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SA Chapter 75 (Part 2) – Kabedon~

Part 2 of the lengthy sponsored chapter! It’s a bit short because this was the only logical place to cut it off. On the plus side, part 3 will be longer~ Enjoy!

I included imperial system measurements in (parentheses).

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He Ruge wasn’t good at mixing into crowds, so he just quietly watched from behind the screen for a while before exiting the group chat to go write. Inside the small black room, he managed to write 2,000 words in one go, looking at the plump and full document in a daze.

Knowing how to say lines is a compulsory course for every actor.

Reading a script seems to be a very simple task, just words flowing from the mouth, but in fact, it is a vital aspect of every actor’s skills. As for Ren Shuzhi, her acting skills greatly disappointed Director Yuan. So, yesterday, Director Yuan specially found the screenwriter to significantly reduce Ren Shuzhi’s lines. Now, she only had a role with practically no lines.

An actor with a good command of line reading could make the audience feel immersed when they speak; an actor with a bad command of line reading would make it feel like they were reading a book when they spoke, simply reciting the text on the table and make the audience feel removed from the work.

In order to salvage these kinds of actors, the value of voice dubbers were increased. Although the need to dub lines isn’t necessarily due to an actors’ poor skills, actors with poor line reading skills must be dubbed.

For today’s scene, Rong Xu’s lines already added up to nearly a thousand words. Whether or not so many lines could be memorized is a test of an actor’s skills. Usually, these types of scenes are shot in separate parts, divided into small segments and filmed continuously.

However, Director Yuan was a director who loved to utilize long shots. Last night, he specifically went to look for Rong Xu to ask if he could memorize the 1,000-word lines. Rong Xu smiled and said without hesitation: “Yes.”

And so, there was today’s scene.

That didn’t seem to be the case. Life still goes on, and words still have to be written.

The young man’s cold, almost freezing, voice sounded through the silent set. His words were clear and concise, and his voice carried a mysterious undertone.

To say that Rong Xu’s spoken lines were emotionally moving and enticing is impossible. This was simply because Xue Jiazhe is not a passionate person. He is cold by nature and was just a superficial gentleman. So, Rong Xu’s tone was actually relatively plain, as if he were just stating facts. Yet, as he was talking, many onlooking staff members became slowly immersed in the scene as they also began to deliberate the situation after his questions.

Why did he say that the criminal definitely doesn’t know the victim?

Why is the criminal between 25 and 35 years old, with a height of 1.8 to 1.85 meters (5’9″ ~ 6’0″), a weight of 60 to 75 kg (132~165lbs). Why does the criminal have a bachelor degree or higher, wear glasses, is left-handed, and likes music and painting?

Even if you know the height, weight and age of the criminal, how could you be so sure that the criminal wears glasses, is left-handed, and likes music and painting?! This wasn’t scientific at all! Moreover, he also said that the criminal despised the victim from the bottom of their heart. In the criminal’s mind, the victim is a sinner and committed an enormous mistake.

This lump stayed hidden in his heart and would always leave a dull pain when touched, an undesirable and unexpected pain.

According to the script, the victim’s sister finally finally couldn’t withstand the anger in her heart anymore and rushed forward, pushing Xue Jiazhe hard. This occurred very suddenly and Xue Jiazhe took two steps back off-guard and collided with the sink with a loud “BANG–“.

Tan Yangxuan was stunned, and Xue Jiazhe also supported the sink with one hand, not responding.

Now, it was Ren Shuzhi’s scene. She was crying once again as she shouted loudly: “Don’t speak nonsense! My brother had never done anything wrong. He kept to himself, and his colleagues always said that he is a good person. He’s honest. He provided for me to go to college and study. He’s never had a girlfriend, never made a family nor started a business! What do you know!”

Director Yuan looked at the scene on the monitor and frowned with dissatisfaction. He was about to call CUT, but unexpectedly, at this moment, Rong Xu showed a soft smile. 

All the spectators immediately turned their heads towards him and saw him lift his hand to gently remove his glasses from the bridge of his nose. He slowly raised his eyes, his gaze as sharp as a searchlight as he smiled and watched Ren Shuzhi. Under his gaze, everything seemed to be transparent. 

There was nowhere to hide.

He Ruge’s emotions shifted only for the briefest of moments. His fingertips which were placed on the keyboard twitched as he slowly replied, his body similar to a block of frozen ice slowly being defrosted: “Okay, thank you.”

A pair of thin lips parted slightly to clarify the reality straightforwardly and sarcastically: “There’s two different ring marks on the ring finger of his right hand, one darker and one lighter. There’s also a chain-like mark on his neck similar to one of the ring marks.”

The genteel and elegant professor lifted his legs and walked towards the grieving young lady step by step.

“His upper body sported a plain black, cotton jacket, and his pants were the most common style. However, his belt is one of the latest models within the last two months. Though the price is not high, the style is unique. This belt’s selection shows a woman’s hands, but although this woman believes herself to be quite stylish, her vision is only average. The traces on the victim’s neck and right ring finger are similar and must be related to this woman. They are a couple’s ring and necklace of the same style.”

Ren Shuzhi slowly widened her eyes, as if she suddenly saw something impossible to believe.

However, it wasn’t over yet.

“There’s also a hickey on his back and a hickey on the backside of his neck. In terms of coloration, the one on the neck was made within a week. The hickeys have the same imprints and thus show the same habits, meaning they were left by the same woman. A call girl wouldn’t give a belt, so it is not a call girl. It could only be a girlfriend.”

Speaking up to here, this handsome and cold professor smiled slightly. His words were soft but cruel: “Your brother has a girlfriend and was involved in marriage talks. The other party is over thirty years old and was anxious to get married. Blue-collar work class. Your brother and her had broken up with each other in the past week. The two should have parted on a bad note.”

At the end, he turned his head and looked to the side, his smile even more profound: “Student Tan, am I right?”

Tan Yangxuan dumbfoundedly looked at his own old classmate, and only after a long while did he nod continuously: “Yes! I just found out this morning that Li Zhong had an ex-girlfriend who works in a nearby factory. She’s 31 years old this year, and they had almost reached talks about marriage. They broke up five days ago because……”

“Because Li Zhong wanted that woman to have an abortion.” Xue Jiazhe pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and smiled. His eyes were calm and his face was gentle, but the eyes hidden behind the frame carried no warmth at all. He casually examined that dazed woman with the most indifferent eyes.

At this point, the scene was completed!

He rapidly blinked his dry eyes a few times before closing the group chat. A strong sense of exhaustion flooded over him like a tide, and He Ruge fell into a daze for a long time.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


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