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WDBKFMGB Chapter 33 (Part 2) – Brainwashing Experiment

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Xi Guican was sent to the familiar brainwashing room and saw the machine that he would never forget in his lifetime. The only weapon against humanity, brainwashing machine manufactured in violation of the Federation’s regulations.

This machine had the most advanced technology in relation to the spiritual sea of consciousness that allowed it to block and rewrite memories through manipulation of one’s spiritual awareness.

There was almost no one invulnerable to this type of high-level brainwashing, as the intensity of this type far exceeded the mass-brainwashing type experienced by Crow.

The only drawback was that the energy cost was enormous, and only the most precious experimental subjects were eligible to be brainwashed by this machine. 

Unfortunately, Xi Guican was one such precious experimental subject. 

He knew what he was about to face next, but also didn’t care much for it. This brainwashing machine was extremely rare and expensive to build, and it violated the Federation’s regulations. Only rich and frantic lunatics could bring such a brainwashing machine into existence. 

Moreover, when he destroyed the Starry Sea Orphanage, he had placed a lot of attention on completely obliterating this brainwashing machine without leaving even the slightest residue in order to prevent anyone from restoring the machine to do more unscrupulous things.

It was just a game. No matter how much information was collected, it was impossible to recreate the brainwashing machine. 

It was even more impossible for the brainwashing effect to carry through the virtual network via virtual holographic games, without any physical contact and just through mental waves. 

If they had this type of strength, they could directly trick the people in power within the Federation to play this game, and then control the entire Federation with just a little brainwashing. 

With this perfect train of logic, Xi Guican entered the brainwashing capsule with confidence. Just as the door was about to close, he even turned around and gave He Ruge, who was outside the door, another glance. 

The set brainwashing duration was one day and one night. If this game perfectly reflected reality, then Xi Guican should not be able to see the youth he liked for one day and night. 

Yes, like.

With a sense of indescribable throbbing, vines of pale pink branches bloomed on the tip of his heart and, step by step, enveloped his whole heart with emotion. It was ‘like’. 

He liked He Ruge, which was why he immersed himself in the game from morning to night, which was why he was always happy with that person’s arrival and anxious with that person’s disappearance. 

In this lifetime, he had never liked anyone before. Thus, in the beginning, he didn’t realize that he had come to like this person. Even if the other party was just a virtual character, even if they couldn’t embrace each other in reality in this lifetime. But, ‘like’ was ‘like’. 

He liked He Ruge.

Maybe this like could not be given in the same amount as others, could not be given as gently as others, nor as skillfully as others…. 

But, he was willing to give all of his love and tenderness to this person. 

Yesterday, when Xi Guican raised his head and looked towards the sky, he saw the white petals float away, but he also saw the gentle smile of the young man from when they first met. 

The youth was dressed in all white. Behind him was a halo that dispersed the endless darkness, and the depths of his eyes carried a brilliance greater than the starry skies during wartime. 

His previously silent heart suddenly began beating, and the indescribable throbbings of his heart could now all be named at this moment. They were bathed in light as they all whispered simultaneously, “like”.



The door of the brainwashing capsule closed abruptly, and He Ruge, who was sitting in front of the computer blankly, was stiff to the point of being motionless. 

It was because he saw Little White Tiger’s Status


[Love]: No.20 loves you, a love deeper than chasing light1, because even if the world was an expanse of darkness, you will always be the pure light in his heart. Favorability: 100 

[Awakening]: No one has discovered that No. 20 is a little monster, except you. Now, the little monster in his body was about to wake from deep sleep.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

The author has something to say: 

Little theater: 

Little White Tiger: Yi, I am officially going offline 


Author: Is it exciting, is it stimulating, is it unique enough?


1. ‘Love deeper than chasing light’: multiple connotations. 1)XGC’s love for HRG is more intense than his desire for ‘light’. 2)The love he feels is stronger than a need for anything else)

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