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SA Chapter 87 (Part 1)

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On the Feitian Award’s award presentation stage, Rong Xu stood in front of the microphone and smiled as he gave his acceptance speech. 

Generally during this time, many Award-presenting guests would directly walk off (the stage), leaving the stage entirely to the winner. However, there were also some award presenters who would wait for the winners to give their speech before walking down together. Today, Qin Cheng was the latter. 

Dazzling lights shone on the two of them and made them appear as if they were covered with a faint silver halo. The handsome and cold man wore a clean black suit and stood calmly beside the youth. The latter had a face full of smiles, and the burgundy-colored suit made his skin appear even fairer and more beautiful. 

This image was captured by the eyes of countless viewers, and even if they weren’t CP fans, they still couldn’t resist complementing: “Truly good-looking (together).” 

Humans are all visual animals; beautiful things are favored and people are willing to pursue them. Thus, if even the passers-by felt this way, the CP fans were even more passionate, crazed until they were about to ascend to the Heavens. They frantically expressed their opinions on their Weibo and also continuously posted in the CP page of Rong Xu’s private fan forum, completely occupying the forum’s front page! 

#ChengRong# No one stop me, I will stan ChengRong for a lifetime! ! ! 】 

[Wuli God Qin actually came to present the award for Rong Rong! This candy is too sweet, so sweet, so sweet! God Qin must have specially come to hand the award to Rong Rong, otherwise why would he have come for a (simple) TV drama award! I don’t care. This candy, I will eat it! 】

 [I love ChengRong, ChengRong is my happiness~


The fans stared excitedly at the TV screen, not wanting to miss even a second. However, time passed quickly, and two minutes later, Rong Xu had already finished his short acceptance speech. He turned towards Qin Cheng, and Qin Cheng also looked at him with a lowered gaze before leaving the stage in harmony. The Feitian Award’s stage allowed (people) to directly descend the stage (from the front) instead of going backstage. Thus, they went straight down and sat in their respective seats. 

During this brief duration, the two didn’t have much communication, and it appeared as though Qin Cheng really was only there to present the award, and Rong Xu really was only there to receive the award. 

However, just as Qin Cheng was about to reach his seat in the first row, he suddenly turned his head to look at Rong Xu, smiling and laughing softly. What he said was unknown. In the next second, the camera panned away from the two of them and returned to the host. 

Audience members:”……” 

Excuse me! They just saw God Qin begin talking to Rong Rong, but they already turned the camera!?

Who was the cameraman, did they still want chicken legs[1]? Do they? ! ! ! 

Of course, it was naturally impossible for the directing team to hear the frustrations of the audience. On screen, the Feitian Awards had already progressed to announcing the next award. This award was for Best Supporting Actor and had nothing to do with Rong Xu. Today, his (Rong Xu’s) agenda at the Feitian Awards have all come to a close, and all that was left was to sit in his seat and applaud the other winners. 

In fact, what Qin Cheng had said to Rong Xu just then was merely a simple question of concern. After all, they had already walked off stage, and in front of so many other celebrities, it was inconvenient to say much. But even so, when Rong Xu sat back with the crew of Ambush, Director Zheng looked at him with a face full of astonishment, staring for a long time before nodding thoughtfully.

Director Zheng’s reaction was observed by Rong Xu, and he couldn’t help but smile: “Director Zheng, what is it?”[2]

Director Zheng smiled and said upfront: “Your and Qin Cheng’s relationship seems to be pretty good. I remember that he once came to the crew to visit you at work when you were filming.” After a pause, he sighed and said again: “Truly pretty good……” 

Rong Xu didn’t think too much about it, only curving his lips and chuckling. 

However, he naturally didn’t know that Director Zheng’s abundant emotions weren’t only caused by Qin Cheng’s work visits or award presentation, but rather, a few months ago, a certain famous gold-tier agent within the industry had also specially approached him and put in a good word for Rong Xu, thoroughly pitting Han Yanghao into a death sentence and unable to recover. 

Back when Qin Cheng first visited him at work, Rong Xu had yet to film Black Clouds and the two had yet to work together. Reasonably speaking, they shouldn’t have known each other (then). But friendship was something no one could explain. Director Zheng knew that Rong Xu was actually the young master of B City’s Rong family, so it wasn’t impossible that he and Qin Cheng already knew each other. 

It’s just…… this relationship really was a bit too good. So good, that one even specially arrived to present an award to the other. 

There were many people who thought in the same line as Director Zheng[3]. The so-called “Honorary Member” might be able to deceive those outside the industry, but as for the well-informed insiders, they understood instantly: ‘Honorary Member’ was a cover. 

Everyone knew that amongst the Feitian Award nominees for that year’s Best Newcomer, Rong Xu was more than 90% likely to win, close to certainty. Qin Cheng said that he came to award the Best Newcomer Award, but in fact was here to present the award to Rong Xu. 

For a time, some gazes lingered on the two of them. However, no one knew much. They only thought that after collaborating in Black Clouds, Rong Xu and Qin Cheng became quite familiar with each other and developed a good relationship. But, they didn’t know that they already knew each other beforehand. 

Unsurprisingly, during the Feitian Awards, Vie for Supremacy again became the biggest overall winner. 

The year’s Best TV Series and Best Director all went to Vie for Supremacy. TV Empress still belonged to Tang Menglan, but unfortunately Dong Zheng did not win TV Emperor again. Tonight’s TV Emperor went to Li Yao. 

Compared to the Peony Awards, Ambush only won the Best Props Award and Best Newcomer Award (at the Feitian Awards tonight). However, under the overwhelming strength of Vie for Supremacy, this result already made Director Zheng quite satisfied, and he smiled from ear to ear. 

After the award ceremony ended, the audience members had no more programs to watch, but the celebration party for the celebrities had just begun. 

The organizing committee had specially set up a dinner party, and every guest present was allowed to participate. At these types of dinner events, actors could get to know directors, and directors could also (utilize this time to) invite actors. Many celebrities and directors who had no prior interactions met on this occasion, and certain shady, under-the-table transactions within the circle could also occur in this kind of place. 

Rong Xu politely declined the organizing committee’s invitation and did not attend the dinner event. The other party understood that Rong Xu was currently filming Maze City and had to fly out of B City the next day and truly had no time to celebrate. Thus, they didn’t retain him. 

So that night, some directors and actors, including Rong Xu, left the venue first. However, there were considerably more people who stayed. Among them was Qin Cheng. He was dragged in by Old Man Cao to participate in the dinner and had no chance to refuse. 

A sleek black car rolled through the lit and bustling city. Rong Xu slowly opened the window, and the cool night breeze of May rushed in, blowing away the scattered hair on his forehead. Next to Rong Xu was a trophy, the little crystal person flying towards the sky in a dancing motion. It was exquisitely and dazzlingly crafted. 

As he stared at the extravagant and lively night scene, Rong Xu narrowed his eyes, but in the next second, he felt his cell phone suddenly vibrate. 

[Qin Cheng: I will head back soon. 】 

Rong Xu was slightly surprised at these words and couldn’t help but chuckle. 

[Rong Xu: Okay. 】 

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


[1]Want chicken legs: to be successful

[2]“What is it”: Direct translation: “what are you (polite) looking at?” But, I figured that sounds very accusatory, while the tone for the raws is supposed to be polite inquiry

[3] Direct translation: “Those who thought differently from Director Zheng were not few” but that sounded slightly confusing, so I changed the syntax to direct, with the same overall meaning.

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