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SA Chapter 81 (Part 2) – The Peony Awards Commences~!

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On Weibo, if you scrolled through the page under the topic #PeonyAwards#, it was filled with news on the cast of Vie for Supremacy.

Among them, the fans were pretty equally divided between Rong Xu and Tang Menglan, with both sides frantically brushing to express their love for their gods and goddesses.

Although the time since Rong Xu’s debut was short, his popularity couldn’t be doubted. Before long, #RongXuPeonyAwards# rose up to 20th rank in the trending searches, becoming the sixth celebrity tonight to trend due to the Peony Awards.

When the crew of Vie for Supremacy officially entered the venue, the fans in front of the TV sighed, unable to hide their sense of loss. Meanwhile, among the lucky audience members at the scene, Zhong Siyu and the other Rong fans quickly stood up and waved the light cards they purchased and/or handmade, shouting loudly and sharply towards the people beneath the stage.


“Rong Rong! Rong Rong!!!” 

“AAHH AHHHHH, Rong Rong, look at me. I’m over here! I really like you!!!” 

“Rong Rong!!!” 

The first to enter the venue was Director Guo, followed by Tang Menglan and Dong Zheng. Rong Xu entered the crew with Ye Qiao, as Ye Qiao pulled him along to talk about a film he (Ye Qiao) was filming recently. It was a war film, and Ye Qiao wanted to change up his image, working towards gaining a tough guy reputation. 

Listening to what he said, Rong Xu nodded slightly and stated his own opinion: “But, your appearance really doesn’t seem to suit that.”

Ye Qiao directly showed off his muscles: “People can always change. Xiao Xu, you also don’t look like a tough guy. Are you really not gonna try out some kind of war film or action movie in the future?”

Rong Xu was slightly taken aback, as if he didn’t expect Ye Qiao to say such a thing. He couldn’t help but lift the corner of his mouth as he said: “What Brother Ye says makes sense. I did seem to accidentally limit myself……” 

“Rong Rong!!!”

The crazy shouting suddenly interrupted Rong Xu’s words, and he and Ye Qiao turned to look towards the audience. His line of sight stopped when he saw the light cards, and the youth’s clear, beautiful eyes slowly widened. A while late, he couldn’t resist chuckling as he stared out at the brilliant lights.

Ye Qiao said emotionally: “Look at your fans. There’s so many. In the entire auditorium, your fans’ shouts are the loudest.”

Tang Menglan also turned her head and said with a smile: “No, this truly is the back wave of the Yangtze River pushing the front. We are all shot dead on the beach by Xiao Xu.” (*1)

Ye Qiao immediately joked: “Sister Tang, stop trying to outcompete me. I’m the one who’s shot dead on the beach. Look over there and see how many fans are holding your light signs while shouting your name. You don’t have any fewer fans than Rong Xu.” 

They laughed as they talked, and didn’t notice that Rong Xu had stopped walking as he smiled and waved to the fans. 

The young ladies became more excited: “Rong Rong!!!” 

However, it was a pity that Rong Xu just walked to the Vie for Supremacy seating area and said a few words to Director Guo and others, when he turned and left the venue again three minutes later. The young ladies all felt a sense of loss, but soon, Rong Xu appeared once more on the big screen. This time, he walked down the red carpet with the crew of Ambush.

[ I can see Rong Rong walk down the red carpet twice tonight. I’M SO HAPPY. This life was worth it! 】

 [The screen is too dirty, it must be licked! ! ! 】

 [Wuli Rong is honestly so good-looking, I really like his image tonight, like a noble and cute young master, isn’t it alike?! 】 

[Alike alike alike alike alike! ! ! Seeing Rong Rong walking down with the crew of Ambush, he’s even more like one of the country’s young masters. This kind of Rong Rong, if he stood next to Handsome Marshall Huo……Huh, how come it seems to be ‘Seeing the pleasures of my heart’ _(:3」∠)_ oh self-aimed attack, maybe I am broken……]

Everyone was talking enthusiastically with eyes focused on Rong Xu. When Rong Xu was still filming Ambush, no one would have thought that he would grow to be this popular in just half a year’s time. As for the Ambush crew, though the male lead did not appear, everyone ignored it and didn’t think too much about the existence of the actor who enjoyed throwing his weight around.

Rong Xu himself naturally didn’t know about the online comments. After he sat down with the Ambush crew, he could only hear the excited screams from the fans behind him as they chanted his name over and over again. Rong Xu couldn’t help but turn his head around a few times and wave to them, making them shout even louder.

After deliberating for a moment, Rong Xu sighed softly and stopped turning around.

The voices of these young ladies had already become slightly hoarse. Although he wasn’t attracted to women, he still couldn’t bear to let his fans go hoarse.

There was a common saying within this industry. At the “Popularity Contest” Peony Awards, whomever received the loudest name shouts would have the most face because it was equivalent to having the highest degree of current popularity. As long as Rong Xu turned around and looked back, he could arouse the fans’ enthusiasm to shout louder, but he didn’t really want to do it that way.

Zhang Tongtong sat on Rong Xu’s left, and seeing him with his head lowered in contemplation, she smiled and started up a conversation with him. As Rong Xu was hesitating about whether or not to turn around and greet the fans, the Peony Awards officially kicked off while he was chatting with Zhang Tongtong.

The voices in the audience gradually settled down, and when the well-known Huaxia host appeared, the year’s three TV dramas awards officially started with the Peony Awards.

As in the years past, the first awards announced were the technical awards for weekly TV dramas. Best Picture, Best Music, Best Props…… the awards were announced one by one, and the crew of Ambush walked up to the stage individually to receive awards. Their nominations were transformed into heavy trophies.

Rong Xu remained seated and applauded every crew member.


After the technical awards for the weekly dramas are given out, next came the awards for the daily dramas. Of course, now it was the crew of Vie for Supremacy’s turn to repeatedly walk up to the stage to receive awards. 

In the end, among the technical awards, Ambush won Best Costume, Best Prop and Best Original Music. Meanwhile, in addition to the three awards similarly won by Ambush, Vie for Supremacy also won Best Original Screenplay, Best Editing and Best Costume Make-up.

By the time the technical awards were done, the atmosphere on scene had already been fired up to a climax.

The awards that were already presented were those that rewarded the staff members who silently dedicated themselves to the TV series behind the scenes. They weren’t celebrities, but their work couldn’t be disregarded. Without them, there would be no good products; they were the cornerstones of the entire film and television industry.

The awards to be announced following the technical awards were tonight’s main focus, and they included Best Newcomer, Best Supporting Male/Female Actor, Best Male/Female Lead Actor, Best Director, and Best TV Series of the Year.

Thus, in this order, the next to be announced was the Best Newcomer of the weekly drama category.

The one announcing the awards on stage was now a second-tier little flower. They smiled and called out the name of an actress who then walked onto the stage excitedly with a surprised look and began her speech of gratitude.

Amidst the Ambush crew, Director Zheng applauded and laughed: “Unfortunately, the Peony Awards is calculated based on the actor’s first work. Otherwise, the Best Newcomer award would belong to you, to our Huo Xi.” 

Rong Xu smiled faintly: “Director Zheng, Huo Xi also has a nomination for Best Newcomer in the coming Feitian Awards.” 

Director Zheng chuckled.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


1. Referring to the idea that new generation is overtaking the current generation

Not much happens in these chapters, but it’s the build-up to the intense storm of emotions coming in later lolol. IT’S COMING

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