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SA Chapter 55 (Part 2) – Walk the Red Carpet Together

The common routine (advertising strategies) was all implemented thoroughly by the crew of Black Clouds. Now, there were no longer any netizens who bothered with the negative comments of the Sunspots. Instead, they found a more serious issue: how was it whether or not they would go and watch Black Clouds, instead it was that Black Clouds’ pre-sale tickets were all gone!

MaoYan didn’t have it, Guevera didn’t have it, Glutinous Rice also didn’t have it![1]

[I deliberately went to the theaters and asked around, really no tickets! Right, even these online ticket platforms have no tickets, how could it be possible to buy tickets offline. Not satisfied! Black Clouds crew, you are so bad, why didn’t you publish the whole list of actors all at once. I had planned to go to the movies after the first few days. Now, I just want to see my family’s Rong Rong and God Qin performing on the same stage !! My big wall and small wall will be in the same frame!]

The netizens’ eyes were all gathered on the film crew’s official blog, asking the crew to give a proper explanation. The promotional staff who manipulated the crew’s official blog observed this scene happily, watching as Black Clouds became more and more popular with each discussion among the netizens and couldn’t help saying to the colleague next to them: “I think, next time we film, Director Liang needs to give me one more chicken leg. “

The colleague smiled: “How is one chicken leg enough, add another duck leg!”

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, a chicken leg and a duck leg! This time’s publicity plan was really too good!”

One chicken leg and one duck leg were decided, so you will yield just for this ……

In the middle of this vigorous national discussion, the Capital Grand Theater welcomed a large wave of lucky audience members and media reporters.

April’s Spring breeze blew through B City. Today was the beginning of the month and no moon could be seen. However, there were actually seven or eight crystal stars shining brightly in the wide and endless span of night. A red cashmere carpet was spread out from the entrance of the theater to the street. Many beautifully dressed ladies alighted from cars, accompanied by their male companions, and calmly greeted the sea of flashes to enter the theater.

Black Clouds premiere ceremony invited many stars of the circle. Because this was a tribute to Ling Xiao’s memory and not just an ordinary movie, most of these stars readily agreed, and so there was the scene of stars on the red carpet.

At the same time that lights illuminated half the sky, in a high-end apartment on the other side of the city, a youth carefully tied his tie and checked his cuff links and tie clip. In the mirror, the bright and handsome youth wore a simple and clean dark red suit. A thin black tie hung from his neck, narrow shoulders and waist, slender long legs …

The man on the sofa silently moved his sight away from a place he shouldn’t be looking at, and lowered his head to set his watch. After everything was ready, Qin Cheng turned his head to look at Rong Xu. Coincidentally, Rong Xu had also lifted his head to look at him.

Under the bright lights, the two pairs of eyes met in the air, both stunned.

A moment later, the youth smiled slightly, a bright and splendid smile bloomed between his delicate brows in the mirror. He asked gently: “If you are ready, then shall we leave now? If you want to wait a little longer, I can also wait a little more.”

In the afternoon, Rong Xu had already gone to Huaxia Entertainment to finish his makeup, and was waiting to go walk the red carpet with Yu Siyu at night. Unexpectedly, at this time there was a mishap- he left his tie clip at home. The lack of a clip wasn’t a big issue, but Qin Cheng, who was also present, said that he also left his watch at home and could go back with Rong Xu to get it.

Director Liang watched these two people’s exchange of words in confusion, as they directly settled on the action of “going back to get things”. He had wanted to say, “A missing tie clip isn’t a big deal, no need to go back.” But then he saw Qin Cheng turn and look at him, eyes containing a deep and dark undertone, and say calmly: “Then, Director Liang, Rong Xu and I will go back first, and then we will walk the red carpet together. “

All his words got stuck in his throat, and he couldn’t say it at all. Qin Cheng was one meter ninety centimeters (190 cm), and poor Director Liang was only within one meter and seventy something (~170cm). Whether it was a height advantage or strength of presence, all made Director Liang unable to raise objections, and he could only watch the two leave together.[2]

After seeing the two leave, Director Liang was woken from his reverie: “Yi, one goes home to get a tie clip, the other goes home to get his watch. They are each going to their respective houses in different places, why are they going together?”

The also-confused Yu siyu: “……?”

The one-who-knew-the-truth Luo Zhentao: “……”

Drinking tea aside calmly, the quiet Xu Jin brushed his hands and appeared to be indifferent. In fact, this kind of ‘getting things’ errand could all be done by assistants or agents, or even sending a trusted staff member, you didn’t need to go back yourself.

However, since someone didn’t want to walk the red carpet by themselves, then whatever. He, Xu Jin, didn’t want to be nosy and run himself into muddy waters.

Capital Grand Theater, 7 O’clock in the evening.

A low-key, luxury black Bentley slowly rolled to a stop in front of the red carpet. Hundreds of media reporters frantically squeezed over there, raising the DSLRs and recording cameras in their hands, and waiting for people to arrive.

This time’s premiere was broadcasted live online, and the countless movie enthusiasts who could not go watch the movie could only sit in front of the computer in dismay, brushing[3] the situation of the premiere in boredom.

Zhao Xiaoxu was a diehard fan of Rong Xu’s. Although she couldn’t grab a ticket for the premiere, the live broadcast of the premiere online was still a must watch.

Three minutes ago, Yu Siyu just walked the red carpet with Director Liang, holding onto his arm, and entered the theater’s main doors. When the two of them appeared on the live broadcast, many were frantically brushing: [Where is Rong Rong, where is Rong Rong? The female lead and Director have appeared, don’t know where Rong Rong is!!!]

But now, several well-known film critics also walked by, and there was still no sight of Rong Xu’s figure.

Zhao Xiaoxu looked up to the sky and sighed: “Aaaahhhhhh, where is Rong Rong, my young handsome youth, I want to see Rong Rong!”

At this moment, the reporter who was listening to the live broadcast said with surprise: “Rong Xu is here! Yi, the one beside him is…… Qin Cheng!”


The Author has something to say:

Sister Fu: Saw the wrong person, apparently you were a heart’s lamp

[1] MaoYan, Guevera, Glutinous Rice are platforms that sell movie tickets in China’s

[2] OMG QC PLEASE. Don’t bully the director XD

[3] Brushing an event: to follow the information/news

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