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SA Chapter 51 (Part 2) – “Lost Wings” CD Single

Part 2 is up! Enjoy!

In the evening of the same day, Zhao Chuyun vigorously drafted 3 copies of a contract and finalized the contract with Rong Xu.  

 Originally, Luo Zhentao wanted to say “people who are part of Huaxia Entertainment can just follow the company’s internal processes,” but Zhao Chuyun rejected it and instead carefully stored the finished contract.  

When everything was completed, Zhao Chuyun’s face finally showed a sincere smile. She personally sent Rong Xu downstairs. When she brought the two to the elevator, she stared deeply at this young and beautiful youth, and then she gave the other party a brief hug.  

Rong Xu accepted the hug generously, and when he was about to let go, he heard Zhao Chuyun whisper by his ear: “You don’t look a lot like him, but your presentation of him is really great.”  

 After a slight pause, Rong Xu whispered: “Thank you for your flattery.”  

 When they finally bid goodbye to Zhao Chuyun, Luo Zhentao said emotionally: “Although I guessed that Zhao Chuyun allowing you to sing “Lost Wings” had ulterior motives, I never expected that she wanted to donate all the profits to a foundation.”  

 Rong Xu glanced at Luo ZhenTao and raised an eyebrow: “You guessed it early on, Brother Luo?”  

Luo Zhentao chuckled awkwardly: “Of…… of course I thought of it.” Without giving Rong Xu time to think about it, Luo Zhentao quickly added: “As the main producer of the single, Zhao Chuyun should have everything under tight control. The song recording is already long done, what’s left is to shoot the MV. Next week, you will start the promotion for Black Clouds and also participate in three variety shows. So, Xiao Xu, we are going to shoot the MV within this week. I am afraid Zhao Chuyun will give us a notice of the schedule tomorrow.”  

 Rong Xu lowered his head gently, and without exposing Luo Zhentao’s lies he said: “Coincidentally, I have nothing going on this week. I have all the time in my hands, Brother Luo.”  

 Luo Zhentao laughed and passed over the issue. 

 The Rongyun Foundation was a foundation established by Ling Xiao when he was alive, dedicated to donations for children in poor mountainous areas. Throughout all these years, it had already funded hundreds of Hope Primary Schools. After Ling Xiao’s death, this foundation was handed over to and run by Zhao Chuyun.  

 Although “Lost Wings” had had yet to be released, the potential income for the single would definitely not a small amount. In the face of this much money, it would take a great deal of determination to donate it all. So, when Rong Xu agreed without hesitation, Zhao Chuyun was also quite surprised.  

   It can be said that, for singing this song, Rong Xu’s only gain would be fame, he was able to sing the music god’s song, but would not receive any income.  

 Even Luo Zhentao felt a little apologetic for Rong Xu. Even if he were to get only one-tenth of the profits, it would still be good. But when he mentioned it, Rong Xu only smiled and said calmly: “Perhaps in the future, you would also have to help me run a foundation like Sister Zhao, Brother Luo.”  

 Luo Zhentao was stunned and turned to look at Rong Xu. But, at this time, Rong Xu had already lowered his head to turn on his phone and started to look at the latest entertainment news, making it seem as though he just said that casually.  


 When Rong Xu returned home, he unexpectedly did not see a glimpse of Qin Cheng.  

 In the empty house, no one had turned on the lights. When the switch was pressed, the lights illuminated the silent house, making it look a bit lonely. Rong Xu looked around before finally determining that Qin Cheng really wasn’t there.  

 He hung his clothes in his closet, and when he walked to the dining room, he suddenly saw a note on the table.  

 I have sudden work to discuss, may come back late at night  

On the small piece of paper, the black ink stained the shallow and delicate lines, contrasting black on white, and the ink glimmered slightly under the light. The words held strength, vigorous and powerful, and each stroke was sharp and domineering. Even if it was only printed on a thin piece of paper, a cold and insurmountable strength could be seen.  

 Rong Xu looked at it for a moment before placing it back onto the table. After he had casually cooked a bowl of noodles and sat by the dining table, he couldn’t help but pick up the paper to glance at it again.  

His eyes roamed the small piece of white paper. After a while, the youth raised the corner of his lips and pressed the white paper down with his index finger.  

 ”These words are so good looking…… Handwriting reflects the person?”  

 After eating the noodles, Rong Xu went to the theater room to watch a foreign film before resting.   

He had only come to this world for a short period of time. If he wanted to understand the situation within the circle, he couldn’t only focus on the surface news, he also had to watch the movies.   

During the afternoon, Qin Cheng had already said that the DVDs in the cabinet of the movie room could be viewed without worry. So, Rong Xu flipped through the foreign film selections in it and saw several famous, Oscar-winning movies. He had planned to take one of them out to take a look, but he suddenly froze.  

 The youth’s gaze was fixed on a nearby DVD for a long time. After a while, he pulled out the foreign film he originally wanted to watch and inserted it into the DVD player. The opening song of the movie soon sounded. With the melodious and gentle music, Rong Xu didn’t walk to the sofa to sit down, but rather went back to the cabinet again and pulled out a specific DVD.  

On the DVD box, a bright red rose was printed on it. The words Blood Rose came into Rong Xu’s view, and below those two words, the names of the director and the lead actor were printed in the second largest font.  

 Director Liu Sheng, male lead Chai Minglang, female lead … Xia Muyan.  

 After examining this DVD box for a while, Rong Xu put the things back in the cabinet, silently turning to watch the foreign movie.  

At this moment, a certain man who was reading the new script at Huaxia Entertainment suddenly felt a shock. His handsome eyebrows narrowing slightly, Qin Cheng looked up at the manager playing on his phone not too far away, and then looked back down at the script. After determining that nothing was out of the ordinary, he continued to read the script.  

 …… was there really was nothing abnormal?  

Wasn’t it in your own words that, within your DVD collection, Xia Muyan’s only film was The Story of Hongmen Banquet?   

Then, the other party’s Golden Phoenix Award -winning film Blood Rose, did you eat it, did you eat it, or did you eat it?!!  

 In any case, after Rong Xu finished watching this warm-hearted, feel-good foreign film, Qin Cheng still did not return. Rong Xu slightly washed up and prepared to rest. When he was about to enter the bedroom, he thought for a bit, and went into the theater room, helping the man find the seven DVD films with Xia Muyan in them.

 Among them, Xia Muyan was the female lead in five movies and the second female lead in two movies. Only the single The Story of Hongmen Banquet had Qin Cheng as a guest star. No other films had any sort of connection with Qin Cheng.   

Staring at these seven DVDs, Rong Xu slowly raised the corners of his mouth and one-by-one helped Qin Cheng place these DVDs at the corners of the cabinet (all difficult to spot places). After doing these things, the youth nodded with satisfaction and whispered to himself: “I guess you forgot about these movies?” 

Though he said that, the youth’s smile only became deeper.   

Completing everything well, Rong Xu returned to his bedroom in satisfaction and turned on his phone to browse through Weibo for a while.  

 [Rong Xu: I have learned a lot from working with my seniors, hearts [heart] [heart] [heart] // Black Clouds crew: The first group of the ultra-luxury guest lineup……]  

After this Weibo post was updated, Rong Xu looked through the fans’ responses. The current him as already able to calmly accept the exaggerated words of the fans, what “Rong Rong I want to bear little monkeys for you”, “Every day I want to lick Rong Rong a hundred times”, these were all simple and commonplace.  

 But this evening, just as Rong Xu was about to fall asleep, a phone call came over from an unknown number.  

When the call was answered, a calm voice on the other side of the phone sounded over: “Little Master, in two days it will be the anniversary of the Old Master’s death, do you need me to drive over and pick you up?” 

The Author has something to say:

Qin Cheng Cheng: Hmm? Did baby forget to do something? En, over thought it, didn’t forget anything.

Sister Fu: Dong. The other party has already discovered and grabbed your tail!!!

TL corner: Ahahahaha Qin Cheng was EXPOSED!! RX was kind enough to turn a blind eye to your self-advertisement, QC.

On another note: Chapter 52 is shorter than 50 and 51, so the whole chapter will be posted sometime within the next 2 or 3 days. Also, could someone let me know if the font size is alright? I received a message that the font on tablet mode is too small. Thank You!


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