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SA Chapter 50 (Part 2) – He is so Good, No One Should Think of Stealing Him!

Here’s part 2 of Chapter 50! Enjoy!

It was certainly a little awkward watching a movie with the person who starred in it. But with the official start of the movie, the intense plot quickly drew Rong Xu in, making him not think any more about it. Beside him, the film emperor who played Xiang Yu also watched the movie calmly, but his attention was not focused on the movie, as he kept secretly stealing glances at the boy next to him. 

The Story of Hongmen was a movie that Qin Cheng starred in seven years ago. At that time, he was 20 years old and had not yet filmed Mu Sheng. When the film crew announced that he would play Xiang Yu, he received the opposition of many film enthusiasts, and there were also objections within the circle.  

Xiang Yu was a very domineering man, could a just-20-year-old youth really portray him well? 

 Facts proved it. For this film, Qin Cheng was later nominated for three awards and gained the favor of the top director in HuaXia, Old Zhu, who named him to star in Mu Sheng. Finally, he became the global top star Qin Cheng.  

Many fans have said that out of all of Qin Cheng’s roles, their favorite was the third son, Lu Musheng, but the one that had females most obsessed was Xiang Yu. Xiang Yu was powerful, with a matchless aura. A real man with the endless domineering power of a leader could attract women with their bold and extravagant male charm.  

Qin Cheng’s The Story of Hongmen portrayed the King of Chu (see Hongmen Banquet) and caused countless women to become obsessed.  

…… So that is to say, this movie was his (Qin Cheng’s) most masculine film role, it should have some effect, right? 

Qin Cheng glanced at the fascinated teenager and thought silently. 

The two-hour movie ended quickly. The tale of Chu King and Consort Yu Ji, death by the Jiang river (notable and common film scenes). When the fierce battle between Chu and Han ended by the Jiang river, with the tragic background music, the camera slowly panned out, leaving only the continuously flowing waters of the Jiang river which would last forever like the years of history. 

 A good movie, for many of those who watch it, would have a lasting impact and make people revisit it. This movie was obviously a superior work. Rong Xu still remembered the laughter and scoldings of each character in the story. Even the seemingly most simple and ordinary Liu Bang had a multifaceted and three-dimensional character image. 

Not to mention the main characters, Xiang Yu and Yu Ji. 

 After watching the movie, the two left the theater room. While making coffee, Qin Cheng casually said: “How was it, the movie?” 

 After watching such a good film, Rong Xu naturally had much to say about it. He took the coffee Qin Cheng passed to him, eyes bright with emotion and excitement, and said seriously: “This is really a good movie. Xia Muyan’s acting skills are really good. I didn’t think her Lu Yan could be portrayed so well, no wonder she won the Effie Award and Jinling Award for best supporting female actress for this role.” 

Qin Cheng only focused on a few words, responding: “When she was filming, she NG’d many times. Her acting skills have definitely improved a lot.” 

Rong Xu nodded: “So that’s the case. No wonder I feel that in the later parts, her portrayal of tension and explosive power got better. And Lin Xiao’s (林萧 Lín xiāo, not Ling Xiao) Yu Ji was also very good. Although when Xiang Yu was first introduced, I felt that there was something lacking, when it came to the death of Consort Yu Ji, there really was the depiction of tragedy.”  

Qin Cheng: “……Just this?” 

For a moment, Rong Xu held the white porcelain cup and looked up at Qin Cheng, only to see that man looking at him with deep eyes, calmly and steadily. But, not sure why, somehow Rong Xu saw in the other party’s eyes…. anticipation?  

After thinking about it for a while, Rong Xu continued to say, “Your Xiang Yu was performed really well.” This sentence was said very honestly and with a sincere tone, completely from the heart: “I completely could not tell you were only 20 years old at the time. Your acting was really very good.” 

Luo Zhentao (罗振涛 Luōzhèntāo) once said  to Rong Xu that although the current Qin Cheng has been the pinnacle of HuaXia’s entertainment industry,  perhaps even the pinnacle of the entire world’s entertainment scene, but now it was already past Qin Cheng’s golden age. Since after Mu Sheng, Qin Cheng had stopped actively filming movies, only doing one movie a year. He also rarely picked up shows, as if he had entered a retirement period in advance.  

His current age, for other stars, would be considered a starting point.  

But Qin Cheng had come to the end of the road, and could no longer move forward. He had no well-matched rivals. Seniors in the industry had to be respected, while among the younger generation, let alone reach his position, there wasn’t even another male actor who had won 3 awards. 

At Qin Cheng’s age, HuaXia’s male actors in the film circle were extremely lacking. Though it appeared to be all flowery and well, there was no true strength. 

Therefore, when Rong Xu saw this Story of Hongmen, he realized the meaning of Luo Zhentao’s words for the first time. Five of six years ago was Qin Cheng’s Golden Age period. The him at the time carried with him the ambition and determination to climb to the very top, using MuSheng to become a figure that normal people could only dream of meeting.  

Rong Xu couldn’t help but wonder, if had he met the Qin Cheng of that time, what would it be like? 

 He was afraid he would be even more excited and work even harder in filming. 

Qin Cheng no longer had the motivation to improve because he felt that there was no more room for progress. There was a lack of excellent directors, excellent scripts, excellent crew, and excellent opponents. 

Then what if it was him (Rong Xu), could he mobilize this man’s fighting spirit? 

Rong Xu took a sip of coffee and contemplated to himself. 

Of course, Qin Cheng didn’t know that he had already lifted the rock and dropped it onto his own foot. He only wanted to attract the boy with his movie, not realizing that, although the youth was definitely attracted, but it was to the him from seven years ago, and he (Rong Xu) even wanted to meet the him from 7 years ago! 

 For a time, two people had their own thoughts in their heart. 

Rong Xu was thinking about how to get back this man’s ambition and motivation, Qin Cheng was silently thinking: The Xiang Yu I played was highly praised, others all said that he was very handsome … how come he (Rong Xu) had no reaction at all? 

 There is a long silence in the living room, and it was Rong Xu’s cellphone ringtone that broke the silence. The music was one of ZhuLu’s episode’s songs. The melodious flute sounded slowly. This song was Wan Jiyao’s character theme song, clear and comforting, very emotional.  

Rong Xu saw the two words “Luo Ge” on the screen of his cellphone. He froze at first, then said with a smile to Qin Cheng: “I’m going to pick up a call.” 

 Quickly, Rong Xu walked to the balcony. This phone call lasted a full 10 minutes, and when he returned, he actually started changing his outfit. 

 Seeing this, Qin Cheng put the coffee cup down gently and asked in surprise: “Need to go out?” 

 Rong Xu smiled and nodded: “Yes, soon Luo Ge will be picking me up to go to the company to discuss something.” 

 Qin Cheng didn’t ask any more, but looking at the warm smile on the teenager’s face, he vaguely understood that it didn’t seem to be something bad. Not long after, Rong Xu headed out. As soon as he left, Qin Cheng sent out a text message, and ten minutes later, he received a call. 

 At the other end of the phone, Xu Jin (徐晋 xú jìn) methodically said: “It seems Zhao Chuyun called Luo Zhentao. When filming Black Clouds,  Zhao Chuyun missed her old friend and was afraid of interfering with the scenes, so she did not intervene in the crew’s filming process. But yesterday, when she heard Rong Xu’s “Lost Wings” she had some ideas, so maybe this time they are going to talk about a cooperation.” 

 Qin Cheng raised his eyebrows slightly, understanding the situation. He spoke another few words to  his manager, but when he was about to hang up, he heard Xu Jin softly laugh from the other side of the phone and seemingly ask casually: “Qin Cheng, what is your attitude towards Rong Xu, what do you think …… he is to you?” 

A hint of surprise flashed in the dark phoenix eyes, and Qin Cheng walked up to the side of his window. 

 The huge floor-to-ceiling window reflected the man’s handsome figure, beautiful face and impeccable temperament. He looked at the outside city for a long time before whispering: “Who should he be?” 

 Xu Jin laughed, and jokingly said: “How would I know what you consider Rong Xu as, though this Rong Xu is a very incredible newcomer with huge potential. Don’t you feel a sense of crisis? The way I see it, maybe in not even 5 years….. no, maybe only 3 years, he could reach your current position. Speaking of which, I have recently been putting in a lot of effort to make money. Do you know why? ” 

 Qin Cheng’s thin lips pursed slightly, and he asked indifferently: “Why?” 

Xu Jin laughed loudly and said: “Because my wife has been promoted! You don’t know, right, my wife just got promoted last month, and now she is preparing to open a law firm with her friends.” 

 Qin Cheng: “……” 

 Xu Jin slowly stopped his laughter, without continuing. He and Qin Cheng had known each other for so many years, not only as partners, but also as friends.  

 A while after, Qin Cheng asked: “Last time, Director Zhao sent you a script, what about it?” 

Xu Jin answered immediately: “The male lead hasn’t been found yet. The film is set to start shooting next month. Before, the film we agreed upon with Old Liu, because it was more complicated to prepare in advance, would take another half a year to start shooting.” He spoke rapidly, as he seemed to be afraid the other person would regret it the next second. 

 After a moment of silence, Qin Cheng said: “This script is actually not bad. Who is the heroine? Tell me tomorrow. If it’s a decent person, then I’ll pick up the film.” 

 Xu Jinxi was overjoyed: “Okay!” 

 Quickly hanging up the phone, Qin Cheng looked up slightly at the bustling city. 

 In the entertainment industry, there would be newcomers appearing every day, and also elders who become washed up every day. Currently, Rong Xu had arrived at HuaXia Entertainment and was preparing to go meet the gold tier manager who discovered Ling Xiao. At the same time, a man who took a break for a full five years finally accepted the second film script of the year. 

Meanwhile, on the Internet, on the official blog of Black Clouds, a message was forwarded to all the fans of the page. 

[Black Clouds crew: The first group of the ultra-luxury guest lineup is announced! Is your male god and female goddess here? The first signs of black clouds are incoming! [Video link] Rong Xu, Yu Siyu, Jennifer Arcland, Xia Muyan, Liu Zhen …] 

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