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WDBKFMGB Chapter 9 – His Knight

Hello! I decided to pick up WDBKFMGB because I really enjoy the author’s writing style and beautiful descriptions. This will also be my first read-through, so I will be reading at the pace that I translate. Thus, I will not be able to answer any questions pertaining to future events in the novel.

I am translating this novel as something to take up my time during COVID-19 isolation. If the original translator decides to pick up the novel again, I will still finish translating all the chapters. Though, I will not post them onto NovelUpdates. Still, feel free to read whichever translation you like. 🙂 Remember to keep track of you health, everyone!

Chapter 9 His Knight

When the takeout arrived, He Ruge quit the game and searched up “Your Exclusive Lover” while eating the takeout food. To his confusion, no information was found for the game. 

Is it possible that it was under the Beta phase? 

How did he download this game? He Ruge found that he seemed to have amnesia. Had he ever downloaded this game? 

He couldn’t remember. Forget it, it wasn’t a big deal anyway. 

By the time He Ruge finished the takeout, opened the documents and sorted out the details, it was already later than nine in the evening. He Ruge was a very regular person. He went to bed early, got up early, and ate 3 daily meals. He turned off the computer and went to the bathroom to wash up before bed. 

The bathtub was filled with warm water, and a little yellow ducky floated on the water. He Ruge’s cheeks had the red tinge from the evaporating heat. He stared at the little yellow ducky with affectionate eyes, turning the little yellow ducky with his fingers. He Ru Song said to himself: “Don’t look at me with such a cute expression while I am taking a bath, I’m a little embarrassed.”

Because the relaxed mood from bathing ceased, He Ruge looked at his feet—  
A pair of slender legs overlapped each other, emitting an ivory glow under the water ripples, and strange blood-red lines emerged from the inner sides of his thighs, covering the skin like blood-red veined agate [1].

He Ruge flexed his legs experimentally and looked at the magnificent red palm-length veins spread about.  

The lines were neatly arranged, as if only a drawing outline of uncolored fish scales. His fingers stroked along the red lines, feeling the smooth and soft texture. It was like a unique tattoo.  

He Ruge hurriedly put on a bathrobe, opened Mother Du [2], and searched up “Strange diseases with red lines on legs.”

As we all know, one should go to a doctor when one is sick. Don’t just search on Baidu because if you search on the Internet, it could be anything from a symptom of a cold to a fatal chronic illness. 

He Ruge put down his mobile phone with a pale face, and dazedly sat in silence. After the long silence, he logged on to Penguin and said to his good friend [3], “I have a very important announcement for you, I may not be able to write any more in the future.”  

Emotionless Coding Machine: “What’s wrong? Did you get angered senseless by your Sunspots [4]? You don’t need to mind those idiots, at a glance you could already tell they are all wretched males who want to seek revenge on society through the internet.” 

He Ruge: “???”

What sunspots? He had been addicted to playing games all day and hadn’t looked at his comments yet.

But this was not the main point. He Ruge took a deep breath and typed sadly: “No, I …” 

He didn’t want to spread the news that he might be terminally ill and make his good friend feel sad for himself, so He Ruge euphemistically said, “The world is so big, I want to go out and experience it.”  

Emotionless Coding Machine: “You don’t have any money, are you going out to impoverish yourself to death? Can you even afford a plane ticket?”   

He Ruge: “……” 

The just-brewed bitter mood had been completely wiped clean by poverty. 


Emotionless Coding Machine: “You told me a few days ago that after entering V you’d have to work hard, otherwise you couldn’t even afford rent next month. Okay, okay, I know you work at a speed of 1,500, unlike my fast 5,000 [5]. I’m not rushing you to complete 10,000 a day, but 6,000 a day is still necessary.

He Ruge: “……Are you a demon?” 

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Enough. The stress when you first start full-time work really is high, when you are sad, write. Turn grief into strength. Your book is doing quite well, as long as you don’t collapse, I guarantee this book will explode. If it doesn’t explode, I will live stream me eating a keyboard. So, don’t worry for now.”   

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Right, are you going to do 10,000 a day tomorrow, too?”   

He Ruge tremblingly typed: “… A day. The sky will collapse. Updates also require typing.” 

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Your learning capacity is good. If you don’t reach 10,000 a day tomorrow, I will kill you. I am going to go watch videos first, not chatting anymore. waves” 

He Ruge touched his face and remembered that his good friend had said there were sunspots in the comments. 

Brushing hate [6]? 

He exited Penguin, opened JinJiang [7], and numbly clicked on his own work. An eye-stinging “-2” showed on the screen. 

The fire setting negative comments were a line of text:  

Netizen: Review for Chapter: 18   Rating:
The author described the antagonist in such a detailed manner, afraid that the author themself is that kind of disgusting person. 
1L: Qiu Qiu (Ball) 
Afraid they are not fine 
2L: Summer’s Popsicle 
You are the one who is disgusting 
3L: Revenge on Society 
Peh, I can do it, I have many moonstones. Scold me that I am, too. I also won’t be courteous. 

Netizen: Review for Chapter: 7   Rating: -2 
Really Interesting. 
1L: Emotionless Coding Machine 
It is not the author who sprayed you, why are you brushing hate on the author? The author worked hard to write, and you are ranting your emotions like this? 

Revenge on Society: Even this kind of disgusting person can become popular (-2 points)   
Revenge on Society: Really good to see (-2 points
Revenge on Society: Really, Really good to see (-2 points
Revenge on Society: No logic, hypocritical (-2 points
Revenge on Society: The emotions come from nowhere, Mary Sue’s (-2 points
Revenge on Society: The author needs to hide his face a bit (-2 points

This kind of person, at immediate glance, is suffering from reality, so he puts on a vest and retaliates on the Internet. He Ruge had seen much already. He calmly reached to click the report button, until he saw the latest negative comment:

Revenge on Society: The author is so disgusting, it’s obvious that this person does not have a mother’s teachings, whole family is dead [8].

Finally, there was a crack in the calm expression. He Ruge’s sight fell on the ID name, his hands slowly clenching and his nails pierced into his flesh, but He Ruge seemed to not notice. 

He seemed to be able to hear the grief buried deep in his heart, springing out of his chest, falling, falling, into the abyss where the end was nowhere in sight.  

He Ruge was an orphan. He did not know who his birth mother, whom he had never met, was, what their name was, whether they were living or dead, and why they didn’t want him. Although, he also sometimes hated the woman who abandoned him.  

However, he never allowed anyone to insult her.

The youth sat motionlessly in front of the computer, remaining like a silent sculpture for a long time before raising his hand rigidly and scrolling down on the comments section. 

All the disgusting words that should not be seen, Ru Hege read through them completely like self-abuse. He is a relatively new writer, with an update time at 12 noon, and it was now 10 pm. Most readers who follow him would not look at the comments section at this time.

Except for really close friends, there would be no one else who communicated with him. 

The increase was stagnant, but the comments section was a field of scolding which greatly affected the opinions of passers-by. Originally, it would rise more than more than 20 posts an hour, but was now unmoving. 

His fingertips trembled slightly, and he slowly tapped on the keyboard in reply: “Please mind your words when you speak.” 

Good reasoning was the only reason why he didn’t reply with anything as improper as the opponent. He Ruge pushed his glasses and reported each negative rating, reporting them as “purposely malicious negative comments.” He was using a computer and didn’t know why JinJiang was frozen again. The reporting interface kept loading non-stop. 
In this era, keyboard masters could easily hide behind a screen to curse at people. It didn’t cost much to utterly destroy the work of small transparent authors.  

Entrusted with his hard efforts and dreams, it was trampled all over just like that. 

A straight back suddenly bent over, as if overburdened by weight of carrying too much harvested rice. He Ruge took off his glasses, pushed aside his keyboard, and lay silently on the table. 

The inexplicable red lines on his legs appeared in his sight, and He Ruge felt that all of his strength was swallowed up by those lines. His life seemed to begin its count down. Maybe in the next second, or even tomorrow, he would leave the world early, leaving everyone behind, leaving holes unfilled and readers waiting to be fed. 

 If he……. were to die.   

 Would anyone feel sad for him? Who would be the first to find him dead? Maybe it would be the landlord who came to collect rent. The house had a death, it must be difficult to rent out in the future. Thinking about it … he felt sorry the owner. 

 Under the shadows of death, many memories played out like marquees. 

He Ruge remembered the few deposits left on his bank card. The rent for next month was one thousand, and he would also donate five hundred to the orphanage next month. Next month was his birthday.    

In fact, he really wanted to own a cat 

 He wanted to get a cat on his birthday and fulfill his long-time wish, so that he could have one more company. A full-time lonely single person, having cats would make him much happier.  

But now it seemed unlikely. He didn’t want the cat to follow him to eat dirt.

His head was in chaos, his desires and reality were fighting [9]. He Ruge remembered that when he visited the forums a few days ago, a full-time author posted a flaunting post. The full-time girl had cats and dogs. Her family supported her choice to write articles. She didn’t have to do housework or worry about what to eat for three meals a day. Her parents always couldn’t help showing her off, even if she was just a common street writer. 

Her parents would be proud of her and say, our family’s child is a famous author.    

 Our family’s……   

 Unsure why, that sentence touched He Ruge’s weakest point. He didn’t know whether it was because he was envious or jealous, but he stored away overflowing happiness that seemed to flow between the lines of those words.    

 He Ruge fell asleep in front of the computer. He dreamt that his body was covered with strange red stripes and everyone avoided him. He fell into poverty and was forced to sleep on the overpass. Over there was a stray cat under the overpass, all skin and bones but still fierce and frightening. He took a closer look at the kitten–  

It looked exactly like his little white tiger!  

The original nightmare turned into a beautiful dream, and He Ruge woke up unexpectedly calm. Instead of looking back at the comments section, he opened up “Your Exclusive Lover”.  

The game screen popped up the daily check-in, seven consecutive days would get you a chance to draw a prize. He Ruge clicked to sign-in and took the bottle to go feed the pups.  

He consumed one little heart and opened the iron door of Room 20. He looked at the little white tiger lying on the cotton nest. The Little White Tiger still has a bad look on its face, as if the whole world owed him money. He was as fierce as in the dream.  

However, He Ruge felt that he was cured. He looked down at the back of the little white tiger who was drinking milk and felt that the pressures weighing on his back had lessened a great deal. 

The round tiger ears trembled, and the little white tiger suddenly turned his head, its watery blue eyes staring at He Ruge. Its eyes looked so serious that even the milk stains on the corners of his mouth were affected by such a serious expression … becoming even more meng.  

The corner of his mouth couldn’t help rising, and He Ruge held out his hand, placing his fingertips on the screen over the position of the little white tiger’s forehead. He tapped on it softly. 

Flicking its tail, the Little White Tiger turned his head and finished the milk in a few sips. Then, he placed the bottle in front of He Ruge and sat with a very proper posture that made it seem as though it wanted to hold a formal discussion with He Ruge.  

If it was a normal day, He Ruge would definitely [talk] [touch] [feed], but today he didn’t have such a leisurely mood. For the sake his dog life, he will go to the hospital to see a doctor! He believed he could still be saved! 

 So when He Ruge went offline, he missed the Little White Tiger’s … serious and fierce expression!    

Xi Guican sat his butt down on the cold hard floor, not even in the mood to move to the soft cotton nest.

What happened? 

 He was very tired yesterday and directly slept in the game cabin. But, no matter how good the game cabin was, it is not as comfortable as a large bed. Xi Guichan was going to go offline after waking up, but then looked at the time which showed it was almost mealtime.   
En, it’s not because he wanted to see He Ruge first thing in the morning, he just wanted to drink some warm, hot milk.

That’s why he continued to lie in the game cabin. However, what Xi Guichan didn’t expect was how his heart’s desired He Ru … No, no, it was his heart’s desired breakfast came, but He Ruge left immediately after leaving the milk?!  

Was this proper? 

There was no candy to eat, no song to listen to, now he wasn’t even willing to talk to him? He didn’t smile when he saw him, and his face was sad and melancholic. Was he losing his charm, or did the game program break from a bug [10]? 

The Little White Tiger was like a sorrowful woman left alone in a vacant house, miserable and pitiful. When he was about to go offline, he suddenly heard a sound from the game: 
[Di – – “You Exclusive Lover’s Guardian Knight” is officially beginning! 

There is a theory in love called “The more you pay, the more you care”. Love that has not been paid for is not satisfactory. 

 Your exclusive lover, He Ruge, has encountered difficulties. He Ruge wrote posts in JinJiang Literature City, and a keyboard master who was retaliating against society appeared in the comments area to curse at He Ruge.    

 As his lover, are you willing to protect him like a guardian knight, defend him, escort him, and create a safe haven for him?  

   If you are my guardian angel, then I will be your guardian knight ※】   

The little white tiger which originally sported a bad expression, at this time, showed a terrifying one.    

 —— Who dares to bully my people? 
—— Bite them all to death! 

The Author has something to say: 

Little theaters should be read separately from the original texts. The character’s real personalities are still the ones in the text.  

Little theater 1:  
Xi Guichan: Tigers don’t show their power, pretend I am HelloKitty 

Little theater 2: 
He Ruge: I have incurable disease, I’m going to die young, I haven’t even had time to get a cat, wu wu wu wu~~ 
Author: … No, you are just going to become a mermaid… 

  • [1]: agate: type of stone with colored veins
red agate
  • [2]: Baidu (China’s equivalent of Google)
  • [3]: Good Friend: There’s many possible connotations to this phrase. Before I can be certain which the author means, I will be using the term “Good friends” as a main translation. Based on popular slang, it could also mean – Gay friend, Very close male friend 
  • [4]: Sunspots: hater fans (or anti-fans)
  • [5]: writing speed, characters per day
  • [6]: Brushing Hate: Writing negative comments
  • [7]: JinJiang: JJWXC
  • [8]: WTF?! why would you even say this?!
  • [9]: His desires and reality were fighting: The Chinese phrase usage doesn’t translate well into English. Originally it was: Herb rice oil salt sauce vinegar tea were arguing. The base meaning is that everything deemed necessary was not in tune with one another, Ru Hege could not obtain everything he wanted and needed.
  • [10]: bug – originally typed in English

I’m still learning how to insert footnotes into WordPress. >_< Sorry for the strange formatting


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