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SA Chapter 50 (part 1)

Hi there! I am breaking down chapter 50 into two parts as I did not have time to finish 50 in one go. Part 2 will be released soon.

I included the intonations of the major characters’ names because whenever I read translations, I always wanted to know the proper tones XD. Enjoy!

TL Note: Continuing translations for chapters 50 and onward have the approval of the original translator. Flower Province (Vian) will still be continuing their own translations. You are free to read whichever translation. Thank You!

Chapter 50 – He is so Good, No One Should Think of Stealing Him!

In his last life, Rong Xu (容栩 Róng xǔ) had also set up a home theater in his house where, whenever he had spare time, he could watch movies. 

These types of home theater have high requirements for its equipment, such that when they showed movies, the playback quality wouldn’t necessarily be worse than a formal theater’s, and because it had a narrower space than a movie theater, it could allow people to become even more immersed. 

When Qin Cheng (秦呈 Qín chéng) was getting the film, he appeared to ask casually: “What movie do you want to watch? 

Having arrived in this world for less than a year, Rong Xu really hadn’t seen many movies, and even fewer TV shows. After thinking for a moment, he suddenly thought of someone and laughed: “When we were filming Black Clouds, Xia Muyan (夏慕颜 Xiàmùyán) and I played opposite of each other for a bit, and I had a very deep impression of her. Do you have any of Xia Muyan’s films here?” 

Qin Cheng raised his eyebrows: “A deep impression?” 

Rong Xu nodded lightly, explaining: “Her acting skills are very good, and her temperament is even better.” 

This sentence Rong Xu said wasn’t exactly the truth. In his judgement,  Xia Muyan’s acting skills could not be based on her reputation and the awards she’d won. Her acting skills really were excellent, but they were not much better than Yu Siyu’s (俞思语 yú sīyǔ), and was also a level beneath Wen Xuan’s (温璇 wēn xuán). But now, Rong Xu was a newcomer who had just entered the circle. If he really said this out loud, not only would he be offending people, but would also be considered not understanding propriety.       

Xia Muyan’s real advantage over everyone else was her temperament.  

Some stars are naturally born with a movie star face, suitable for the big screen. When they pose for photo shoots, they appear very smooth and imposing (质感很足,气势沉淀); When they are filming a movie, at first glance you would feel that this movie is very meaningful, and they would never seem out of place.       

Xia Muyan belonged to this type of genuine movie star face, which was suitable for acting in movies, depending on the heavens to eat (depending on her natural face to earn money). 

Qin Cheng directly pulled out a DVD from the cabinet and put it in the player. Once the theme song of the movie sounded, Rong Xu looked at Qin Cheng in surprise but saw the latter sitting calmly on a single sofa, coolly saying: “I only have this film here. It’s her movie.” 

This movie was called The Story of Hongmen, which was based off of the historical Hongmen Banquet and the story of the Chu King and Consort Yu.

Xia Muyan was still young at the time. After not receiving the Golden Phoenix Award, the character she played in this movie was not the heroine, Yu Ji, but rather female No. 2 Lu Ye. It was this role that crafted her new reputation. Before this role, she mostly played characters who were gentle and virtuous, but this time she successfully acted as a ruthless and decisive Empress Lu, truly becoming HuaXia’s top female actress.   

What was worth mentioning was that this movie’s male lead was currently sitting here, watching the movie with Rong Xu.  

Rong Xu: “……” 

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