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SA Chapter 94 (Part 3) – A Prince Exchanged For A Civet Cat

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     If there was such a strong and handsome man who suddenly rescued her from the water in a crisis, she would also definitely be moved.

     “Ah, how can God Qin be so handsome. I’m really looking forward to the release of The Embroider. That way, the whole world can see. God Qin’s getting more and more handsome with each year! (Playing) the Third Young Master can’t be considered his pinnacle at all. Not only is he getting more handsome, but his acting skills are also becoming greater!”

     Hearing the little assistant’s words, Huang Lei paused and turned her head to glance at her, smirking: “Last time, I had asked you to form a good relationship with Rong Xu, how did it go?”

     The little assistant immediately switched to a serious expression and replied: “I have a good relationship with Rong Xu’s assistant.”


     Huang Lei nodded. She walked a few steps forward and had a sudden thought: “You always say Qin Cheng is handsome, but what about Rong Xu?”

     The assistant was taken aback: “……Rong Xu? Rong Xu is only eighteen this year, or was he nineteen years old? I don’t prefer people younger than myself, but he is also very good-looking.”

     Huang Lei smiled meaningfully, and said, “I very much enjoyed his performance in the exchange between him and Qin Cheng just now. If I were an audience member…… en, I would like him better.”

     The little assistant looked at her with a dumbfounded expression and didn’t quite understand the meaning behind the words of her own Film Empress. However, Huang Lei had already walked off.

     For the entirety of that day, they filmed the cooperative scenes between Rong Xu and Qin Cheng.

     At ten o’clock in the evening, they finished filming all the dialogue heavy scenes, and after he finished the action scenes with Qin Cheng in two day’s time, Rong Xu would leave the crew.

     Perhaps it was because everyone realized Rong Xu’s time on set was quickly running out, so when dinner was distributed that evening, he was hand-delivered his boxed meal. 

     Seeing the boxed meal filled with meat, (Rong Xu) was slightly taken aback, and he lifted his head to smile at the young female staff member who suddenly blushed and shook her head, quickly running away .

     Qin Cheng who had just walked over holding two boxed meals: “……”

     Both of them were still dressed in their costumes as they sat at a simple plastic table and began to eat dinner.

     Rong Xu held up his chopsticks and picked out the radishes from the stewed radish dish one by one and gently deposited them into Qin Cheng’s bowl. The man himself didn’t stop (Rong Xu’s) movements. He just supported his chin with one hand and watched everything play out with a faint smile on his lips. It wasn’t until Rong Xu started picking out the cilantro in the braised fish dish that he suddenly stretched out his own chopsticks to stop Rong Xu’s movements.

     Rong Xu: “……???”

     Qin Cheng pursed his thin lips and said gently: “I don’t eat cilantro either.”

     As soon as these words landed, the young man’s eyes immediately showed an expression of “the heroes facing their most difficult problem.”

     Following that, Qin Cheng began helping Rong Xu pick out the cilantro from his boxed meal, while Rong Xu stretched out his chopsticks to help Qin Cheng pick out the cilantro in his meal. It was clearly more convenient for them to pick out their own cilantro, but inexplicably, as if they’d taken the wrong medication, the two of them troubled themselves to pick out the other’s.

     This scene fell in the eyes of many staff members, and they all said emotionally: “They truly deserve to be called childhood friends. Their atmosphere is really good!”

     And so, as the so-called ‘three becomes the truth’, Rong Xu never would have imagined even in his next life that he had become childhood friends with Qin Cheng.

     After the day’s filming was complete, everyone returned to the hotel.

     Rong Xu and Qin Cheng messaged each other a few times before saying “good night” and preparing to rest. After all, the scenes for the following days were all action scenes, and it’s possible they would be hanging from the suspension harness for an entire day. Thus, it was natural to ensure Rong Xu had a good rest and enough energy to prepare for the shoot.

     On this side, the filming progress of The Embroiderer was proceeding smoothly. Meanwhile, on the other side, the crew of Maze City was posting various unique publicity Weibo posts daily.

     As seen from their Weibo publicity posts on the first day, that crew truly had heavy tastes. However, netizens never expected that those (gory publicity photos) were just the appetizer! In the past few days, the crew started releasing scene photos. Some photos were purely character stills, but others……. Were the gory murder scenes!

     Although they had been censored out by mosaics, they were still all bloody crime scenes!

     How could a psychological thriller film so blatantly profess that “we here have heavy tastes”?  shouldn’t they be pretending to be (innocent and intriguing) so that the audience would enter the theaters with confidence (instead of trepidation), so that they could make more money at the box office?

     However, the crew of Maze City kept trying to outdo themselves. They would release one or two photos every day to whet the audience’s appetite. Moreover, every three days, they would deliver a behind-the-scenes video of live filming.

     While filming, crews would often arrange a dedicated staff member to record (sneak peak) highlights. These behind-the-scenes videos would not mention anything about the plot, but they did interview the actors individually during breaks.

     For example, in Maze City’s first behind-the-scenes video, the heroine, Ren Shuzhi, was actually playing Fight the Landlord (a Chinese card game) with Male No.3, Ma Qi! When the cameraman interviewed them, Ren Shuzhi blinked her wide eyes and said helplessly: “This afternoon is packed with Rong Rong and Ah Wen’s parts. We spectated for a while, and then practiced some lines. All we can do is play cards…… AH wait! A pair of nines, I want it! A pair of Aces!”


     There are countless similar humorous tidbits in the highlights. Judging just from the tidbits in these videos, the atmosphere of the entire crew seemed to be very harmonious. Everyone maintained a good relationship and got along well, which was also seen from the way Ren Shuzhi affectionately called Rong Xu “Rong Rong” and Bo Xiwen “Ah wen”.

     So, although these behind-the-scenes videos didn’t reveal the plot information, they still gave (the audience a glimpse of other aspects such as)–

     Rong Xu and Bo Xiwen had a lot more lines, far more than Ren Shuzhi, Ma Qi and the others.

     This situation made the two’s fans super excited. When Rong Xu’s figure appeared in the second highlight video, the fans became even more excited.

     【Ah ah ah ah Rong Rong! My Rong finally came out! So cute and lovely! ! ! 】

     [Rong Rong with glasses, OOOOOO, Rong Rong with glasses! So handsome, my heart can’t take this! ! ! 】

     [Rong Rong is so cute. They only asked him what he had for lunch today, but he kept repeating that the meat at lunch time was particularly delicious, and he went on for a full five minutes. Hahahaha, how delicious was that meat, Rong Rong. You keep talking about it~ Do you like eating meat that much? Come to my place, my place has a lot of meat, you can eat it alllll the time~~~]

     Over the Internet, with the promotion of Maze City, Rong Xu’s popularity never diminished.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

I totally thought I posted this chapter last week, but apparently I didn’t. I saved it as a draft. Whoops! On the other hand, part 4 is almost done so that will be posted soon.

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