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WDBKFMGB Chapter 32 (Part 2) – Travel Across the Sea of Stars

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Xi Guican walked into the cockpit and examined the familiar objects. A stale, metallic smell lingered on the tip of his nose for a while. He took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled the stagnant breath built up in his chest.    

“The point of departure is ‘Central Star’, the target location is ‘Seventeenth Star’, departing now.  Estimated travel time is 6 intergalactic hours. Confirm departure?”    

“No. 20, depart!”    

A high-level mecha quietly set off from the special mecha passage reserved for General level officers. It shuttled through the silent sea of stars and residual smoke, arriving at the occupied territory of the Seventeenth Star…    

The Seventeen star was currently occupied by the Zerg.


The mecha landed on the Seventeenth Star. Xi Guican stepped out of the mecha and directly onto the deadly still land. There was not a single sound to be heard on the Seventeenth Star overtaken by the Zerg, not even a single noise from the Zerg.    

Xi Guican walked through the overtaken territory, which all other interstellar people avoided, as naturally and calmly as if strolling through his own courtyard.    

There was no other interstellar person who could casually walk through an infested area like Xi Guican did. Once the Zerg discover the presence of outsiders, they would berserkly eliminate any foreign enemies at all costs.

However, Xi Guican never cared about that. This was because of the existence of the monster inside himself. The Zerg actually felt a degree of fear towards him- it was the admiration of those stronger than themselves on the hierarchy of power.    

In regards to this, some people in the Federation already harbored a vague guess of the reason, but they had no specific nor detailed hypotheses, let alone think that—    

“He”……and “they” were one of the same origins.    

That monster sleeping in his body was such a powerfully exceptional yet degenerate existence.

Xi Guican could feel that as soon as he arrived at the Seventeenth Star, the originally weakened state of the monster slumbering in his body had improved slightly and seemed to be awaking from a long dream.

And was then coldly ignored by Xi Guican.    

Xi Guican silently walked on the road. The sunshine that day was very nice. Bright and dazzling sunlight penetrated the clouds and fell from the sky, casting surreal pillars of light onto the ground.    

The only thing left in this place was the rustling sounds of leather boots scraping against the ground. Every step the man took was as precise as if measured by a ruler.

Then, his calculated footsteps abruptly stopped. Xi Guican lowered his head and looked towards a patch of unknown, white, wildflowers on the side of the road. Its snow-white petals were soft and fragile, and the slender stalks looked as if they could hardly support the five petals. 

Suddenly, one small, wildflower fell off and floated onto the shiny surface of the leather boots.    

That little white wildflower was so fragile, perhaps it would be crushed into the mud by the leather boots in the next second, or maybe blown away by a sudden breeze.   

A cupped hand lightly picked up the flower, and Xi Guican pinned the flower to his chest pocket before continuing walking along the road. 

His memory was superior. As long as he had walked a road once, Xi Guican could remember the route clearly, no matter if it was ten or even twenty years in the past.

This is the way to Starry Sea Orphanage.    

Although he had blasted the Starry Sea Orphanage to ashes, leaving nothing behind, and the original buildings had already disappeared and turned into flat ground, he still knew the way.

in all these years, he had never come back to this land of sorrow and humiliation. But, he suddenly wanted to go there today.

Under the guidance of the beams of sunlight cast from the sky, Xi Guican came to a patch of patchy land.   

He found three stones and carved three names on the stones, “Ruan Ruan”, “Xi Xing”, and “Wu Yunlan”. 

Xi Guican looked at the three stones solemnly.


He thought of Wu Yunlan. Perhaps everyone will develop a little affection for like-minded people. Wu Yunlan’s decision of bombing the laboratory in the game yesterday completely reversed Xi Guican’s impression of Wu Yunlan in his heart.    

It turned out that it wasn’t only himself who had such a strong desire and put it into action. Wu Yunlan, as well as the experimental subjects who volunteered to follow behind Wu Yunlan to take part in the revolt, had once had the same desire.    

Everyone liked cleanliness.    

That’s why they blew up the vile things in the world, to try and clean up the filth.

This was good.

He heard that when attending a funeral, one must wear black, and it was best to place a white flower by the chest.    

Xi Guican took off the unknown white flower pinned on his chest pocket and placed it gently in the middle of the three stones.    

A light wind gradually scattered the five petals of the little white flower, and the soft petals were lifted away into the distance by the breeze.    

Xi Guican raised his head silently and stared at the blue sky above him. His blue eyes seemed to reflect the silhouettes of the white petals.    

The blue hue of his eyes turned into a tender sadness.   

He traveled across the sea of stars from the other end of the distant galaxy to send a small, white flower to the people now in the starry skies.    

This was good enough.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


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