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WDBKFMGB Chapter 33 (Part 1) – Brainwashing Experiment

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Trigger warnings: side character killings, depictions of death and implied brutality

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When He Ruge logged into the game again, the time inside the game showed that one and a half days had passed since Crow’s death. As soon as he went online, he found that the “Death God’s Wings” experiment had come to an end.

New staff members came and took away the other experimental subjects while He Ruge carried Little White Tiger’s iron cage and followed behind the staff. They walked all the way from the second floor to the top floor. 

The traces on the rooftop that were left behind by Golden Python had already been cleaned up. On the empty top floor, there was an eggshell-shaped military-grade reinforced glass ceiling cover, like an upside down glass bowl cupped onto the building.

There was a large area on the top floor that was crafted with all metal, and dense, complex lines were carved on that metallic space. From that metallic area, a metal lump gradually emerged and turned into an iron square, and then, in the center of that cube, there was a circular opening.

A strong air current continuously streamed out from the opening.


The staff placed the experimental subjects into the airflow in turns. Though inferior Zerg wings provided no flying ability, with the assistance of the airflow, they could float short distances as long as they could control the Zerg wings.

This test simulated a flight environment, and the test subjects capable of controlling their Zerg wings would all be considered successful products with a high degree of integration. If they couldn’t even flap their wings and were just barely hanging on to stay alive, then they were only the most useless of failed products.

The subjects awkwardly and anxiously tried to “learn to fly” in the airflow. The subjects with a higher degree of integration experienced an initial helplessness, but quickly found their own rhythm.

For example, Little White Tiger.

Little White Tiger was the most conspicuous out of all the experimental subjects. His Zerg wings were longer than all the experimental subjects’, and was a dazzling white amidst a field of black. His flying posture was also the most skillful, elegant, and collected among all the experimental subjects, as if he was born with those wings.

While the silver-white Zerg wings were in flight, the golden patterns on the wings reflected brilliantly in the sunlight.

Then, under everyone’s astonished gaze, Little White Tiger flew out of the airflow range. Carrying the sunlight behind him, he flapped his wings and flew towards He Ruge and soared directly into He Ruge’s arms. 

No. 20 

[Rawr “I waited for you for a long time”] 

A little paw rested on He Ruge’s shoulder. The rotund tiger face was full of unhappiness, but when the little white tiger flew into He Ruge’s embrace, the bad expression on his face was visibly relaxed.

It was so obvious that he couldn’t hold in his happiness anymore, but he still tried to put on a look of “I’m very angry and need you to coax me”. 

He Ruge: “……” 

This game was too sly. He only just didn’t show up yesterday, but (the game) made Little White Tiger sell meng this shamelessly! 

Selling meng is super effective. 

I was wrong, I will come to see you every day QAQ

He Ruge held the Little White Tiger and watched the other experimental subjects’ tests from one side of the top floor. The main intention of this small test was to check the integration level of each subject’s Zerg wings. The failed experimental subjects needed to be cleaned up. 

Little White Tiger has already been identified as a successful product, and his staying in He Ruge’s arms was just an unexpected situation. The busy staff members didn’t care about the trivial details. They were fully occupied with cleaning up the failed products. 

Experimental subjects with low integration levels were waste products with extremely weak combat effectiveness, and neither their deformed appearance provide them with a compensatory increase in power. 

It was troublesome to keep the failed products, so the most time-saving method of action was to clean them up. A butcher’s knife was currently aimed towards these unsuspecting failed products.

Those cubs might not be able to understand why, although everyone here had transplanted wings, everyone had experienced the same pain, and everyone had survived the same torture, the end results were a world of difference, a polarity of life and death. 

They were stuck in the torrential updraft, unable to tell where the boundary of life and death lay. 

The scene became chaotic, and the failed subjects scurried about like headless flies. They flew upwards but couldn’t fly over the glass window cover. Some flew downwards, but experienced staff members were guarding the stairs with sharp, chainsaw-like cutting machines in their hands. 

He Ruge suddenly recalled the bat-like monster he saw when he was completing the “Mysterious Infirmary” side mission. 

…That should have been an experimental subject who escaped from the Destruction Plan.

When the cutter swung down, blood splattered and the still warm Zerg wings were removed from the body of the failed test subject. At this moment, these experimental subjects were deemed to have absolutely no left-over value and became waste products. 

They were all caged birds. Even in the last moments of their lives, they could never escape from the cage.

[“Death God’s Wings” completed successfully! 

Total experiment duration: 4*24 hours (4 days)

Survival rate: 7% (Crow’s actions lowered the overall survival rate of the experimental subjects) 

Survived Subjects: No. 20, etc. 

Your Performance in the Experiment: excellent (did not violate experiment regulations, successfully took care of the subject with highly-integrated Zerg Wings, No. 20)] 

[Your excellent performance in “Death God’s Wings” has been validated, and you have obtained the opportunity to participate in the third experiment: “Rebirth”: 

This is a cold-blooded and horrific brainwashing experiment. The degenerate people of the Starry Sea Orphanage need a fighting machine who would risk their life to work hard for the organization. The memories of the successful experimental subjects will be completely locked, and only thoughts beneficial to the organization will be instilled. Be loyal to the organization, the organization is supreme. 

As the first subject with perfectly integrated higher-tier Zerg wings, No. 20 will not receive the same simple brainwashing experiment as the inferior products, such as Crow, but will receive the most costly, and complex brainwashing experiment. 

[“Even when I forget everything, will I still remember that I love you”] 

He Ruge: “!!!”

AAAAAAHHHHHHHH, I just knew this stupid game wouldn’t give praise for nothing! ! ! This colossal measure is too ruthless! ! ! 

The staff members carried the cages of the successful experimental subjects and signaled He Ruge to follow. However, Little White Tiger refused to get back into the cage. Perhaps because he was about to undergo the brainwashing experiment, at this time, no one interfered with his wishful behavior. 

No one would care about an individual who was about to lose their memory, nor care about their current emotional status. 

Because it was meaningless. 

He would soon usher in a new life, and all the dust of the past will return to dust, dirt will return to the ground. The things they liked, disliked, cared about and disregarded would all be rewritten. 

What He Ruge was tasked to do was to personally send Little White Tiger to the brainwashing location and wash away all the love Little White Tiger held for him. 

Little White Tiger nestled quietly in He Ruge’s arms, and his head pressed against He Ruge’s chest while he looked at the person in front of him with fondness. 

No. 20 

[Hou~ “I never understand before, the emotions I held in my heart for you”

[But now, I understand a bit

[It should be……

A pair of blue eyes overflowed with a soft smile. 


[Should be affection1. 】

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}



1. “Should be affection”: the more direct translation would be “”should be like” but that doesn’t exactly reflect the emotions that Little White Tiger wanted to present. Thus, i went with ‘affection‘

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