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SA Chapter 56 (Part 1) – I’ll Cry for You to See, Okay?

Qin Cheng, this name, was only connected with the title Black Clouds last night.

Three minutes ago, when the film’s director and the female lead walked across the red carpet together, many reporters were surprised that they didn’t see the male lead, Rong Xu’s, figure. No one expected that when he appeared, he would enter the scene with Qin Cheng, and the two even alighted from the same car!

In an instant, the dazzling lights from the flashes lit up the entire red carpet like daylight, and the Ka-cha ka-cha sounds were endless. Countless reporters tried their best to squeeze into the front to interview Qin Cheng and Rong Xu, but the two of them appeared to hear nothing. They  just walked onwards with a slight smile and soon left the red carpet, disappearing into the main entrance of the Capital Grand Theater.

The reporters were disappointed, shaking their heads one by one and sighing, but the on-scene fans were in the midst of shock before suddenly exploding! They hurriedly posted the photos they just took with their cellphones onto the Internet and were very excited to express their own thoughts.

[So handsome, So handsome, So handsome!!! The real person looks one hundred times better than on TV!!!]

[When Rong Xu and Qin Ceng walk together, how could it be so spicy and beautiful, Aaaaahhh!!]

[These two people really are good lookin’. God Qin is as handsome as ever, and Rong Rong is actually half a head shorter than God Qin, but is still so beautiful! I suddenly feel like they match really well! Just then, I hadn’t even reacted yet before they already walked past QAQ! Begging them to come back again, one more time!]

In front of the computer, Zhao Xiaoxu gaped, dully unable to say a word.

Today’s Rong Xu donned a dark red suit. This suit wasn’t loose, and was rather close-fitting, beautifully conforming to the shape of his body, elegantly adorning him. Slender legs, skinny waist, and a dark red suit made it seem as if his phoenix eyes were filled with pools of fine wine; the thin black tie and fine white skin contrasted each other, adding to the feeling of nobility and elegance.

Compared to him, what Qin Cheng wore was slightly casual, just a simple white shirt and a black suit. The buttons were unbuttoned carelessly, and two of the shirt buttons were also loosened. However, as Qin Cheng’s characteristics were more similar to western appearances, with sharp facial features and a seemingly indifferent temperament, this form of dress did not feel rudimentary. It would only make others focus on the sapphire cuff links and finely crafted tailoring.

These two people, when placed on the red carpet, were definitely considered compelling existences.


In the past, Qin Cheng had won the title of “Best Man of the Scene” at a certain Vogue banquet many times, and for Rong Xu, this was his first time on the red carpet. He stood beside this tall and handsome man, smiling gently. A deep and collected atmosphere subtly presided. 

Zhao Xiaoxu couldn’t help but cover her cheeks, flushed red with excitement.

“Really …… really well-matched! How can they match so well!!!”

Three minutes later, an inconspicuous Weibo update was posted: [#QinCheng# #RongXu# Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh They look so good standing next to each other! Too good looking! I want to watch Black Clouds! This is the first time I’ve seen God Qin walk the red carpet with a male actor, and it’s with my family’s Rong Rong! Rong Rong doesn’t lose to God Qin, looks good, looks good, looks good, I want to lick, lick, lick, lick, lick, lick! QAQ! ]

This was just one of many Wiebo’s. At the same time, throughout Huaxia, many of the netizens watching the live broadcast premiere of Black Clouds could also see the scene on the red carpet and exclaimed in amazement together. 

Someone was knocked over by God Qin’s handsomeness on the red carpet, saying emotionally: [Qin Shen really is handsome, there is a reason why he is this popular!]

Someone was amazed by Rong Xu ’s first red carpet appearance: [The red carpet is not only about appearance and figure, but also temperament. Rong Xu’s temperament is very good, looking forward to “Black Clouds”!】

There were also more and more female fans and a select few male fans who, from the two’s red carpet walk, saw something different ——

[God Qin’s gong temperament is good, but our[1] handsome youth’s gong temperament is also good, so torn!]

[LS[2] little sister, although the handsome youth is very gong, Yao Yao is not gong~ Hahaha, I stand by “QinRong”]

[…… Isn’t Qin Rong some actor’s name in this world, let’s change the CP[3] name]

[Ha ha ha ha, it seems that there is a second-tier actor named Qin Rong, so change it… … Cheng Rong? Hehehe, anyway, I don’t care, I’m going to stand by “God Qin x Rong Rong”! They are just a good match. Together like this, it really makes the blood rise in my face[4]! I want to watch the red carpet broadcast again, I want to watch it another hundred times! 】

Just a small segment of the red carpet scene already excited fans to this extent, then when the premiere was finished, the fans would even more so look for countless pink bubbles within the two people’s interactions. 

This was a normal premiere, with a host, director, and some actors on the stage. The host would interview a few creative team members about their journey in the making of the movie and their feelings about the movie itself and characters in it.

The only unusual aspect was that there were many stars sitting off the stage.

These stars were not there for any specific star or director, but rather they were there for the movie itself.

On the entire stage, only Director Liang and Qin Cheng had the qualifications to make these stars wait, so the duration of the premiere was extremely short. The host asked only a few questions before ending. Among them, he asked Rong Xu a question that incited the atmosphere on the scene to a climax.

“Rong Xu, during the filming process of Black Clouds, which scene do you feel was the most difficult?”

The fresh and handsome youth embarrassedly scrunched up his eyebrows, thought back for a bit before saying: “It should be a crying scene. I NG’d that scene seven or eight times. In the end, I didn’t expect Director Liang to choose the version that was shot at the very beginning. “

The eyes of everyone in the audience landed on Director Liang, and Director Liang spread out his hands innocently, saying: “But the outcome proved that the first version was the best. If you don’t believe it … you can go ask Qin Cheng?”

Before this, the host seldom brought the topic to Qin Cheng because the man had been standing beside Rong Xu, holding the microphone silently, looking down at the ground, bearing a look of being too lazy to speak. However, he really didn’t need to say anything. He was not the starring role in this movie. If he spoke, it would easily steal Rong Xu’s spotlight.

This time, Director Liang finally gave Qin Cheng a topic, and the host also turned his sight excitedly towards Qin Cheng. The latter raised his eyes indifferently, glancing at Director Liang, and then raised his thin lips, saying with a smile: “That scene, you can’t ask me. After all, I had been playing a corpse the entire time. I should be the only person in the crew who has never seen Rong Xu perform a crying scene.”

The host immediately joked: “Then, does Qin Cheng feel regretful?”

Qin Cheng nodded solemnly: “En, very regretful.”

The host looked at Rong Xu again, and Haha laughed: “How about Rong Xu perform it again on stage for Qin Cheng, to make up for his regrets?”

This was only a joke, and Rong Xu was certainly clear about that. He was just about to bypass the matter in a roundabout way, but who would have expected the man’s low voice to beat him to it: “Good idea, is it okay?”

His body shuddered, and Rong Xu turned around quickly but saw the man looking down upon himself with a smile.

[1]”Our”: original: Wuli – written in english, slang for “our”

[2] ls – lovesick

[3] CP: “couples”

[4] Blood rise in the face: makes them blush

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  1. Qin Cheng~ your crush is showing hehehe. I can’t wait to see their future developments. Thank you for translating! We appreciate your hard work very much!
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  3. omg i am back (from the dead) and tbh i forgot a lot of details about this novel but my feels for this is coming back, excited to read SA again!


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