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SA Chapter 80 (Part 2) – Abstinent Temperament

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Among the people present, only Ren Shuzhi knew that Qin Cheng had slept in Rong Xu’s room last night. She looked at the two people suspiciously, opening her mouth a few times but then finally deciding to keep her mouth shut.

It was better not to interfere with this strange turn of events. Who knows how the relationship between these two became antagonistic[2]. It was still okay for her to offend Rong Xu, but she definitely couldn’t afford to offend Qin Cheng.

Qin Cheng was not like the Film Empress Ren Shuzhi had secretly dealt with a long time ago. After that Empress became a washed up figure, Ren Shuzhi found someone to expose her husband’s scandals to make her lose face[3].

Resultingly, Director Yuan took the lead and made a call to book a room while Rong Xu just looked at Qin Cheng innocently, sporting a grin on his face.


Everyone walked to the hotel together, but no one noticed that a certain man had his lips pursed tightly while walking unhappily beside Rong Xu. The joviality and laughter from the people around them formed a sharp contrast with Qin Cheng’s bleak appearance. It was truly ‘within the brilliant and beautiful spring day, there comes an icy wind howling like winter’.

After arriving at the hotel, Qin Cheng once again tried to petition to room with Rong Xu: “I came over in a hurry, and I seem to have forgotten to bring my wallet.”

The middle-aged Director Yuan looked at Qin Cheng incredulously as he asked in astonishment: “You actually don’t use online banking?”

The 27 year old Qin Cheng: “……”

Rong Xu: “^_^”

Qin Cheng lived on the top floor while Rong Xu was on a middle floor, so the two parted ways in the elevator. The man had frowned his handsome eyebrows, seemingly wanting to say something, but Director Yuan and the other staff were watching in the elevator, so he just took a glance back at the youth before turning to leave.

When Rong Xu returned to his room, he received a text message before he could even take off his jacket.

[Qin Cheng: I will come down to find you.】

Looking at this text message, Rong Xu lay back on the big, soft bed and couldn’t help but raise the corners of his lips: [No need. I really do need to get up early to film tomorrow. The request for leave today had already delayed progress, and we must speed up the shooting process】

It was only after a long time did he receive a simple one-word reply from the man: [Oh……]

It was just one word, but the deep sense of loss was thoroughly presented and directly poured through the phone screen.

The smile on the young man’s lips grew a bit wider. Looking at his phone, he could guess that the man must be staring coldly at his phone screen with an expression of facial paralysis. It might appear like he didn’t really don’t care on the outside, but in reality……

[Rong Xu: Good night, the waterfall from today was very beautiful. 】

Seeing the text message, Qin Cheng was taken aback. After a while, he curved up his thin lips into a smile.

The waterfall was beautiful……

Qin Cheng then calmly pressed the voice record button and gently said into the phone in a low voice: “You are more beautiful.”

When Rong Xu tapped on the recording, a magnetic male voice echoed throughout the quiet room. The voice was soft and deep, like a gentle cello vibrato. Rong Xu’s body trembled slightly, and a flush appeared on his cheeks. He subconsciously flipped the phone over onto the bed and covered it with his hand. Then, Rong Xu got up and went into the bathroom to wash up.

On Qin Cheng’s side, after waiting for a long time, he still didn’t receive a reply. He raised an eyebrow and seemed to have come to an understanding. The youth was very smart, but he was also very shy.

His waist was thin and soft and a refreshing fragrance emitted from his body. When you hugged him tightly from behind, his face would flush from shyness, and his ears would turn red enough to drip blood. It made others want to bite down on his soft earlobes.

He was ten thousand times more beautiful than the waterfall.

Once confessed to, he would be too shy to look at you. If you say it again, he would raise his face and look at you with a calm facade, oblivious to the fact that his eyes were filled with glistening water, beautiful and…… seductive.

That scene reverberated through his mind once again, causing the man’s eyes to become deeper and darker. He pursed his lips tightly. The next moment, his whole body suddenly stiffened and he placed down his phone in a calm manner as he got up without a change in his expression and went into the bathroom…… to take a cold shower.

Qin Cheng’s second day at Xiangshan Film and Television City, and first day of observing the crew of Maze City, ended just like that.

When Director Yuan saw a specific man again in the crew the next day, his mouth hung open in surprise, and it took a while before he accepted this reality, asking: “…… come to observe again?”

Qin Cheng lowered his eyes and said with a serene expression: “The set location has yet to be determined.”

Director Yuan hurriedly said: “Rong Xu can’t go with you today, Qin Cheng, you have to go by yourself. At most, I can send a staff member to accompany you, lest you get lost.”

Upon hearing this, many staff members on the scene pricked up their ears excitedly as each one looked at Director Yuan with the same large words practically written on their face——

Please, let me serve this male god!

However, to their disappointment, Qin Cheng gently shook his head: “No hurry, we can talk about it later this afternoon.”

As a result, the Maze City crew formally ushered in a Film Emperor tier member.

Director Yuan had been in this industry for many years now and maintained a good reputation, but he rarely had the chance to cooperate with big-name Film Emperors and Empresses. Director Yuan preferred to use newcomers, just like for the cast of Maze City, except for Bo Xiwen who was once nominated for Film Emperor, almost all the other actors were newcomers.

Besides Rong Xu, Ren Shuzhi was a singer-turned-actor. She had appeared in TV shows before but Maze City was only the second film she has ever filmed.[1]


Initially, everyone thought that Qin Cheng was only here to take a casual look. But, unexpectedly, his observation lasted for a full three days.

Director Yuan was not worried that Qin Cheng would leak information on Maze City’s current progress. After all, this is the most basic of this industry’s ethics. If they couldn’t even do that, then that actor must not want to continue on in this industry.

It was just that, with Qin Cheng staying here, he kept feeling that something was a little out of place……

This situation didn’t turn better till the third day.

Director Yuan directly decided to regard this man just another ordinary person: Qin Cheng was only here to determine the set location, and it just so happened that he and Qin Cheng were familiar with one another, and Qin Cheng and Rong Xu had also worked together before. The other party had nowhere to go, so he came to hang out with the crew.

When he thought about it this way, everything became inconsequential.

However, as Director Yuan devoted himself to filming the movie, he naturally didn’t notice that a certain man sitting next to him and looking at the monitor was staring at the young man in the screen with an unnatural gaze.

Rong Xu in a suit, Rong Xu in glasses, Rong Xu with a poisonous tongue, yet clever words that just made others admire him…… Qin Cheng had previously experienced Rong Xu’s mature side before. Though he was still quite young, when Rong Xu played Ling Xiao in his 30s and 40s, he didn’t lose out to anyone.

When he narrows his eyes and looks at you seriously, it would appear as though the years had quietly settled upon him. His eyes would no longer be simple and pure, but rather mixed with a depth gained from experiencing the vicissitudes of life.

However, what never changed was that he always looked great.

Qin Cheng had long gotten a good grasp of Maze City’s plot. When he helped Rong Xu analyze the script, he came to understand a majority of it. But, nothing was as shocking as seeing it in person.

The scene they were filming this time was a night time scene.

The case exploded into something big. The city was covered in wind and rain, and there were only three days left of the time limit mandated from the higher ups to close the case. Xue Jiazhe gave Tan Yangxuan a lot of in-depth analysis, and they were getting closer and closer to the answer. However, as the ancestors said, one who traveled a hundred miles was really only halfway to ninety. They came closer to the truth, but also felt that they were getting further and further away from the truth.

With increasing numbers of media exposure on the case, Tan Yangxuan was under a lot of pressure, so he went to the university where Xue Jiazhe taught and listened to his lectures.

Even though it was an evening class, the classroom was still fully crowded by students. A young, handsome professor with high credentials and an icy temperament, even if the other’s tongue was poisonous and every student was terrified of being called on to answer questions, the students would still plead for Professor Xue to attend class every day.

Xue Jiazhe stood at the podium and lectured with an indifferent tone about the Barnum effect to the students below.

“As far as this psychological aspect is concerned, most of the astrology, divination and ancient Chinese fortune-telling can be explained through the Barnum effect. The fortunes derived from the astrological signs can basically be applied to everyone, and more than 90% of them will always be applicable.”

The young professor raised his eyes and a flash of darkness passed through his phoenix eyes as he looked towards the policeman sitting at the back of the classroom.

“But, I hope all of you understand that in this world…… there is no single theory that can explain every little thing or analyze any one person completely.”

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[1]Many hotels have their check-in lobby at the top most floor

[2] Antagonistic: She doesn’t know why RX is being mean to QC right now XD LOL

[3] Recall that Ren Shuzhi had a previously antagonistic relationship with a past Film Empress because RSZ was romantically involved with the Empress’s husband before they married. It wasn’t an affair but the Film Empress didn’t like it and decided to make RSZ’s career difficult

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 31 – I, This Koi Fish

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He Ruge placed the prop back into the backpack with a complicated mood. When he turned off the game, using his amazing self-control, to go work on writing he saw a huge number of unread messages jumping up and down on the Penguin App. 

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Congratulations on making it onto the Shelf!” 

“Shelf” is Jinjiang’s (JJWXC) ‘thousand views trending list’, located in the upper left-hand corner of the Bookshelf page. Each official V work only had one chance to make it onto the list- that is, from the early morning to the evening of the fourth day upon entering V. They can then stay on it for a full 24 hours, which was practically equivalent to being ‘published’.

The Shelf covered all genres, and the top six could be seen on the first page of the Shelf. On JinJiang, there was no other listing that allowed more exposure than the Shelf.

There is even a saying in the writer’s circle, which was ‘The Shelf determined life or death’.

He Ruge has been so obsessed with the game until late into the night that he even forgot he’d made it onto the Shelf. 

Sure enough, games are the cause of many troubles.


He scrolled through the chat log in a calm manner, but when he saw the following messages, his calm facade was utterly shattered. 

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Third on the Shelf! You are on the first page! You’re Set! Set! You’re gonna soar!!!” 

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Picture jpg.” 

It was a screenshot of the Shelf which had just refreshed at midnight exact. He Ruge’s work was ranked third, and the first and second placers were both well-received authors. His hand which was holding the screen trembled slightly, and He Ruge cautiously continued to read the following news.

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Ah, ah, ahhhh a counterattack! You’ve usurped the second placer! CHARGE!! I won’t allow you to stop!!!” 

That message was sent at three in the morning. 

The rankings on the thousand views trending list was ever changing. When a work’s views became higher than the work ranked above it, it will advance one place. However, usurping positions was very uncommon. 

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Ah, watching you grow is also making me so excited and anxious. Yet, you, this stinky pigeon, why haven’t you replied to me? It can’t be that you forgot you were going to be Shelved, right?!”

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Good night! I’m exhausted! I’m going to sleep first!” 

The chat records ended there. He Ruge opened JinJiang in a daze, and when he first looked at the thousand views trending list, he found —-

Hmm, why was the cover of the first place work so familiar? ……It seemed to be a cover he made himself. 

He, He Ruge, a common, everyday street writer, at 9 o’clock this morning, usurped first place in the thousand views trending list. 

The number of searches for this work was increasing every second, every minute. Last night, the number of bookmarks was only a 4-digit number, but now it had already skyrocketed to a 5-digit number. 

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Soon, I will have a close friend who is world-renowned for a popular work!”

At noon, 15,000 bookmarked. 

At 10:30 in the evening, 19,000 bookmarked. 

In the last minute before twelve o’clock midnight, 20,000 total bookmarked. 

Thus far, his single-day bookmarks had increased by more than 10,000. In recent years, with the explosion in popularity of online literature, the first work that garnered more than 10,000 single-day bookmarks while on the Shelf appeared and caused a sensation in the author’s forums. Although it wasn’t uncommon for a Shelved work to earn more than 10,000 bookmarks in the current times, it was still by no means a common occurrence. 

He Ruge was truly soaring.


This was the first year since he had graduated that he experienced a smooth take-off. 

New lines suddenly appeared on his legs. Now, in addition to red lines, there were also silver-white lines. 

Was this the change brought about by “collecting the power of faith” during the “awakening period” which 8 Legs had originally talked about? 

He Ruge also discovered that his hair was growing longer.

In the past, He Ruge’s hair had never exceeded his ears, but now it had already reached the sides of his shoulders. He Ruge wanted to use scissors to snip his own hair, but when the blade was aligned at his hair, He Ruge hesitated. 

After all, it was his first time being a monster, he shouldn’t be too reckless. 

What if there was something special about a monster’s hair? What if it was taboo, like “One cannot cut their hair in the first month of life, once cut an uncle will die.” 

The scissor that was lifted up was once again placed down silently. 

He Ruge looked at himself in the mirror and also noticed that his ears had become slightly pointy, reminiscent of elves from fantasy worlds. 

It was a very strange feeling. Although his own appearance hadn’t changed much, his hair only changed slightly and his ears became slightly pointy, but it was as if his entire temperament had suddenly transformed. 

Carrying the mentality of ‘if you don’t understand, then ask’, He Ruge went onto Penguin to reach out to 8 Legs. 

Ruge: “I have some questions. Do Bloodline patterns only have one color, or do they have multiple colors? After becoming a monster, will one’s hair suddenly grow longer and denser?” 

8 Legs: “…”

8 Legs: “If after becoming a monster, my hair will become denser and longer, then I wouldn’t have to worry that I’ll go bald from stress writing late into the night. We are monsters, not hair spirits. Since you are asking this, is it possible you can make hair grow longer denser? (Suddenly excited.jpg.)”

He Ruge subconsciously touched his lush hair in the next moment then glanced at the couldn’t-wait-to-jump-on-this-opportunity 8 Legs’ comment on the screen. His eyes landed on 8 Leg’s head. The big and round head was as bright as a light bulb, like the head of an octopus.

If his original form was like this, then 8 Leg’s excitement can indeed be understood.

Ruge: “I’m not sure, but my own hair has become denser. Oh yes, and my ears have also become pointy.”

Worried that his text description wasn’t clear enough, He Ruge sent over a photo of his ears and long hair. 

8 Legs: “These ears……Where have I seen this kind of ear before…… Are you a very good looking person?” 

Ruge: “……En.” 

8 Legs: “Then, you might belong to the Merfolk/Siren race. But, the Merfolk/Siren race haven’t been seen for a long time now. The conditions for Merfolk/Sirens to become adults are very harsh. I’ve never seen any remaining information on the Merfolk/Siren race, so I am unsure of the specificities.”

8 Legs: “But, I do know that for Sirens, one is even better looking than the other. Their average face value could crush any fox spirit. They have pointed ears and long hair……Damn, I really want to run over to see what you look like to personally determine if you are indeed a Siren.” 


Fish people? 


He Ruge looked down at the lines on his ankles. The red and white stripes were indeed similar to the appearance of fish scales, like using paint to outline the edges of fish scales in an artwork, but not yet filling them in with color.

8 Legs: “Also, the first question you asked me. Bloodline patterns do have different colors, but whatever colorations you have on your true form will reflect the colors of your Bloodline pattern. This is also why I said to not casually tell outsiders about your Bloodline pattern. Bloodline patterns are a very private and personal thing, comparable to personal account books. If someone sees your Bloodline pattern and understands the information exposed by them, it is very easy to guess your race.” 

8 Legs: “One’s true form can’t be exposed casually. For example, if there was a rat monster and a cat monster, even if they were equal in pure strength, the cat monster will still easily win. If one of the weak, aquatic races like us goes out randomly, what would they do if they were locked on by a cat or tiger race?” 

The amount of information in those words was a bit heavy, and He Ruge looked at his red and white lines in contemplation.

What kind of fish has both red and white colors, and has the natural skill of luck? 

The answer was practically glaring — 

Isn’t it a koi?! 

8 Legs: “I just scrolled through the chat records. You told me previously that you become lucky every time the Bloodline pattern glows, right?” 

8 Legs: “I’ve thought about it, and I think your true form might be a koi fish.” 

8 Legs: “When can we have a face-to-face meet up.  I want to shake hands with a Koi race to exchange some luck QAQ.”

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 80 (Part 1) – Abstinent Temperament

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On the Internet, Qin Cheng’s Weibo post rapidly gathered steam and received comments from many fans. At a glance, you’d know that this type of Weibo post must be posted by the celebrity themselves and was a fan favorite. Even if there was no selfie included, they were always excited to have a chance to get closer to their male god.

[This is Wuli God Qin’s style. No expression, elite indifference ~2333333] 


As for Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing’s Weibo, there were also many fan comments under the posts.

After the last “image collapse” incident, the fans who originally only paid attention to Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing because they wanted to spectate divine happenings now felt that this diety’s ‘bones were unique and temperament was otherworldly’! 

Just like now, this godly tyrant was confessing their affections again; the entire post revealed a sense of cute and silly from the inside out.

Fans couldn’t resist poking fun at this silly god, and as expected, the other party still replied! 

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing replied to Begonia: He’s just cute, I’m not publicly showing affection.】

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing reply to InHeZhiZhou: I am not silly. 】 

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing replied to the LostStars: Rong Rong and him (Marshall Huo)…… are both cute, there is no superior or inferior! 】

Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing only replied to a few people before disappearing again. But after all, ‘she’ was a tyrant, so fans didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. Instead, they took it for granted: [The original silly godly tyrant poster probably went home for dinner, hahahaha, rationally speaking, how big do you think Orange Stuffing’s house is? I bet a pack of spicy sticks that you must drive in order to get from the gate to the main building! 】

Notwithstanding the situation on the internet, in Xiangshan Film and Television City, the hotel that Director Yuan booked was within the city where many other crews would also often gather together for meals. Their prices weren’t particularly expensive, and the dishes weren’t particularly delicious, but it was a very convenient place. The environment was quiet and compelling. Ren Shuzhi had also treated everyone to dinner here yesterday.

When Rong Xu and Qin Cheng arrived at the hotel, the crew had already ordered the dishes. 


The director, producer, screenwriters, and main actors sat at the same table, while the other staff members and crew sat according to their respective departments. As a guest, Qin Cheng naturally had to sit at a table with Director Yuan. Seeing him walk over, Director Yuan happily  waved his hand and patted the empty seat next to him: “You are late, Qin Cheng. I specifically saved — ” …… a seat for you. Sit next to me.

Before he could complete his sentence, Qin Cheng interrupted him: “We accidentally got lost.”

Director Yuan laughed boisterously: “Yes, since your debut, it seems you’ve yet to film here before. It’s normal to get lost. Qin Cheng, you can sit……” 

“I’ll sit with Rong Xu.” The man’s indifferent and deep voice sounded lightly[1].

Director Yuan was taken aback for a bit as he thought for a moment. Then, he slowly retracted his hand, and said with a smile: “Alright. You guys are here, now we can start the meal.”

The person Qin Cheng was most familiar with in the crew was probably Rong Xu, and he also specially came to visit Rong Xu’s work. Sitting next to Rong Xu wasn’t abnormal. 

Having said that, with Qin Cheng present, the atmosphere of the dinner party was stiff the entire time.

The crew also had dinner here together yesterday, but because they were filming the next day, no one drank much as they conversed and laughed. It was still quite lively. But today, everyone only ate earnestly, and even some of the props crew who usually joked around were sitting upright.

However, the person involved didn’t feel anything wrong at all. Under the bright lights, the man had his head lowered as he peeled shrimp in a serious manner. 

Qin Cheng had a pair of beautiful hands, fingers slender and thin. Like many men’s, his knuckles were somewhat prominent, and his nails were round and smooth. These hands, when used to wipe away the heroine’s tears, appeared moving and pleasing. But now, even though they were being used to…… peel shrimp, they still appeared highly elegant.

After peeling a whole shrimp, Qin Cheng subconsciously wanted to put the shrimp into Rong Xu’s bowl. He had contemplated this action countless times before. When the two of them ate at home, he always wanted to help the young man grab food whenever he picked up his chopsticks. But, because it couldn’t be realized, he could only dream about it in his heart. 

Today, just his hand slid over to the side a little, he froze.

His long and thin fingers froze in midair for a moment before Qin Cheng expressionlessly put the tender and white shrimp meat into his own bowl. 

This subtle action was not noticed by others. 

Director Yuan was currently chatting with the screenwriter and producer about the scenes recorded today, and Ren Shuzhi also led Ma Qi and the others in discussions. Rong Xu was asking the psychology professor for some professional knowledge to enhance his own professionalism. 

In the large banquet hall, Qin Cheng was the only one earnestly peeling shrimp. With graceful movements, he peeled one and then another, putting all of them into his own bowl. However, he didn’t eat them, just peeled them one by one. After his whole bowl was filled with peeled shrimps did he frown and say softly: “Accidentally peeled too many.”

As soon as his words fell, everyone around him turned to look at him. 

Qin Cheng pursed his lips and looked calmly at the youth beside him, asking: “Do you like shrimp?” 

Rong Xu was startled, and he momentarily couldn’t react: “……Huh?”

The man picked up the chopsticks and calmly moved more than half of the shrimp from his bowl into Rong Xu’s bowl, leaving only one for himself. 

Qin Cheng’s face was the picture of calm indifference as he sighed softly and said with a casual tone: “Help me finish them, there’s too much.” 

Rong Xu: “……” 

Everyone else: “……” 

You peeled so many but only ate two. What were you looking for? ! ! !

As if hearing the voices in their hearts, Qin Cheng lifted his gaze and curled the corners of his lips calmly. He then said with a faint smile: “Peeling shrimp is quite interesting.” 

Everyone, even more this time: “……” 

Speak, where is it interesting! ! !

But this time, Rong Xu looked at his bowl which was filled to the brim with shrimp meat and his pupils trembled slightly as he seemed to have realized something. He turned his head to look at the man beside him, and saw that Qin Cheng had started quietly and seriously peeling a crab since who knows when. 

Crab meat was much harder to deal with than shrimp meat, so Qin Cheng’s actions were quite a bit slower. A while later, one crab was peeled, but it could only be considered half peeled and couldn’t be eaten wholly like shrimp meat. However, after he finished peeling it, he put it into his bowl and didn’t eat it.

Instead, he picked up a second crab.

After peeling four of them, the man frowned once more: “Peeled too much again……”

The people who noticed early on: “……” 

Director Yuan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he said: “Xiao Qin, you even have this…… hobby?” 

Qin Cheng raised his head: “I just accidentally didn’t realize.” After speaking, he turned his head again and looked at Rong Xu: “Do you like crab?” 

The young man smiled: “I like it.” 

Without a change in his expression, Qin Cheng divided more than half of the crab meat over.

This is just a small incident during the meal. Director Yuan and others were still more interested in the film that Qin Cheng was shooting recently. The movie was filmed in New Zealand and Los Angeles and was a commercial blockbuster. People within the country didn’t have much information on it, but it’s release was very likely to collide with Maze City

Director Yuan presented a pleasant face and carefully tried to pry some information out of Qin Cheng. The other seemed completely unaware of the intentions, and he answered whatever Director Yuan asked. 

The smile on Director Yuan’s face grew deeper and deeper throughout dinner, but only once the dinner ended was he taken aback, and the corners of his mouth twitched. He secretly said to the producer next to him: “Qin Cheng is such a sly lad. Everything he said were things that were already announced at the launch conference. It’s like he didn’t say anything at all, truly mischievous.”

That evening, when they returned to the hotel, Director Yuan helped Qin Cheng open another room, but Qin Cheng narrowed his eyes and said: “It’s fine, I’ll just stay with Rong Xu.” 

Hearing this, Director Yuan immediately thought that the other party was helping the crew save money: “Haha, you’re overthinking. You’re paying for your own room. Qin Cheng, Rong Xu needs to film the next day. You observing his work is fine, but how can you even freeload in someone else’s home. Aren’t you afraid you’ll disturb our Rong Xu’s rest and make him unable to film well the next day? You’ll pay for the room yourself. Our staff will help you book a room. Don’t even think about not paying later on.” [2]

Qin Cheng: “There’s really no need……”

“What Director Yuan said makes sense,” a young and clear voice interrupted Qin Cheng’s words. Rong Xu grinned and looked at Qin Cheng: “Although we are quite familiar, Mr. Qin, I still need to film tomorrow. It’s not too convenient.” 

Qin Cheng: “……” 

The man silently turned his head to look at the youth, only to see Rong Xu’s face lit up with a brilliant smile, looking at Qin Cheng with clear eyes. His smile was very sincere, as if he was merely stating a fact. Director Yuan also nodded in agreement.


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[1]I’m not sure if I missed 2 or 3 words in this sentence. My computer showed them as boxes.

[2]Director yuan thinks QC is being humble and doesn’t want to trouble the crew.

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 30 (Part 2) – Acting Cute

Chapter is unedited. I will come back and edit this soon!

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In fact, Little White Tiger and Little Rabbit would often secretly compete to see who ate faster. The tiny game secret was discovered by He Ruge very early on. Since the beginning, He Ruge had always felt that this game was very realistic and detailed. As long as one observed closely, even if it was just watching the cubs drink milk, they would be able to find all sorts of Easter eggs.

But at this moment, when He Ruge saw Little White Tiger turn his head subconsciously, the once intriguing Easter egg he had found was cracked open. The egg shell broke and revealed a knife. He Ruge felt distressed.

Little White Tiger stiffened for a moment before turning his head back around as if nothing had happened. .


It would be best if Little White Tiger could see the Goblin Ball. Thus, He Ruge clicked on the little Goblin Ball in his backpack and wanted to place the ball in front of Little White Tiger, but it was useless. Little White Tiger seemed unable to see the prop.

He lay quietly on the cotton nest, his tiger ears drooped down without much energy. He appeared pitiful and in need of comfort.

He Ruge quickly clicked on [Touch Head].

Every time he patted Little White Tiger’s small head, the dullness in his blue eyes would diminish minutely.


[Roar “It’s warm and comfortable”]

[No. 20’s mood becomes gradually better]

[Roar~ “Touch back, too”]

He Ruge: “……!”

Was this ‘acting cute to beg for pats’? Is it? Is it? It must be!

During his lifetime, he could actually see the image of Little White Tiger actively begging to be petted. He really wanted to bawl (in happiness) on the spot. He Ruge excitedly clicked [Touch Back].

The palm of his hand brushed across Little White Tiger’s back. But, because of the Zerg wings, there were many places on his back that couldn’t be reached, making Little White Tiger unhappy.


[Rawr “The Zerg wings are really hateful”]

[No.20 looks at you]

[……Ao “Do you truly like these Zerg wings?”】

The originally unhappy Little White Tiger became more cautious at this moment, like a little hedgehog just starting school and sitting in his seat nervously, for fear that his spikes would hurt his own deskmate.

He Ruge couldn’t help sighing.

My little white tiger, ah, in what way can I make you understand and believe that you are the cutest little kitten in my whole world, that I like everything about you?

Because this was a game, He Ruge used the game’s method to express himself. He clicked on [Touch Wings], and under Little White Tiger’s calm facade, he gently touched the silver-white Zerg wings.

It was a very gentle touch, as if he regarded the Zerg wings as a precious and fragile existence. Every action reflected cherishment.



[No. 20 has not spoken in a long time]

[No. 20’s stiff body begins to relax]

[……Ao “Except for the wing tips, the other parts of the wings……I also allow you to touch them”]

He Ruge almost shed fatherly tears. After so many years, his rebellious son was finally willing to get close to him, even if it was just awkwardly calling him father, it could make him teary.

Too soft, too cute. How could such a meng Little White Tiger really exist? He Ruge was almost floating. It was only his remaining reason that prevented him from clicking on [Breath on Belly] and the other selectable options,too.

Because it had been a while since he’d checked Little White Tiger’s favorability, He Ruge clicked on Little White Tiger’s status.

[Favorability]: Maybe it’s the love of a friend, or the love of a lover, or the love of a family member. You are an inseparable existence to No.20. Favorability level 93

[Unawakened]: No one has discovered that No. 20 is a little monster, except you

Even though He Ruge had mentally prepared himself a while back, he was still a little surprised at Little White Tiger’s favorability level. He always felt that this game gave out favorability points too willy-nilly, so much that it was comparable to something as unscientific as pie falling from the sky.

…… But, he had indeed become super lucky…….

He Ruge, who became a European1, began to deeply contemplate the possibility of receiving pie from the sky. 

Then, he suddenly remembered that he still had five unopened pink Gacha eggs. Today was a new day, so he could harvest some new rare items.

He Ruge clicked on the pink Gacha button. After the red streaks on his legs glowed and burned, two new, rare items were obtained.

[Name]: Pain Nullifier 

[Quality]: Rare

[Evaluation]: If you turn yourself into a robot, would you be able to adjust the stats of your own body? Then, just reduce the pain to the minimum setting, zero! I am now a brave baby who is unafraid of shots~ Hmm? Robots don’t seem to feel pain……

[Name]: Miniature Energy Bomb

[Quality]: Rare

[Evaluation]: Have you never seen such a tiny energy bomb? You can even put it in your pocket~ But, it’s not a child’s toy, BANG BANG BANG ~ It’s a weapon that can kill people~

[Limitations]: Only three energy bombs

He Ruge fell silent.

He had been playing this broken game for a while now, so he discovered some hidden contingencies, such as: every time he gets a new rare prop from a pink Gacha egg, it wouldn’t even have time to warm up in his backpack before it would have to be taken out and used.

An analgesic prop, an energy bomb.

What kinda insane crap did this spicy chicken game want to make him do next? Was it going to throw him into a duel? !

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  1. IDK what pie in the sky has to do with being European, but that’s how the raws had it.

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 79 (Part 2) – Exactly What Is Wrong With It?

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The next moment, he heard the man who suddenly hugged him speak in the most sincere and solemn tone. There was a hint of a smile in his voice, but his tone was very firm as he whispered four words to him using the most lingering, magnetic voice.

When these words landed, the youth’s eyes widened. His clear pupils flashed with shock and a hint of unconcealable happiness. After a while, he couldn’t help but lift the corners of his lips and give a helpless but gentle smile.


The huge pile of weapons and energy bombs in the staff dorm proved that Crow wasn’t joking, but how did he get his hands on this many weapons?

Luo Qian finally saw Rong Xu and Qin Cheng thirty minutes later.

They’d said they would be back within ten minutes, but no one expected that these two people would only return after half an hour.

Luo Qian and a makeup artist were waiting together at the gate of the set. Upon seeing Rong Xu and Qin Cheng, the two hurried forward, and Luo Qian said aggrievedly: “Director Yuan and everyone else went to the hotel first. Director Yuan criticized me saying that I shouldn’t have let you and Mr. Qin leave alone, and I should’ve followed after you just in case.”

What Director Yuan said was indeed correct. As an assistant, Luo Qian was responsible for ensuring Rong Xu’s safety at all times and shouldn’t have let Rong Xu leave by himself. However, Rong Xu also needed his own personal space. If he didn’t want Luo Qian to follow, the latter naturally would’t follow.

Therefore, Director Yuan’s words only had one meaning: See, if you had followed, they would have come back long ago, right?

After all, Luo Qian was still quite young, and she complained to Rong Xu with an aggrieved look. Rong Xu could tell at a glance that the young girl was only joking, and wasn’t really throwing a tantrum. So, he smiled and said: “Didn’t we come back? We just got a little lost halfway.”

Luo Qian nodded: “It’s not that late. Let’s go to the hotel and meet up with Director Yuan and the others.”

The four of them then headed towards the hotel. Luo Qian and the makeup artist walked in front, Rong Xu and Qin Cheng walked behind.

The sky grew darker, but there were plentiful street lights on both sides of the roads in the studio area, so it was still very bright. The makeup artist had a good relationship with Luo Qian, so she had stayed behind this time to accompany her in waiting for Rong Xu. She and Luo Qian were walking ahead, and as they walked, the makeup artist couldn’t help but turn her head and peer backwards furtively.

Once or twice was fine, but after the other party repeated the action several times, Luo Qian asked in bewilderment: “Qi Qi, what are you looking at? Is there something to see behind us?”

Hush!!!” The young makeup artist quickly covered Luo Qian’s mouth. When she realized that the two behind them didn’t seem to have overheard, she breathed a sigh of relief and leaned to Luo QIan’s side, whispering: “Qian Qian, don’t you feel like something’s weird? I keep feeling like there’s something…… abnormal between Mr. Qin and Rong Rong. Something’s different from the afternoon.”

Although He Ruge was very moved by Crow’s proposal and also believed that this spicy chicken laboratory, this spicy chicken orphanage, should have been bombed long ago, but this plan was a road of no return.

Luo Qian was stunned for a moment, and then she also secretly peeked backwards. But, she only saw Rong Xu and Qin Cheng walking in harmony behind them. Neither of them spoke nor interacted with one another, but the picture they painted was truly pleasing to the eye. Both were male gods whom she liked. One was handsome, and the other……in comparison, was even more beautiful.

Ah, Rong Rong really is good looking……

“Qian Qian!” Makeup artist Qi Qi interrupted her friend’s fantasies once again and whispered quietly: “You really don’t feel like anything’s changed?”

Luo Qian quickly observed them again carefully. Mr. Qin had always been very handsome and that hadn’t changed in more than ten years. As for Rong Rong…… huh, Rong Rong actually took out his phone to play with? ! Was this really okay? Mr. Qin was right next to him, but Rong Rong was actually playing on his phone? ! ! !

Luo Qian finally faintly perceived that something was wrong. Her family’s Rong Rong had always been smart and had extremely high emotional intelligence. Everyone in the crew liked him. So, how could Rong Rong disrespect Qin Cheng so much by playing on his phone right now?

At this time, Qi Qi again whispered in a low voice: “Is there really nothing wrong……”

Luo Qian then nodded with deep understanding: “There is! I’ll have a talk with Rong Rong when we get back tonight. How can he play on the phone right in front of God Qin. Even God Qin’s not playing on his phone, yet Rong Rong is actually playing. If God Qin got angry, what would I do?”

Qi Qi: “……”

They weren’t talking about the same thing at all! ! !

Happy thanksgiving holiday yall!

Though, having said that, the makeup artist still couldn’t point out anything wrong in particular. She just felt that something was weird, but couldn’t actually explain how. 

In the end, she was angered by Luo Qian’s implied “Qi Qi, don’t tell me your vision has worsened again?” look and stopped thinking too much into the situation

However, Luo Qian didn’t know that, behind them, the youth was carefully scrolling through his phone with his right hand while his left hand brushed against the man’s right hand from time to time. When Qin Cheng found that the two in front had stopped looking backwards and seemed to be discussing makeup, the man decisively stretched out his hand and tightly clasped the youth’s soft, smaller hand.

Rong Xu’s steps suddenly paused, and his gaze moved away from the phone screen to look at Qin Cheng.

The cold and noble man lifted his head indifferently, and said in a calm manner: “It’s a bit cold.”

Rong Xu couldn’t help laughing: “……”

After a while, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, he asked: “If I remember right, it’s almost June. The temperature today was close to 20 degrees C?” And your hands are still burning hot!


Heat radiated from the man’s warm palms. Rong Xu was born with naturally cold hands and feet, and it was difficult for him to warm up even in summer. But today, he and Qin Cheng were both a bit overdressed. Holding hands like this, not to mention the possibility of being discovered by the two in front of them, Rong Xu also felt a bit too warm.

He whispered softly: “It’s a bit hot.”

Qin Cheng was momentarily taken aback. A trace of loss flashed across his eyes, and he let go of the youth’s hand with a low “En“. However, the next moment, the young man’s fingers brushed against his, and then ten fingers were intertwined, their palms clinging to each other without a single gap.

Qin Cheng turned his head in surprise and saw that the young man’s eyebrows were slightly curved. A bright and soft smile appeared on his face: “However, it’s better to be a bit hot.”

The tips of his ears suddenly became burning hot. Qin Cheng gave a soft “En” before quickly turning away from him, never glancing at the youth again.

However, he was overthinking it. 

Rong Xu again took out his cell phone, and sent a text message to Luo Zhentao with one hand, discussing the matter of attending the Peony Award ceremony in two days. He didn’t notice Qin Cheng at all.

Only after walking for a while did Qin Cheng realize that this young man actually ran away after he finished teasing. There was no follow up at all!

Qin Cheng: “……”

A minute later, the man lowered his head calmly, took out his cell phone, and sent a few Weibo posts.

[Qin Cheng: The weather is really nice today, I like this waterfall very much [Picture]]

One moment later, the number of comments on this Weibo post exceeded 5,000, and the number of likes broke past 20,000 very quickly. Fans excitedly liked and commented on their Male God’s Weibo, endlessly asking for ‘selfies, selfies’ in unison!

At the same time, within Rongxu’s fan circle, the famous Godly Wealthy Fair Maiden also posted a Weibo post.

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: He is so cute, he is so gentle, he likes me (·w·)! ! !

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The author has something to say:

Orange Qin: RongRong runs after teasing, not taking responsibility!!!

RongRong: Then, I won’t tease anymore in the future, okay?

Orange Qin: Not okay!!!!!

What did he say?! The world may never know. BUT “I like you” “Be my lover” “Be mine” are all 4 words in Chinese. “I love you” is 3 words, but “I love Rong Rong” is 4 words!! Let your imagination run wild.

TL Corner: Chinese fun fact. The ‘Qian’ in Luo Qian can also be read as Xi (“She”)! I chose to go with Qian even though Xi is more common as a name because “Qian” is associated with the connotations “brilliance, ruby, outstanding” ^w^

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 79 (Part 1) – Exactly What Is Wrong With It?

Note: to avoid subject confusion, I have replaced many pronouns with the actual names.

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The faintly warm sunset descended completely below the horizon at this moment.

The sky swiftly turned blue and a long, narrow and navy-colored ribbon spread through the sky from the south to the north, dotted with a few brilliant, red clouds. Not far away, the sound of the waterfall could still faintly reach the ears, and amidst the spectacular mountains and rivers, the beauty of all the things in the world was not comparable to the eyes of the young man with a serious gaze.

The air around them seemed to freeze instantly, condensing into ice.

Rong Xu raised his eyes and looked at Qin Cheng intensely, and Qin Cheng also looked down towards him.

There were no other sounds in the spacious area, only the breeze blowing across the leaves, creating swishing sounds.

One year ago, when Mrs. Qin flew back to Huaxia in exasperation and thoroughly gave her son a scolding with a dark face, she’d said: “Why don’t you care about your Rong family’s younger brother”, but she never would have thought that, one day, her son would be meticulously concerned to this degree.

That evening, in the Rong family’s living room, he saw the youth for the first time.

For some, love develops after a long time together, for others, love comes at first sight.

There will never be another, just him. 

No one else, only him.

So, that day, he gave him the keys to his apartment. The keys which even his mother didn’t have access to, he personally handed them over, and then watched the youth smile and curve his beautiful eyes. Rong Xu had said to him Qin Cheng in a clear and more melodic voice: “Thank you.”

Everything seemed to have happened just yesterday.

Time did not grind down this sudden love. Rather, with the precipitation of the years, it was like maturing red wine, becoming more and more mellow. It became harder to let go — reluctant, unwilling to let go.

But now, the young man who was swaddled on the cusp of his heart was standing in front of him, asking what he had just said.

Looking at the youth’s brilliant eyes that seemed to hide a whole starry sky, Qin Cheng raised his thin lips after a while and asked calmly, “If not that, then what?”

Someone in the industry once commented that Huaxia’s most suitable actor to act in romance movies used to be a high tier actor who had passed away in the last century. He wasn’t very handsome, but his smiles would make every woman feel moved and be willing to give up everything and elope with him to the end of the world. Right below this actor would be Qin Cheng.

Qin Cheng’s voice was very nice.

He never needed voice dubbing, and all the voices of his characters were his own original voice. Whenever he lowered his voice and gently called out the female lead’s name, anyone sitting in the audience can’t help but be moved by him, understanding why the female lead would fall to pieces over loving this man.

However, when Qin Cheng deliberately lowered his voice, Rong Xu only curved up the corners of his lips and said meaningfully: “Yes, if not ‘Be Careful’, what else could it be…”. The end of his last syllable was stretched out with an unconcealed smile.

The two stared at each other for a long time before the man slowly closed his eyes, reopening them only a while later. He looked at the young man who was continuously smiling, helplessly curling up the corners of his mouth and revealing a shallow smile.

Rong Xu was the only one in this world who could push him to this level. Because he was willing to be forced by him like this, because he was willing to be questioned like this, did the situation from now come into existence. Only Rong Xu could do this. Because he was Rong Xu, the only person he had ever liked.

A pair of phoenix eyes looked up slightly. After what appeared to be a long time, it seemed he had finally come to a decision. Qin Cheng sighed softly and opened his mouth: “Perhaps those words might have been……”


Someone’s phone suddenly rang, interrupting Qin Cheng’s words.

Qin Cheng: “……”


The ambiguous and dense atmosphere vanished in an instant. Rong Xu widened his eyes in surprise as he took his phone out of his pocket. Seeing the name on the screen, he quickly pressed the answer button: “Sis’ Xiao Qian? What’s the matter……En, we’ll go back immediately, probably within ten minutes… Okay, wait for us first.”

After hanging up the phone, Rong Xu raised his head and said: “Because you came to observe, Director Yuan decided to end the shooting early today and have everyone go out for a meal together. Now, everyone is waiting for us on set. As soon as we arrive, we’ll immediately go eat.”

While talking, Rong Xu walked forward and directly bypassed Qin Cheng.

Rong Xu had always been a very punctual person, and Luo Qian sounded quite anxious on the phone, as if it was a spontaneous decision made by Director Yuan who was probably now rushing the crew without giving anyone time to prepare. It was impossible for Director Yuan to call and rush Qin Cheng, so he asked Luo Qian to call Rong Xu. Anyways, as long as one of them came back, the other would have to come back regardless.

A trace of regret flashed through his heart, and Rong Xu frowned slightly, unable to conceal the disappointment on his face.

This call came too untimely. If it was only a little later, even five minutes later, perhaps they would have……

His whole body suddenly froze!

Rong Xu stood locked in the same place. His eyes widened, and he looked forwards in disbelief.

A pair of sturdy arms embraced him tightly from behind and wrapped around his waist. Heat slowly spread from the place where the two’s bodies were closely in contact, burning like a raging inferno bursting into flames.

It was so tight that there was no gap. The hug had come suddenly and ambiguously.

On the path surrounded by an expanse of greenery, the tall and handsome man suddenly stretched out his hands and embraced the young man walking in front of him. He held the other tightly, as if the other would run away as soon as he let go. So, he firmly locked the other party in his arms, then….. He leaned down towards the person’s beautiful ears.

The next moment, a warm exhalation gently blew against the youth’s ear.

Rong Xu’s body suddenly softened, and he wanted to turn his head stiffly. But, he hadn’t moved yet before he heard a low laughter sound beside his ears. The breath landed on his earlobe and seemed to penetrate into his bones. A faint pink gradually rose on the youth’s white face, and his throat became dry.

He called hoarsely: “Qin Cheng……”

En.” The man let out a lazy hum from his nose.

Rong Xu tightened his fingers: “Qin Cheng, you……”

Xiao Xu.” A low, magnetic voice gently interrupted Rong Xu’s words.

Rong Xu’s pupils shrank slightly and his eyelashes fluttered, as if he suddenly realized what was going to happen next.

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 30 (Part 1) – Acting Cute

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[Is to bomb this laboratory.】

He Ruge was startled when he saw Crow words and suspected that his sight was blurry.

……b, bomb?

The huge pile of weapons and energy bombs in the staff dorm proved that Crow wasn’t joking, but how did he get his hands on this many weapons?


Will you go with me?

[The memory-restored Crow is filled with resentment towards Starry Sea Orphanage’s laboratories. Golden Python’s rebellion became the fuse that sparked Crow’s desperate decision to seek revenge. He invites you to join him before taking action. Your options are:

A. Join Crow

B. Reject to protect oneself]


Although He Ruge was very moved by Crow’s proposal and also believed that this spicy chicken laboratory, this spicy chicken orphanage, should have been bombed long ago, but this plan was a road of no return. 

He wasn’t alone. He had to consider Little White Tiger and Little Goblin Ruan Ruan. If he went off with Crow, what would happen to Little White Tiger?

He Ruge ended up rejecting the exhilarating plan.

Crow took a long inhalation of his cigarette. He coughed a little uncomfortably before tossing it away. The cigarette butt was accurately thrown into the trash can. 

He then slipped off the energy cannon and mounted all the weapons onto himself- onto his arms, back, legs, and even his head.

Crow, who had turned himself into a turret in the blink of an eye, also carried a large-scale energy cannon on his back. From the back, he gave off a majestic and tragic image of a valiant man who pursued a route of no return. He was still as quiet as before but was no longer comparable to a ghost that shuffled through the dark. No ghost could carry such a murderous intent and brave aura.

Crow kicked the door open with one foot and waved back to He Ruge without turning his head.

He opened the cages of all the experimental subjects on Basement Level two, and asked the experimental subjects who were close to successful transplant integration if they wanted to join him in bombing the lab.

Little White Tiger’s iron cage was also opened.

Little White Tiger squatted on the ground and observed Crow for a long time. He watched as more and more experimental subjects gathered in a row behind Crow. He snorted slightly, and instead of joining the group out to seek retribution, he turned around and ran towards He Ruge.

He Ruge held the little white tiger and stood at the far end of the corridor, watching as Crow gradually walked away. The last he saw of Crow was when a pair of dark Zerg wings broke through his clothes and opened up slowly.

Shrill sirens sounded throughout the orphanage. The roar of explosions obliterated everything in its wake, and the corridor of Basement floor two almost completely collapsed.


Crow is dead.

The experimental subjects who followed after Crow also died. 

They dragged the demons (scientists) of Basement Level Three with them into hell, but unlike those devilish monsters, each of them has Zerg wings, so they could fly. Fly from hell all the way up to the heavens.

[Crow has blown up the laboratory on Basement Level Three and personally admitted that Golden Python’s escape was related to him. It was he who opened the door of the carriage channel and let Golden Python break through the ceiling. You have gotten rid of your suspicions and pretend that nothing is wrong.

He Ruge didn’t see the image of Crow’s death, but the game’s narration allowed his imagination to fill in the blanks.

…… Crow, really was a person who repaid gratitude with favor and grudges with vengeance. He said that he would bomb the laboratory and so he did. But, he didn’t even forget to help him resolve some of his suspicions before he died.

He Ruge pushed at his glasses frame. A pang of soreness accumulated in his chest. He knew he should be happy for Crow. For someone like Crow who was clear about his grievances and never went back on his words, being able to reap his vengeance on the spot was his most desired ending. If you wanted him to just tolerate it, even if he survived, he would never be happy.

However, He Ruge felt terribly uncomfortable in his heart, to the point where he didn’t even want to continue playing the game. He checked the time and found that it was already very late. Thus, He Ruge turned off the game. 

He tossed and turned on the bed for a long time, unable to sleep. 

The grievances he held in his heart was like a breath caught in his throat. He Ruge got up and walked to the window. He pulled open the curtains and looked up at the starry sky.

When people die, can they really become stars? Will the deceased meet again as stars? Then, which stars were the deceased Crow and Golden Python on?

Clearly, this was just a game. But, He Ruge kept feeling that all the NPCs in the game had once existed in real life.  

Becoming immersed in a game to this extent also wasn’t good and caused him to feel anxious.

Since he couldn’t sleep, then let’s write!

It’s sexy for authors to write late into the night. After He Ruge entered V, he had continuously been above ten thousand words. Although he spent a significant amount of time typing every day, he actually didn’t have many saved manuscripts (as backlogs).

With a speed of 1,500 words per hour, it actually took eight to nine hours each day. He Ruge was not a typing machine. Continuously typing for long hours would give him an illusory sense of emptyheadedness.

Everyday, other than writing, his daily life consisted of Little White Tiger. But, based on his current daily, ten thousand word speed, he estimated this book would be complete in another two months time, and he wanted to give himself a vacation after it was over.

Thinking of Little White Tiger, He Ruge remembered the screenshots he had taken in the game. He found the screenshots and made them into the background of the typing program so that whenever he was typing up manuscripts, it would be like Little White Tiger was accompanying him.

Looking at the typing interface’s background, He Ruge’s heart felt warm. He finally thought of a word to describe Little White Tiger’s smile.

It was healing.

He hoped that Little White Tiger could laugh this happily every day.

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 78 (Part 2) – To You, I Speak These Three Words

Part 2 of the sponsored chapter! Enjoy!

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As the day approached the evening, the round sunset fell from the western sky, and weaved between the mountains.

Rong Xu changed out of his stage costume and into normal casual clothes before taking off his glasses. He didn’t notice that after he removed his glasses, a certain man’s face showed an  imperceptible sense of loss.

Rong Xu smiled as he said: “Actually, I’m not very familiar with the Film and Television City. Director Yuan asking me to take you around has truly stumped me. If we get lost later, what will we do.”

Qin Cheng calmly replied: “I have a cell phone.”


The boy purposely pretended to give a surprised “Oh”, and the smile on his lips deepened: “Isn’t your phone out of power?”

The man’s steps paused briefly, but a moment later, he continued forwards: “I didn’t want to exchange friend contacts with her.”

Although Qin Cheng’s reason was actually quite childish, but so long as he said so, Ren Shuzhi couldn’t do anything about it.

Rong Xu looked at the man quietly, only to see the latter lower his gaze and look forward indifferently. His words were clearly bullying another, but there was still no change in expression on his cold and noble face.

Either he pretended to be very courteous, or he didn’t care about the other party at all.

The corners of his mouth subconsciously curled up, and Rong Xu changed the subject: “Speaking of which, you came here suddenly. Is there really no problem? I didn’t see Xu Jin. Does he know that you’re in Xiang Shan?”

Qin Cheng nodded without hesitation: “He knows.”

At this moment, in the distant Capital Airport.

A gentle and elegant looking man was pulling along two large suitcases, walking quickly and angrily through the airport. His face was so gloomy that you could squeeze water out of it. Beside him, a little assistant was also carrying three suitcases and hurriedly following.

Halfway through, Xu Jin stopped and turned his head to look at the assistant next to him: “Exactly when did he leave? It was just a single night’s effort and he actually disappeared! Is this normal? Where did he go? You, tell me honestly! Don’t hide it from me!”

The little assistant whispered: “Brother Xu, how would I know where Qin Cheng went……”

 “All farts! His passport’s with you, how else did he return to Huaxia. If you don’t know then who knows?”

Hearing this, the little assistant finally bowed his head aggrievedly: “Qin Cheng asked me for it. I couldn’t not give it, Brother Xu……”

Xu Jin: “……”

Good bastard, finally talking, huh!

With a twitch of his mouth, Xu Jin said icyly: “Exactly where did he go? Won’t answer the phone, not even returning my calls!”

The little assistant replied meekly: “Ning city…”

Xu Jin: “……”

Ning City. Xiang Shan Film and Television City. Which film was being filmed there recently? It seems to be Maze City. Who was starring in Maze City

Who else could it be!

This was simply called ‘dropping all sense of shame in the face of love’! Was there such a person who vanishes as soon as he cuts all ties? Absolutely not![1]

In B city, Xu Jin already processed a ticket to Ning City for the next day, whereas, here, under the guidance of the global cell phone map, Rong Xu finally found the waterfall scenery that was currently under construction.

Probably because the development wasn’t yet complete, there was no security guard overseeing the place. There was only a majestic, glistening stream crashing down from the cliff more than 30 meters high, fiercely and violently hitting the rocks below it and creating white foam.

This waterfall wasn’t considered very high, but the water flowed rapidly. Standing under the cliff, their ears were surrounded by the thunderous sound of crashing water, unable to hear any other sounds except the noise of rumbling water.

The two stopped once they approached the water source.

Qin Cheng took out his phone and planned to take a photo, but in order to find a better angle, he walked a few steps closer. When he got to his desired position, he was already very close to the waterfall, and the spray of water dampened his hair.

He held the cell phone with both hands and stood atop a water slickened boulder. Qin Cheng didn’t find anything strange until the moment he raised the phone, and his arms were suddenly tugged back.

The man turned his head in surprise, and saw the boy frowning slightly as he said seriously: “Be careful, don’t fall in.”

A hint of warmth spread through his heart. Qin Cheng nodded lightly, and soon finished taking all the photos.

Rong Xu asked, “Are you only taking photos from here? Do you want to walk around and take more shots from different angles?”

Qin Cheng shook his head: “It’s too dangerous, no need.”

Rong Xu couldn’t help laughing: “So, you also know it’s dangerous. Before, you just walked up casually like that, almost scared me to death.”

Looking at the youth’s handsome eyebrows for a while, Qin Cheng curved his thin lips and revealed a faint smile: “You’re here.”

Rong Xu was momentarily stunned. Looking at the man’s deep phoenix eyes, he opened his mouth a few times but in the end said nothing.

Just as the two were about to leave the waterfall set, and had walked halfway back, they ran into one of the set’s staff members. When the staff member saw Qin Cheng and Rong Xu, they excitedly asked for an autograph and a group photo.

When he heard about their intentions, the staff laughed and said: “The place from before is not the best place to view the waterfall. To facilitate the best viewing for the waterfall, a viewing platform was repaired just a few days ago. It’s over there. I’ll take you. “

Rong Xu hesitated briefly before agreeing to the proposal.

The viewing platform wasn’t very far away, only around a hundred meters off, but because it was hidden by dense branches, Rong Xu and Qin Cheng didn’t see it at the time. The observation deck was made of wood and was close to the waterfall, though the high fending effectively prevented the possibility of falling into the water. Overall, it was an excellent sight seeing location.

The staff member left soon because he had something to do. As he was leaving, he took out his cell phone and wrote a few words to Rong Xu: [The noise is very loud here, and it’s hard to hear when you talk 】

After seeing this line of text, Rong Xu tried to call Qin Cheng’s name several times. However, the man continued to obviously take pictures beside him, never turning around, as if he hadn’t heard him.

After discovering this little secret, Rong Xu also typed out a line and told Qin Cheng about this matter.

The man raised his eyebrows in surprise. He tried saying something, but Rong Xu could only see his lips open and close, and couldn’t hear what he was saying at all.

After taking pictures for a while, the two decided to leave. Rong Xu walked in front and Qin Cheng walked behind him. The wooden observation deck floor was still a bit damp, and although it was impossible to fall down the waterfall, it might still cause a very bad slip.

As they walked, Rong Xu slowed down and was just about to lift his feet to go up the steps when one of his hands was suddenly caught. His whole person was suddenly pulled back and turned around. Rong Xu looked at the man in surprise, only to see that cold faced man raise his gaze and stare at him with a serious expression.

Behind this person, the constant stream of water and the foaming, snow-white water sprays dampened his hair and collected in droplets as they rested on those deep and dark phoenix eyes. His gaze was frighteningly quiet and heavy, hiding many inexplicable emotions as he stared fixedly at Rong Xu.

Time seemed to stretch on for a hundred years at this moment.

Rong Xu clearly saw the man open his mouth and said three words to him softly.

The violent roar of the rushing water concealed all other sounds, but the youth’s pupils slowly widened.

Three minutes later, the two of them left the waterfall set, and the thunderous roaring of water became further and further away. As Qin Cheng walked, he sent the photos he had just taken to Old Liu. He had just finished uploading all the photos when he heard the youth’s slightly hoarse voice ask softly: “Qin Cheng, did say something to me just now?”

His steps paused for an instant. The man slipped the phone back into his pocket and said calmly: “I wanted you to be careful, the floor is slippery.”

When those words fell, the youth suddenly stopped moving, and the man turned back to look at him.

Qin Cheng saw the young man bathed in a brilliant golden light under the afterglow of the setting sun. His eyes were slightly curved, and he carried a hint of helplessness on his delicate and beautiful face. The tilted corners of his lips were like the softest leaves[2] in the spring breeze, gently swaying across the rippling lake water.

“Was that……really what you said?”

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[1]见色忘义. XJ is so dramatic lmao. And stressed lol.

[2] Leaves: the direct translation would be ‘catkin flowers’

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 78 (Part 1) – To You, I Speak These Three Words

Chapter 78 is a sponsored chapter! 

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Note: Film and Television City and Xiang Shan are the same place. The translation just depends on the context.

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A crowd of people surrounded the filming location, and through the gaps that occasionally appeared between them, a gentle yet stern man could be seen. He donned a pair of silver eye glasses and a light-colored windbreaker as he stood calmly in the center of the set and recited his lines.

The color of his thin lips was very pale, seemingly as if the original coloration of his lips had been deliberately covered up to make it appear pallid. His eyes were blocked by the lenses, and one couldn’t make out his actual expression clearly. But, the slight tilt at the corners of his lips formed a smile that didn’t seem like a smile, making others feel as though this individual was cold by nature.

Mature, restrained, deep, and elite.

Qin Cheng’s footsteps slowly came to a stop. From across the three layers of the crowd, he looked at Rong Xu in the center of the filming location.

“Mr. Qin?” The staff member who led Qin Cheng into the set inquired in a low voice.

Qin Cheng turned to look at him and nodded lightly: “Thank you.”

The staff member immediately shook his head: “No need, no need. It was on the way. That……can I get your autograph?”

Very soon, the scene ended.

The makeup artist hurriedly walked onto the set to touch up the actors’ makeup. Rong Xu asked the makeup artist to fix his eyes and lips while he read his script. Although he had already memorized all the lines, he never dared to be arrogant. Whenever he was on set, he would review the script whenever he could so as to ensure he would not make mistakes.

Just as he was looking at the script in concentration, he suddenly heard a commotion not far away. Rong Xu raised his eyes and saw seven or eight female staff members run in one direction rapidly, and there were even several male staff members who were excited and chattering with their heads down.

They were slightly far away so Rong Xu couldn’t overhear their conversation. He frowned in contemplation, but Luo Qian suddenly came over and said excitedly: “Xiao Xu, Qin Cheng’s here! He seems to be currently talking with Director Yuan.”

Rong Xu’s eyes widened minutely for a second before he collected himself and smiled: “Qin Cheng is here?”

Luo Qian suddenly recalled: “Ah, yes. Xiao Xu, didn’t you work with God Qin in Black Clouds? You two should be familiar. Do you want me to go greet him for you?”

The scenes to be shot that afternoon were all Rong Xu’s scenes, so it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that after Director Yuan, he was the busiest person in the crew.

Hearing Luo Qian’s words, Rong Xu nodded slightly, and Luo Qian then hurried away with a look of excitement— as for whether she simply wanted to help Rong Xu greet an acquaintance, or if she wanted to see her idol…. Only she knew.

The makeup artists nearby smiled and said: “Even Qian Qian is this excited, she must have wanted to go see her male god.”

“Exactly. That’s Qin Cheng, which girl doesn’t like him?”

Hearing that, Rong Xu smiled and said: “Does Sis’ Xiao Qian like Qin Cheng that much?”

Among the crew, Rong Xu had always been quite popular. He had a good temper, was easy to talk to, and wasn’t pretentious when getting along with the staff members. So, the makeup artist looked at Rong Xu and said: “Are there any girls who don’t like Qin Cheng? Haha, Rong Rong, we like you very much, too. You are also very handsome.”

Rong Xu curled his lips and said with a serious face: “But Sis’ Xiao Qian said that the number one male god in her heart is me.”

All of the makeup artists in the crew were older than Rong Xu, and the youngest could even be his aunt. They looked at his serious and solemn appearance and one-by-one couldn’t help chuckle. They only thought his serious appearance was interesting and adorable.

Not long after, the next scene began.

The entire crew was humongous, so Rong Xu didn’t see Qin Cheng. He didn’t even know if he was still on set.

Originally, Rong Xu thought that Qin Cheng would leave Xiang Shan without revealing his own whereabouts after visiting his workplace yesterday. But now, Qin Cheng directly went to the set of Maze City. Although Qin Cheng never spoke to him and acted as though he didn’t come to visit his work, he still caused a commotion amongst the crew.

It wasn’t until Rong Xu was filming the indoor scene did he finally meet the man.

Qin Cheng was wearing a dark black windbreaker, the one from yesterday, and was talking to Director Yuan. Director Yuan saw Rong Xu walk over and beckoned to him happily. Qin Cheng also turned around, his deep black eyes precipitated with incomprehensible colors. He tilted the corners of his lips and gave Rong Xu a light nod.

Rong Xu raised an eyebrow: Huh, did this means……he wasn’t here to visit his work?

The next moment, Director Yuan used his loud booming voice to expose a certain man’s deep and serious expression: “Qin Cheng, ah Rong Xu is also here. He has a lot of scenes today, but for the sake of your face, I’ll give him a vacation and let him leave with you to go tour around the Film and Television city and take some scenic photos?”

Hearing this, Rong Xu was slightly surprised. Before he had time to inquire about the situation, he heard the man’s low and magnetic voice sound: “No need, I’m just here to observe.”

 Director Yuan laughed: “With you standing here, the little maidens in our crew have absolutely no mood to work. Just look at Ren Shuzhi. Even she might not have the heart to film later, isn’t that so, Xiao Ren?”

It was unknown when Ren Shuzhi walked over. She covered her lips and smiled: “Director Yuan is making a joke of me again.”

Hearing this, Director Yuan laughed some more, seemingly as if he was in a good mood.

Ren Shuzhi’s expression was very normal, and there was no sign of awkwardness when facing Qin Cheng. It appeared as though they’d never come across each other last night. She acted generously and even wanted to exchange contact information with Qin Cheng and add him as a friend. However, Qin Cheng said indifferently: “My phone is out of power, it is not very convenient.”

Ren Shuzhi smiled with fake indifference: “Then, sometime in the future.”

One handsome and tall, the other glamorous and slim. When those two people stood together, they appeared even more pleasing to the eye. 

Watching this scene, the young man slowly narrowed his eyes. A moment later, he curled up his lips and stepped forward, saying: “If you truly happen to be in the Film and Television City to sight-see, Qin Cheng, then let’s go explore.”

Five minutes later, the two left the crew of Maze City.

Before leaving, Rong Xu had overheard a few words from Director Yuan and realized that Qin Cheng had indeed come with the intention of observing his work. But then, he and Director Yuan went on to talk about a movie he was going to film soon, and Director Yuan suddenly patted his thigh and said: “Old Liu wants a waterfall scene? Say that earlier! The Film and Television City has just recently developed a waterfall area. It’s pretty good. Do you want to help him inspect it first?”

In preparation of any film or television work, in addition to the most basic script writing and actor selections, the scenic framing was also very important. In Huaxia, there are many film and television sets with various buildings and natural ecological landscapes that can be used by a crew for filming.

At the same time, some crews will also build their own structures, which, although time-consuming, labor-intensive, and costly, would fit more in line with the requirements of the script.


In addition to these, crews would also film scenes in natural settings from around the world. For example, a few years back, there was a Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster that was set in a mountain range in Huaxia and later integrated CG technology to create a fantasy floating land setting.

However, no matter how much future technology develops, the real life setting is also indispensable. Artificially created beauty would never surpass natural beauty. 

Qin Cheng will be collaborating with Huaxia’s top director Liu Yongzheng on a blockbuster period film and they were looking into unique and mystical waterfall scenery settings.

But those were all things for later, so let’s leave it be for now.

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(Chapter currently in editing)

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