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SA Chapter 53 (Part 2) – You are Sweetheart Little Rong Rong

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Without wasting time, Yang Jiyao had Rong Xu begin filming directly.

Without any story, just simply singing, not to mention Rong Xu, but other singers could also easily achieve this without any acting skills. However, it was one thing to be capable of doing it, but another to be able to do it well.

This MV was directed by Yang Jiyao, and she was also in charge of the filming process.

While working, Yang Jiyao looked serious and spoke loudly: “Stand by that window and imagine that you have just arrived in the big city, ready to realize your dream of becoming a rock star. With a little passion and excitement roiling in your blood, but still mainly try to express the singing. If the presentation isn’t perfect, that’s fine, too.

“If you say, that there is a tomorrow”

“Tomorrow’s you, will you appear?”

“When the breeze blows past our window, who still remembers those memories……”

Melodious and serene music sounded on the set. Clearly, his makeup was done heavily for stage appearance, however, when the song rang out, no one felt that this appearance was not pure enough.

Yang Jiyao, who was holding the camera, was also stunned, but she reacted quickly and continued to examine the scene in the camera. Yet, when she looked at the camera, she found that Rong Xu was actually standing perfectly center of the scene. His position allowed the breeze outside the window to blow gently and raise his hair.

Bright but non-glaring light shone upon him, hitting from the right side and creating a shadow on the left. It seemed as though he was frozen in time. He sang quietly alone in the frame. After he sang the first chorus, he slowly opened his eyes and looked deeply into the camera.

At this moment, a ray of sunlight fell upon the red cinnabar on his right eye, making it shine.

Yang Jiyao’s heart was stirred, and the scene came to an end.


After a moment of hesitation when looking back at the previously shot scene, Yang Jiyao thought for a while and nodded: “Pass! Next scene!”

Afterwards, he had to sing on the stairs, sing by the door, and sing by the fountain. Rong Xu always wore the red jacket. In Yang Jiyao’s camera lens, his gorgeous clothes contrasted with the environment. The rich coloration was like an oil painting, making people’s eyes shine when looking at it.

The early afternoon’s shooting was finished.

Next, Rong Xu changed into his second look.

In the “Lost Wings” MV, he only had 2 images. This time, it was a white collared shirt look.

The beginning of the MV portrayed the ambition and mutual support between two friends, but in the later scenes, with the news of the other party’s death, Yang Jiyao purposefully crafted a specific image. The scene of singing by the window in the red clothes will suddenly shift into an image of Rong Xu in a white shirt.

All the prosperity in the world had vanished. In reality, what I really cared about was only the one who used a broom as a guitar with me during our childhood, and a desk as our drum set.

    —— The scene in the lens displayed this type of morality

Before I had you in my life, I was a butterfly with open wings, beautiful and arrogant, unstoppable and unshakeable. After losing you, I returned to my original, rough self. The most important thing in this world is not fame and fortune, nor is it dreams of success, but rather the person who was always by your side and standing with you.

The same formatting of scenes, the same clear sounding song.

When Rong Xu entered the lens of a camera, he could automatically find the most optimal position and the perfect intersection of light and shadow. The youth in the camera exhibited a strong and commanding aura. In a white shirt, he was gentle and elegant like fresh tea. In a red coat, he stimulated one’s spirit.

“Okay! That’s it, we’ll continue to the next shot next to the stairs!”

With this kind of temperament,Yang Jiyao couldn’t help but applaud, subconsciously treating Rong Xu as she would a model.

Yang Jiyao often took photographs for top-name magazines and luxury brands. The models for those shoots were professionally trained and could even strike five or six poses within a second. The speed of their movement changes and lens finding were even faster than the photographer’s


Therefore, when working with models, Yang Jiyao could work without using words, and the two parties would have a tacit understanding of the shooting process. But, when she was cooperating with Rong Xu, she had actually also reached the same speed as shooting with models.

A succession of “okay, pass” sounded on the set. After the 20 plus shots were all taken, Yang Jiyao found: that it was only 3:30 pm! The corners of her mouth twitched slightly, watching as Rong Xu was about to remove his makeup and change clothes for the end of the MV filming. Immediately,Yang Jiyao said loudly: “I think we can change up the style and try for a different feel.”

Rong Xuwen was speechless and he stopped and looked at Yang Jiyao in surprise. After a moment of consideration, he nodded with a smile: “Okay.”

Although this proposal was made by Yang Jiyao privately and was inconsistent with the original shooting plans, when Rong Xu walked out of the makeup room in a black cardigan, Yang Jiyao felt a sudden tremor in her heart.

Really …… looks too good!!!

“Okay, let’s head back to the room and shoot a few more. Props crew, set a layer of white rose petals on the ground … what? No white roses? Then find some within half an hour! There is a shopping mall next door, there must be a flower shop. Go, quickly!”

This time, it wasn’t until 8pm that the crew wrapped up “Lost Wings” for the day. For a crew that mainly shot MV scenes, the amount of time spent filming was long enough. Rong Xu’s tasks were all complete, but the crew would still have to continue to shoot the content of the MV story the next day. They had invited two lesser-known, eighteen-tier fresh meat actors to perform.

Rong Xu invited the whole crew out for supper, and Director Yang took some more pictures with them before letting Rong Xu leave.

Early the next morning, Rong Xu left B city by plane. The promotion plan for Black Clouds had been changed, and Rong Xu rushed to the S city in advance to meet with Director Liang and Yu Siyu. Coincidentally, he actually encountered an acquaintance on the same flight.

Tang Menglan happened to be shooting a modern workplace film and also had to head to S City. The two laughed and chatted for a while. When they were about to get on the plane, Tang Menglan had not yet had time to turn off her phone and received a message–

[Fraud! A complete fraud! What good fresh meat? The two guys who came here today only have a good face, what kind of sh*t acting is this. Angering me to death! There is absolutely no presence! I am not asking for someone as good as lovely sweetheart Xiao Rong Rong, but the difference shouldn’t be this big. Meng Lan, Zhao Chuyun lied to me, she found these two actors to harass me, help me to teach her a lesson! ! !】

The accidentally-seeing-the-content-of-the-message Rong Xu: “……”

The never-expected-that-their-friend-would-send-such-a-message Tang Menglan: “……”

A moment later, Rong Xu smiled slightly: “Director Yang is really lively.”

Tang Menglan smiled awkwardly: “…… really is quite lively.”

The two laughed twice, dropped their smiles at the same time, and stopped talking.

——You are the Sweetheart Xiao Rong Rong! ! !

The plane took off under this awkward atmosphere. Rong Xu closed his eyes and repeated a hundred times in his heart “I saw nothing, I saw nothing, I saw nothing.” 

At the same time, the Black Clouds crew also released the second wave of the luxury guests lineup on their official site, once again causing a stir.

With two weeks left, the most powerful promotional package of Black Clouds had officially arrived!

The Author has something to say:

Qin Cheng Cheng: …… (Doesn’t want to speak)

Sister Fu: Be good, maybe there will be your drama in the next scene~


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