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SA Chapter 75 (Part 1) – Kabedon~

Hi all! A little disclaimer about the translation for this chapter. The wordings for this chapter’s raws were more formal and strict compared to the previous chapters. Thus, I took a bit of creative liberty to adjust the punctuation and wordings of the translation to better match the overall tone of the original raws. That being said, my choice of certain adjectives in this chapter might not be exactly the same as the ones used in the raw’s because the English and Chinese usages of some words may not carry the same underlying implications and tone. However, the translation still reflects the implications of the context overall.

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He Ruge giggled a little. After laughing, he opened his still-hot bento lunch box. Regardless if he was hungry or not, the lunch box must be eaten. He specially bought the most expensive bento. If he wasted it, his conscience would hurt.

Dazzling lights illuminated the studio, and the props staff were conducting a final tools inspection. The actor who was playing the corpse had long taken his place lying down on the dissection table with a cyan colored special effect film plastered directly onto his right hand. During the post-compositing process, the effects staff will directly crop out his hand to create the effect of “the right hand has been cut by the murderer”.

This was a group scene, and Rong Xu, Bo Xiwen, Ren Shuzhi and Ma Qi all had roles.

Faced with the tragic death of her brother, Li Xiao, the younger sister played by Ren Shuzhi, naturally had to weep bitterly and wish desperately to catch the criminal immediately. In contrast, Rong Xu was to portray the image of a composed and rational professor. He’d analyze the criminal’s behavior calmly and draw a preliminary criminal profile.

So, in this scene, Li Xiao’s grief and Xue Jiazhe’s distinct indifference created a sharp contrast and carried a strong impact.

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Have you prepared the liver exploding (stressful) update for after you enter V? Don’t forget that you said that after entering V, you would do 10,000 a day!”


Eight cameras were set up in various locations. Once Director Yuan shouted “ACTION”, Ren Shuzhi, who was standing in the center of the set, suddenly burst into tears. In the midst of those beautiful eyes, tear drops flowed down continuously. The eye drops specially used for crying scenes made her eyes a bit red and created a sad and desperate appearance.

She approached the dissection table step by step from the door of the autopsy room. As a family member of the victim, this was the first time she’d seen her brother who had died a tragic death. Ren Shuzhi’s acting skills were definitely not very good, but for such a strongly emotional scene, her acting could be considered on-point: after all, she just needed to present a show of crying and running. As long as she cried and howled, she could be considered to have passed.

The true protagonists of this scene were Rong Xu and Bo Xiwen.

Emotionless Coding Machine: “…… Damn, what Ji Ji. Who’s a Ji Ji, Are you that stimulated (from shock of entering V) or are you drunk?”

Xue Jiazhe and Tan Yangxuan had arrived at the autopsy room long ago. The criminal psychologist wore white gloves and looked at the victim’s severed hand and knife wounds on his chest with an indifferent face. His expression was almost ruthless, as if he was not looking at a human being, but rather a stage prop.

A white light flashed across his cold eyes, and Xue Jiazhe raised his eyes to look at Tan Yangxuan.

Tan Yangxuan immediately asked in a serious manner: “Did you find anything?”

However, the next moment, Xue Jiazhe smiled and lifted the corners of his lips. He said in a steady tone: “Help me push up my glasses.” 

His voice was cold and clean, and accompanied by Ren Shuzhi’s howling cries, he appeared even more genteel and collected.

Tan Yangxuan was a bit taken aback when he heard those words, but then he looked down at Xue Jiazhe’s hands that had touched the corpse. He suddenly realized the issue and quickly helped his old classmate straighten out his glasses.

Then, Xue Jiazhe continued to observe the corpse.

After a while, just as Li Xiao was on the side crying, he (Xue Jiazhe) took off his gloves, and said indifferently while walking towards the sink in the dissection room: “The knife wound on his chest was the fatal wound. Evidently, I am not a forensic doctor, but I speculate his right hand should have been cut off before his death.”

Tan Yangxuan immediately replied: “Yes, his hand was cut off first, and then he received the fatal injury to the heart.” After a pause, Tan Yangxuan quickly added: “There was no trace of anesthesia found in his blood test.”

The sound of splashing water resonated throughout the autopsy room then, and Xue Jiazhe suddenly chuckled.

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Ah——all drunks say they are not drunk. Listen up, go to bed and take a nap right now.”

This laughter stopped Li Xiao’s crying abruptly as everyone turned to look at him. They saw the tall and thin young man standing in a shadowed blind spot, leaning over slightly and carefully washing his fingers. Clearly, he had put on gloves when he touched the corpse just before, but now, he was still carefully washing every nook and cranny of his fingers, as if even the little specks of invisible dust in his nails had to be washed away. 

His thin lips curled up in an imperceptible arc. Behind him was a cold-bodied corpse without a hint of warmth, but he seemed to be unaware that anything was off. Instead, he was calm and peaceful, as if he was attending a party instead.

When the script reached this point, Li Xiao, played by Ren Shuzhi, was triggered by this strange person’s behaviour. Her brother had died innocently and tragically, yet, this person who’d been examining her brother’s wound wasn’t even a forensic scientist. He held no respect for the deceased at all and was now even laughing!

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Ancestor, you are already drunk to this extent, yet still want to play games ah.

However, Xue Jiazhe’s following words made her angrier. While washing his hands, this criminal psychologist said, “Since his right hand was chopped off before his death and anesthesia was not administered, it must have been extremely painful and the victim would definitely have struggled. However, this incision wound is so straight, it’s obvious that the criminal must be good at this —— chopping off someone’s right hand, they must have a certain degree of medical knowledge and be highly familiar with the bone structure of the human body to know how to remove someone’s hand with the fastest speed and the least possible effort.”

When those words fell, Xue Jiazhe turned off the faucet, and as if suddenly thinking of something he said: “Oh, yes. Also, this corpse weighs at least 100 kilograms (220 pounds), yet they could find the gaps between the bones through such a thick layer of fat. Very intriguing.”

Li Xiao slowly quieted down, but Tan Yangxuan asked: “What else?”

Xue Jiazhe turned around: “One stab to kill, no second wound needed. What can that prove?”

Tan Yangxuan deliberated for a moment: “The criminal knows exactly how to kill, just like he could cut off a right hand precisely. He has a certain degree of medical knowledge. Of course, he might also be a butcher.”

Xue Jiazhe actually shook his head, his lips perking up slightly: “Not only that, but it also proves that he wasn’t familiar with the deceased victim.”

Tan Yangxuan was stunned for a second. But, in the next moment, he suddenly recalled: “Isn’t that already certain? We’ve checked the information of the six previous victims, and they have nothing in common. Their social networks also hardly overlap. This prisoner probably doesn’t know any of the deceased victims.”

Xue Jiazhe raised his line of sight, his gaze piercing through the cold glasses lens as he stared straight at Tan Yangxuan.

“Human social networks are a very strange thing. No one can say clearly exactly how many people they know, and even they, themselves, cannot explain it (their social networks).” After a brief pause, Xue Jiazhe continued: “The reason why I say the criminal isn’t familiar with the deceased is because as long as it’s not a performance based crime[1], it is not likely to end it with just one stab. With one stab, it takes at least ten seconds for the victim to die. In that ten seconds, they could undertake another twenty to thirty more stabbings. Yet, the criminal did not do that.”[2]

Tan Yangxuan was still a little at a loss: “Can’t this possibly prove that the criminal is highly confident in knowing that he can kill the victim with just a single blow?”

Xue Jiazhe laughed helplessly: “Has your IQ been packaged and distributed to the development of your limbs, classmate Tan? There is no trace of previous bindings on the corpse’s face, which shows that the deceased saw the criminal come after him with his own eyes. If one were to face someone they are familiar with, psychologically speaking, it would produce a feeling of nervousness and fear. The victim would struggle with the first blow, and the criminal, being nervous, would strike another blow. Based on past cases, there are very, very few victims who only have one wound on their body. It’s usually accompanied by many more wounds and one fatal wound.”

The door to room No.20 opened. When his blurred drunken vision saw Little White Tiger, his eyes immediately widened. He Ruge looked closely at the little white tiger


{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

[1]Performance based crime: an illegal act committed with the intention of having it be witnessed by an audience or seeking an audience

[2]Basically, the criminal didn’t act in a way that showed it was a personal vendetta or emotion driven crime. If it was a crime in hate or vengeance, usually the criminal would stab multiple times to ensure death or injure the victim multiple times to relieve their emotions.

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