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SA Chapter 53 (Part 1) – You are Sweetheart Little Rong Rong

Chapter 53 is 5.2K characters long, so I split it into 2 parts. Enjoy!

The MV director for “Lost Wings” was a well-known advertising director in China, Yang Jiyao.

Advertisement directors were not the same as film directors. The former’s works were generally not long, usually only ten seconds, while the latter’s works could be as short as 90 minutes to as long as three hours. Advertisement directors paid more attention to the excitement and colors of the product, and do not have high requirements for the overall plot. Yang Jiyao was one of the leaders in this industry.

Yang Jiyao was born into the photography and film industry and had an innate understanding of color. She has shot many famous commercials previously and was well known for her rich and splendid color presentations. This time, Zhao Chuyun inviting her to shoot MV for “Lost Wings” really took no small effort. After all, Yang Jiyao has just recently received an invitation from an international luxury brand which, to any director, would also be a hot commodity.

However, when Rong Xu just arrived at the set, the director directly approached him with affection, latching onto his hand and not letting go.

Yang Jiyao was thirty-two years old this year. She was fashionable and beautiful, sporting dazzlingly blue-gray short hair. This color, not even Rong Xu had tried before, but on the avant-garde director, no matter how one looked, it was always suitable.

At that moment, Yang Jiyao carefully observed the young man in front of her, then said with a smile: “I can finally say I’ve met you. Sister Yun and I talked about this the day before yesterday, hoping I could help “Lost Wings” find a familiar director to film. When I knew that you sang it, I quickly arrived. Rong Xu, quickly give me a signature, come, come, let’s take a picture!”

While talking, Yang Jiyao took out her cell phone and was ready to take a photo.

Meeting such an enthusiastic director … this was a first for Rong Xu. Although Yang Jiyao was the youngest director that Rong Xu had ever met, normal directors should generally be strict and serious on the set, never playing around. Like Director Guo, Director Zheng, and Director Liang. 

How was it that when it came to Director Yang…… everything was reversed?!

Without giving Rong Xu a chance to respond or Luo Zhentao a chance to separate them, Yang Jiyao held Rong Rong’s little hand and took two photos together. Originally, Rong Xu was a little surprised, but when Yang Jiyao said “eggplant”[1], his professionalism made him show a perfect smile with his eye slightly curved.


After taking the picture and getting his signature, Director Yang finally calmed down.

Rong Xu smiled calmly, and didn’t seem to mind much. Yang Jiyao gazed at the collected youth. With a flash in her eyes, she explained, smiling: “Actually, I heard of you very early on. Meng Lan and I are good friends, and she told me that you have superb acting skills, a good personality, and professionalism … Yes, and that you also like to eat green peppers! “

Hearing the name “Meng Lan”, Rong Xu was slightly surprised and quickly thought of Tang Menglan.

Yang Jiyao emphasized: “Meng Lan said that you are very helpful and very gentle. I can see it from today, you really are as helpful as she said.”

The youth laughed brightly: “Helpful in eating green peppers?”

Yang Jiyao laughed and spread her hands: “I didn’t say it like that. Before, I watched a few episodes of “Vie for Supremacy” for Meng Lan. I have watched all of your dramas. Rong Xu, in “Vie for Supremacy” your name is Wan Qiyao. My name is Yang Jiyao. Both of us are Yao, and we are filming an MV together today. This must be fate.”

To date, only actors have deliberately tried to approach directors, there’d never been a director deliberately try to get close to an actor.

Rong Xu believed that although he was still considered to have some popularity, Yang Jiyao’s enthusiasm really left him with doubts.

He kept feeling … that there seemed to be something wrong somewhere.

Burying the confusion in his heart, Rong Xu and Yang Jiyao talked for a while and then began to exchange pointers on matters related to the shooting. The content of the shooting was to be very simple, only a few scenes. Rong Xu would sing in the frame solo while the rest of the acting would be handled by the actors.

“Lost Wings” will utilize a story-telling MV style catering to music enthusiasts. The MV’s script told about a pair of good friends who grew up together. They each had their own dreams and experienced many hardships and painstaking efforts. Together, they gradually reached the peak of their life. However, between them, the two also had a huge disagreement which almost made them part forever, and they fell into the Cold War. It wasn’t until one person died that this decade-long cold war came to an end.

When separating, they condemned each other, believing their friendship had been exhausted.

When saying farewell, covered by a white cloth, one yearned to meet the other once more.

This MV was about a simple friendship between two different people, a relationship of childhood friends who grew up together. Despite the quarrels and fights, despite the ups and downs, in the end, they still hung the other in their heart. 

The MV’s purpose was to tell every music fan to cherish the people around them, and not wait to lose them before learning to cherish them.

Rong Xu was familiar with these types of scripts. It was narrated by flashbacks, which was a typical MV script style. Thus, the outcome of the shooting depended on the director’s techniques and strengths. Supposedly, Yang Jiyao will use a montage technique to add gorgeous colorations and create a dreamscape for the fans.

After determining the approximate shooting content, Rong Xu was led away by the stage manager to apply makeup.

When walking away, Rong Xu kept feeling that something was off and turned around from time to time to survey the set. However, there were only staff busying around, nothing was wrong with it. With this strange mood, Rong Xu finally entered the dressing room.

But when he entered the room, he didn’t know that Yang Jiyao suddenly excitedly walked aside a few steps, took out her phone from her pocket, and quickly typed a message to her close girlfriends.

[Good looking! Really good looking! The real person is better looking than on TV! Meng Lan, what you said was true. I actually like the person even more after I met them in real life. Wan Qiyao is really too awesome. In the future, if you have such fresh meat, introduce them to me, too. You must know, they are completely my type!!!]

After a while, Tang Menglan replied sullenly: [……Don’t you like girls? ]

Yang Jiyao typed rapidly back: [What. What, I can’t appreciate it? This tender and obedient little fresh meat is my favorite. I really envy you, you can film with such small fresh meat, how much tofu can you eat everyday. What about me? I only see models, models, or models …]

This time, Tang Menglan didn’t bother to reply, the corner of her mouth curved upwards while she was putting on makeup for a film. She said to her agent: “Seeing so many beautiful models everyday, and yet keeps complaining. Isn’t she homosexual? Seeing so many beautiful long legs, she should directly go jump on them, yet she still likes little fresh meat.”

This was similar to that fact that Tang Menglan also had many female fans. Homosexuals could also worship heterosexual idols. Yang Jiyao was right. She originally only wanted to give Tang Menglan face, so she conceded to watching a BG power[2] film. Not watching it was fine, but once she did, it was beyond expectations –

As a born homosexual, she was not fascinated by the heroine Xiao Xiang or female number two, but instead was fascinated by a male character: Wan Qiyao!

Her picking up “Lost Wings’” MV was mainly for Rong Xu. Of course, high-level skill was also required, but if it wasn’t Rong Xu, then unless it was a singer of the divine level, she wouldn’t have taken the task. Otherwise, she would have never agreed to be the director for other singers. 

Soon, Rong Xu finished his makeup and changed to a red coat.

The bright red, worn on the boy’s body and coupled with the few strands of red hair that were specially dyed, carried a specific type of beauty and splendor. Rong Xu rarely wore such colorful clothes, but once the fair-skinned youth put on such a coat, he suddenly became blindingly bright. Everyone in the crew couldn’t help but turn to steal glances at him, and Yang Jiyao also nodded happily.

Phoenix eyes, thin lips and bright eyes, he was obviously only wearing a stylish leather jacket, but looked beautiful and vigorous, really making one envious.

This is the first time that Rong Xu has applied this type of makeup. From the time when he first arrived in this world, his roles were either an elegant recluse, or a cold and overbearing young master, and there was also the not-yet released Black Clouds. But, even if Ling Xiao was holding a concert, he did not put on much makeup.

But this time, the makeup artist used cinnabar to draw a curved hooked line along the corner of his right eye. The gorgeous cinnabar made those clear eyes carry a hint of shyness, which was far from Rong Xu’s actual image. However, this sense of difference made him appear even more dazzling.

[1] “Eggplant”: Equivalent to saying “Cheese” to get people to smile in photos

[2] BG power: boy/girl heterosexual film


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11 thoughts on “SA Chapter 53 (Part 1) – You are Sweetheart Little Rong Rong”

    1. Hi Renimon20, Cinnabar, or mercuric sulfide, is toxic in its natural form (mercury poisoning). Modern “Cinnabar” is usually an imitation or artificially created product that is safe to use. 🙂 So, Rong Rong will be Okay!

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  1. Ms. Yang’s reaction toward Rong Xu is funny because Rong Xu is the shou – which could be treated as a female counterpart in a couple.


    1. Uh, Bottoming doesn’t make him ‘like a girl’, that’s a harmful stereotype towards mlm couples. It’s not unusual for wlw girls to like male idols tho, since they can appreciate them aesthetically, specially if they tend towards a more androgynous presentation like many kpop idols and such.


      1. you’re right, it’s stereoptyping bottoms, but it can’t be help some would think like that since in asian bl (particularly, manhuas/chinese novels) switching is rare and it often depicts the shou in a ‘feminizing’ way, with the gong always the “manly, tall, intimidating”, while the shou has to be the “gentle, warm and delicate”. And it even has to have a tag “manly gay couple” when it features one. I think those can be factors that gives the impression the shou are female counterpart when they’re not …


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