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SA Chapter 55 (Part 1) – Walk the Red Carpet Together

Creative team…… Qin Cheng

The creative team of a movie usually consists of the director, some of the actors, the screenwriter, the producer, etc. These people are the core part of a crew. The director controls the entire movie, the producer guarantees the smooth operation of the crew, the screenwriter is responsible for compiling the story, and the lead actor interprets and presents the story.

Though, among the Black Clouds crew’s tagged cast and crew, Qin Cheng was also tagged.

[Am I seeing wrong, or have I really gone back in time[1]? So, Weibo now still allows same name, same surname accounts?】

[The editor wants to steal the chicken leg[2]! As a guest actor, God Qin should not be included in the list of creative cast members, even if there may be more scenes and presence than the other guests, you can’t count him as such.】

[Aaaahhhhhhhh none of you went to go watch the video! BiliBili’s[3] video! Oh my gosh, how are God Qin’s scenes compared to the others’. Who does he play? Do you know? Do you know? Did you see how RongRong called him in the end? He is Gu Mingxiu! ! ! 】

Ordinary netizens may not know yet who Gu Mingxiu was, but when Ling Xiao’s music fans saw the name, they collectively exploded.

Song writers were different from singers. They are basically the silent and devoted behind-the-scenes members. However, Gu Mingxiu was different. The man was handsome and had numerous scandals. Before he was twenty-seven, he could be seen in various gossip tabloids. This man was proud and arrogant. Because he was talented, he dared to do anything. It wasn’t until he was 27 years old that he slowly became silent and seemed to have lost interest in writing lyrics. Though, later, when he appeared by Ling Xiao, he became more obedient.

Gu Mingxiu’s accidental death at that time also caused a stir of discussion and mourning in the music scene.

If Qin Cheng played Gu Mingxiu, how could he be a side role!

Gu Mingxiu was one of the main supporters in helping Ling Xiao become a singer. It could be said that, without Gu Mingxiu, there would be no later Ling Xiao!

[Please tell me, what kind of role and presence does God Qin have in Black Clouds! If you dare say, which male supporting role has more presence than Gu Mingxiu, then please throw the evidence in my face now! Ling Xiao’s best friend of the same gender was Gu Mingxiu! it’s him!!!】

[Hahahaha. My family’s third young master[4] finally has a new movie~]

[For God Qin, I will brush this movie twice[5], three times, four times!!!]

Some fans were excited, of course there would also be Sunspots who took this opportune time to blacken[6] Black Clouds.

[What ghost is this[7], Qin Cheng playing Gu Mingxiu, would the protagonist of this movie still be Ling Xiao? Putting Qin Cheng’s name in front of Rong Xu’s name, can it be that Qin Cheng is the main? This spicy chicken[8] movie, this is obviously Ling Xiao’s personal biographical film, making it like this, disgusting!】

[Qin Cheng actually playing the supporting role of this kind of movie? Was his status not guaranteed, this is too low [9]!】

[I finally understand why the director was willing to let a newcomer play the leading role. Isn’t Qin Cheng here? Why would the box office need the help of the leading role, hahahaha]

Qin Cheng has been famous for many years now and has hundreds of millions of fans, but naturally there would also be many Sunspots.

No one in the world could obtain everyone’s love. There would always be jealousy and envy. They would hide behind others’ backs, secretly insulting and cursing. Once they found a chance, they would become the same as a mouse in the gutter, swiftly popping out and taking advantage of the topic to play around with.

This time was indeed a good opportunity: Qin Cheng was actually playing Male no. 2!

Within his entire acting career, this was shockingly the first time. 

Since his debut, all of Qin Cheng’s roles had been Male no. 1. Even if he cooperated with a senior, he was still Male no. 1. Suddenly playing a Male no. 2, and even more so, co-starring with a newcomer, how could the Sunspots let go of this material. They crazily mocked it directly.

Qin Cheng’s fans initially hadn’t felt anything in their hearts. They were just happy that their male god finally had another movie. But, with the various stimulations of the Sunspots, they also felt a little sour in their heart: [You’re right, God Qin is not Male no. 1 this time …]

Just the #QinCheng# tag alone, it already rose to second place in the list of trending searches of the day. After an hour, it directly rose to first place! It was closely followed by #BlackClouds#, #GuMingxiu#, #RongXu# …… Relying on this heavy bomb, the Black Clouds cast was once again on fire, and countless netizens discussed the movie enthusiastically, looking forward to the film’s release.

This was the main reason why Director Liang exhausted all his efforts, insisting on making Qin Cheng the last killer, throwing everything out all at once.

The film Black Clouds could not be considered a large production. In terms of film concept and shooting, compared with other similar movies, it didn’t dare say how good it was. The biggest advantage of their production was Ling Xiao himself. Because of Ling Xiao, many big-name celebrities were willing to make guest appearances; also because of Ling Xiao, many music fans would take the initiative to follow this movie.            

This movie was special. Many films would generally throw out one of their biggest publicity stunts on the eve of its release to bring the film’s popularity to another level. But, for Black Clouds, what more promotion could they do?

Three lists of big-name guest appearances had been released, and exquisite video trailers had also been released. Advertised on the whole network with various marketing promotions.

So, it wasn’t until the last day that they released the news that Qin Cheng appears as “Male No. 2”. 

As long as someone begins a discussion at the start of the year, they (the person being discussed) would become famous. Many small actors and actresses were all scolded into fame. One movie actress became famous in the circle because of a phrase she once said: “Regardless if it is a scandal or good news, I want my name to appear in the newspapers everyday!”

At present, under Black Clouds official blog, Qin Cheng’s Sunspots and Fans were fighting a battle. Although the Sunspots were refuted by the fans to the point where they couldn’t return a single word, their ambitions still burned unceasingly, reigniting with each spring breeze[10]. On the other hand, Rong Xu’s fans watched from the sidelines, their hearts a little worried — would there be any issues when Rong Xu and Qin Cheng acted together; but they were also a little expectant — being able to act on the same stage as such a huge senior, they didn’t know how wonderful it would be.

When things heated to a certain threshold, the official blog staff saw that the time was just right and quickly came out to clarify-

[Black Clouds Crew: Qin Cheng is the specially invited guest of this movie, playing Male No. 2, Gu Mingxiu. Thanking Qin Cheng for taking on this role out of friendship, let us look forward to his performance in the movie.]

Immediately afterwards, Director Liang also said on his Weibo: [Everyone is just basing off my and the crew’s faces, cleanly coming to guest star in friendship[11]. They didn’t earn a single penny, and yet even this could be blackened? It seems that I am too old and unable to understand this circle anymore. You can ask any of those who came to the guest star in Black Clouds. Which one asked for compensation?!】

Director’s Liang’s words had always been blunt and straightforward. With this response, Qin Cheng and Rong Xu’s fans all immediately smiled. 

[Yes, “Black Clouds” is unique. The reason why they @Qin Cheng first and then @Rong Xu is because of their status difference within the circle, and also because Qin Cheng acted in friendship. It is meaningless to complicate this, what is really interesting is — 

[I want to go to the theaters to see God Qin! ! ! After the release of The Disciple, I never saw any more of God Qin’s works. I want to watch Black Clouds, I want to watch! ! ! 】

[QAQ watch, what watch, I just went to take a look. The tickets for the next three days were already sold out by pre-sale. Black Clouds crew, spicy chicken crew[8], ruining my youth! Why didn’t you announce the news of my male god’s participation until the last minute, why! If you had said so earlier, even if I didn’t sleep or rest, I would’ve grabbed a movie ticket for the premiere. Wu wu wu!. 】

[Black Clouds crew, you must have done this intentionally! I also couldn’t grab pre-sale tickets. Where I am, even the tickets for the fourth day are all gone. Strongly requesting to increase the number of theaters, strongly requesting to increase the number of showings! If I can’t see my family’s Rong Rong, if I can’t see my family’s God Qin … I … I’ll cry for you to watch!】

[1] “Gone back in time”: “Village connected to internet”: outdated information, or going back in time, seeing old info

[2] “steal a chicken leg”: borrow something to promote another

[3] BiliBili: A video media platform in China

[4] “third young master”: referring to QC’s past role

[5] “brush this movie twice, three times, four times”: to watch the movie many times

[6] “Sunspots taking this opportune time to blacken”: individuals who post negative comments about something with the sole purpose to smear/blacken something/someone’s image.

[7] “What ghost”: what the hell

[8] “spicy chicken”: homonym for “LāJī”, meaning trash

[9] low: originally english

[10] “reigniting with each spring breeze”: each time the fans defeated them, they would start again

[11] “Everyone is just basing off my and the crew’s faces, cleanly coming to guest star in friendship”: Saying that QC wasn’t invited as part of a publicity stunt, but rather that he agreed to take on the role out of consideration for his friendship with DIrector Liang

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  1. these people who argue just because QC is male lead 2. ckck /shook head/

    dont you know right now QC thought probably “Baby will go to red carpet with rong rong ah~” lmao 🤣

    i cant wait to see them together on red carpet 😂

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  2. Just wondering, is there any Chinese movies that similar to this. Ah. If it’s possible I also would like to watch if this real. I really want to tear my phone and get in the world then watch my gods.


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