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SA Chapter 56 (Part 2) – I’ll Cry for You to See, Okay?

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The theater was filled with amusement.

Live performances of crying are often done by many actors. Some TV series or promotional movie ceremonies or premieres would even have the two leading actors perform live kisses.

Many of Rong Xu’s fans who were on the scene felt extremely contradictory at the moment. They wanted to see the pitiful crying appearance of their family’s Rong Rong, but they also felt distressed for Rong Rong and did not want Rong Rong to cry. Amidst this hesitant mood, one fan excitedly said: “When Rong Rong cries, he will surely be good lookin’, really good lookin’!” All the fans immediately became clear headed.   

Yes! Must watch Rong Rong’s crying scene, it must be extremely good lookin’!

With the public opinion as such, Rong Xu could only only surrender and do so.

In fact, he also knew that Qin Cheng and Director Liang permitted this behavior because they wanted to let him showcase his acting skills by performing a crying scene. This in itself was a very good marketing strategy for the movie, and for him personally, being able to perform in front of such a grand audience was the best time to validate his acting abilities. 

As long as he acted well, many big directors and big production teams would know by the next day: Rong Xu has acting skills.

The premise was that he acted well.


The performance began quickly. It was only a crying scene, many didn’t take it too seriously. They watched as Rong Xu turned towards Qin Cheng, only thinking that he wanted to recall the plot at that moment in time. But then, in this mood of inattention, they suddenly saw: that the youth’s eyes were already tinged with red. 

First, the rims of his eyes turned red. Those beautiful and clear eyes turned red in a second. However, he didn’t cry, only tugging the corner of his mouth and showing a minute instance of a smile. He smiled purely, as if he was truly happy, and with it came tears that tumbled down from his eyes.

Zheng ——” everyone’s heartstrings tensed.

The site was absolutely silent, everyone stared at the screen, watching as the youth’s gaze turned about in a panicked state, but the smile at the corner of his mouth only became deeper and deeper, and the tears that were allowed to flow fell heavier and heavier. The tears wet the white face, his eyes reddening, and his lips were pale. This smile was more heart wrenching than the tears, but he kept trying hard to smile as if insisting on something, unwilling to give it up. 

This made everyone’s throat feel a bit sour. It wasn’t until they came back to their senses that they discovered their own eyes were also moist. 

The next moment, the scene on the stage turned even more shocking!

Qin Cheng suddenly stretched out his hand, and with one hand, pressed the youth into his arms! 

The host was stunned, but Qin Cheng raised the microphone calmly, and said in a low, hoarse voice: “Okay, don’t cry anymore, the performance was very good.”

The teenager in the arms was slightly stunned. The tears had already stopped. Although he was still somewhat immersed in the emotions of the character and could not remove himself fully at the moment, Rong Xu still calmly broke away from Qin Cheng’s arms and received the tissue passed over from the staff, wiping his tears. He smiled and said: “So, this time, did you see it?”

Qin Cheng raised his eyebrows slightly, only smilingly lightly and saying nothing.

The next second, there was a heated applause from off stage!

The thunderous applause almost blew off the ceiling of the Capital Grand Theater. Whether it was the fans in the audience or the media reporters, even the directors and actors who sat in the front row gave Rong Xu a round of applause. Though, it was unknown as to how many of those actors gave truly sincere blessings.

Many of the netizens who were watching the live broadcast in front of their computers had their eyes moistened one after another, and some even wept directly. 

[Why would you make our family’s Rong Rong cry QAQ This cute, this good looking Rong Rong, who is willing to make him cry!

[Wu wu wu wu, in the future, I never want to see Rong Rong cry again, my heart hurts to death! Blame it on God Qin, although you gave my family’s Rong Rong a comforting hug in the end, I don’t forgive you!

As for those “ChengRong” CP fans……

[Crying and hugging, this dog food, I will eat it, can’t I !!!]

After this wave of enthusiasm, the host asked a few more questions before the premiere ceremony ended. At this point, the live broadcast was officially over, and the audience could directly watch the premiere of Black Clouds.

Finally, under everyone’s anticipation, this movie premiere formally kicked off.

First, there was a clip of a video, “B City’s Metro Boy Singing Video”, that had gone viral and broke more than one million views on the internet. Then, the screen cut to the setting of the subway entrance of B City. The scene that entered the sights of the audience was one of pedestrians coming and going. They didn’t see Rong Xu’s figure, but rather heard……


The singing voice was elegant and clean. Contrasted with the busy flow of people, it seemed to exist in a separate, tranquil paradise. He sang the song seriously, though it seemed that he didn’t have much singing skills. But, the pure voice alone could move people’s hearts.

The frame remained on the youth’s hands, watching as he fiddled with the guitar and listening to him sing. From time to time, someone would drop money into his guitar case, and he would say “thank you” softly before continuing to sing. Finally, someone came forward and said to him: “I wish to sign a contract with you.”

At this time, the camera lens finally panned upwards. A delicate and exquisite face appeared on the large screen- light hair and clear eyes, a soft smile hanging on the corner of his lips. His voice was soft and very moving.

He said: “I believe you, I am Ling Xiao.”

This one sentence made many of Ling Xiao’s fans who were sitting under the stage burst into tears. This kind of situation not only happened in the Capital Grand Theater, but also in other theaters around B City, S City, J Province, Z Province … Throughout the country, every fan who was watching the premiere of Black Clouds was covering their mouth, holding back their tears, and watching with wide-open eyes to see the genteel youth on the screen.

Because, he is Ling Xiao.

At this moment, only five minutes have passed since the beginning, and the premiere of Black Clouds continues. 

The Author has something to say:

Qin Cheng Cheng: Baby’s heart hurts to death, Baby wants hug, kiss kiss

Rong Rong: ?_? Don’t know who was it who made me cry……

Translator’s corner: QAQ Orange Qin made Rong Rong cry. Run, QC, Madame Qin is coming to cut you. 

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11 thoughts on “SA Chapter 56 (Part 2) – I’ll Cry for You to See, Okay?”

  1. How do premieres in China work? Are random people online really allowed to watch the movie premiere without paying? I can understand all the red carpet stuff, but they actually get to watch the movie too?

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    1. Hi Anra7777, it really depends on the movie producers. Some do have live streams of premiere ceremonies that can be viewed on internet media platforms, but they do not show the movie, only the ceremonial aspects, such as interviews and introductions. In SA, the author specifies that the broadcast ends right before the movie played. ^u^

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  2. I love the author’s corners lol (ノ≧ڡ≦) Madame Qin, your son made Rong Rong cry. Come defend your son-in-law! Thank you for your hard work as always

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  3. omg let me laugh first hahahaha 🤣 QC you’re the one asked Rong rong to cry ah, but you cant take it when rongrong cry lmao.

    and i’ve been waiting for this black clouds release now. it’s released. im crying (well just shed a tear lol) while read it. like, i can feel how ling xiao fans feel. and im hurt too 😭

    this author really god ah, i remember crying too when reading rebirth of supermodel 😭

    i want watch black clouds too 😭

    thank you for your hardwork!

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