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SA Chapter 51 (Part 1) – “Lost Wings” CD Single

Here’s part 1 of Chapter 51, part 2 will be up soon. Enjoy!

 Since the sudden release of last time’s trailer, Black Cloud’s official site had been silent for more than ten days, not even a new Weibo update had been posted. What was truly unexpected was that when they didn’t update, it was nothing, when they did update, it was terrifying!  

 Jennifer Arcland, Xia Muyan, Liu Zhen …  

 The official site directly tagged more than ten or so big-name celebrities, including Britain’s new Oscar winning film empress, Jennifer Arcland; Huaxia’s Golden Phoenix Award winning film empress, Xia Muyan; and the most famous love song singer of the country, Liu Zhen.   

 Since HuaXia’s film enthusiasts and music enthusiasts were all more accustomed to using Huaxia’s Weibo instead of foreign applications such as Twitter and K, these big-wig stars all had their own personal Huaxia Weibo accounts.   

 The Black Clouds crew directly tagged (@) these people. Originally, many netizens were wondering “did the staff make a mistake, why did they suddenly tag so many big-name celebrities.” But after watching the trailer stream, they were all shocked speechless.   

 In this video, the edited clips all showed the appearance of these big-name stars!  

 The entire video was only around 40 seconds, only showing netizens some faces, and then switching to the next person.   

 The speed of the scene changes in the video was incredible. Sometimes, you didn’t even have time to say that star’s name in your heart before the it already changed to the next person. These people, placed within Huaxia would all be first tier stars, the same as Tang Menglan’s (唐梦岚 tángmènglán) level. Among them were the big-shots such as Jennifer Arcland and Xia MuYan.   

 And like just like this, the official blog also said ——  

 The! First! Set!  

[If this was the first set ……. Could it be, there would be many, many more big-shot stars? Oh my goodness, I just knew Black Clouds seemed to have invited lots of celebrities to come guest star, but you can’t just invite this many stars, even the level is so high!]  

[6666666This film crew really knows how to play. Just based on these many stars, the movie ticket money would already be worth it, I RSVP!]  

 [AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH Goddess Jennifer is also in it! I want to watch, I want to watch! Please release the movie soon, I can’t wait to contribute my money to the crew! Please quickly come take my money, hurry up!!!]  

 Of course, there were some netizens who thought of other things.  

[With these big-name stars, will the male and female leads have their spotlight stolen? Yu Siyu is okay, but Rong Xu …… is too far away from these big-shots. This kind of movie, would it really be good?]  

 A rookie newcomer star could actually stand on the same stage as so many high-level stars!  

 If it weren’t because of Ling Xiao’s popularity and great global influence, then this was definitely surpassing the Heaven and Earth.   

 At the same time, this is also testing the male and female leads’ acting skills and aura, to see if they can overpower these big stars and see if they can keep the audience’s attention away from those high-level celebrities.   

 Many netizens were all wide-eyed and anticipating, hotly discussing Black Cloud’s luxuriously guest lineup and looking forward to the movie’s release.  

 Everything should have its own strength speak for itself! Good acting is good acting, a good movie is a good movie. There was less than a month left before they would see! And when the netizens were in the middle of hotly discussing, Rong Xu and Luo Zhentao had already arrived at Huaxia Entertainment’s building.  

 Luo Zhentao reached out and pressed the “47 floor” button in the elevator and said, with a smile, to Rong Xu: “Xiao Xu, you may not be familiar with Zhao Chuyun personally, but when you are filming, Yu Siyu plays her character. She is one of our company’s gold-tier agents. In those years, she was the one who discovered and created Ling Xiao. Later, after Ling Xiao passed away, she managed the current love song empress, Zuo XinYi. I am not too familiar with her, but I’ve heard that she is a very fair person.”  

Although Black Clouds is a biographical movie, it was impossible to present only the facts. For example, the Zhao Chuyun played by Yu Siyu and the real Zhao Chuyun would definitely have some differences, but to get Luo Zhentao’s “fair person” evaluation, they must be a decent manager.  

 Rong Xu smiled and nodded, saying, “I heard that she paid for Xiao Xiao’s funeral out of her own pocket that year, and prevented the media from taking photos of it. So … Brother Luo, I don’t think you need to be nervous.”  

 Luo Zhentao was a bit stunned, and then laughed twice: “You found out. No matter how you say it, she is still my superior. I heard that she’s even fired a few agents in the past……”  

 Rong Xu raised an eyebrow in amazement: “Brother Luo, didn’t you just say that is Zhao Chuyun is a fair person?”  

 Luo Zhentao quickly waved his hand: “She is fair, but she also truly did fire many agents for the company……..” Saying this, Lou ZhenTao couldn’t help but cold sweat, seemingly hiding some small secrets.  

 Rong Xu didn’t show much interest in the matter between agents; he just smiled and changed the topic.  The two quickly reached the forty-seventh floor and, led by Luo Zhentao, came to Zhao Chuyun’s office.    

 It happened that Zhao Chuyun was on the phone then.  

 She apparently didn’t expect that Rong Xu would show up today. Luo Zhentao said over the phone that he had to discuss with Rong Xu and wait 2 days for a proper reply. But only a few hours had passed since then, and he was already standing in front of her.   

After speaking two words on the phone, Zhao Chuyun hung up and walked up to Rong Xu and Luo Zhentao. She personally made tea for the two and led them to sit on the sofa before sitting on the opposite sofa herself.  

 Zhao Chuyun raised her head and glanced over Luo Zhentao before her eyes fell upon Rong Xu.  

 With crisp, short black hair, and wearing a white shirt and professional attire, Zhao Chuyun sported an ordinary face that was a far cry from Yu Siyu who plays her character. However, she was still very good to look at. She was obviously 47 years old this year, but she maintained herself well and only appeared to be in her thirties. She was dressed plainly, didn’t wear earrings, rings or necklaces, and had applied an elegant-style makeup.  

 She inspected Rong Xu carefully, and Rong Xu also looked at her with a smile.  

 After examining the other for a while, Zhao Chuyun said a few polite words and then went straight to the main topic: “”Lost Wings” was Ling Xiao’s final piece. Afterwards, he fell ill and was hospitalized and later died, he never had the chance to produce this song with a recording group. The crew gave me the finished recording of the song yesterday. I listened to it and decided to find you.” After a pause, Zhao Chuyun stood up and said: “Rong Xu, I want to work with you to release “Lost Wings’s” single.”  

Before they came, Rong Xu had already learned about this proposal idea from Luo Zhentao, and now Zhao Chuyun said it directly, formally and sincerely.   

Ling Xiao had no close relatives, he never married and had no children. After his death, the closest person should be his agent and friend Zhao Chuyun, and maybe He Xinrou to add another.  

The song “Lost Wings” was completed solely by Ling Xiao, and now the copyright was in the hands of Zhao Chuyun. Ling Xiao had been gone for three years already, and this song was never released. Now that Black Clouds was about to be released, Zhao Chuyun wanted to make this song rise, and it was quite understandable why.  

Being able to sing Ling Xiao’s songs, especially an original song that even the person himself had never performed before, would be an absolute dream for many artists. However, in the face of such a big pie falling from the sky, Rong Xu didn’t excitedly accept it. Instead, he pondered for a moment and asked: “Sister Zhao, do you have any opinions or comments about this cooperation?”  

  Zhao Chuyun’s eyes flashed with surprise, and she glanced at Luo Zhentao, only to find that Luo Zhentao was staring, stunned, at herself.  

 An unknown feeling was raised in her heart and Zhao Chuyun placed down the cup that was in her hand, laughing: “There is indeed a comment. I wish to donate all the revenue from this single to the Rongyun Foundation. This is my only request and I will not compromise.”  

 Luo Zhentao opened his eyes wide in surprise. Rong Xu also gave a slight reaction, and then smiled and said, “That’s fine.”  

 Luo Zhentao immediately turned his head to look at Rong Xu, but only saw the latter look calm, a serene smile on his lips.  

After Rong Xu agreed to the proposal, Zhao Chuyun immediately became more active. She quickly contacted HuaXia Entertainment’s B City music department director, finalizing the details of the single’s production. Rong Xu’s recording of “Lost Wings” in S city was good enough so there was no need to record again. The next thing was to shoot and publicize the MV. 

Translator’s Notes: I’ve decided to break the longer chapters down into 2 parts so that I could increase my post rate. I also realized that my translation efficiency was slightly lacking, as I had been translating the chapters like professional documents, one line at a time (and gave myself a migraine LOL). For this chapter, I tried translating as I listened to the read-aloud. So, if I am missing anything, please let me know! I will be trying out a translation program next chapter to compare efficiency. Thank you!

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  2. Thank you for your translation! I was worried that the translation quality would drop (because honestly, most new translation groups have a drop in translation quality.) Not only am I pleasantly surprised but it is done at least on par with the previous translation group. It is really well done and the time and effort put into it are very evident. Once again, thank you for your translation! Take care of yourself and try to avoid migraines. Remember health first haha.

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