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SA Chapter 54 (Part 1) – Welcome Home

Here’s chapter 54 part 1! Part 2 will be up soon. It’s a bit late because I messed up the footnotes at first, had to redo the whole thing. Enjoy! 🙂

The first release of the luxury guest lineup was more than 20 first-tier big-star names. The second release of luxury lineups was still more than 20 first-tier big-star names![1]

Regarding grandness[2], no movies in recent years could be comparable to Black Clouds.

  Although many netizens knew that these big names may only pop in to show their faces in the movie without being included in any substantial drama, this was still enough to make them thoroughly excited. One movie ticket could let them see so many big-name celebrities, how could it not be watched, how could it not be bought!

 Must Buy, Buy, Buy!

 The Black Clouds crew had only used a short video and caused a stream of discussion on the Internet. As long as one person discussed it, the popularity of this movie would continue to rise, and more and more netizens would see news regarding this movie.

Moreover, the Black Clouds crew did not spend a hefty amount, only placing many advertisements on Weibo and Tieba, as well as many video platforms and social networking sites. As soon as one opened these apps, they would immediately see a short advertisement video for Black Clouds. The screen would quickly circulate through the faces of many first-tier stars. At the end, the screen would suddenly darken and a handsome, clean youth would slowly walk towards you.

Behind him are meteors, where light and shadow circulated as if in a dreamy and colorful galaxy. He reaches out to you, slightly hooking up his lips, and a smooth and gentle smile blooms on his mouth. One couldn’t help but stare into his bright eyes and listen to his clear, musical voice: “I am Rong Xu, would you like to listen to Black Clouds with me?”[3]

[Want, want, want, want, want, want ! ! Ahhhhhhh, hugs Rong Rong. I’ll give you 120,000 kisses! ! ! 】

[Wu wu wu~ how can my family’s RongRong be so good looking! How! 】

 [In this life, I do not not regret loving RongRong! Let’s make an appointment at the cinema, I will watch Black Clouds three times! 】

This ad was filmed while Rong Xu was still working with the Black Clouds crew. Soon, the ad spread throughout the entire network. The homepage of several well-known apps premiered this advertisement and filled the attention of all netizens. The overwhelming advertising offensive made Black Clouds more and more popular.

Finally, the first variety show that the Black Clouds crew participated in was officially broadcasted.


Because the crew was based in S City, the first show they chose was a well-known and acclaimed talk show in S City. Director Liang, Rong Xu and Yu Siyu were all present. The three sat on the sofa and chatted with the talk show host, Wu Xiangmeng.    

The show, Chasing Dreams, ranked among the top three in viewer ratings in the country and was famous for its sharp and bold comments. This program could be considered half-R[4], with some words that were not suitable for children. For example, there would be occasional inappropriate jokes, and sometimes violent movie and TV scenes would be shown.

Of course, Black Clouds didn’t have those violent scenes, but the host Wu Xiangmeng still dug many traps for the three main crew members.

At the beginning of the show, Wu Xiangmeng directly asked Director Liang: “Why did you choose Rong Xu to appear as Ling Xiao? It seems that he only debuted half a year ago. When you first started auditions, his Vie for Supremacy hadn’t even finished filming, right? Choosing Rong Xu, was it because he had some sort of unique advantage compared to the other auditioners?”

Just this one question and immediately the viewer ratings increased by 0.1%!

Faced with such a tricky problem, Director Liang laughed and turned to look at Rong Xu, praising without hesitation: “The reason is that he performed spectacularly during the audition! Very, very well! I always believed that there were just some actors who had the ability to rely on their birth advantages to eat[5], like Qin Cheng. His very first movie acquired rave reviews. Before that, he didn’t even have a single work.”

This was the best time to promote the movie. Director Liang naturally needed to protect his actors. Right now, even if Rong Xu was an extremely poor actor who loved to throw around the identity of a celebrity, Director Liang would still not say a word about it. Instead, he would only say good things. If even the director said that his actor’s strengths were subpar, who would think this actor was excellent, who would think that the movie was excellent?

At this moment, Director Liang said with a clear conscience: “When we held auditions, every actor was required to sing. Rong Xu’s singing touched me the most. His voice is very pure. I couldn’t believe that he is an actor rather than a singer. His singing skills are very professional, and I think Siyu can testify to that, too.”

Yu Siyu immediately followed up: “Director Liang’s words really are inaccurate. I know a lot of singers. What level Rong Xu is at, who needs me to testify to it? When the movie is released, everyone who goes to the cinema to watch the movie, wouldn’t they know best?”

At this time, Rong Xu forced a smile: “If you keep boasting, I have to blush.”

Wu Xiangmeng quickly said: “Rong Rong will blush? Hurry and blush, blush, blush. Troubling the camera person to give Rong Xu a close-up. Our ratings for tonight’s show will depend on Rong Xu. Post-production team, quickly write a line in large characters on the screen, write ‘Popular little fresh meat’s blushing scene’! Hahahaha.”

The entire program was recorded very smoothly, and the steady increase in viewer ratings also satisfied the program group.

During this period, although Wu Xiangmeng enjoyed digging traps for the three film crew members, Director Liang and Yu Siyu were both experienced hands. How could she succeed. So, Wu Xiangmeng pointed the cat’s head[6] at Rong Xu: Such a young child, there will be times when he says the wrong things, right? As soon as you say something wrong … hehehe, the ratings of our show will explode!

But! Wu Xiangmeng never imagined that every problem she posed was easily bypassed by Rong Xu. Once, she threw a trap and asked: “Rong Xu, did it make you very nervous working with so many big-name celebrities?” In a Normal situation, Rong Xu should answer “nervous”, and then she would ask “Why would the seniors make you nervous”.

Unexpectedly, for the first question, this exquisite and beautiful youth smiled lightly and calmly replied : “To say I was not nervous is impossible. They are all my seniors. But, all the seniors are very patient and took good care of me, the newcomer. Some seniors and I had been co-stars before, and some not. Although I was nervous, Director Liang was always encouraging and guiding me, so I could overcome any difficult situation. “

Saying that, Rong Xu turned to look at Director Liang.

The smile hanging on the corner of Director Liang’ mouth grew even brighter. He lifted his chin proudly and accepted Rong Xu’s praise with a smile.

Mutual praising, everyone touted this kind of thing, who wouldn’t do so. Our Black Clouds crew is an iron plate, whenever you pry, we will accommodate ~

[1] 20 big-names: Author did not specify which names : (

[2] grandness: original: regarding the size of their handwriting

[3] There is a verb tense shift in this paragraph

[4] Half-R: around Pg-15

[5] “I always believed that there were just some actors who had the ability to rely on their birth advantages to eat”: Compliment, saying that some people are born to act

[6] Turn the Cat’s head: turned the attention to

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