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SA Chapter 90 (Part 2) – The Embroiderer

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Chapter Potential Trigger Warning: Blood

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     The film, The Embroiderer, was based upon reality, yet was also divergent from reality [1]. For example, the prototype of Rong Xu’s role, the Prince, was a highly evaluated (individual) in history. Not only were his abilities strong, but the main point was that he was exceedingly beautiful.


    Just that point alone gave Old Liu a headache: Both good acting skills and good looks. Where would he go to find such a good seedling in the short amount of time?

     On the way to Hengdian, Rong Xu worked on studying the script. This was the first time he’s read the script. Originally, he just wanted to analyze the script rationally as an outside party would, but while reading through it, he became immersed in the plot. At the end, when all the foreshadowed events were revealed one by one, a plot twist turned the tides, and the truths all came to light. Rong Xu couldn’t help but feel his heart stir.

     Seeing Rong Xu’s scrunched up eyebrows, Luo Qian asked in a soft voice: “Xiao Xu, is the script good?”

     Rong Xu rarely showed any expressions when he read through scripts, and this was the first time Luo Qian had ever seen his current appearance.

   Hearing this, Rong Xu locked his phone screen. He smiled as he looked up and asked: “Sister Xiao Qian, what do you think of Qin Cheng’s movies?”

     Hearing his Boss’s name, the little assistant sitting in the driver’s seat immediately pricked his ears and listened as Luo Qian said without an ounce of hesitation: “God Qin’s movies are all great! Extremely great! I enjoy watching every single one of them; I watch them all at least three times!”

     The praise obviously wasn’t for him, but Rong Xu couldn’t help but beam: “En, so, do you think this script is any good?”

     Luo Qian nodded fiercely.

     Rong Xu never once doubted Qin Cheng’s ability to select scripts. In fact, he, himself, was also highly picky about scripts. However, the scripts he received now were far fewer than Qin Cheng, and there weren’t that many options for him to choose from. It was the same for The Embroiderer. Rong Xu was also very interested in Qin Cheng’s role, but it was absolutely impossible for Old Liu to let him take on that role.

     Nevertheless…… the character, Zhu Molang, was actually no less than Kong Chao.

     The Elite Guards wore flying fish patterns and used the finest cloud brocades crafted by Jiangnan’s skilled Sewing Women and Embroiderers. They wore finely embroidered silk and fabric, paired with an Embroidered Spring Sword[2]. Kong Chao was the veritable protagonist, but Zhu Molang was a key figure throughout the entire plotline.

     Rong Xu closed his eyes and carefully contemplated the plot of the entire movie. Ten minutes later, he turned his phone back on and re-read the script. When reading the script this time, he didn’t immerse his own emotions, but rather analyzed it from an objective perspective.

     Good script writers made sure that every line had carried a purpose.

     Rong Xu first read through all the scenes with Zhu Molang’s appearance before specially selecting to study Zhu Molang’s lines thoroughly. The car ride was bumpy, and he could only hold onto his cell phone and study silently in his head.

     Because of the traffic jam, it was already eight o’clock in the evening by the time they arrived in Hengdian Studios.

    Rong Xu followed Qin Cheng’s assistant through the crew and didn’t see a single idle person along the way. Every staff member was rushing to and fro in a hurry. There were some staff members who saw Rong Xu and excitedly asked for a signature, but they only hastily asked for a signature before immediately heading back to their work.

     Luo Qian said warily: “They are all so busy.”

     Rong Xu didn’t respond. He heard the piercing and dense sound of colliding metal, (a noise that made) even the air tremble. It sounded like the noise of colliding heavy iron. The entire crew was silent and only the clanging echoed on continuously.

     Luo Qian also closed her mouth and stopped talking as she approached the set. 

    That was when Rong Xu lifted his gaze and saw him—

    He wore a woven azure flying fish suit, a wide black belt tightly drawn across his waist, and a pair of jade-embellished official boots were worn on his feet. As he swiftly flew through the building, he pierced a knife through the heart of a black clothed man.

     Qin Cheng’s icy and deep expression on his face was similar to that of a sculpture’s, and his black eyes were soaked with cold light. He quickly dashed among a dozen masked assassins, and with each slash, a life was taken. With each slash, another streak of blood landed on his cheek. However, he never stayed still, slaughtering lives coldly and indifferently before finally landing on one knee. The Embroidered Spring Sword was drenched with blood. By the time he braced himself against the ground, there were already more than ten corpses strewn behind him.

     On the desolate road, the shops on both sides of the street had long since closed, and only the bleak moonlight shone upon the earth, similarly lighting up this gory and blood-scented world. The glistening river of blood flowed down from beneath the corpses, slowly spreading along the cracks of the bluestone slabs, making the scene appear horrifying and gruesome.

    Seeing this scene, Luo Qian couldn’t resist covering her mouth, while Rong Xu narrowed his eyes and gazed at Qin Cheng calmly.

     Qin Cheng borrowed the strength of the narrow Embroidered Spring Sword to slowly stand up. A trace of blood gradually seeped through his lips. 

When he lifted his head, his gaze met Rong Xu’s, but his expression didn’t change. It was as if he hadn’t seen Rong Xu at all. He stood up calmly and decisively left the alley step by step.

     A powerful and icy aura instantly diffused through the air, making everyone unable to move.


    The moment Old Liu’s voice sounded, the crew finally started to move again.

     The extras who were playing corpses on the ground gradually stood up one by one, and the props crew walked over to help them out of their suspension wires. The leader of the props crew also hurriedly stepped forward to help Qin Cheng untie his wires. At the same time, the makeup artist walked over with quick steps and picked up the brush to help Qin Cheng touch up his makeup.

     Unexpectedly, Qin Cheng gently shook his head and said: “My friend is here.”

     The makeup artist was taken aback, and subconsciously stepped away, letting Qin Cheng walk off the set with long strides.

    Under the gaze of countless crew members, Qin Cheng walked off the set step by step and passed by seven or eight cameras before standing in front of Rong Xu. He bowed his head slightly. There were still splotches of fake blood on the corner of his lips, and he was also wearing the icy, deep blue flying fish brocade costume. His long-haired wig was tied up high behind his head, and when he lowered his head, strands of hair slid down his cheeks, which made him appear even more beautiful and extraordinary.

     Qin Cheng stared at the young man in front of him seriously, and Rong Xu looked up at him.

     The man’s deep phoenix eyes were filled with an impenetrable coloration, his thin lips were slightly pursed, and his lips opened and closed as if he had something to say. But, after a pause, in front of the eyes of dozens of staff members, he could only open his arms and gently embrace Rong Xu, saying calmly: “You are here.”

     He couldn’t say any more, only those three words.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


[1]Based upon reality, yet was also divorced from reality: “Based on true historical events”

[2]Embroidered Spring Sword: A ming dynasty symbol of power, granted by the emperor

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