What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 32 (Part 1) – Travel Across the Sea of Stars

QWQ this chapter was so beautiful (mainly part 2) I didn’t know where to cut the chapter, so I ended up finishing the entire chapter before posting it. Part 2 will be posted within 24 hours >w<

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He Ruge, who had just come to the realization that he might be a Koi, fell into a strange mood. He refused 8 Leg’s joking invitation for an in-person meet up and turned off Penguin with a headache.

He’d exposed quite a bit of information. At first, he discovered that 8 Legs might have been the same kind as he was, so he shared his Bloodline pattern without much caution.

8 legs said that Koi spirits were very rare. Because the luck of a koi spirit was insanely high, a powerful koi spirit’s Chi could even affect the luck of others. Lucky Chi was invisible and intangible but was vital to every creature.

The requirements for a Koi spirit to mature were highly demanding. 8 Legs knew that there used to be a koi spirit who lived in the wishing pool of an ancient temple. Because the wishing pool was bathed in the faith of devout believers all the year round and the land was rich in Feng Shui, it was easy to cultivate faith. 

It was due to the compilation of all these various coincidences that a Koi Spirit was cultivated.

After that koi spirit went into society, it generated great influence within the monster circle. Those who were wealthy paid money; everyone worked hard, hoping to rub off some good luck from the Koi spirit.

Then, that koi spirit vanished. 


There were rumors that say a big-shot monster wanted to complete the medicine of life and death and made the medicine using the Koi Spirit’s flesh. Others say that a big-shot who wanted to change his fate used the Koi Spirit to ascend to the Heavens. Either way, the Koi Spirit always met a miserable end.

Knowing the tragic ending of his predecessor, He Ruge was afraid of repeating the same mistakes. Although 8 Legs promised to never reveal He Ruge’s identity, He Ruge was still a little uneasy.

After eating dinner, he saw the increasing number of bookmarks for his work and became happy again. After reading through the reader’s comments, He Ruge lay down to sleep.

He had a dream. 

He dreamt that when his work reached the pinnacle of its popularity, he crossed through the dimensions and landed in Little White Tiger’s world. Little White Tiger turned into a male god wearing a military uniform and they ended up in a romantic relationship. The male god was a cat and he was a fish; whenever he saw his male god, his legs would grow weak. As the male god walked domineeringly towards him with the intention to do something indescribable, the sky suddenly rained down knives.

A splattering of knives slammed into the ground and shaved the thick hair on the male god’s head clean off.

Following that, a huge sinkhole suddenly opened up on the ground, and a man wielding a blade emerged and asked darkly: “Who is Ruge?”

The countless people who had fallen into the pit gritted their teeth and said: “This author isn’t human. He’s too conniving!!!”

“If you dig a hole and don’t fill it, it’s better for you to be hacked to death.”

He Ruge was scared awake. From the beginning of his career as a writer till now, as an honest pigeon who had never gone on hiatus, why did he end up with this strange dream? Sure enough, dreams reflected the opposite of reality.

Did he forget something?


Xi Guican waited a whole day in the game, but He Ruge never appeared. The three daily meals were all brought over by a staff member, but the other party was never the He Ruge that Xi Guican was yearning for. Was there another bug in this damn game?

Xi Guican, who regarded the game as his daily spiritual nourishment, was very angry. He came out of the game cabin unhappily and stared at the strawberry-flavored nutrient solution in his hand.

After Xi Guican tipped his head back and downed the nutrient solution, he shifted into his true form and went to the bathroom to take a bath. The hair growth bath solution had worked quickly. A short layer of fine hair had already appeared on a good part of the originally bald areas. But this kind of big white tiger…

Appeared even uglier.

Some hair here, no hair there. Being uniformly bald was more natural looking.

The ugly and fierce white tiger soaked in the bathtub as he turned on his light brain to watch the live broadcast. The Seventeenth Star had completely fallen, and the Sixteenth Star was mostly gone. The people of the Federation weren’t too optimistic about the future of this war.    

The Zerg were too skilled at combat. It’s unknown what happened, but the Zerg with only brawn and no brains from the First Star War had suddenly developed a lot of brain.    

Their combat effectiveness dropped…. No, it can’t be said that their combat effectiveness has dropped, but rather that their way of fighting has changed.

The Zerg now had a sense of reason and measure, and could now……think for themselves.

This terrifying discovery was disclosed only to the Federation officials of the General level and higher. Although the Federal Army suppressed this information and hid it from the public so as to not shake the army’s morale, the soldiers fighting on the front lines all had an intuition built upon experience.   

A rumor about the Zerg secretly and quietly spread from the army:    

“They’ve escaped ignorance through violence, and obtained new life amidst killing.”

However, such news weren’t of much interest to Xi Guican. Nothing was truly interesting. He usually watched the Star Wars Frontline live broadcast just because he was bored and only occasionally watched it to pass time.    

The him from before was indeed a boring person.    

He didn’t pursue entertainment, nor dramas, nor chased stars, nor went out, nor socialized, nor played games. He’d finally found a source of happiness, and actively logged in to play the game every day. But, he didn’t expect there to be bugs in the spicy chicken (trash) game. 

The Big White Tiger expressionlessly turned off the live broadcast as he calmly finished his medicated bath and turned back into human form. The handsome man with silver hair and blue eyes opened the closet and grabbed a black military uniform. He roughly tore off the golden military rank and tassels. Only when the sole color that could be seen on the uniform was “black”, did Xi Guican satisfactorily drop his hands.    

He didn’t wear a military cap, only the pure black military uniform set and pitch-black leather boots. The man covered from head to toe in a serious, abyssal black walked into the dusty mecha room.    

Ever since he developed Spiraling Mental Consciousness Deficiency years ago, he hadn’t touched a single mecha. 

Mechas needed to establish a stable spiritual link with the operator’s spiritual sea of consciousness. Since Xi Guican’s spiritual consciousness was full of cracks and holes, spiritual vortexes and storms would appear whenever he was emotionally unstable.

If he established a link with the mecha in such a bad state of spiritual consciousness, it would end with either the mecha exploding or him self-exploding. Or, he might die upon crashing landing.    

He was warned by his doctor to not touch a mecha before his condition had improved.    

Thus, Xi Guican had sealed the mecha room and hadn’t visited the mecha room for a long time. When he looked at the closed door in front of him, he suddenly felt like the past was a world away.    

Beep —ID verification passed!” 

The door to the mecha room opened, and inside, there was only a single silver-white mecha in the empty room. The mecha sported golden designs which were made of rare, memory-retaining metals. Even a small gram was worth a thousand gold, and it wasn’t available on the market because these precious metals needed to be supplied to the military first and foremost.

Adding memory-retaining metal to a mecha could allow the mecha to have an automatic self-repair function. The more that was applied, the faster the repair speed and the more perfect the repair results would be.    

This specific mecha was the magnum opus of one of the most outstanding mecha mechanic masters within the Federation, and it was gifted to Xi Guican by the Federal Army as a way to win his loyalty. 

Xi Guican had always cherished this mecha. It wasn’t because of how precious it was, but rather because the appearance of the mecha was very similar to his past Zerg wings.

The Zerg wing that had accompanied him through the most helpless years of his life, and the Zerg wings that were finally ripped off by his own hands. That pair of Zerg wings was clearly implanted violently into his body without his permission, but when Xi Guican truly bid farewell to the Zerg wings, his heart felt hollow.    

The perfectly fused Zerg wings allowed his body to function equivalently to an advanced mecha. After losing the Zerg wings, this mecha became the wings’ replacement.   

High-level mechas all had a name, such as The Apocalypse, The God of Destruction, and other such domineering names.    

However, this specific mecha was named “No. 20”.

Xi Guican hid his unmentionable past, his desire for strength, and his previous code name that once represented his suffering and humiliation into this one mecha.    

During the time when he had first fallen ill, Xi Guican never dared to look at this mecha because he was afraid to see his own vulnerability and helplessness in the world. But now, because of the impact of “Your Exclusive Lover”, his condition had improved significantly, and even half of his Spiritual Sea of Consciousness had been repaired. As of now, he could just barely establish a stable connection with the mecha.    

The palm of his hand lightly fell upon the cold metallic surface, and Xi Guican inserted a bit of internal spiritual power into the mecha.

“I’m back,” he whispered.

A sequence of bright lights suddenly appeared on the surface of the metallic gray mecha, and the cockpit door opened towards Xi Guican——    

“Welcome back, Major General Xi.”

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


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