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SA Chapter 85 (Part 2) – I Won’t Even Support the Wall, Just Support You!

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Zhuang Xiaoliu quickly joined the group chat and discussed animatedly with everyone else. Suddenly, at this moment, she heard the host who had been cracking jokes and building up the atmosphere abruptly change the topic of the conversation and say with a smile: “…… Whether it’s Ambush or Vie for Supremacy, during the past year, many new stars shone through to become dazzling and outstanding elements of each work. The following award to be presented is naturally related to newcomers. To be honest, I don’t think there’s a need to pause to consider this, but who is the winner of this award? It must be……” 

The host took a deep breath, and the camera panned across the faces of the several nominees in the audience. However, he actually laughed and said: “It must be me!” 

A burst of laughter rang through the scene. 


Yi, I don’t seem to have a nomination? Director, what happened, was there some sort of a mistake?” 

This host had also made a cameo appearance on a TV show six months prior. Strictly speaking, he really was eligible for a best newcomer nomination. However, even if you exclude the fact that his role had no special features, he only acted for a total of fifteen seconds, and his lines didn’t even exceed ten words. If he could be nominated, the Feitian Awards would be scolded to death by the audience. 

Though, this kind of joke naturally enlivened the atmosphere, and even Zhuang Xiaoliu was amused by him. Her originally nervous mood slightly relaxed. 

At this moment, the host took two steps to the side with a heavy look of disappointment, saying helplessly: “I don’t have a nomination, there must be something wrong with today’s show. Forget it, forget it, I’ll just get TV emperor next time. Right, Li Yao?” 

The directing team immediately gave Li Yao a shot. 

Li Yao was a popular first-tier youth in Huaxia. He’d won the TV Emperor Feitian Award last year and was nominated for TV Emperor again this year. He was Dong Zheng’s strongest competitor tonight. The host suddenly gave him camera time; he naturally didn’t let this opportunity go and showed a perfect, handsome smile towards the camera, which aroused screaming cheers from the fans in the back. 

Beneath the stage, Rong Xu watched all this play out and slowly narrowed his eyes, seemingly noticing something was off. 

In the crew of Vie for Supremacy, Director Guo also looked at the host thoughtfully, as he pondered for a moment and whispered: “He’s delaying time.”

The host continued to delay time and didn’t continue onto the next award. If he wanted to whet the audience’s appetite and increase the show’s ratings, he would’ve delayed the awards for the TV emperor, Best Director and Best TV Drama awards. But right now, it was just the Best Newcomer award, and the  host was already whetting appetite — this was a bit unusual. 

Rong Xu curled his lips and didn’t say anything. 

Director Guo said to Tang Menglan: “A problem should have arised.” 

However, this situation naturally couldn’t be clarified. After a few more entertaining banters, the host suddenly returned to the topic. He touched the earphone on his right ear a few times and said with a smile: “The following (award) to be presented is the Best Newcomer Award. Which new star will obtain this honor? Let’s ask, tonight’s award presenter!” 

In front of the TV screens, Rong Xu’s fans clenched their fists in excitement, waiting nervously for the award winner to be announced. 

The LanYao CP fans were carefully scanning for Ye Qiao’s figure on the TV screen. When they discovered that Ye Qiao was still sitting among the crew of Vie for Supremacy and applauding with the others, they sighed in disappointment: “His Royal Highness didn’t get to be the award presenter this time, ah……” 

The heated applause gradually slowly, and the sound of familiar music gently flowed out of the overhead stereos. At the scene of the awards ceremony, the audience looked towards the back of the stage and saw the curtains slowly being pulled open to the sides. The light towards the back of the stage was dim and, separated by the length of the stage, it was difficult to see anything clearly.

Meanwhile, the audience in front of the TV had a slightly clearer view. The camera zoomed in directly, and a tall, clear-cut figure walked out slowly from the darkness. Zhuang Xiaoliu only gave it one glance before lowering her head to continue chatting on her phone. She had no interest in this guest award-presenter. It was anticipated that the person will be the winner of last year’s Best Newcomer Award. 

However, just as Zhuang Xiaoliu lowered her head to swipe through Weibo, she suddenly saw group chat notification boxes appearing one by one at the top of her screen! 

【Clean Water Meter: ! 】 

【There are fish in the North: ! ! 】 

【Flamers: ! ! ! 】 


Zhuang Xiaoliu: “……???” 

She opened the group chats to take a quick look and found that everyone was using exclamation marks, with each having more exclamation marks than the last. 

” ‘I’m so excited that I can’t even speak’? What’s so exciting……” Casually throwing out these words, Zhuang Xiaoliu raised her head a step later, and when she saw the man on the TV screen, her eyes suddenly widened: ” ! ! !” 

At the scene of the Feitian Awards, there was an absolute moment of silence. 

The audience was still okay. After being shocked briefly, they returned to normal, expressing their delighted astonishment with enthusiastic and crazy applause. However, all the celebrities and industry insiders who were invited to the scene were stunned silly and frozen in place. Even Director Guo and several other directors looked at the man standing in the center of the stage in shock, as if they couldn’t believe their eyes. 

Amidst the film crew of Ambush, the elegant and beautiful young man widened his eyes slightly, his clear pupils lightly trembling. He sat upright and stared intently at the man on stage. (He) watched the handsome and aloof man walk straight up to the microphone in a composed manner. Then, (the man) raised one hand and gently supported the microphone, calmly sweeping his gaze across the area below the stage.

His gaze paused briefly on the crew of Ambush, but quickly moved away. 

In the next second, a deep, magnetic male voice resounded throughout the entire venue: “It is an honor to be a guest award presenter on the stage of the Feitian Awards……” 

“I am Qin Cheng.” 

Almost instantly, on the Internet, a single phrase was being crazily brushed —

【AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH, I won’t even support the wall, I’ll just support you! Feitian Awards knows how to play! Knows how play! Really knows how to play! ! ! 】 

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


Ahhaha! The title was referring to the fans supporting the Feitian awards for getting Qin Cheng to show up! ^^

I translated this chapter late at night. If there are any errors, please let me know. Thanks!

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