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SA Chapter 82 (Part 1) – [Hidden Title]

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Of course, the fans wouldn’t know about the resentment in a certain man’s heart. When they saw on the TV that Ye Qiao was the award presenter for the Best Supporting Actor in a weekly drama, they all cheered happily.

As everyone knew, Ambush was the weekly drama with the highest viewer ratings in the past year. Before the Best Supporting Actor Award, Ambush was also the biggest weekly TV drama winner. With the exception of Best Supporting Actress, it won almost all its other nominations.

Yi Lan failing to win the Best Supporting Actress Award was most likely due her character’s personability. However, it was different for Rong Xu. Huo Xi’s popularity as a character was definitely a huge leverage. Throughout the TV series, he had repeatedly become a trending topic on the Internet. Even at the Peony Awards today, there were many fans holding light signs with the two words “Huo Xi”, excitedly waving their arms around beneath the stage.

And so, when Ye Qiao stood in front of the microphone and called out the name with a smile, the audience members in front of the TV completely exploded. 

LanYao CP


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After half a year, they were standing in the same frame again! Moreover, Ye Qiao actually personally handed the award over to Rong Xu! 

On the Internet, you could see numerous posts and Weibo updates brushing the topic “LanYao CP” everywhere. Although many fans didn’t usually consume this CP, this time, the sugar content was too high and too sweet. Occasionally eating such dog food was no issue. 

Even after Rong Xu gave his award speech and stepped off the stage, the cheers of the fans echoed throughout the venue for a long time. 

Rong Xu and Ye Qiao walked off the stage together. Ye Qiao smiled and said: “Are you surprised?” 

The youth raised an eyebrow and smiled: “You were the award presenter for tonight, why didn’t you tell me beforehand?”

A high-level mecha quietly set off from the special mecha passage reserved for General level officers. It shuttled through the silent sea of stars and residual smoke, arriving at the occupied territory of the Seventeenth Star…   

Ye Qiao had been formally invited by the organizing committee as early as three days ago to become the presenter for Best Supporting Actor of a weekly drama for the Peony Awards. However, since meeting up with Rong Xu this evening till he appeared on the stage, he never gave Rong Xu prior notice. 

Ye Qiao laughed: “Isn’t this giving you a wonderful surprise, Xiao Xu? Congratulations on winning the first trophy cup of your life. When I debuted, I was also nominated for this award. But, it’s a pity that I didn’t win the award that year. The winner of that year……” After recalling for a bit, Ye Qiao suddenly widened his eyes: “Hey, the winner that year was Han Yanghao!” 

Rong Xu was startled, and then laughed helplessly. 

The two chatted for a while and then returned to their seats.

When Ye Qiao first debuted many years ago, he did indeed get nominated for this award, but unfortunately, he had lost to Han Yanghao, who’s popularity was in full swing at the time. However, the feng shui had turned, and now Ye Qiao was qualified to be the Presenter for this award while Han Yanghao wasn’t even qualified to participate in the award ceremony. He had long since become washed up, and there was no news on him at all. 

However, there were rumors in the industry that the Han Yanghao of now seemed to have been kicked out by President Li. He searched for a long time before he found a new gold master. The other party had a handful of tricks, and it’s said that he had even tortured a tender, new model into something that no longer looked human. Also, as a side note, this new owner…… was a rich old man in his sixties.

Once Rong Xu returned to his seat, he put Ye Qiao’s words behind him. 

Xi Guican could feel that as soon as he arrived at the Seventeenth Star, the originally weakened state of the monster slumbering in his body had improved slightly and seemed to be awaking from a long dream

He had just sat down when he heard Director Zheng say with a smile: “Congratulations, Rong Xu. This time, the organizing committee should’ve deliberately asked Ye Qiao to present the award to you. The Peony Awards is different from the Golden Bell Awards. Asking Ye Qiao to present the awards would definitely increase the ratings and popularity.”

Hearing this, Rong Xu curled the corner of his lips and said not, knowing whether to laugh or cry: “Director Zheng, aren’t you being too blunt?” 

Director Zheng waved his hand indifferently: “I’m only forty years old this year, and I’m not much older than you. Isn’t it because you and Ye Qiao filmed Vie for Supremacy together and have some sort of CP going on? I know about this. So, you just see, maybe in an hour, your and Ye Qiao’s names will be together on the trending searches list.” 

Sure enough, Director Zheng’s words became true, but they were also a bit inaccurate.

Where would it take an hour? In just a short forty minutes, these two tags, #RongXu# and #LanYao#, one was bumped up to 4th on the trending list, and the other was bumped up to 47th! Rong Xu was already on the trending list, but ‘Lanyao CP’ was boosted up by this small move made by the organizing committee.

Clicking on this topic, countless fans were reminiscing the scenes in Vie for Supremacy

[The kingly path of LanYao! I didn’t expect to be able to see LanYao on the same stage again during my lifetime. This candy, I’ve swallowed it! 】

 [The officials are forced to die together! The officials are forced to die together! Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh, I will obediently open my mouth and eat dog food, OK? ovo] 

The only thing left in this place was the rustling sounds of leather boots scraping against the ground. Every step the man took was as precise as if measured by a ruler.

Among Rong Xu’s three released works, although numerous CPs had been formed over the year, the most popular ones were still LanYao and ChengRong. Although the ChengRong CP fans didn’t get to eat candy at the awards ceremony tonight, they really couldn’t say anything. After all, the relationship between Rong Xu and Ye Qiao was truly very good. When “Lost Wings’” CD was released, Ye Qiao had also forwarded his support. 

Although the hearts of the Cheng Rong CP fans couldn’t accept this, their mouths stayed silent. After all, this was Rong Xu’s happy day for getting an award. However, there was still one big fan who actually stood up and spoke out——

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: #ChengRong# Today’s Rong Rong is as good-looking as ever. Congratulations on your win, Kiss Kiss =3= [Image]] 

As soon as this Weibo post appeared, many ChengRong CP fans immediately liked and supported it. 

However, under the large wave of “LanYao Kingly Path” posts, this voice was too weak. After Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing quietly posted this Weibo, they no longer replied to other fans. The Netizens only thought that this Godly tyrant wealthy fair maiden was posting on Weibo to express their devoted, loyal CP fan position. What they didn’t know was that the other party had already begun to act secretly. 

On the other side, the Peony Awards ceremony was still ongoing.

Unsurprisingly, Ambush was the biggest winner among the weekly broadcasted dramas tonight. They won numerous awards, such as Best TV Series of the Year, Best Director, and Best Supporting Actor. In total, Ambush won seven awards! When Ambush’s theme song sounded through the venue, all the crew members stood on the stage and joyously showed off their trophies to the audience. 

At this point, the award ceremony for the Weekly TV dramas was over, and the award ceremony for the Daily TV dramas officially began. 

Next was Vie for Supremacy’s stage, and the first award to be announced was the Best Newcomer Award. 

A light wind gradually scattered the five petals of the little white flower, and the soft petals were lifted away into the distance by the breeze.

This time, the award Presenter who took to the stage was an old, respected celebrity. 

The popularity of this old celebrity might not be as high as the current trending Little Flowers and Little Fresh Meat, but he had filmed countless TV dramas before. This old man had never won any TV Show Emperor awards in his lifetime, but he had won many, many Best Supporting Actor awards. He had dedicated his life to TV dramas, and when he appeared, he received heated applause from everyone present.

Looking down from this stage, the old celebrity smiled kindly: “Fresh blood will always be the most important thing within this circle, and I am very happy to be able to stand up here on this stage today and present the Best Newcomer Award……” 

Rong Xu sat beneath the stage and looked up at the elderly man with a smile. The eyes of countless media reporters were now focused on him, and there are even many fellow celebrities who were quietly observing him. Their eyes desired to see through this youth, but no matter how long they watched, they only saw the young man’s gentle and polite smile. 

On stage, the old celebrity opened the envelope in his hand. When he saw the name on the card, he smiled slightly and looked gently towards the direction of Ambush’s crew, and then said slowly: “The winner of the Best Newcomer Award for a Weekly TV drama series of the Peony Awards is……” 

Vie for Supremacy, Rong Xu!”


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I hid the title because it spoils the fun part of this chapter ^u^ (You will find out in part 2)

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