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WDBKFMGB Chapter 11 – Tasting Blood for a Bond

It seems the majority prefer the chapters unbroken, so I will just keep them this way. ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ*:・゚✧ Chapter 11 is up! Enjoy the fluff and dog food!

Emotionless Coding Machine: “One chat impoverishing 3 generations[1], Words roll over fast[2], being cut off with no one’s care[3], San Gen’s three important facets[4]

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Writing?”

He Ruge sat on the bus heading home. Lowering his cap, he looked at his phone screen and sighed slowly, “Writing.”

He Ruge went to the hospital early this morning and spent more than 4,000 RMB (around 550 USD) on examinations, but without results. The papers showed that he was in good health and did not even have any of the typical writers’ occupational diseases[5].

The bad news was that he has only 800 dollars left including everything on his body. But, since he wouldn’t die for quite a while, He Ruge’s high-strung heart was barely able to settle down. No matter how difficult life was, there were words that still had to be typed. Only by properly writing could he save money to see a doctor in a better hospital.

In a few days, He Ruge would enter V[6]. Under the influence of poverty, He Ruge decided that he would continue till the end.

The bumpy traffic made He Ruge slightly dizzy on the bus. He rubbed his temples and opened his comments section. Since he found that the sprayer[7] comes back in the early mornings, he had been terribly paranoid.

He Ruge opened up his drafts section and briefly explained what had occurred in the comments area because of the sprayer.

If he really kept on spraying, it would greatly affect his overall profits. He Ruge may have to borrow money from friends next month. His three-dimensional friends were all only simple acquaintances. After borrowing money, he may end up losing a few friends.

Had he recently woken up on the wrong side of the bed[8]? Why was he encountering so many troubles recently? 

When He Ruge arrived home, it was almost meal time. He Ruge cooked a packet of instant noodles and fried an egg, thinking about the plot progression for his story while eating the noodles.

He wrote sweet stories, so he needed a relaxed and happy mood to write smoothly. But, he really couldn’t be happy at the moment, and there was a bundle of depression sitting in his chest that blocked his inspiration.

Forcefully written words did not have a good effect. After eating his noodles, He Ruge responded with high energy to his close friend: “Writer’s block! I’m going to play games for a bit for inspiration!”

Emotionless Coding Machine: “4801/9000”

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Go, if you don’t meet 10,000 today, I will pluck all your little feathers and put you into a ditch to make you into flower roasted pigeon[9].”

There was a cold breeze behind He Ruge, and his motion to turn on the computer paused for a moment. However, this nervousness was dispelled quickly by the soft, pink game icon-

Little White Tiger! Here I come~


It was once again time for the familiar feeding session. He Ruge lightly fed milk to room No. 19, and then consumed a small heart to open the iron doors of room No. 20.

The little white tiger was uncharacteristically curled up in the cotton nest. When it heard the door’s movement, it moved his ears and meekly raised its eyes to look at He Ruge.

[No. 20 is very uncomfortable. He may be sick. Your choices are-
A. Risk taking him to the infirmary
B. Use “common medicine”】  

 Those blue eyes had lost their previous demeanor, and Little White Tiger strenuously “roared” at He Ruge. This was the first time Little White Tiger took the initiative to greet He Ruge. However, He Ruge was not happy, and his heartache overwhelmed all other feelings.

Choose A or choose B?

Actually, it was questionable as to why there was an option to go to the infirmary. The Ice Project’s requirement was to ignore the well being of the test subjects, regardless of whether they were alive or dead they had to not care. If they went to the infirmary, wouldn’t the medicine hunting rat realize that he violated the Ice Project’s plans?

Or else, would the infirmary trigger a new story?

He Ruge’s expression gradually became solemn, and he pushed his glasses silently. He didn’t know why there were so many twists and turns in this romance game. He just wanted to have a good time [feed] [talk] [touch] these three things and relax his mood.  

The Little White Tiger on the screen once again curled up into a shrimp, its tail sandwiched between its legs, and its round tiger ears were pulled back. The listless and pitiful expressions made it so lovable.

In this game, it was a very serious matter for cubs to be ill. Any small illness could easily take a cub’s life away.

If the “common medicine” in the novice gift pack could not cure the Little White Tiger …

He Ruge bore the pain of using his miniscule save opportunities. He first chose B, the yellow medicinal pill appeared in his palm. He Ruge clicked to feed the item.

The little white tiger was not like the little rabbit in number 19 which never refused food when given it. He raised his eyelids and looked lightly at the pill, pink nose gently fluttering. When he smelled that the scent was not quite right, the Little White Tiger expressionlessly turned around, facing He Ruge with his butt. His pose was that of strongly refusing to take medicine.

He Ruge: “…”

This was an entirely unexpected outcome.

No. 20

[No. 20 refused the medicine and faced you with his butt]
[Yes or No, Continue feeding the medicine]

When one is sick, they have to take medicine. He Ruge thought about it and spent a little heart in the Love Mall to buy a strawberry-flavored fruit candy. He clicked feed, and two pills appeared in his palm, one was a medicinal pill and one was the fruit candy.

Little White Tiger turned his head and looked at the expectant He Ruge. He moved his small head close to He Ruge’s palm, slowly eating the fruit candy. Then, he weakly lay back in his cotton nest.

Leaving He Ruge and the medicinal pill to the side[10].

If the Little White Tiger appeared in front of him in real life, He Ruge would grab the other’s round ears and feed the medicine. If the little white tiger still didn’t listen, then he, he would smack that little round butt![11]

He Ruge conjured up the image of him spanking his butt, but felt both yearning and distress. If Little White Tiger snuggled in his arms coquettishly, would he really insist on feeding medicine?

Okay, enough, no more daydreaming……

The reality was that the little white tiger in the game was really difficult to handle. If he said he would not take the medicine, he would not take the medicine. He Ruge really couldn’t handle him.

He Ruge was like an old mother feeding the Little White Tiger milk. He watched the Little White Tiger drink the milk while at the same time complaining: 

“If you are sick, you need to take medicine. Will you get better without medicine?”

“In the past, whenever I used to be sick, I would refrain from taking medicine because it was too expensive to buy medicine. I feel heartache about money.”

“Then, after I was ill for a week, it became worse, and I could only spend even more money on shots.”

He Ruge’s tone gradually fell. He whispered to the screen a past that he had never spoken of to others. Talking to himself, his voice lowered to almost soundless.

In the past, he considered medicine expensive. 

Using medicine money to eat a meal of hot pot and barbecue, how wonderful it would be. There are some things that even time could not change, such as poverty. Even now, he still thought that it was too expensive to see a doctor. If he used the fees he spent to see a doctor today to buy a cat … how good it would be.

After eating hot pot and barbecue, the body is warmed. Having a cat, the heart is warmed[12].

No. 20

[No. 20 turns his head]
[He looks at you quietly]
[…… Ao “I’ll eat”]

His blue eyes revealed a helplessness of ‘I really can’t handle you’. The Little White Tiger lowered his head and ate the medicinal pill.

After taking the medicine, he lay back down weakly on the cotton nest again, without a sound. His silver eyelashes drooped lightly, looking like a thin layer of snow had accumulated on his eyelashes.

He Ruge clicked [Talk].  

No. 20

[…… (No. 20 is very weak, doesn’t want to talk)]

His heart twinged, and He Ruge stared at the Little White Tiger closely on the screen. The Little White Tiger also seemed to perceive something and looked up at the screen. Those blue eyes fully reflectioned the shadows of a human.

Those blue eyes melted his heart. 

He Ruge once again lamented that the details of this game were too realistic. If he could raise a little white tiger in reality, earning cat food every day, he was also willing.

His mouse clicked [Touch].

His palm gently stroked the back of the Little White Tiger, as if softly coaxing a child to sleep. The little white tiger had an expression of bitterness and glanced at He Ruge with a reluctant look, and continued to curl up into a small shrimp.

No. 20

[No. 20 is very uncomfortable]
[He enjoys your touch]
[Ao…… “Use hand, pet stomach”]

The Little White Tiger turned sideways, exposing the softest and most fragile part of his abdomen in front of He Ruge. Maybe being sick made him more sticky. When He Ruge put his hands on his small belly, the two small paws of the Little White Tiger weakly hugged He Ruge’s wrist.

They say cats are made of water. Little White Tiger turned himself into a ball at the moment, hiding He Ruge’s hand to hug like a heat pack. He hmmm’d and chirped and mewled; the little sounds were sweet and soft … like being cochettish after being wronged. 

No. 20

    [Aowoo …… “uncomfortable”]

A layer of moisture emerged from the clear blue eyes, and the Little White Tiger held his face close to He Ruge’s hand. The snow-white fine hairs resembled edelweiss, and the tips of the hairs almost skimmed the back of He Ruge’s hand, looking like it will almost rub against him —

The gesture of rubbing against his hand suddenly paused, and the docile, well-behaved temperament was replaced by anger. The Little White Tiger’s blue eyes suddenly cooled down and a cold light flashed. He opened his mouth and exposed two sharp little tiger canines, Aowu, biting down. When he bit flesh, he stubbornly refused to loosen, and instead angrily let out a heavy breath.

The wound on the back of his hand saw blood immediately, showing that the Little White Tiger bit very fiercely and showed no mercy.

No. 20
[No. 20 suddenly became angry, he bit you]
[A wound has appeared on the back of your hand]
[Yes, no. Use bandage x1]

He Ruge: “…”

He originally thought that the last bandage in his backpack had no more use…

The culprit lay back in the cotton nest like a ball of hot air[13], angrily turning around and pointing his butt at He Ruge.

What could Ru Ruge do? In a game, he didn’t feel pain when he was bitten, and there was no butt spanking option. Other than being calm and using the bandage, he could only compare emotions and look at it from the perspective of the game characters. 

Sick, unaccompanied, trapped in isolation…[14]

He Ruge’s heart softened. He looked down at his own thighs. Though covered by clothing, he could still feel the presence of those red lines.

The unknown was always frightening. However, there was no one to talk to about this fear.

So, the Little White Tiger was just like him, perhaps they both just want a warm hug. 

Just when He Ruge was knocked out of his reverie, he suddenly found that the Little White Tiger had turned his head, and was slowly moving towards He Ruge’s hand. Those blue eyes carefully observed the person before it. All his movements were done slowly. Gradually getting close to He Ruge, and then gradually putting his small paw on his wrist. Each action gave He Ruge ample time to leave.

No. 20
[No. 20 is approaching you slowly]
[He thinks you will leave]
[No. 20 is feeling guilty]  

Moisture rose in those blue eyes, as if the Little White Tiger was the wronged party. He hesitantly leaned down, both claws hugging that hand. Because his body was weak, this action was almost like a gentle hug.

The Little White Tiger lowered his head; sticking his little pink tongue out, he licked the blood stain on the back of his (He Ruge’s) hand.

No. 20
[He licked your blood]
[No. 20 remembered your scent]
[Roar…… “I promise, no one can bully you in the future, including me”]

The author has something to say:

The next chapter is Xi Guican’s perspective ~

No rush, because if you rush, you won’t be able to experience the little one anymore, and there are still many aspects of the little one that have not yet been unlocked. They’re very interesting ~ Most importantly, if you skip ahead, the big one’s fur hasn’t grown out fully yet![15]

Small Theater 1:

He Ruge: My 3D friends and I are all really close

Friends: I’ve had a crush on my male god for many years now[16]

Small Theater 2:

He Ruge: Little White Tiger is sick and isn’t getting better, most likely just needs a beating, will get better with one spanking

Xi Guican: No, needs to be kissed to be better.


[1] One chat impoverishing 3 generations: saying 1 wrong thing and suffering the consequences for a long time

[2] Words roll over fast: words easily turn on you

[3] Being cut off with no ones care: no one caring if you are gone

[4] San Gen’s three important facets: 高富帅 (3 important facets) refers to the 3 main factors when considering a man: appearance, future prospects, and wealth. 三更 is an allusion to something in popular Chinese Media (?), but I honestly do not understand it. If anyone knows what 三更高富帅 specifically means, please let me know! Thanks!

[5] Writers’ occupational diseases: muscle fatigue, carpal tunnel, tendon disorders, ligament stress, etc

[6] Enter V: become a verified JJWXC supported author

[7] Sprayer: One who sprays negative comments. The hate poster, sh*t poster

[8] Woken up on the wrong side of the bed: original: Reverse flowing water

[9] Put you into a ditch to make you into flower roasted pigeon: flower roasted – a dish traditionally made with chicken covered in clay and roasted under the soil in high temperature. “Pigeon” is used because He Ruge’s name contains the word “Ge” which is a homonym for pigeon. See images below

[10] LOL. Yes, don’t take drugs from strangers. But, don’t take candy either

[11] Spanking….Hmm. I wonder how Xi Guican would feel about this

[12] PLEASE someone get this poor boy a cat!!!

[13] Original chinese is: 气包. Directly translated into ‘gas bag’ which basically describes how someone is when they are angry or throwing a fit

[14] Oh, this touches too close to reality right now…

[15] Is this like Saitama trying to grow his hair with seaweed…

[16] Crush on male god: not sure what’s happening here

wrapped in clay (Google img: 叫花)

TL Notes: I opened chapter 11… Looked at the first line… and cried a little in my heart LOL Saved that for last.

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