheng’s door. Little did he know that after that after the confession, a certain man didn’t sleep at all the entire night. 

When they were in Xiangshan Film and Television City, the two had basically confirmed their relationship already. However, that day, when Qin Cheng uttered those four words, Rong Xu had just held his hand and did not give an answer.  

But now, his Rong Rong had personally said the word “like”. 

After a night of insomnia, Qin Cheng sported two large panda eyes and drove to find his agent to again determine his itinerary for the following week. 

The corner of Xu Jin’s mouth twitched, and he said helplessly: “You can definitely participate in the Feitian Awards. Definitely can, definitely can! Important things must be said three times, so please stop asking me, okay, big, young master?” 

The plane landed steadily at Shuoshe Airport, and by noon that day, Rong Xu returned to the crew to continue filming Maze City

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YASSSSS. PROGRESS. LET’S GOOOOOO. Rong Xu has given Qin Cheng permission to be openly shameless now. UwU

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 83 (Part 1) – Qin Cheng: I Also Like You

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As soon as the Peony Awards ended, an overwhelming number of news reports appeared as expected. 

Vie for Supremacy  and Ambush both won big at the Peony Awards, and Rong Xu also gained a lot of attention through these two TV drama series. Moreover, he was also the sole double award winner at this year’s Peony Awards: he won Best Newcomer and Best Supporting Actor. 

There was a lot of commotion on the Internet, but the parties involved left one after another from the golden stage of the awards ceremony that captured the attention of numerous people around the world and went home. Originally, the crews of Vie for Supremacy and Ambush had both invited Rong Xu to attend the nighttime celebrations, but considering that Rong Xu had to fly back to Xiangshan the next day to film, Luo Zhentao politely refused the invites for him. 

When Rong Xu returned to the apartment, as soon as he opened the door, he saw Qin Cheng standing on the balcony making a call. 

After a brief pause, Rong Xu didn’t go disturb him, but rather hung his coat on the hanger. When he stepped into the living room, he immediately saw the supper on the table. 



Bird’s nest? 


Shark fin? 

……Wake up, that’s impossible. 

The corner of the youth’s lips curled up. He walked to the dining table, looked at the steamy bowl of noodles, and silently pulled out the chair to sit down. 

Although a certain man had promised in the text message, carrying a temperament of “I can cook any delicacy from the mountains to the seas”, Rong Xu knew that Qin Cheng and his own cooking skills…… well, they were quite well matched. 

Of course, this ‘well-matched’ didn’t mean that the two of them were equally good, but rather that they are both only so-so and could only count as being edible. Both of them could cook a few simple dishes, such as tomato scrambled eggs, stir-fry shredded pork, and Kung Pao chicken. Anything more difficult…… 

Well, actually, braised pork was really difficult to make. 

Rong Xu sat at the dining table and played with his phone, not eating the noodles immediately. However, Qin Cheng continued to be on the phone for a long time, and the noodles were about to turn into mush. The young man could only sigh softly and silently pick up his chopsticks to eat. 

After Rong Xu finished the noodles, Qin Cheng was still on the phone. Standing on the balcony with his back to Rong Xu, Qin Cheng didn’t even seem to have realized that the young man was home. Instead, he was facing the splendid and bustling night view of the city, speaking in a low voice. 

Early that morning, he had rushed back to B City from Xiangshan Film and Television City and directly went to participate in the awards ceremony. After such a busy day, the youth couldn’t help but feel a little exhausted. Rong Xu stood in the middle of the living room and stared at Qin Cheng’s back image. He pondered for a while, but finally decided to not go back to his room, opting to sit on the sofa and play on his cell phone instead. 

Ten minutes later, after Qin Cheng finished his call with Xu Jin and finalized the matter regarding his attendance at the Feitian Awards, he turned around and saw the scene of the sleeping youth. Beyond the high and spotless glass windows, in the simply decorated living room, a handsome and beautiful young man lay unsuspecting on the sofa, sleeping peacefully. 

A warm and welcoming yellow light was scattered upon his body, making him appear very gentle, and his fluttering eyelashes cast a faint shadow over his eyes. This painting was so beautiful that it made one unable to bear destroying it. 

The man strode into the living room with light steps to the youth, and then squatted down slowly in front of him. 

The two hadn’t seen each other for three days. They had just confessed their feelings and confirmed their relationship before they were forced to separate. 

The entertainment industry was just like this. Lovers often couldn’t see each other for days on end. Unless they worked together on the same drama, in the same crew, it was unknown whether they could even be together for 6 out of 12 months. 

Some feelings would gradually fade over time with separation, but other feelings could become stronger because of distance. 

The man’s deep eyes reflected the youth’s peaceful sleeping face. After staring for a long time, Qin Cheng stretched out a hand and gently brushed aside the scattered hair on Rong Xu’s forehead, revealing his entire beautiful and delicate face. He watched the young man calmly. 

After staring for another while, he silently stood up, found a blanket to cover Rong Xu with before going over to the dining table. 

Once he put the dishes into the dishwasher, Qin Cheng went back to the living room and sat on the single sofa next to Rong Xu. He then sent a message to Xu Jin to confirm the final processes. 

He would look at the young man after looking at his phone for a bit. 

Look at the phone for one second, and look at Rong Xu for three seconds; look at the phone for one second, and look at Rong Xu for three seconds. 

Ten minutes later, Qin Cheng suddenly put down his phone and walked up to the young man. He was prepared to bend over, but then abruptly halted before turning around to sit back down. 

He absent-mindedly flipped through some of the latest news and watched the media blow up Rong Xu sky-high. Qin Cheng’s thin lips slightly pursed as these exaggerated words crossed his gaze.

 “Super Rookie King, the brightest star in the entertainment industry”, 

“Soaring popularity, amazing feat in one fell swoop”

The media loved to use such exaggerated vocabulary to attract the readers’ attention and gain traffic. In the past, when Han Yanghao won Best Newcomer, they once said that he was going to be the strongest dark horse in the next three years. But what now? There wasn’t even his shadow left. 

Though, in his heart, he knew that the media was deliberately exaggerating the facts, but at hand, the man still calmly posted discussions under these news articles—— 

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: Well said. 】 

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: Absolutely right. Rong Rong is the best. 】 

Like this, another ten minutes passed. Seeing Rong Xu still sleeping peacefully, Qin Cheng gradually tightened the fingers holding his phone. A minute later, Qin Cheng finally got up and walked in front of Rong Xu again. He leaned his body downwards and stared at the person he had missed for three days. 

Fingers gently brushed the hair on the sides of the youth’s face. The slender eyebrows, tall nose, and…….full lips. The light-colored lips were thin, but at a glance they appeared very soft. 

Qin Cheng’s eyes darkened, and he pursed his lips as he leaned down little by little. 

The distance between them was getting smaller and smaller, getting closer and closer, so close that he could hear the young man’s faint breathing and see the fine hairs on the other’s face. He found that there was actually a light brown mole-like dot at the corner of the youth’s left eye, and he felt his own heart beating faster and faster…… 

Just three centimeters, two centimeters, one centimeter, half a centimeter…… 




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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 35 – Let’s Start Some Trouble

Trigger warnings: Blood, graphic injuries, death (not for any major characters)

TL note: There were many instances of implied context in this chapter, so I included (—) to clarify

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The way the little monster cried also…… made one distressed. He Ruge had never seen Little White Tiger cry. The little monster looked exactly like Little White Tiger, and at this moment it looked like Little White Tiger was crying in front of him. 

Crying so much that He Ruge’s heart softened. 

He Ruge wanted to walk into the room to comfort the little monster, touch his head and feed him candy. However, the little monster was not the Little White Tiger, and walking into the room may be just adding fuel to the fire.

The self-knowledgeable He Ruge exited the game and wrote for a while before opening up the ‘backstage’ page (admin panel) to examine his profits. 

In fact, if he tried to maintain 20,000 words a day…… as long as he closed his eyes and stomped his feet hard, he could still purchase the “holographic gaming helmet”. 

He looked at his current 20,000-character manuscript, and he felt his heart move slightly. 

I must be insane. 

He Ruge pushed at his glasses frames, pained, and asked himself whether the self-inflicted agony would be worth it. In his mind, the little white tiger and the little black house appeared in turns as he considered it carefully. The game’s production was very conscientious, so the props being sold should not be too shady. If it’s expensive, it must be for a reason, and an RMB (paid) player’s experiences must definitely be different. 

If he bought the props, he could potentially let Little White Tiger out. 

As a human being, it isn’t easy to obtain a source of happiness. Since he could obtain full happiness, he shouldn’t just be satisfied with a third of the happiness. 

The hand that opened up the writing program’s Little Black Room trembled slightly as He Ruge entered the number “20,000” into the required character count box and directly clicked confirm before he could hesitate. 


In Room 104, the little monster cried silently for a while in his cotton nest. The tears on his face had yet to dry when he slowly stood up. The action of getting up seemed to be very difficult for him, and all four of his paws were trembling. 

He had suffered a very severe injury. He was supposed to be asleep for a long, long time in his spiritual consciousness, but he was forcibly awakened due to an accident. 

And he even lost one wing. 

The little monster didn’t really want to wake up and take over this body because he hadn’t completely healed yet, and Xi Guican had also told him that he hated him very, very much. 

Just the thought of sharing a body with him made Xi Guican feel sick.

 …….He had indeed done a lot of bad things (in the past), but he really couldn’t help it. 

The little monster was like a child who had caused trouble, as he muttered to himself in his heart: “I didn’t want to come out. I didn’t even come out with wings this time. You, you stop being so mean to me.” 

No one responded to him. 

The little monster plucked up the courage to continue muttering: “I will definitely take care of myself this time. Do you like that black-haired person? Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to hurt him.” 

Without receiving any response, the little monster cautiously said: “Can I take it as you agreed?” 

Then, he turned his head and looked at the beautiful Zerg wings behind him in confusion: “Strange, why do we have wings again? I’ll behave this time, so can you… not break the wings again?” 

His expression became dimmer and dimmer: “When you broke the wings that time, I really, really hurt. You like that black-haired person, I like my wings. You should understand the love I hold for the wings, right?” 

The originally wronged voice suddenly shifted to a strange tone, “If you break my wings again this time, then I will tear that black-haired person in half……”  (*TL: A WILD YANDERE HAS APPEARED??!!)

“However much blood the wings shed, I will make that person bleed just as much.” 

The little monster’s voice then became extremely soft, almost as if he was afraid of disturbing a sleeping individual: “You actually have a weakness, so this time, I don’t need to be afraid of you~” 

The end sound carried a cheerful uptilt. 

The little monster gave a small and innocent smile, but his azure blue eyes contained a maliciousness that refused to melt. 

Although his entire body hurt each time he moved, his joyful mood couldn’t be reined in, and the little monster reluctantly walked to the nutrient solution on the ground, grabbing the solution and downing it. 

Once he tasted it, the little monster smacked his lips strangely. 

This wasn’t right. When he fell asleep, he seemed to have tasted something sweet and strong. Why did it taste like plain water now? 

The emptied nutrient solution bottle was thrown to the ground angrily by the little monster, and it shattered all over the floor. The little monster who had been puffed up angrily saw the broken bottle and actually began to smile. 

Before the smile completely faded, the door of the room opened, and a new staff member walked in with the gene altering solution. The little monster examined the other’s face carefully. 

Not black hair, black eyes. 

Not the one Xi Guican liked. 

In his heart, he couldn’t recognize if he felt regret or relief. Since Xi Guican liked a person, he wanted to do something to them. Would that person’s blood be especially sweet, or meat especially tender? Why would Xi Guican like them? 

Hah, he was most afraid of yet most hated Xi Guican, just like how Xi Guican hated him the most. 

When Xi Guican broke the Zerg wing back then, he felt extremely, extremely pained. It was so painful that he cried for a very long time, yet Xi Guican didn’t shed a single tear. 

Just thinking about it made him unhappy. 

If he killed that person, would Xi Guican also cry? Would he cry until his face was streaming with snot and tears? Would Xi Guican cry and beg him like he (the little monster) cried and begged then? 

Sharp claws popped out and gouged into the ground. Because of this train of thought, the little monster shuddered with excitement, and the little claws strengthened by the power of the Zerg wings left deep scratch marks on the floor

No, he couldn’t do that. Xi Guican would wake up again. 

After the staff member saw the glass fragments on the ground, he glared at the little monster who was increasing his workload and said indignantly: “So, this is the so-called high-quality product? Here I was wondering exactly how perfect it was.” 

The staff felt it was a pity to use the priceless gene medicine in his hands, but according to his instructions, he still injected it into No.20’s body. 

The gene altering solution had extremely high efficacy speed. One injection could shorten the body’s natural development duration by one year. However, the side effect was an overdraft of life force and severe suffering. 


The needle was pierced into his flesh, and the purple gene altering solution was slowly injected into his body. It was cold, like a poisonous snake, slithering all the way from his paws to his shoulders, freezing his body with the iciness. 

The little monster squinted his eyes and stared at the vial of solution. In his mind, he tried hard to stretch out his claws and grab at the shards of memories fluttering about in his chaotic sea of shattered memories. 

He also seemed to have been injected with this medicine many years ago. 

He raised his head and looked left, then looked right. The more he looked, the more familiar this small room became. 

Wasn’t Xi Guican quite rich and powerful? Why did he take him back to this broken little house again? 

Like in his memories, the medicine solution changed from being icy cold to burning hot, and the pain seared into his skin. The little monster, who was already in pain, at this moment was suffering more pain on top of pain. 

A dark red, vertical slit appeared in the expanse of blue pupils, and the little monster who liked to be angry looked straight at the unsuspecting staff member. 

“This person is bullying me.” The little monster whispered in his heart to the sleeping Xi Guican, “I’m scared. In order to protect myself, I must drive him away.” 

“So this isn’t my fault.” The tip of his tongue licked sharp tiger teeth. 

Roar.” The brief tiger howl was filled with suffering. 

The little monster slumped to the ground pretending to be weakened, his limbs trembled convulsively, and his acting was good enough to turn a lie into truth. When the staff squatted down to check on the little monster’s situation and covered the camera (with his body), a dark shade of red appeared in the center of those azure blue eyes, like a drop of blood splashing onto the surface of water. The blood red color spread rapidly. 

Capillaries of red blood entangled the whites of his eyes, making his eyes look the veins on blood agate. 

Upon making contact with these pupils, the staff member’s eyes suddenly lost focus. He moved stiffly like a puppet, as he walked towards the broken glass on the ground in a daze and picked up the glass shards directly with his hands.

*Trigger warning start*

The palm of his hands held onto the sharp fragments tightly, as if he couldn’t feel any sense of pain. When the fragments gouged out wounds and pierced into the bones of his fingers, causing thick blood to drip from his fingertips, the staff still sported a dull and blank expression. 

The little monster rubbed his nose and turned his head away critically. 

The staff member brought away all the broken glass shards with his blood soaked hands and hobbled out of the room. Just as he stepped out of the room’s threshold, his ankle twisted in a strange bend, and his whole person suddenly collapsed. The glass shards in the palms of his hands scattered all across the floor. A triangular shard fell onto the ground upright, aimed directly towards the falling body, and plunged straight into his fragile throat. 

Warm blood gurgled out onto the gray flooring and bloomed a wet, bloody flower. 

From beginning to end, the little monster lay innocently and tenderly in his cotton nest, watching the staff member timidly. He was like a curious and scared cub as he trembled beside the corpse and stretched out his little paw to tentatively pat the other on the back—— 

This was the scenario captured by the cameras. 


Scorpion analyzed coldly: “This accidental death is full of strange areas.” 

“Why did the Zerg wings on his body suddenly shrink? The nutrients of the Zerg wings had been drained clean. Zerg wings, this kind of thing, could even live well if the host itself dies.” 

The Medicine-seeking rat sat on the robotic arm, took a sip of the hot milk tea, and said: “You should look for Zhu Yeqing (Green Bamboo) for this type of matter. I am only responsible for the aspect of Spiritual Mental Consciousness.” 

“Look for him?” Scorpion rolled his eyes, “I personally don’t want a pair of Zerg wings appearing on my body.” 

Taking another sip of hot milk tea, the Medicine-seeking rat let out a contented sigh, “If you are not willing, who can force you.” 

A small wheel emerged from the base of the robotic arm. When the Medicine-seeking rat controlled the robotic arm to leave, he turned around and took another look at the frozen shot of the little white tiger on the monitor screen. 

He said to Scorpion: “Sometimes, I feel like me being alive is a crime on its own.” 

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Gosh……. little monster is uh… something else…..

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 82 (Part 2) – [Hidden Title]

Hi all! I was recently notified that if you are reading the chapters via WordPress’s “Reader” format or even Safari, the Easter Eggs I set for Aggregator sites in the earlier chapters will show up. If you have an issue with this, try using a different browser or even mobile format. I will also be trying on my side to work around that (Just giving everyone a heads up because some were confused why Rong Xu turned into a Little White Tiger ^^ teeheehee)

Chapter Title is revealed at the end.

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At this moment, the thunderous music of applause resounded throughout the venue as if it was about to overturn the ceiling. 

On the television, amidst the theme song of Vie for Supremacy, the handsome young man slowly stood up. He didn’t immediately walk onto the stage, but rather took a detour and walked towards the seats of Vie for Supremacy’s crew. He smiled and hugged Director Guo, Tang Menglan, Dong Zheng, Ye Qiao and the others before he turned around and walked onto the stage, receiving the heavy trophy from the elderly artist. 

Bright and dazzling lights all gathered on him. Rong Xu raised his gaze and scanned the audience, and the applause beneath the stage gradually ceased.


Rong Xu didn’t know how much of the applause was sincere and how much was just for decorum, but he knew that the trophy in his hand was indeed real. The fans sitting in the back row waved the light signs frantically. They didn’t dare make noise and disturb Rong Xu’s winning speech. They could only cover their mouths, with tears in their eyes, and wave their arms around vigorously to show support to the person they liked. 

Watching their movements, Rong Xu slowly curled up the corners of his lips and began his first sentence in a low voice: “To be able to participate in the filming of Vie for Supremacy, to be honest, was actually a coincidence. I’m very honored to have had the opportunity to work with such an excellent crew and film such an outstanding work just as I first entered this industry. Thus, I would like to thank Director Guo Long, thank all the staff members of Vie for Supremacy, and thank the viewers who liked Vie for Supremacy.”

A round of applause sounded from the audience. 

“Wan Qiyao is a very wise individual. He admired Xiao Xiang’s character and was willing to assist the young female general. He also wanted to meet his senior brother again and resolve the stubborn conflict between the two over the years. Vie for Supremacy tells of chaotic times where, during those tumultuous years, there appeared many outstanding people, as well as many memorable stories.” 

After a pause, Rong Xu smiled and continued: “I am very grateful to Wan Qiyao. Not only was he the first role I have ever played, but he also gave me a chance to understand just how wonderful acting is[1]. Thank you to every teacher who put in their efforts to create this role, and to Director Guo who helped and supported me on set. Finally, I would also like to say something.” 

The camera immediately panned to a close-up of Rong Xu. On the TV screen, the handsome and elegant youth smiled like a spring breeze, and said gently: “Thank you, my fans.” 

As soon as these words landed, there was a roar of an applause. 

Among the Ambush crew, Director Zheng looked at Rong Xu meaningfully and showed an admiring smile. 

Among the Vie for Supremacy crew, Tang Menglan applauded while whispering to Ye Qiao: “Xiao Xu’s acceptance speech this time is exceptional, but why do I remember that when Xiao Xu was filming, he had almost no NG’s. Did Director Guo really help him?” 

As soon as these words landed, Director Guo, who was to the side, immediately snorted. Tang Menglan and Director Guo had worked together for many years now, so she had also deliberately said it for Director Guo to hear. As soon as she heard Director Guo’s humph, she leaned forward with a nice smile: “Director Guo, tell me, if I win an award, what should I say so that it wouldn’t be worse than Xiao Xu’s? You always provide some guidance for me.” 

Director Guo lifted his eyes: “When you go up, all you need to do is say three phrases — Thank you, Director Guo Long, Thank you, Director Guo Long, Thank you, Director Guo Long.” 

Tang Menglan: “……” 

In the entire venue, the section with the most enthusiastic atmosphere was the exclusive seating area for the lucky audience members. Rong Xu’s fans stood up excitedly and waved the light signs in their hands nonstop. Amidst Vie for Supremacy’s melodious and valiant theme song, they saw the young man wave at them before turning around to descend the stage. 

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH Rong Rong! I’ll love you for ten thousand years!!!” 

On the Internet, the fans’ reactions were even more intense than those on the scene. 

[QAQ Rong Rong thanked us! I love him so much, I don’t want to give Rong Rong to His Royal Highness anymore, what to do? 】 

This was a LanYao CP fan. 

[I don’t want to give Rong Rong to God Qin anymore. Rongrong is so good, he belongs to all of us! ! ! 】 

This was a ChengRong CP fan. 

[He’s like this, how can I not be a fan. Such a good person, how I can not love him for my entire life. Stanning him was the best decision I have ever made. Congratulations to my beloved Rong Rong, becoming tonight’s double winner, congratulations! @RongXu】 

This is a pure fan. 

In B City, on the top floor of a certain high-end, luxury apartment. 

Looking at the gentle and elegant smile of the youth on the television screen, the man slowly put down his phone and stared at the beautiful and handsome face. A long time later, Qin Cheng curled up the corners of his lips and sighed softly. 

Always so good, always so gentle. 

This was his Rong Xu, the Rong Xu that belonged to him alone. 

Three minutes later- 

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: He belongs to me. 】 [2] (*please read footnote)

There were only four short words. This time, there was no words selling meng or dumb pictures. It seemed to be just an inexplicable string of words, but the fans knew exactly what the other party was talking about with just one look. 

[Although I am a little moved and want to cry, I still must say, Tyrant Orange, Rong Rong is not yours! 】

 [QAQ I also love him much, but he is not yours, humph! 】

 [That’s right, Orange is being shameless again. Rong Rong belongs to all of us~! 】 

These fans only thought that this godly wealthy Fair Maiden was speaking casually, but they didn’t expect that Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing was stating a fact. Not long after, this Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing’s cell phone received a notification—— 

[Rong Xu: Are you really going to make me supper as a congratulatory gift? Then I must consider it well. I want to eat abalone, Bird’s nest, shark fin, do you have? ^_^】 

The corner of his mouth curved slightly, and Qin Cheng calmly replied: [Just want to eat these? 】 

Rong Xu, who was still at the scene of the Peony Awards, was not expecting to receive such a reply. He raised his eyebrows in surprise and replied: [You’ll really make them? Then, besides these, what else can I get to eat? 】 

Three seconds later, Qin Cheng’s reply was immediately sent over. 

[Qin Cheng: Eat me. 】

Rong Xu: “……” 

This message only appeared for two seconds before it was suddenly withdrawn. 

Seeing the withdrawal, Rong Xu: “……” 

Qin Cheng calmly replied: [Sent the wrong message, do you want to eat noodles tonight? 】

 Rong Xu: “……” 

Amidst the flashing camera lights of the media and the loud applause of the audience, this year’s Peony Award ceremony came to a perfect close. 

As the opening act of China’s three major TV drama awards, the Peony Awards this year cast Vie for Supremacy and Ambush as the main focus of attention. Ambush won seven awards including Best Weekly TV Drama Series and Best Director, while Vie for Supremacy won 11 awards including Best Daily Broadcasted TV series, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Newcomer awards. 

Among the winners, the sole double award winner was undoubtedly the focus of all the media reporters. 

As soon as the award ceremony ended, countless reports popped up just like mushrooms after a rain, and were published on all major media outlets. 

“Vying for Supremacy in the Peony Awards, Ambushing one’s aspirations, this year’s new strongest TV drama king appears!” 

“Winning the Best Supporting Actor Award and Best Newcomer Awards, Rong Xu: Thank You, My Fans” 

“Peony Award Double Winner, Huaxia’s New Rising Star of the Future” 

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[1]Direct TL: understand that acting is a wonderful thing

[2]I want to clarify that the way it’s written does not imply objective possession, but rather a jealous desire to make something known. The best translation would be “He is mine, not yours qq” but the following sentence specifies “4 words”, so I made it 4 words.

SA Chapter 82 (Part 2) – Qin Cheng: Would You Like to Eat Noodles, or Eat Me?

All aboard!! The bullet train of Qin Cheng’s shamelessness.

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 34 – Super Fierce Crybaby

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Xi Guican was imprisoned inside the icy cold machine, and a piercing white light shot into his eyes. In the brief moment before he lost consciousness, waves of spiritual energy poured into his spiritual sea of consciousness. 

This was…… 

The real brainwashing procedure! 

Because of this terrible realization, Xi Guican felt his whole body turn cold. He desperately and recklessly tried to break free, but the previous automatic ‘quit game’ function that worked with just a thought was now completely unresponsive.

A robotic voice then extinguished Xi Guican’s last hope. 


If you can read this, you are reading on an aggregator site that stole the translation. Please read on the original site. Thank you!

[Di–intense mood swings from the player has been detected

[Warm reminder, this game will not conduct any actions that will harm the player. Everything is done based upon your illness and in consideration of you. Wishing you happy gaming and good health! 】

 A whirlpool silently appeared above his spiritual sea, and it continuously emitted spiritual waves. 

A spiritual pulse that overturned oceans and lands rose up from his bone marrow, overlaying his white bones with a coat of fake flesh, and building layers upon layers of phantom images within his desolate spiritual sea.[1]

This was a terrifying brainwashing experiment that could even tamper with the depths of the soul.

Almost no one was immune from this brainwashing experiment, except Xi Guican. 

Because his body actually contained two souls. 

The memories belonging to Xi Guican began to blur and were wrapped up in layers of silk-like spiritual waves.With all the memories covered in a thick gauze, his world looked like it was painted with a heavy snowfall. The sky above, the Earth below, and encompassed in all four directions by snow-white surroundings, all was wrapped together in a silver lining as pale as a piece of white paper, willing others to blemish it.[2]

Just as everything was about to be rewritten, a small hole suddenly appeared amidst the thick snow. A little white tiger with red eyes popped his head out of the snow. He seemed to have just been awakened from a deep sleep, muddled and unaware of the situation.

A fine piece of snow drifted onto the tip of his nose, and the red-eyed little white tiger sneezed. This sneeze drove away his sleepiness, and the little white tiger, who finally realized what had happened, was surprisingly angry—— 

ROAR! Who was it? ! Froze me again! ! ! 

A childish tiger roar resounded through the lonely world of ice and snow. With great difficulty, he pulled his paws up from the snow and tried to get out. However, he seemed to be injured and every time he moved, he would feel a heart-piercing pain all over his body. 

The red agate-like eyes were angry enough that they were about to spew out flames. With a sudden burst out of strength and a loud bang, he lifted his whole body out of the snow——

A pair of very, very large Zerg wings suddenly popped out from the snow! The wings were beautiful and slender, but the only regrettable thing was that one wing was broken at the root, tattered and stained with flesh and blood. 

The little monster tried hard to fly upwards with his remaining Zerg wings. But, each time he tried, he would shake and stumble, as if he would fall from the air at any moment. 

His red eyes were full of violence and intent to kill. He desperately flapped the Zerg wing in mid-air. 

He flew halfway and fell. Then, he gritted his teeth and got up before taking off again while filled with murderous intent. Because of the broken wing, the little monster could not control the balance of his body, and every time he fell, the broken wing would bleed out. 

The pure white snowy field was covered with splatters of blood, like a painting of plum blossoms in the snow[3].

Numerous falls and numerous injuries, but the little monster became increasingly violent with each, and took to the air stubbornly even after repeated defeats. After a countless failures, he was finally able to control the broken wings and fly shakily towards the whirlpool in the sky—— 

He blocked the whirlpool with his own body. 


Under the impact of the violent waves of spiritual energy, the originally already severely damaged wing was ripped off from the roots and fell from his back. It floated gently like a fallen leaf onto the blanket of snow. 

The little monster who never cried no matter how much pain he was in, the moment he saw the wings break off, he finally broke down and cried loudly. 

He sat on the whirlpool in the sky, crying loudly. In the expansive world of ice and snow, the immature cries of the little monster echoed outwards over and over again.


For an entire day, whenever He Ruge opened the game, he couldn’t see Little White Tiger. Each time, (the game) showed that Little White Tiger was still in the middle of undergoing the brainwashing experiment. 

What will change after the brainwashing experiment is over? Would Little White Tiger completely…… forget about him?

And what was a little monster? 

When He Ruge thought about this, he removed his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose a little irritably. Under these circumstances, he didn’t really have a choice. The game didn’t give him any other options, so he could only click to complete the task. 

It would be great if this was not a game. 

It would be great if he had the ability to act according to his own wishes in the game.

He Ruge once again remembered the holographic gaming helmet with the asking price of “8888.88 RMB”. What was the true role of that helmet? Would there be more available options? In this way, when faced with a situation similar to today’s, he will not be pushed towards a cliff with no choice but to bite the bullet and complete the task. 


Why so expensive? It must be expensive for a good reason. But, why was it so expensive?

He Ruge was uneasy while writing today and couldn’t concentrate at all. As soon as he thought about the little white tiger who was about to be brainwashed and lose his memory, his heart would instantly become numb, carrying a degree of anxiety and irritability.

This feeling wasn’t the same as the restlessness that came with “returning to the pre-liberation period”, but rather was an even more inexplicable self-blame as if having lost something very important. 

However, there was nothing he could do because it was just a game, and there was no second option available to him in the game. Thus, he could only helplessly choose to complete the task. 

From the very beginning of the experiments, he was never given the option to refuse. 

It was also impossible for him to jump into the game and pull Little White Tiger out of the brainwashing room.

He Ruge glanced at the picture of the little white tiger on the writing program’s interface, but his creases between his eyes didn’t relax. Decisively, he closed the document and opened up the game again. This time, Little White Tiger finally came out. 

The little white tiger who came out was not contained in an iron cage this time. He had completed the brainwashing process, and so his identity had undergone some subtle changes. 

Though he was still an experimental subject, he didn’t have as many constraints as before. However, Little White Tiger still took the initiative to walk himself into the cage and even sat down inside like a little master. But, the good habit of closing the door on his own initiative had disappeared. 

He didn’t know if it was an illusion or due to the brainwashing experiment, but He Ruge kept feeling like……

The Little White Tiger in front of his eyes was very unfamiliar. 

It’s not an unfamiliarity caused by a loss of memories, but rather an unfamiliarity of a whole different person. 

[“Rebirth” has been completed successfully! 

Total experiment time: 1*24 hours 

Survival rate: 100% 

Surviving subjects: No. 20, etc. 

Your performance in the experiment: satisfactory (sent the experimental subject to the brainwashing room)]

[Your performance in the first three experiments was overall excellent, and you have obtained the opportunity to participate in the fourth experiment “Accelerated Growth”: 

It is said that weeding out bad seedlings encourages growth, but the degenerate people of the Starry Sea Orphanage do not have the patience to wait for young experimental subjects to grow up slowly. The degenerates decide to inject gene altering solutions into No.20, allowing him to complete seven years of growth in one week. 】 

【Daily Task: 

Responsible for No. 20’s three meals a day, and injecting him with the gene altering solution on time] 

He Ruge clicked on the cage and walked towards the location of the new experiment on the first floor.

After arriving at Room 104, Little White Tiger himself opened the cage, dragged his small cotton nest out from the cage, dragged it to a corner in a daze, and sat down on the nest, staring at He Ru Ge indifferently. 

This was an aggressiveness displayed by a beast who was dissatisfied with the invasion of its territory. 

He Ruge had no doubt that if he took one more step forward, he would be attacked by Little White Tiger. 

Those blue eyes were as cold as ice, but it was different from the pure indifference and disgust when they first met. The gaze from those eyes, at this moment, carried a manic and scorching wildness, like a fire blazing beneath the surface of the ice, where the flame could melt through the ice at any time. 

He Ruge clicks on Little White Tiger’s status.


[Disgusted]: No.20 wishes to kill everyone in Starry Sea Orphanage, including you 

[Awakened]: The little monster is finally awake, he desires to carry out an act that will overturn the heavens and Earth. 

……It turns out that Little White Tiger was really gone, and what appeared now was the little monster that the game had been foreshadowing. 

He Ruge had always thought that the status of a sleeping “little monster” meant that the little white tiger would transform into a little monster, or that he would gradually become a little monster due the repetitive experiments, causing him to become physically and psychologically distorted into a little monster. 

However, He Ruge never would have thought that a little monster actually lived inside Little White Tiger’s body. If the little monster woke up, then where was his little white tiger? 

He use the mouse and randomly clicked all over the little monster at a loss. 

【Touch Head】(locked) 

【Touch Back】(locked) 

【Squeeze Paws】(locked)


All of the options for intimate interaction were locked and in a gray-colored state. 

The little monster’s initial affection level for him was lower than that of Little White Tiger’s. At least, when He Ruge interacted with Little White Tiger in the beginning, Little White Tiger would still let him touch his head, although he would be swiped at if he patted his head. 

Why didn’t Little White Tiger continue to scratch at him then? 

He Ruge reached deep into his memories. If he recalled correctly, it seems to be when his glasses had fallen off? 

……Did the glasses have some sort of special settings?

He Ruge clicked on his outfit, took off his black glasses, and looked back at the little monster expectantly. The little monster in the cotton nest appeared indifferent and gave He Ruge a vicious glare. 

When the little monster, who looked exactly like Little White Tiger, made such a fierce expression, He Ruge really felt hurt. It was a heartbreaking feeling. 

He clicked on [Talk] with his mouse. 


【Roar! “Roll!” 】 

He Ruge: “……” 

He Ruge then clicked on [Feed], and the game automatically placed the solution one meter away from the little monster by default. Thus, He Ruge wasn’t even given a chance to interact with the little monster.

The game arranging everything automatically was probably for players’ sake. If one finally managed to fill up their favorability levels, but then ended up being attacked by the other in the next second, even if they had a heart of steel, it would still be shattered into pieces under this huge change. 

Although he understood the logic behind this, when he saw the little monster full of hostility and separated by a whole diagonal length of the room, saying that He Ruge wasn’t sad would be a lie. 

He doesn’t want a little monster, he only wanted Little White Tiger. But, he also doesn’t want to be hated by the little monster because the little monsters looked exactly like Little White Tigers.

He Ruge felt like he was a scumbag. His White Moonlight (lover) had left him, so he found a perfect substitute. Yet, while complaining that the substitute was not the same as the White Moonlight, he was saddened that the substitute did not love him.

Depressedly, He Ruge moved the character to leave the room. After leaving the room, He Ruge wanted to walk back into the room to look at the little monster. 

However, the little monster had made it very clear he did not want to see He Ruge. 

Thus, the witty He Ruge held down the space bar and used the Secret Observation skill. 

In the old, black-and-white camera-like lens, the little monster turned its head laboriously, licking his right Zerg wing cherishingly. He licked it in solitude for a while before he began to cry silently. 

Crying pitifully.

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[1]Original: 铺天盖地的精神波翻尸捣骨而来,将森森白骨覆上虚假的皮肉, 在荒芜的灵魂原野上建起一座座海市蜃楼. Trying to translate this paragraph caused my brain to ascend lmao. If anyone has a different translation for this, do let me know and I’ll update this version. Meaning: the brainwashing experiment is rewriting his entire being

[2] White Paper: symbolizing that the brainwashing made him easier to influence

[3] Painting of plum blossoms: Direct translation: Trekking in search of red plum blossoms in the snow, a common Chinese art motif

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