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SA Chapter 54 (Part 2) – Welcome Home

Until the end, Wu Xiangmeng was unable to dig out any heavy news from the crew. Wu Xiangmeng felt a loss in her heart, but the stable ratings of the program made her smile again.

Chasing Dreams was the first promotional program that the film crew participated in. Afterwards, they went to Very Entertaining.

The last time he came to Very Entertaining was to promote Vie for Supremacy. At that time, Rong Xu was only a Male Number 4 and the program team didn’t place much emphasis on him during the show. If Tang Menglan hadn’t suddenly pulled Rong Xu on stage to sing, the audience wouldn’t have retained a very deep impression of him at all. 

But this time, it was different. Before the show started, the stage script Rong Xu received didn’t have many lines, only one sentence “During the fourth section, sing Ling Xiao’s “Black Clouds”.”

Rong Xu’s sudden status change within the circle was evident. 

Half a year ago, he was still a fledgling newcomer, but half a year later, here he was already male no. 1 (male lead) in a huge film production.

Although the film Black Clouds could be considered more unique, Rong Xu was still indeed male no. 1 and deserved the TV program’s respect. 

The viewer ratings for Very Entertaining were as high as ever; this season’s program rating was especially high! This time, female no. 2 and male no. 3 also participated in the program’s live broadcast. Including Director Liang, the five members of the film crew played games together and revealed inside information on the movie. They poked fun at each other and caused constant laughter amidst the audience. 


When the fourth program section arrived, Rong Xu stood in the center of the stage. A beam of light shone at his back, creating a hazy silhouette. The other lights on the set were all turned off, leaving only this light, making it seem as though this thin and tall youth was enshrouded by a layer of black clouds, lonely and hesitant. 

It was then that he began to sing the first part of the lyrics. 

Simultaneously, the viewer ratings for Very Entertaining rose by 0.2 percent, and continued to rise.

“Reminiscing, meeting your smiling face……”

This was the lyrics to “Black Clouds”! Not the movie Black Clouds, but the song “Black Clouds”!

Although many of Ling Xiao’s music fans have accepted the Ling Xiao played by Rong Xu, and felt that he played the role well, they couldn’t help but worry: Can Rong Xu sing Ling Xiao’s songs?

If Rong Xu was to sing on his own, his singing skills worried fans. If Rong Xu didn’t sing by himself, but directly used Ling Xiao’s original recordings, then upon hearing Ling Xiao’s voice, the fans would  quickly feel strange about the Ling Xiao played by Rong Xu.

But now, Rong Xu was singing “Black Clouds” and sang it very well!

[Sounds so nice! QAQ It ’s been a long time since I had heard such a beautiful “Black Clouds”. I finally understand why Director Liang said in Chasing Dreams that he chose to let him play the part of the Music God because of his excellent audition. It really sounds nice! 】

The ratings of Very Entertaining went as high as 2.9!

The Program staff was so pleased they invited the crew of Black Clouds to have supper together. The next day, Rong Xu followed the crew to Z province and participated in a new publicity program. Overall, they participated in the recording of nine variety shows, talk shows, and also reality shows. Of all the famous shows in Huaxia, they had been on almost all of them.

After that, it was a wave of road shows[1].

They held offline meetings[2] in major cities across the country to promote the movie.

The response of the road show was as good as the crew’s imagination. It seemed participating in so many good quality programs beforehand made the audience very excited and unable to wait to meet the crew.

Two weeks passed in a flurry, and only one day was left before the premiere of Black Clouds.

That night, Rong Xu dragged his exhausted body and returned to B City with the crew. The film crew of Black Clouds will hold the film premiere at the Capital Grand Theater[3]. Over the past two weeks, they had tried their best to promote the film. Now, they will see the outcome of the promotions after its release.

Director Liang smiled at Rong Xu and said: “You live in B City, Rong Xu. Go home first. Siyu and I will live in the hotel. At twelve noon tomorrow, remember to meet up at the hotel on time. We will be attending the premiere in the evening, do not forget. Have a good rest.”

Rong Xu smiled gently, nodding, and Luo Zhentao sent him back to his apartment.

As soon as he opened the door, he smelled a burst of the tangy aroma of vegetables, and the body that he had been pushing the whole day suddenly stopped. Rong Xu looked up in surprise and was met with the sight of a cold, tall man serving a plate of vegetables from the kitchen to the dinning table. 

When he saw Rong Xu, the man raised his eyebrows calmly and asked: “You’re back?”

These words were generally redundant words[4], but Rong Xu raised the corner of his lips, nodding lightly: “En, I’m back.” 

In his two lifetimes added together, this was the first time someone was waiting for him to return and welcome him home.

This feeling was very peculiar. Rong Xu only felt that there was a warmth in his heart which was slowly spreading. He changed his clothes and went to the dining room, preparing to eat together. At the same time, on the official blog of the Black Clouds, the promotional staff posted a low-key Weibo update, allowing it to float however it wanted, but this single Weibo post set off a storm on the Internet! 

[Black Clouds crew: the premier is imminent, new film is here! The entire creative staff invites you to listen to the song “Black Clouds”! @Director Liang Chao, @Qin Cheng, @Rong Xu, @Yu Siyu……]

The Author has something to say:

Rong Rong: this is the first time I’ve had someone welcome me home, even though it’s the house I rented~

Qin Cheng Cheng: Rong Rong, Rong Rong, do you see, on Weibo it’s @Qin Cheng @ Rong Xu, Baby is on top of you~~ \(>∇<)/~

[1] Road Shows: Traveling promotions

[2] Offline meetings: meet in real life

[3] Capital Grand Theater: see image below

[4] “Redundant” since QC saw that RX was home, so of course he came back

(Google img: Capital Grand Theater)

TL Note: I realized that I had forgotten to include the Author theaters for the previous chapters. I have updated the previous chapters with small theaters ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ*:・゚✧ Sorry about that! (Not all chapters have theaters)

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  1. aya finally i see fanboy qin cheng again 😭. and how do you know? i just want ask you if there’s no small theater on previous chapter because i havent seen QC comment. and now you put it! thank you ah~ because it’s fun seeing QC acting (stupid) cute 😂


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