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SA Chapter 85 (Part 1) – I Won’t Even Support the Wall, Just Support You!

Note: The title can be interpreted in many ways. There’s numerous words for “fú” in Chinese. In this case, the title can also mean “If the walls collapse, I won’t hold it up, just support you” OR “I won’t even help the walls, I’ll just serve you” OR “I won’t go help strengthen the walls, I’ll only submit to you” ^^

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Unlike the Peony Awards, the Feitian Awards didn’t specifically separate weekly and daily broadcasts. All TV dramas were counted as a single category and nominations were given together. At the same time, the Feitian Award for Best Newcomer was based upon TV series’s premiere date, so this time, Rong Xu was nominated for this award through Ambush

The first few awards were the various technical awards. Amongst the weekly drama series’ Ambush was considered the leader of that year’s weekly TV dramas. However, when compared with Vie for Supremacy, there still existed a certain gap. 

In the event that both works were nominated, Vie for Supremacy naturally became the final big winner and received numerous awards. 

At the scene of the Feitian Awards, the theme song of Vie for Supremacy sounded almost continuously, and the crew joyously walked up the stage to receive the awards. The majestic music sounded even more magnificent added on by the applause of the audience. By the end of the technical awards, Ambush had won only one award for Best Props, while Vie for Supremacy won four awards. 

The entire crew of Vie for Supremacy was full of excitement. Although Director Guo was generally very prideful, even he couldn’t hide his happiness at that moment. 

Looking at the dazzling and boisterous scene on that side, Director Zheng smiled softly and whispered to Rong Xu: “I had once been Director Guo’s assistant before. Not long, only for one month.”

Rong Xu was slightly surprised: “Director Zheng, I’ve never heard of this before.” 


Director Zheng smiled and said: “The time was very short. I was young then, and it was just one month, so many people in the industry don’t know. I heard, Rong Xu, that Director Guo sent you an invitation in hopes that you will play the lead role for his next film, but you refused?” 

Rong Xu never thought that even Director Zheng would come to know about this, but these kinds of things were originally open secrets within the circle. Director Guo’s films had always been the focus of everyone’s attention within the TV drama circle. There were so many celebrities who squeezed their brains trying to get in. People paying attention to this matter was a matter of course. 

“Since I saw another good movie script first, I didn’t take on Director Guo’s film. I’m also very regretful.” The youth’s voice was low and gentle, his tone neither humble nor overbearing. His tender face showed a smile and his eyes were calm, serene. 

Rong Xu’s words were said without a drop of water leaking1, and he also expressed his regret and stance. The reason why he didn’t accept Director Guo’s film was not because Director Guo’s film wasn’t good, but rather because before he received it, he had already announced a decision, and the schedules collided. 

These words were seventy percent true and thirty percent false. But, paired with Rong Xu’s sullen gaze, they appeared to be absolutely true. 

Director Zheng laughed and said: “That’s certainly a pity.” 

The two chatted for a while and time passed quickly. The singing program on stage also slowly came to a close. 

When the female singer slowly walked off the stage, the phone in Rong Xu’s pocket suddenly vibrated once. He took out his cell phone, looked at the text, and was slightly startled. Then he smiled and replied: [Actually not that nervous.】 

Ye Qiao’s message relied quickly: [This time, I’m not the one giving you the award. Really not nervous? Haha, if you get another award, you must treat us to a meal! This time, I didn’t even get a nomination. I’ve become a professional escort. You, Sister Menglan and Brother Dong all have to treat! 】 

At today’s Feitian Awards, the crew of Vie for Supremacy once again wrapped up the awards for Best TV Series, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress. However, there was no Best Supporting Actor. Ye Qiao was not nominated. As he said, this time, he truly was just an escort 

It had already been almost a full year since he arrived in this world, but Rong Xu didn’t yet have many close friends. The crew members of Ambush, because of Han Yanghao’s affairs, were more kept to themselves and didn’t develop any deep friendships. However, in Vie for Supremacy, Rong Xu was still a newcomer at the time and all the actors and staff members took good care of him. Even up to now, everyone maintained a good relationship and had frequent contact in private. 

As for Black Clouds and Maze City…… 

Amongst the cast of Maze City, Rong Xu and Bo Xiwen had a pretty good relationship, but they didn’t have no much contact with Ren Shuzhi and Ma Qi. Also, although there were many big celebrities in the Black Clouds crew, they were mostly all guest appearances. Rong Xu and them were at best passing acquaintances. He hadn’t even met many of the big name celebrities. 

It’s just, he and male number two of Black Clouds…… had a pretty good relationship.

The corners of his lips curled up involuntarily. Rong Xu’s eyes drooped down, and the figure of a certain man appeared in his mind. 

The relationship between him and that person was really quite good…… 

Very good. 

On stage, the host once again stood in front of the microphone, smiling and recounting to the audience the various TV series of the past year. This host was well-known in the circle for his skills in rhetoric. His words were witty, humorous and outgoing, and often amused the audience into laughter. 

However, in front of the TV, Zhuang Xiaoliu couldn’t laugh at all. 

As a loyal fan of Rong Xu’s, Zhuang Xiaoliu had been a follower of this shining star since Vie for Supremacy and had watched Rong Xu’s journey as he walked all the way to his current position.

When the Peony Awards were presented, Zhuang Xiaoliu was also very nervous, but still relatively relaxed. After all, there was no question about Rong Xu’s popularity. He had attended the awards ceremony in person, and the Peony Awards prioritized popularity. Thus, as long as there were no unforeseen incidents, Rong Xu was sure to win some awards. 

However, the Feitian Awards also focused on the reviews of professional judges, not just popularity…… 

“Ahhhhh! Rong Rong!!!” 

On the TV screen, Rong Xu smiled slightly and waved towards the camera. His beautiful eyebrows were like two crescent moons, handsome and elegant. 

Zhuang Xiaoliu quickly entered the fan base forum. As expected! All the fans were heatedly discussing the scene from just now. 

[RongRong! My Rong Rong! So gud lookin’ so gud lookin’! Today’s little dark red suit is even better lookin’ ain’t it! Skin be so, so white! So, so white!! ! ! 】 

[Just then, Rong Rong smiled at me XD] 

[Smiled at me, alright? The way Rong Rong waved his little hand is so cute~ So meng! 】 

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  1. Without a drop of water leaking: “perfectly”

Just one more chapter and we’ll get to the spicy scenes! If the author has more content on their social media, please let me know so I can add those, too!

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